More ObamaCare Issues

| February 16, 2014

We heard about the problems with the Federal government’s web-based enrollment system supporting “healthcare exchanges” under the   Plainly Puerile  and Absurd Collection of Asininity   Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, AKA “ObamaCare”.  But what about those states that run their own exchanges?  They’re doing great, right?

Um, not so much.

And finally:  it looks like ObamaCare coverage might not be so good for folks with preexisting conditions after all – they’ll likely see higher than previous out-of-pocket costs for drugs.  Higher, as in “no help at all from their insurance.”

Yeah, that ObamaCare is really working great – ain’t it?

Sheesh.  This turd simply can’t be polished.  It need needs to be scrapped, pronto.

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  1. Hack.Stone says:

    If you like your life threatening pre-existing medical conditions, you can keep your life threatening pre-existing medical conditions. Period!

  2. Sparks says:

    Hondo you are so right. This turd can’t be polished and stinks to high heaven because it can’t be flushed either. Maybe, just maybe with the right control in Congress this year and maybe again, a conservative White House in 2016, they could defund and finally flush said turd. I don’t know it everything will line up in favor of the American working stiff or not. But I can sure hope and pray.

  3. DefendUSA says:

    My local rag, The News and Observer printed an article titled ” A new Umbrella for Artists” and it was about how great it is for actors, artists and performers alike to be able to “finally” have insurance. Who made the choices to put healthcare as a non-priority over something else? Sick of hearing it. Not one of the article participants will say what it’s costing them to have insurance. Just how lucky they are and how relieved. Forgive me, but I’m a cynic and they haven’t had to pay,but they will.
    And then we have Richard Burr trying to tell us he “unveiled” a better plan than Obamacare and he took offense to the N & O slandering it. He did not set the record straight, but more politicking. Ticking me off, more like. What a friggin’ mess.