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| March 30, 2014

Police line

Tim sends us a link from Chicago in regards to another criminal who didn’t do his due diligence preparing to perpetrate his crime;

An off-duty police officer who was at home with his 7-year-old daughter when at least three men tried to break into his Longwood Manor Home shot one of the men, officials said.


The officer told his child to hide in a bedroom and he called 911 to report that people were trying to break in, police and Camden said.

After seeing the frame of the home giving way he went outside the side of the home and spotted the men trying to break in. As the homeowner walked around his home, he saw one of the men running north on Princeton Avenue after he was spotted, Camden and police said.

Another man ran around the home and appeared to have a gun in his hand and began pointing it at the off-duty officer, said Camden and police. The off-duty officer, who was armed, shot at the suspect and hit him, said Camden.

A chase ensued as on duty cops arrived and the three are all in custody. The best possible outcome given the circumstances.

Chief Tango sends another feel good story for you to take with you to church this morning, this one from San Antonio where a teenager was interrupted while rummaging through a homeowner’s car when the homeowner was engaged in a practice unfamiliar to the teen – going to work;

The man told police he confronted the teen, but the kid would not back down.

“He was just cocky,” said the homeowner’s daughter. “He wouldn’t leave.”

At some point during the confrontation, shots were fired.

No one was hit, and the man’s daughter said she didn’t know how the situation escalated to gunfire.

Her father had called to ask her mother to call the neighbors and alert them to the burglar.

“We just heard gunshots, and we were going crazy, because we didn’t know if he had shot my dad or what happened,” she said. “My adrenaline was just going and I wanted to make sure that my dad was OK. I was a little scared, but I just, I needed to see my dad.”

Police were able to track down the teen, and they took him to the Bexar County Juvenile Detention Center.

Neighbors said that car break ins were becoming common in the area. Maybe this will end them for a spell.

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  1. Old Trooper says:

    Now, if he was an average citizen, he would have been arrested, in Chicago, for shooting the bad guy outside the house.

    As for the cocky teen……..where did he think he was? He’s in Texas and dumbasses get killed in Texas for doing what he was doing.

  2. Sparks says:

    Old Trooper you are right about Chicago and where I live too. If I took a shot outside in the same situation I would be arrested. Reason for that…they would say I could have retreated to the house and stayed there unless threatened in the home.

    And people…don’t do stupid feel good at TAH stuff in Texas. Even outside they don’t care much for criminals in the act. They like coming down on the side of the armed, legal citizen.

    • B Woodman says:

      You don’t get caught (even in Chi-town) if you follow Esses 2 through 4.
      #2 Shoot
      #3 Shovel
      #4 Silence

      What’s #1? Suppress(or)