That “regional power” Russia

| March 25, 2014


Pinto Nag sends us a link to NBC News in which they quote the President at a news conference in The Hague today when he was asked if he had reconsidered the now-famous Mitt Romney quote about the Russians being our “number one geopolitical foe”. The President responded;

“Russia’s actions are a problem,” he said at a joint press conference at the Hague with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte. “They don’t pose the number one national security threat to the United States. I continue to be much more concerned when it comes to our security with the prospect of a nuclear weapon going off in Manhattan.”

You can see that in the video;

You know what I’ve noticed over the last few decades? I noticed that most of the terrorists have unfettered access to Russian AK-47 rifles. I noticed that Saddam Hussein’s armies had Soviet tanks and personnel carriers. We uncovered mountains of Soviet NBC equipment in Iraq. I remember that the Euro-terrorist groups in Europe and Japan had Soviet support, with weapons and explosives. I remember that the old Soviet Union funded the terrorist training camps in Libya and Palestine. All of that with the goal of destabilizing the West, courtesy of the KGB (Putin’s former employer).

Currently, the Russians protect the Syrian government and the Iran government in the United Nations while providing less-visible support.

If a nuclear weapon were detonated in New York City, where is it most likely to have originated? And who would benefit most from it? The President is hinting that terrorism is our greatest threat, but what terrorists? Not al Qaeda – before the 2012 presidential elections, he told us they had been decimated, but he still considers them our greatest threat, now?

He added that Russia’s move to annex Crimea is not a “done deal,” noting its rejection by most of the international community.

Yeah, well, at least I remember the Cold War and how well the “international community” kept the Soviet Union in line.

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  1. Old Trooper says:

    This ignorant, arrogant pile of monkey nuts is going to get us in a shooting war yet.

    • UpNorth says:

      Certainly not on purpose, but I agree, he may get us into one by mistake. I can easily see him, with his “foreign policy expert”, Biden, standing behind him, bumbling and stumbling us into a war.

    • Green Thumb says:

      No, he will not.

      He will continue to back down as the Soviet Empire is rebuilt.

      Glad I do not live in the Caucus states or Europe.

      I also have an odd feeling that Karzi is about to be having drinks with Snowden.

      • static-line says:

        I mentioned this the other day in a separate thread here on Russia, and sure enough Russia is now conducting exercises in the Moldova region. It’s worth noting that this is what we saw in the prelude to Crimera being invaded. Also keep in mind that Moldova, like Crimera, has a pro-Moscow Russian community. I really don’t think Vlad is done with his land grabs…

        The article:

        “(Reuters) – Russia’s military staged training exercises on Tuesday in Transdniestria, a breakaway sliver of Moldova that is a focus of tension following Russia’s annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea region.

        NATO’s top military commander said on Sunday he was worried that Russia might have its eye on Transdniestria, a largely Russian-speaking region that borders western Ukraine, after seizing Crimea, which has a narrow ethnic Russian majority.

        The Interfax news agency quoted a spokesman for Russia’s Western Military District, Colonel Oleg Kochetkov, as saying that Russian forces stationed in Transdniestria had “conducted an anti-terrorism drill and practiced operations to rebuff an attack on their military base”.

        Transdniestria, with a population of half a million, has run its own affairs since 1992 after fighting a brief war against the Moldovan government over fears that it might join Romania after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and Russia has a permanent garrison of peacekeepers there.

        Russia has held several military drills during months of political upheaval in Ukraine. Some have brought large Russian forces close to Ukraine’s eastern border, adding to concerns of an invasion after President Vladimir Putin secured permission from parliament to send in troops to protect Russians if needed.

        Earlier on Tuesday, a spokesman for Russia’s Strategic Rocket Forces, responsible for Russia’s long-range nuclear arsenal, said around 10,000 troops would take part in exercises until March 29 in western Siberia’s Omsk region and Orenburg in the southern Urals, more than 2,000 km (1,200 miles) from Russia’s border with Ukraine.”

  2. Former 11B says:

    I hate to be on anything resembling the same page as the shift bag in chief, but I mostly agree. Russia is a bloated joke. They can pull shit like this only because they have nukes and they know that we’re limited in just how far we can respond because of that. Look at their invasion of Georgia. We had a real president back then and he couldn’t do shit to stop that. At least not anything substantial.

    If you take nukes out of the equation and pit us in a conventional war against those borscht eating fucks they would get their asses kicked a whole lot worse than Dragon did in Rocky IV. Their navy could be beaten Italy’s, and that’s not hyperbole. Their military tech is increasingly obsolete, and theyre surrounded pretty much on all sides by us or our allies. Their bark is Mich worse than their bite.

    Now regarding a nuke in the big apple . . . Even something small, like a dirty bomb, would be catastrophic. If one of those went off, Manhattan would be uninhabitable for nearly 60 years and our economy would implode. Never mind hitting DC, a nuke in NYC would be a decapitation strike

    • Beretverde says:

      Don’t we have to pay them to use their rockets to send our astronauts into space?

    • Hondo says:

      Former 11B: not exactly. The Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs were pretty damn dirty.

      The city of Hiroshima was never fully evacuated even in the immediate aftermath of the bombing in 1945, much less for 60 years. Ditto for Nagasaki.

      Unless a nuke is specifically designed to produce enhanced levels of fallout, the fallout resulting from a single such device is manageable. Costly, yes – but manageable.

    • OldSoldier54 says:

      A simple fission device, like what was used on Hiroshima or Nagasaki, except for one little detail, is so easy to build it’s scary.

      Because of the rudimentary design, lots of fissile material isn’t part of the reaction which results in the “dirty” that Hondo alludes to.

      Real, nothing but bacteria and cockroaches left alive, devices were sheathed in isotopes of Strontium or Cobalt, IIRC.

      It’s the bomb-grade fissionables that are so incredibly difficult to obtain. Thank God!

      Also, I don’t think Russia would allow this to happen using ANYTHING from their arsenal because these devices have very unique spectrographic signatures which would be like a giant neon lit sign pointing to where the uranium was mined.

      I don’t think Vlad the Impaler is suicidal, though the case could be made for him correctly reading our nutless POTUS.

      Iran on the other hand … I guess it depends on how serious the Mullahs are about the 12th Imam thing.

  3. ItAllFades says:

    Obama sure is looking old.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      …old and worried.

      Anyone else notice how he misspoke himself when he said a nukes conference would be held in two years in Chicago, then changed it to Washington, and then to America?

      Who let him off his leash?

      • USMCE8Ret says:

        He stammers and stumbles over his words because he can’t articulate his thoughts. There was no teleprompter, so he didn’t know what to say.

  4. Pinto Nag says:

    He’s just whining because all the vacations will stop if he gets moved into Cheyanne Mountain.

  5. MustangCryppie says:

    “…I continue to be much more concerned when it comes to our security with the prospect of a nuclear weapon going off in Manhattan.”

    But, but, I thought that Al-Qaeda was on the run!

    • Sparks says:

      MustangCryppie My thoughts too.

      And thank the hell out of you Obama for putting the “bomb in Manhatten” out there in the universe for all the terrorist turds to contemplate. Now that you’ve told them it is “to be much more concerning to our security” in your mind, than say Des Moines or anywhere else. Why not just put a target over Manhatten on Google Earth!!!???

  6. The Other Whitey says:

    Russian President Vladimir Putin was interviewed today regarding Obama’s claim that the annexation of Crimea was “not a done deal.”

    Mr. Putin was taking a break after winning the bulldogging event of the All-Russia Kremlin Grizzly Bear Rodeo. He seemed only moderately annoyed by our questions as he hand-stitched the superficial lacerations left on his chest by a bruin’s claws. The injury was avoidable, but Putin had insisted on competing shirtless.

    “Morphine is for pussies,” Putin grunted as he chugged a shot of vodka, “Sorry, what were you saying? Obama doesn’t think it’s a done deal? Shit, his manhood is not a done deal! My guys hardly had to shoot anybody to take over the place. Hell, we didn’t even have to rig the election!”

    Putin then lit up a Cuban cigar brought straight from Havana by the Russian Navy. Blowing smoke in our reporters’ faces, he continued, “As for that bullshit about a show of force, I’ve seen how he operates. I could launch an ICBM at Hawaii and he still wouldn’t let the US Military shoot back. So those islanders better thank God that I like tropical vacations once in a while.”

    At that point, an FSB officer interrupted to tell Mr. Putin that his 2:30 appointment was ready. Putin got up and said, “Excuse me, I have two Chechens to torture today. Since you made me late the other day, I have to catch up and get back on schedule.”

    • Sparks says:

      LMAO again The Other Whitey! You laid it out great my man! Love the 2:30 Chechen thing!

    • Hondo says:

      I like correkt rekord on behalf Comrade Putin.

      1. Comrade Putin not say “Morphine is for pussies.” Comrade Putin aktually say “Morphine is for wimps.” Comrade Putin have some culture and class.

      2. Comrade Putin not say “Shit, his manhood is not a done deal!”. What he aktually say was “See, everybody know his manhood on fireplace mantle”, or words to that effekt. Is no exakt translation for that Russian phrase, but that is closest available English.

      3. Comrade Putin not say he have to “torture” two Chechens. He aktually say he have to “interrogate them strongly”.

      Comrade Putin introduce new translator at next public appearance. Former translator is . . . now indisposed.

  7. OldSoldier54 says:

    “I remember that the Euro-terrorist groups in Europe …:

    Yeah, Bäder Meinhof and Black September come to mind.

    • Old Trooper says:

      Joska Fischer, former foreign minister of Germany, was a member of B-M. My mom knew him, back in the 60’s, and that other commie dork, Schroeder, that was Chancellor in the early 90’s, who was, also, a member of B-M at one time. She didn’t like either of them, even though she leaned socialist herself.