Dale Ryan Kubichek; phony Vietnam combat veteran

| February 26, 2014

Dale Kubichek

Craig sends us his work on Dale Kubichek who Craig met in a HAM Radio forum. Craig noticed that on his profile Dale had a couple of service medals for Vietnam and asked Craig about them. Dale’s “cousin” chimed in to the discussion and told craig that Dale had been in the brown water Navy in Vietnam and taken prisoner, but escaped. But there’s no record at the DoD’s POW/MIA Personnel Office. In fact, Dale’s service didn’t begin until he went to the Naval Training Center at Great Lakes in June, 1973. Combat operations in Vietnam ended while he was at NTC in August, 1973, according to his records;

Dale Ryan Kubichek assignments1

But, of course, without the lies, he had a perfectly honorable career;

Dale Ryan Kubichek

There are more images of his records at Scotty’s place, if you’re interested. Craig adds;

He was in the Navy during the dates claimed
He was Discharged as a Petty Officer First Class E-6
He was at NTC Great Lakes, IL and the USS Jouett CG-29
His Military Education is as follows; Basic Electricity & Electronics / Fire Control Technician (Class A) / Fire Control Technician ( Class C) / Instructor Basic
His Military Awards; National Defense Service Medal, Good Conduct Medal, Sea Service Ribbon, Navy E Ribbon.

Now neither of the ribbons he displays on his QSL card are in his records, no MIA time in his dates of service and nothing else that would indicate any combat time at all.

I researched the USS Jouett and it had left the Vietnam Theatre a month before Dale even joined the US Navy, and was never in a combat role after that.

I also saw no Military Education for Armed Forces Police or for NIS Agent

He retired as an E6, so I don’t know how he figures anyone would believe that he was a company commander.

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  1. Hondo says:

    Hmmm. Here’s a LinkedIn profile with a photo that looks kinda familiar . . .


    A copy has been archived, of course.

    I wonder what he told his current/past employers about his military service?

  2. Hondo says:

    And here’s a list of FCC Amateur Radio Licensees in Sidney, OH. Funny, I see his name – but the callsign doesn’t seem to match. Maybe I’m misinterpreting this, though, since I’m not a HAM operator.


  3. Hondo says:

    And lookie-here:


    Wonder what he told all the other folks he lists there (including Shelby Co Fire/EMT HAZMAT authorities) about his days in uniform?

    And yeah – that’s been archived too.

  4. ChipNASA says:

    Oh and he says he’s a “frocked-Chief Petty Officer “…(I had to wiki “Frocked”)…..*FUCKED* is more like it.

  5. MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

    He is not a frocked Chief. He was never a frocked Chief. They WOULD NOT have frocked him on Sept 16th without enough time to serve. Billets are tightly controlled.


  6. Retired Master says:

    Hondo, What are you looking for in the Call Sign of this poser’s license

  7. Hondo says:

    Retired Master: his callsign page at the qrz.com lookup page (and also listed in the image in the article) doesn’t seem to match that which was assigned by the FCC (see the city-data.com URL in my comment above).

    Of course, since I’m not a HAM operator maybe I’m misinterpreting what I’m seeing in the qrz document. Or maybe that’s no big deal. Dunno.

    Just caught my eye.

  8. MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

    We need to ask him what Chiefs Board (FY) Selected him.

    So for example “selections for FY 2015 will be made in 2014 and frocking Pinning Ceremony is always conducted on Sept 16 of selection year (2014).”

    And looking at his dates of service … I don’t think so!

    Any friggin’ questions.


    Four Time E-9 & E-8 Voting Board Member
    “That’s right … I was that MCPO”

  9. MSGRetired says:

    He doesnt answer e-mails so i would be curious is any IP address’s from Sidney OH are checking out the thread ..

    Here is a link to the FCC Data Base in regards to his license.


  10. MSGRetired says:

    I find these two quotes from his page interesting.

    FCC Special Auxiliary RDF team member 1984-1985 – supporting LA area FCC RDF covert surveillance activities.

    LA Police Department, Special RDF Unit member, 1984 LA Olympics

    I cant find any such unit with the FCC, LAPD doesnt list anything close to what he has posted either. Oh the LIES the LIES …

  11. Hondo says:

    OK – apparently the city-data.com page had old data or was wrong. Thanks.

  12. MSGRetired says:

    Has anyone gotten a return e-mail from Chubby Kuby ?? Just curious he seems to be ignoring my e-mail ..

    Hey Dale you Phony Shit Bag .. FUCK YOU

  13. Green Thumb says:


    His call sign is probably “Backdoor”.

    He also looks like that guy from the movie “Office Space”.

    The one that got run over by the car and created the “Jump To Conclusions” mat.

  14. MSGRetired says:

    Time for a little Google Love .. This guy doesn’t answer e-mails but I am hoping he looked at the link to here. Still has his bullshit claims on the web site.
    Dale Ryan Kubichek Dale Ryan Kubichek Dale Ryan Kubichek
    Dale Ryan Kubichek Dale Ryan Kubichek Dale Ryan Kubichek
    Dale Ryan Kubichek Dale Ryan Kubichek Dale Ryan Kubichek
    Dale Ryan Kubichek Dale Ryan Kubichek Dale Ryan Kubichek
    Dale Ryan Kubichek Dale Ryan Kubichek Dale Ryan Kubichek
    Dale Ryan Kubichek Dale Ryan Kubichek Dale Ryan Kubichek

  15. Clarence Black says:

    I’m wondering if his comment “discharged as a frocked-chief” is even valid. Frocking is a Naval policy in which a ship captain may, at his discretion, “promote” a sailor who has passed the required exam, AND is currently filling a position and doing the work of said rank, but has not been promoted yet (after a test, promotions are given out in a staggered manner to reduce financial impact on the Navy). You wear the rank and are treated as that rank, but are not paid for it. I myself was a “frocked” E-5, but was discharged prior to my “group’s” promotion date. I have the pictures of me in uniform as an E-5 to prove it. BUT MY DISCHARGE PAPERS SAY E-4, NOT FROCKED AS AN E-5. In fact there’s no mention of it on my DD214. Of course he may have just meant that he was in a frocked chief status at the time of discharge.

    BTW: I went to high school and graduated with Dale, and was in Great Lakes during much of the time he was. Sounds about right for him…

    • NHSparky says:

      You may be “frocked” based on test results (for E-4 to E-6) or board selection (E-7 to E-9) but there is a definite difference.

      Your actual promotion date is set either by your FMS (final multiple score) for E-6 and below, or by the board in the case of CPO selectees.

      So let’s say you took the September exam for E-5, made it, and were frocked in December/January. However, your actual promotion (getting paid for it) may not occur until June 16th. Get out before that, too bad, so sad.

      But MCPO is correct. It’s a different animal for CPO selectees. They will NOT promote or frock (or likely even select) an E-6 without the necessary time, which back when I was in was 3 years, or agreeing to extend/reenlist if selected for CPO.

      So no, the best case scenario for him is that he was picked up for CPO, but didn’t have the time and didn’t want to incur the obligation, and just got out–a scenario which I have seen happen, although very rarely.

      Worst case is that this is just one more in his long list of bullshit.

  16. Green Thumb says:

    Dude looks a little creepy too boot.

  17. thebesig says:

    Originally posted by Jonn:

    He retired as an E6, so I don’t know how he figures anyone would believe that he was a company commander.

    Jonn, when I first read that, my mind automatically saw “company commander” in infantry rifle company terms. Then I remembered… the Navy’s “company commander” is to the Navy what a Drill Sergeant is to the Army… at least they were called “company commanders” when I went through Navy Basic.

    They used “Recruit Division Commander” as of the time I ETSed from the Navy. Division in the Navy isn’t the same thing as “division” in the Army. He probably meant the Navy’s counterpart to a drill sergeant.

    Although it’s possible for someone with his time in the service to be a CC/RDC… there was a CC at NTC Great Lakes, E6, who had less than 8 years, when I went through. Dale Ryan Kubicheck’s records don’t seem to support that claim.