Zachary Smith is totally legit (or not)

| March 29, 2014

Zachary Nicholas Smith

You may remember Zachary Nicholas Smith from a few weeks ago. Well, it seems that he’s totally legit in regards to his military service. Initially, we said he’d only served for 22 days. But his lawyer sends his actual DD214. First his lawyers’ letter;

Zach Smith Lawyer letter

And the real DD214;

Zack Smith Forged DD214

Zach Smith Forged DD214 closeup

You can tell it’s totally legit because he served in the 1-73 Airborne, which is at Fort Benning according to the DD214. I’m sure you’ve all heard of it. The DD214 is also on a November 1988 version of the form which was already out of use by the time I retired. Apparently, he also attended the “Airborne Jump School” as opposed to Non-Airborne Jump School, I suppose. You can also tell it’s legit because instead of a regulation cite in the “Separation Authority” block, it lists the 1-73 ABN again. And, oh, yeah, the “Command to which transferred” is “Unlisted” – that’s totally legit, too. So you see, we were totally wrong about Zach, he’s the super-duper-killer dude suffering from PTSD like he says. Oh, yeah, he has PTSD because it says so right there on the DD214, if you don’t believe it.

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  1. OIF '06-'07-'08 says:

    And I wonder how much Zach was charged to have this lawyer send you this letter.

    • C2Show says:

      I don’t wanna speculate or make assumptions on this guy. But he looks like he can’t afford any attorney. It is shocking that he would pay for an attorney service to have this forged BS sent out.

      Which makes me believe that he is impersonating this attorney.

  2. Bill says:

    I would write back this “attorney” with the FIOA and a “REAL” DD 214 where the box that states PTSD, should read “medically retired” or “permanent disabled”. The 214 never never shows a medical diagnosis. Then if this nut case wants to go to court…lets dance.

  3. Chris says:

    His lawyer’s name is James Brown,,,Well it’s a man’s world, and he ain’t no sex machine, I guess papa needs a brand new bag!,,,lmao,,,,I kill me!!

  4. OWB says:

    The only question left is whether dear ole Zach furnished the bogus 214 on his own or if the lawer was complicit in the forgery. Hmmm.

    • Poetrooper says:

      OWB, the email addresses are on the letterhead so I just sent the paralegal a heads-up advising her to visit TAH to see what’s going on and then alert her boss.

      My wife was a legal assistant for thirty years so I’m aware they are sometimes required to work weekends while the boss is relaxing.

  5. Pineywoods NCO says:

    I got some questions…

    1) When is time overseas not counted towards total active time?

    2) Where is the listing for the number of campaign stars for his Afghanistan medal (which by the way is completely incorrect)?

    3) Since when does the Army specify weapon types of qualification?

    4) When is CLS school five weeks long? Last time I checked it was no more than a week, two maximum.

    and lastly.

    5) Is this lawyer really James Branum???

  6. The Other Whitey says:

    Is this fine upstanding individual originally from the general vicinity of Yreka, California? And how old is he?

    The reason I ask is because about ten years ago, there was a high school kid in that area by the name of Zack Smith who was not only trying to impersonate a firefighter on MySpace (yes, I admit it. I was on MySpace back then. I was young and all the cool kids were doing it) but was using a picture of a firefighter from my department who had recently been killed in a traffic collision while responding to a call. I called the little fucker out, along with about 150 other folks from my department. He tried to keep up his bullshit online for months until local LE caught wind of it and showed up at his doorstep.

    The picture in this post looks kinda like him, and fakery does tend to be a pattern of behavior. I wonder if the little shitbird didn’t up his game in terms of lying and fraud.

  7. Cacti35 says:

    @PineywoodsNCo, My DD-214 was issued on March 14, 1969. It shows Expert Qualification M-14, and also Blood type. I am guessing that this is the old form that was used back in my days.

    • Pineywoods NCO says:


      My apologies. Appreciate being corrected. But there are too many questions still to be answered.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      My DDs were a form dated 1966, no blood type or anything like that on them.

    • Poetrooper says:

      My DD-214 is the form issued from 1 July 66. I ETS’d 1 June 67 at Ft. Bragg and my form does list my blood group but no weapons qualifications badges of any sort even though I was a qualified expert rifleman, expert on the 45 cal. pistol and lesser status on several other weapons.

      I guess a lot of what gets included in your DD-214 depends on who filled in the blocks and how they felt that day. They are military CLERKS after all.

  8. MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

    Oh … He had me at Esquire!

  9. TheC2Show says:

    If this lawyer is legit, I bet that lawyer has banned Zack from ever stepping foot in the building. I wonder if Jonn and company responded to this bogus DD214 and claims.

    I guess this is one of those cases where Zack should have just shut up and disappeared.

  10. Panrider1951 says:

    I did a search on the attorney at the PA Bar Associations website and there is an Attorney by that name but in the heading there were some errors I believe.

    Counselor is the American spelling of the noun referring to (1) a person who gives counsel, (2) an attorney, and (3) a person who supervises young people at a youth camp. Counsellor is the preferred spelling everywhere outside the U.S. Similar distinctions apply to related words such as counseled/counselled and counseling/counselling; the single-l spellings are used in American English, and the double-l spellings are preferred outside the U.S. Also the address is 10th Street not Tenth…as a Paralegal myself I have never made the mistake and not spelled the street correct and we always use the term counselor not counsellor. Not sure if helps at all.

    • C2Show says:

      You know its a forged attorney letter from Zachary? Would not be suprised at all by this.

      • NHSparky says:

        If it ain’t, it’s the shittiest looking legal firm letterhead I’ve ever seen.

        /mom was legal secretary/paralegal for 30 years.

      • Pineywoods NCO says:

        Actually, scary as it sounds, the names and locations did correctly hit. That however is about it.

        • C2Show says:

          Pineywoods NCO and NHSParky: its pretty much possible that this guy is such a shithead, that he forged a lawyer letter to TAH. I wonder if TAH should contact this lawyer and verify the claims of a claim.

          • Pineywoods NCO says:


            I agree after what I just noticed what Andy put up. Wow, I’m getting old…and blind.

        • Andy says:

          I searched “”. there is no match, but a did pop up. Guess he fakes letters from lawyers as well as he fakes DD214s.

          • C2Show says:

            This is just one ugly case of someone digging themselves into a deeper hole.

            So far we have had an Air Force, Navy and now an army guy in the matter of months dig ditches.

            • Seadog says:

              Ditches, Hell. These boys are digging wells.

              • A Proud Infidel® says:

                Hell, we’ve got a few diggin’ faster than an oil drilling rig going full speed! I wonder if this critter might give a few others a run for their current placing? I can’t wait to see what this critter says or does next!!

            • Hondo says:

              C2Show: um, if you’re talking about Chevette (AKA Chevalier), he wasn’t ever USAF. That tool was a USAF waaaaanabe. (I think I’ve seen something indicating he was also a TX ARNG washout, but I could be wrong about that latter item.)

              • C2Show says:

                LOL I meant to tie them all in as wannabes and embellishers (Chevy, Bernath and Zachary Smith.) Oh yeah know he wasnt air force, I am the one thats battling him on his evidence site.

                I guess should have called them a new attorney firm: Smith, Chevy and Bernath – Phonies with zero honor.

          • gitarcarver says:

            The domain of .net does exist. You can see it here:


            That domain is hosted by GoDaddy. and is registered to the lawyer.

            The .net address is a pointer for the new site. It would appear that at some point the .com site was not available so the lawyer took the .net domain. When the .com domain became available, he took that as well. Because his clients had the old address and old email addresses of .net, he keeps that domain alive and pointing to the new .com domain.

    • Andy says:

      Devils is in the details, it always gets those posers and fakers.

  11. NHSparky says:

    A “lawer” that takes whatever his client says or shoves under his nose at face value?

    Sounds like a lawyer I’d run, not walk away from.

    Of course, forged DD214, forged “legal” letter, nah…impossibru!!!

    • C2Show says:

      If that “lawer man” was legit, he would terminate his services with Zackary and ban him from the building he works in. If that lawyer was even close to legit, he would be embarrassed and apologize for falling for the bullshit too.

  12. Jonn Lilyea says:

    The letter, as you’ll notice in the header, wasn’t sent to TAH. I’m sorry if I gave that impression. We got it through a third party, but I figured that if the lawyer was trying to put out fires, we’d get it eventually and this post is purely pre-emptive in nature. Our lawyer is over-worked as it is.

  13. Herbert J Messkit says:

    Searching my fading memory and 1 73 wAs either an armor battalion in Korea in the 80’s or the Sheridan unit at. Ft bragg. I think

    • Jonn Lilyea says:

      You’re correct, Herbert. When I was at Bragg, the 1st Bn (Airborne) 73rd Armor was in the 82d with those cute little Sheridans they had.

      • ghp95134 says:

        We received all those Sheridans at NTC and used them for Soviet Vis-mod armor and Controller vehicles. I was a controller and was very happy to transition from a jeep (midnight blackout drive during an armor movement to contact, anyone???) to my Sheridan.

        We removed the launch tubes, attached the gunner’s backrest to the turret 50 mount, and sat atop the coupola using the clamshell covers as arm rests.

        Those hummers could FLY!


        • ghp95134 says:

          Oh, that’s right “Hummers” are wheeled vehicles. Well, my time was before they fielded the Humv. “Those hummers” should read “those magnificient tracked vehicles.”

          Speaking of tracks …. didja ever have to bust track when your entire crew consisted of one driver and yourself?


          • CLAW131 says:

            Yes,I have ghp. The bummer to the whole deal was the track got thrown to the inside on a curve at Graf.

          • Andy says:

            busting track with just you and one other person? yep, driving across NTC at night, bushings on one of the drift pins on my 113 wore out and the track snapped. I was driving and realized it pretty quick and was able to stop and back up on to it. That was a long cold November night.

          • SJ says:

            Hope you didn’t run over a desert tortoise and fling his guts all over the place so it would count as several tortoise kills and shut down the battle?

            • SJ says:

              OT re NTC. How in the hell can you be freezing your balls off at 0400 and the nano second the sun rises over a ridge line it is 105?

              • CLAW131 says:

                Yep, the sun could heat up the frozen water in your canteen so fast you could use it for C-Rat coffee in about two minutes. I think the best months for the NTC rotations were the Oct-Nov and Apr-May time frames. If there ever were any “best” times for a rotation.

      • Smaj says:

        It was 3-73 Armor back in the day. I think there is currently a 1-73 Cavalry in the 82nd’s 2nd Brigade.

  14. Scotty says:

    Okay here is what I know.

    The Attorney is legit & is Smiths Divorce Attorney

    The letter and the FORGED DD-214 was sent to the respondents attorney.

    The local Army Recruiter ( 25 year Soldier ) has seen the FORGED dd-214 & is pissed.

    He has met with the respondents attorney and the have sent a letter to Smiths attorney. They have ordered him to retract the FORGED dd-214. Or charges will be filed.

    Mr Zack Smith has become a fan of the Wittless one and Archslayer’s blogspot too.

    • Beretverde says:

      Forgery of a federal document (DD214) is a Federal Offense. The FBI has jurisdiction…but they are a truly hit or miss organization. My dealings are that 50% of the agents suck and 50% are really great.

    • OIF '06-'07-'08 says:

      “Mr Zack Smith has become a fan of the Wittless One and Archslayer’s blogspot too”. Why am I not the least surprised about ShOrtBUSrIDer41 and the other fakes that he flocks to.

      Hey ShortBus, just because you have five Ace’s in you hand only proves you are a cheater. These other fakes are going to be the ones to drag you down with them.

    • C2Show says:

      Nowadays, what phony isn’t fan of those idiots. You got Bernath, Chevaliar and now Smith drinking the kool-aid (mixed with Witless urine)

    • Green Thumb says:

      Maybe “Commander” Phil Monkress at All-Points Logistics can fund his defense.

    • Pineywoods NCO says:


      Here’s something else. State AG’s office (2-star) has been alerted and is about to swoop down on the stupid.

  15. Currahee John says:

    You know, it might be my half-blindness, but is his pay grade listed as “G-4”?

  16. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    Yeah, Zach may have a wee problem. Presumably, he provided the novel DD214 to his attorney and the attorney then forwarded it to the other party’s attorney. You can guess what’s going on here by the case caption and instead of ending “any further discussion as to whether Zachary served his country” in an “Honorable fashion,” the shit has just hit the fan. Zach’s attorney isn’t going to be happy. The judge isn’t going to be happy. Zach isn’t going to be happy. As for the other party and her attorney, it’s Christmas in March!

  17. Sparks says:

    NHSparky beat me to my point (thanks Sparky, now my thunder is gone 😀 )

    But to another point, also already pointed out, a DD-214 dated NOV 88, when it was well out of use then screams, BOGUS! I must add the lawyer could not call a personnel office at any nearby base and find the correctly dated form before he shoots off a letter to anyone be it for divorce or this? Apparently not.

    Thanks Scotty for the info. That answered a lot. I hope the lawyer does the right thing, calls him out on it and charges him triple for the trouble.

    Apparently, Smith’s other half in the divorce was calling bullshit on his service claims OR Zach is receiving VA benefits for this train wreck and they want a piece of the pie.

    If he’s receiving VA benefits for PTSD disability, then I am SURE the VA would want to know about it. Plus the VA needs a Power Point class on what DD-214 issue goes with which years of service.

    • AverageNCO says:

      Fake Army/CIA Sniper made the same mistake when he sent me “his” DD214. He claimed to have enlisted shortly before the Panama invasion and served through Desert Storm. His DD214 was dated 1 NOV 55. He had sent me his father’s DD214, and tried to erase a bunch stuff that his father’s name and dates. SGLI was the first screw up I saw on that one too. Posers aren’t familiar with that one, and get the numbers wrong.

  18. Bubblehead Ray says:

    I realize I’m looking at this from a squid pov, but do you Army types really qualify for a Good Conduct Medal in 2 years and 2 months? Just sayin

    • OIF '06-07-'08 says:

      A guardsman or reservist can recieve the AGCM if they are mobilized for more than one year or less than three, but that only applies to their first award only.

      • Hondo says:

        USAR and ARNG are the most common recipients today under those conditions, OIF ’06-07-’08, but they’re technically not the only ones eligible.

        Per AR 600-8-22, para 4-5c, anyone who serves between 1 and 3 years in an enlisted capacity honorably and w/o a disqualifying “awsh!t” is eligible for first award of the Army GCM on discharge, provided they are deemed to have completed their first term of service.

        The same is true for someone discharged for disability reasons with less than 1 year of service, or for those who died while serving with less than 1 years’ service, provided disability or death is determined to have occurred in LOD. (paras 4-5d and 4-5e)

        Second and subsequent awards of the Army GCM all require 3 years of continuous qualifying service, none of which may overlap with a previous or subsequent award period.

    • Just An Old Dog says:

      Something I just found out recently that in the Marine Corps an indivual who serves less then 3 years can recieve a GCM if they are discharged under honorable conditions due to wounds recieved in combat.

      • raven says:

        Same goes for any award that has a minimum time requirement. sea service deployment ribbon, etc.

  19. Combat Historian says:

    Hey, zachyboy is a history buff and must be quite the antiquarian! He likes old stuff, like a 1988 version DD214, 1-73 “ABN” with its old Sheridans, the old “Smith vs. Smith” controversy from WWII; next thing we’ll learn he served at Pork Chop Hill! Anybody who likes history this much must be TOTALLY LEGIT !!!

  20. Janaburg says:

    Soup all the way around, 3-73 ARMOR was at Bragg, deactivated in ’96, I think the MOS for Sheridans was 19G/ this 214 lists him as an 11B.

    In ’06 the 82d reorganized into Brigade Combat Teams (adding a 4th Battalion) which was actually Cavalry Squadrons. 2d Bde (325 AIR) got 1-73 CAV.

  21. jonp says:

    I got my 214 out to take a look. It doesn’t say “Airborne Jump School”. Damn, I’ve been ripped off.

    • Jonn Lilyea says:

      Zachary says that we’re sending death threats. That his ex hired us.

      • MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

        Jonn. Tell him to post 1 example here.

        I will show a real threat I received that was referred.

        In addition, remind the POSER that we VALOR THIEF HUNTERS prefer that they live a long and healthy life full of scorn and shame as a reminder and deterant to others.

        Carry on!

      • Green Thumb says:

        Sounds like L’yin Lance McCormick.


      • NHSparky says:

        That’s usually what the pussies claim (Bernath, Wickre, Chevalier, et al.)

        Doesn’t mean they’re any less full of shit.

      • Old Trooper says:

        Of course he’s saying that. They all say that, as a way to attempt to get some sympathy. We all know where sympathy is in the dictionary.

        They say it without providing proof, just like their fictional military daring-do. He should be more worried about the feds climbing up his ass for forging an official document than anyone “threatening” him.

        • Hondo says:

          For those who want today’s politically correct locator bracket, that would be “between manure and venereal disease”.

          There are of course other, more specific locator brackets for the term that limit the search to entries beginning with “s”. (smile)

  22. jonp says:

    BTW: If this guy is a real lawyer then we might cut him a little slack. He may have been given this 214 and just forwarded it without knowing it was a pile of dogshit.

    • rb325th says:

      Well he is going to have real egg on his face over this one, and some explaining to do to the Judge.
      Someone handed me a gift like this, I would take it for all it is worth in front of the judge to prove that Mr Smith is a dishonorable, lying sack of shit and that whatever his soon to be Ex is asking for should be doubled.
      What exactly could a Judge do, if presented with obvious forgeries used as evidence in a court case under his jurisdiction?

  23. Eric the old OC tanker says:

    Back in the day the M551/A1 MOS was only an ASI (11EXXR8(insert skill level))Went to the school back in ’75. Armor MOS’s changed over to CMF 19 in 1977 (just reviewed my 2-1)

  24. Just An Old Dog says:

    Contrary to what these shitbags are trying to say about being threatened This is my hope for them once they have been outed for their shit-birdery.

  25. Green Thumb says:

    This dude is a bottom feeder.

    Another example of a marginal soldier.

  26. Lobster says:

    Guys, he is totally legit. He just told me so on FB!

    • Pineywoods NCO says:

      Shaking my head at the stupidity seen here.

      • Lobster says:

        They say autistic people don’t get sarcasm….

        • Pineywoods NCO says:


          One) I am not autistic.

          Two) Lobster is best served with mashed potatoes.

          Three) Put sarcasm warnings up next time or you might be cooked by someone else other than me.

    • AverageNCO says:

      Lobster, don’t get too excited. You’re probably blocked now. That has been his M.O. People question him on Facebook: 1. He respnonds that he is legit. 2. He says Scotty is actually the poser(He gets that from Whittingfield)3. he accuses Scotty of photoshopping comments he didn’t make. 4. Then he blocks you so you can’t ask any follow-up questoins.

  27. Pineywoods NCO says:

    Attention Mr. Smith

    I have a very interesting question for you. How is it you could be at 2/30 Infantry during basic training when that unit is at Fort Polk, not Fort Benning.

    Care to enlighten us?

  28. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    If Zachary says we are sending death threats, then we must be sending death threats. He wouldn’t lie. He wouldn’t make stuff like that up in a feeble attempt to redirect the attention he has invited onto himself. I just know he wouldn’t do that. He is far too decent and honorable a man to try that stunt. (I have to stop now. I’m making myself sick talking about this clown that way.)

  29. JD1371USMC says:

    So he got the coveted “Afghanistan Service Medal,” huh? He must have been permanently stationed there, because all of us that did combat tours there were awarded Afghan Campaign Medals.

  30. ChipNASA says:

    A woman was very distraught at the fact that she had not had a date or any sex in quite some time. She was afraid she might have something wrong with her, so she decided to employ the medical expertise of a sex therapist.

    Her doctor recommended that she go and see Dr Chang, the well-known sex therapist. So she went to see him and upon entering the examination room, Dr Chang said,
    ‘OK, take off all you crose.’

    So she did.

    Dr Chang then said,
    ‘Ok now, crawl reery fass to the other side of the room.’

    So she did.

    Dr Chang then said,
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    So she did.

    Dr Chang slowly shook his head and said,
    ‘Your problem vewy bad, you haf Ed Zachary Disease, worse case I ever see, that why you not haf sex or dates.’

    Confused the woman asked,
    ‘What is Ed Zachary Disease?’

    Dr Chang replied,
    ‘It when your face rook Ed Zachary rike your arse’

  31. Embarrassed says:

    I grew up with this guy. He’s been a liar his whole life. He was still in high school in 2009. Didn’t graduate until 2010. And the time that he supposedly spent in AFG, he was actually working as a volunteer at his local ambulance dept.

  32. I have some good info on this guy….He has since been questioned by the police and has fessed up to being a LIAR and FORGING his DD 214. Too bad you have to prove he used the forged DD 214 to profit himself in order for him to be charged!!! That sucks…Zach you should be ASHAMED!