Frank Joseph Visconi; Marine embellisher

| April 1, 2014

Frank Joseph Visconti

Frank Joseph Visconi, according to Scotty, had a perfectly honorable career in the Vietnam War as a supply clerk and he was honorably discharged as a sergeant with the following DD214;

Frank Joseph Visconti DD214

With the following rack;

Frank Joseph Visconti actual rack
But, that wasn’t good enough when he became the Sr. Vice Commandant of Marine Corps League Chapter #603 – James McCutchen Detachment in Clarksville, TN. The he joined the “Together We Served” website and decided that his rack needed some punching up;

Frank Joseph Visconti dream rack
Somewhere along the way, he got himself some certificates for a Bronze Star Medal for Valor and a Purple Heart that he also posted. When people started questioning him, he simply took down his profile and dashed. At Scotty’s he has two DD215s which correct his social security number and some unit commendations. Neither of the DD215s mention two Purple Hearts, a Bronze Star or a Combat Action Ribbon.

The story about the rank difference is a good one, too, better when told by Scotty, so shoot over and visit him.

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  1. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    A recap of the court’s recent decision:

    On January 31, 2006, Visconi wrote to the Commandant of the Marine Corps, Military
    Awards Branch (MMMA), requesting that he be awarded a Purple Heart and Bronze Star based
    on two incidents that occurred during his service in Vietnam. A.R. at 285-90. On March 27, 2006, the MMMA denied Visconi’s request, stating that, after reviewing Visconi’s official military records, there was no evidence that he was ever recommended for a Bronze Star or that he was injured under conditions that would entitle him to a Purple Heart. Id. at 283. Visconi sought reconsideration, which was denied. Id. at 320-21, 482-83.

    On March 6, 2008, Visconi submitted an application to the Board for Correction of Naval Records (BCNR) to correct his military record by including receipt of the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star, as well as his promotion to staff sergeant in 1969. Id. at 368-69. In contrast to his previous request, in which Visconi stated that he had never received the Bronze Star and Purple Heart, he now claimed that these awards had been presented to him in 1969, at the same time that
    he was promoted to staff sergeant. Id. at 370. Visconi included copies of citations that he said accompanied the awards. Id. at 371, 374-78. In addition, in November 2008, Visconi sent a request for several other medals and ribbons, including the CAR. Id. at 323-34.

    Visconi also directed a request for reconsideration to the Secretary of the Navy, whichwas referred to the MMMA. In its May 6, 2009, response, the MMMA informed Visconi that
    the Bronze Star and Purple Heart citations he had provided did not appear authentic and could
    not be made part of his record. Id. at 187

    The district court dismissed the case, concluding that the BCNR’s decision was neither arbitrary nor capricious and was supported by substantial evidence.

    Although Visconi offered a large volume of evidence in support of his request for a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart, the documents that he provided, including the April 25, 1969 letter from William Kenneflick Jones, id. at 116, do not satisfy the applicable regulatory criteria. And, significantly, the citations that Visconi provided for the Bronze Star and Purple Heart, purportedly issued to him in 1969, do more to undermine his claim than to support it. When Visconi made his initial request in 2006, he stated that he had never received the awards and did not know whether recommendations were ever made or granted. Id. at 287-88. It was only after this request was denied that Visconi claimed to have actually received the awards and to have the citations that accompanied them. Id. at 371. At no point has Visconi acknowledged this discrepancy or explained his failure to include the citations in his initial request.

    Further, the MMMA offered several compelling reasons for its determination that these documents were not authentic. Id. at 187, 512-13. Visconi argues that this authenticity determination is suspect because it took three years to make. But this is not accurate—Visconi first submitted the citations in March 2008, and the MMMA made its ruling in May 2009—and in any event the passage of time has no bearing on the accuracy of the determination. Visconi also argues that he provided evidence disproving the authenticity determination that the BCNR failed to adequately consider. But, when reviewing an agency decision, we do not “reweigh the evidence” or substitute our judgment for that of the agency.

    Moreover, Visconi does not support this assertion with citations to the record, and the record does not bear out his claim. For example, Visconi points out that, according to the Navy’s own regulations, there can be “many varieties of style for the same award.” SECNAVINST 1650.1H at § 220.3(e)(3). But that provision further states that awards must satisfy the “basic requirements” outlined in the awards manual. Id. The Bronze Star citation that Visconi provided did not do so. And, in any event, the fact that a Bronze Star citation can be issued in a variety of styles does not disprove the MMMA’s determination that the citation provided by Visconi was not in a recognized format. Visconi further posits that Bronze Star citations issued during the same time period were signed by individuals other than the Commanding General and that Purple Heart awards must sometimes be accompanied by citations. But the sole example of a Purple Heart “citation” that Visconi provides was prepared on a personal computer by one of the recipient’s treating physicians because the award was not recorded in the recipient’s official military record.

    To the extent that Visconi argues that the BCNR should have given him the “benefit of the doubt” in light of apparent omissions in his military and medical records and should not have applied such strict requirements to deny the personal awards that he seeks, he makes a “political argument that is better addressed to Congress or [to] the Department of the [Navy] than to the judiciary.” Haselwander, 878 F. Supp. 2d at 108 n.4 (rejecting a similar claim arising from the denial of a Purple Heart award). However strongly Visconi might disagree with the application of these requirements under the circumstances of this case, it cannot be said that the BCNR acted arbitrarily and capriciously by applying them.

    • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

      In a nutshell:

      Frank had the MMMA review his records for a BS and PH’s in 2006 – they said no.

      In 2008, Frank submits info that “shows” he was “awarded” a BS and PH’s in 1969. In May 2009, BCNR says there was “insufficient evidence” for the awards.

      MMMA states in 2009 that his citations “did not appear authentic and could not be made part of the record”.

      Frank goes to court about the awards, claiming that he should be given the “benefit of doubt” about the awards. Frank’s case is dismissed. Quote: “But, as discussed above, the record supports the conclusion of the BCNR, and Visconi has failed to demonstrate that the district court committed any error warranting reversal.”

      You got caught and called out numerous time Frank…

  2. thebesig says:

    Frank Joseph Visconi, you did Dennis Howard Chevalier a favor by jumping on here… fully committing yourself to a lost cause. Now you’re getting all the attention. 😀

    Coming soon… interview post reviewing the phony Frank Joseph Visconi games based on the court’s decision. 😀

  3. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

  4. Ex-PH2 says:

    I don’t think frank the crank would know ‘Honorable’ if she walked up and punched him in the arm.

    You’re just like that rat-faced old fart elsewhere who tries to stand on the work and service and lives of other people and claim that’s all his. Oh, and if no one believes the hogwash you’ve put together, all the non-believers a BAD people.

    You could do something really worthwhile with your time, but like all the rest of these self-absorbed Pampers wearers, you’re too self-centered to do that.

    The fact is, when you’re gone, no one will remember your name and that scares the living shit out of you, frankenwienie.

    Scares you big time.

  5. ArmyATC says:

    The MMMA says Frank is not entitled. Frank says they’re wrong.

    The BCNR says Frank isn’t entitled. Frank says they’re wrong.

    The Courts said Frank isn’t entitled several times. Frank says they’re wrong.

    Typical poser behavior. Everyone else, even the experts are wrong or out to get him. Only the poser knows the real truth. Give it up, Frank. No one believes your lies, not even the courts who called you out on them.

  6. Joe Williams says:

    Frank’ you are a disgrace to the Marine NCOs and the Corps. Ihad more TIG than you and most likely higher n the promotion list than you. I did not recieve a staff warrant after Iwas discharged in 72.Since when can a Major promote a E-5 to E-6 ? Joe

    • Marine_7002 says:

      Joe: he never did address your questions about the missions he supposedly flew as a door gunner. No flight orders, no Air Medals, no nuthin’ despite going on all those missions.

      Frank: a news flash for you. Even in Vietnam, being selected to fly as a door gunner wasn’t like getting picked for a team in a pickup softball game. But you didn’t know that, since all that shit you spewed about flying missions was all made up.

      • Frank Visconi says:

        7002 – You trying to tell me that every Marine that was air lifted into an LZ rates an Air Medal. What Corps were you in. The helicopter was a mode of transportation for Marines to “insert” them and extract them. I never claimed the Air Medal and never felt I rated one.

        • Green Thumb says:

          The only “insertion” you performed Frank was into your battle buddy’s ass.

        • 3/17 Air Cav says:

          Frankie Boi……thought you said you weren’t coming back? But here you are!

    • Frank Visconi says:

      Hey Joe. I feel for you. Must have not had what it takes to be a SSgt. A Major did not promote me dipshit. It was a Major from CMC that just sent me a letter confirming my promotion. I wrote and asked them to send a letter to Killeffer to shut him up. The letter told me that they could not send information to him because of the privacy act so he sent the letter to me verifying the promotion dated 01 May 1969 which came from CMC where ALL staff promotions come from. Instead of listening to asshole Killeffer, check it out four yourself. You and your idiot friends seem to have all the connections to do so. And again, I’m really sorry for you that you didn’t make E-6. I was meritoriously promoted twice. I had 19 months in grade as an E-5 when I was released. If you recall SGT, one still has two years of active reserves to serve after serving four years active of his six year obligation. During those two years you are subject to being reactivated at any time. You sound like you know as much about the Corps as Killeffer………….NOTHING!

      • Green Thumb says:

        Frank is a pussy.

      • MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

        So on Memorial Day you decide to come here and talk shit.

        You are a piece of work.

        I mentioned the likes of you this weekend.

        I was downing beers with the SgtMaj of 2d Marine Division … He and I can’t stand your type!

        Go away exposed and hurt embellisher … You are a disgrace to the Corps.

      • Just an Old Dog says:

        Are you really trying to pull rank? What a dip-shit.
        You arent a pimple on a real SSgt’s ass.

        Shit bird

      • Joe Williams says:

        No,Pankly I was in a dead MOS. I was a reciperating helo mechanic. When my MOS was changed to jet mech I was in the top of the list. I was medically discharged before my warrant was offical. Now, what type of helo and squadron did you fly with and how long. oe

      • Joe Williams says:

        Oh punky, I was 7 days short of7 years. No bad time to make up I was on my 2nd enlistment. Twenty -five months in Nam. MY squadron was the UGLY Angels. Also Chu Lai was using the wooden frame hoches(wooden floor with screenwire and the ceiling was the heavy canvas tent.

  7. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    S’matter, Frankenpoop? Feeling left out? I myself am voting ALL THE WAY for Bernath in this year’s SV Tourney, but I just wonder if you aren’t simply hissy-fitting for second place, you’re trying to “out-stupid” Chevalier for that spot? Every bit of anxiety and misery you currently experience is because YOU DID IT TO YOURSELF!

    • ArmyATC says:

      Frankie may get honorable mention though.

      • Green Thumb says:

        Frankenturd could make a move.

      • Sam Killeffer says:


        Back in 2009 when all this began I had a suspicion that you might be a FLOO-FLOO Bird.

        You have confimed it … you are a FLOO-FLOO bird.


        FLOO-FLOO Bird – a bird related to the DO DO bird that flies in a circular pattern with an ever decreasing radius until it flies up its own ass.

        It was thought to be extinct but you have proven that theory false.

        • Frank Visconi says:

          Sam Killeffer – you are a fucking numb skull. You are a bigger fabricator than any of the people you believe are phonies. And to the idiot who cries about having enough TIG to be promoted, apparently you were not as good a Marine as I was (and still am). I didn’t get promoted by a Major you dumb shit. I ws promoted from CMC where ALL staff promotions come from. It was a Major who just recently CONFIRMED my promotion. I sent the letter from him which also mentions Killeffer’s name but your pal Lilyea refuses to post it. And to the other idiot who goes on and on about several flights and door gunner, your head is also up your ass. I never rated the Air Medal because I was never part of an Air unit. I was “ordered” to fly into the Starlite battlefield and retrieve the wounded. I was NOT a door gunner. I had to take up the position when the gunner was seriously wounded. He was shot in the jaw and throat. You fucking idiots have no idea what it was like to be there in 65 and as far as Killeffer is concerned, he is just a jealous asshole who did nothing for the Corps except win a couple swim meets. Get your facts straight and as far as your friend Killeffer, whatever his asshole name is, the FBI is onto him already for his cyber crimes. You are so fucking stupid Killeffer. It is easy to prove that my rank is E-6 and anyone can do it so if and when they do, they will automatically understand what an asshole you are and your other claims about me will be looked upon as lies just like they are. That RACK you have posted is one YOU made up yourself using the rack builder on Sgt. Grit website. I know that because I never posted a rack that looks anything like that. I did have it posted one time way before 2006 because I had not heard from the BCNR yet that they were not on my record. As far as the AFEM is concerned, that is a common mistake made by those who served in the early years because it was awarded for Vietnam service BEFORE the VSM replaced it. You have my records. Look at them. The AFEM is on there and then crossed out. EVERYTHING you say on your blog Killeffer is fiction that you made up because you are one sick fuck! You are an arrogant, narcissistic asshole. You need to clean up your blog and remove the shit that is very provable. I’m not going to take you to court you stupid fuck. I’m going to wipe the fucking ground with you stupid ass after I kick the shit out of it. Any fucking time you little girly man pussy, anytime! And by the way to you other assholes. I won’t be looking at your stupid postings. I just came back on after checking to see if Killeffer was smart enough to take off any reference to SSGT from his blog but I satisfied my curiosity. He is still dumber than a rock! If I ever to come back to view all the bullshit you guys sling, I will listen ONLY to those who served in Nam in 65-66. The rest of you have no clue…NONE!

          • Green Thumb says:


          • 3/17 Air Cav says:

            Frankie Boi………You’ll be back, it’s part of the embellisher play book. You guys can’t help yourselves. Phonies and embellishers always come back.

            You might not post anything, but you’ll be at least a lurker!

            • Frank Visconi says:

              Look in the mirror and you’ll see the real loser. Anyone that spends their entire life on these websites degrading people they don’t even know about things THEY know NOTHING about is the LOSER! That’s you Green Thumb.

              • Green Thumb says:


                Frank, I have seen farts that are more solid than you.

                You fraudulent forging turd.

  8. streetsweeper says:

    Oaky, somebody explain to me how the hell this Visconi critter is able to “listen” to the blog. I mean, I’ve used a headset(pro-grade), cranked up the volume on my little ol quad stereo system (HD audio no less)and I gotta tell ya, I am not hearing one damn thing coming out of this blog. Explain that one and as for this Visconi or whatever his name is, I just might give you a free, born again good citizen pass to Disneyland. Wait, never mind. The courts you stood in front of have already awarded you your grand door prize.

    • Marine_7002 says:

      Streetsweeper – the voices that he hears about this blog are the same voices that keep telling him he was awarded the BSM, PH, CAR, PUC, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Delusional…

  9. streetsweeper says:

    And by the way, Visconi Master Chief gave you the low down on what is avaliable from NPRC concerning your military records. However, should you decide out of the goodness of your little bitty heart to file and SF-180 that is an entirely different, pal. BUT, for the meantime I suggest you take a long walk, go somewhere and don’t come back.

    “Who is this mofo and why is he telling me this?” you think to yourself. Because, there are some very skilled personel here that are extremely capable of digging and scratching all the way up in your ass if you’d like to pursue the matter further.

    See that? Simple solution to a simple problem.

    Pretty fricking good for a guy that mowed the grass for the Battalion SGM, painted yellow lines and kept the staff car w/radio, lights and siren working and all nice n shiny, for oh…eith to ten hours out of the day, huh? And then, this really funny bro. Might even make you grin, he made me go play MP for the other eight to twelve hours, give or take a few hours in there somewhere.

  10. RM3(SS) says:

    You sad, pathetic wretched excuse for a man. It’s hard to feel sorry for you when you keep nut punching yourself though.

  11. Don Shipley says:

    You have great hair, Frank… Luxurious, full and richly appealing…

    Don’t listen to these clowns…

    I’ve got your back, Buddy…

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Wow. That is REALLY cheap.

      Trying to sock puppet someone we all know, someone who despises phonies in undescribable terms.

      Nice try, swampsucker. Appreciate that extra touch with the ESE link, but you aren’t fooling anyone, cheesewhizzer.

    • C2Show says:

      Pretending to be Don Shipley? This is troubling.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      It’s gotta be chevy cheesedicksnot. No one else would be that obnoxious.

      • C2Show says:

        I don’t know, IP check on that loser.

        You think Chevy would mock his Hero? I mean he was a worshipper of Shipley

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        Chief Shipley refused his application to ESE, told him not to come. What could be a better and more petty way to get even with someone who rejected you than a public sock puppetting?

    • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

      Bad move by the puppet… “The Hair” will find out and it will ass ugly when it is over with.

    • Valkyrie says:

      Oh hell to the NOS!!! You are not boyfriend!

    • Hondo says:

      Given the photos of Visconi’s scraggly, receding hairline posted at Scotty’s site, it’s entirely possible that Don Shipley was being sarcastic as hell above. If that actually was Don Shipley at all, that is.

      I’ve dropped Jonn a note about the comment above.

      • MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

        I betcha a bag of dohnuts that was Don … Way too pithy for a sock puppet!

      • Scotty says:

        Senior Chief is way too busy now with Extreme SEAL Experience to waste time coming here to comment. And especially not to make any sarcastic comments. I’m sure with the time frame the comment was made that the ip# will show up reading the same as all of Cheese Flakes sock puppets.

        • Hondo says:

          Scotty, Don Shipley has on rare occasions commented here. He does so infrequently, but it’s not unknown.

        • MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

          Ok … What kind of dohnuts do you want?

        • Frank Visconi says:

          Oooh! The famous SCOTTY. The biggest asshole of them all. What dark hiding hole did your stupid ass come out of. FBI knows who you are most definately. Spreading falshoods all over several internet sites. Watch your back bitch!

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        I’ll see that bag of donuts and raise it with rum and cigars.

    • Jonn Lilyea says:

      Don just confirmed that this was indeed his comment. He intended for it to be funny, but I guess those SEALs have a strange sense of humor.

      • Scotty says:

        Thank you Jonn. The hair must have gotten in Senior Chiefs eyes last night.

      • Valkyrie says:

        Swoon! I take back what I said. You ARE boyfriend!

        I think I just piddled!

        Should I maybe look into a “stalker relocation” program? Who is willing to hide me?

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        Oooh! I have beend had by The Hair! That’s it – no more mac & cheese recipes for him!

        Master Chief, I will get you chocolate frosted Bavarians with sprinkles, with the filling loaded with Bailey’s Irish Cream.

        You will enjoy them… with coffee.

    • Chief Shipley,

      I know that you spend your time exposing phony Seals but Frankenweenie has really worked very hard to achieve recognition for his “Walter Middy” dreams.

      He’s probably wasted ~ $ 400,000.00 in tax payers money defending the United States against his baseless fraudulent claims. He’s filed 3 federal suits and 2 appeals; he was dismissed on all suits and the appellate courts affirmed the lower court’s decision in all cases.

      It would be only just to hear him defend his claims for a BS w/V, Purple Heart x 2, Combat Action Ribbon, and the Presidential Unit Commendation. He also claims to be a SSgt E-6 after 1 four year enlistment.

      His phone number is 931-232-2287; he lives in Dover, TN (very close to Ft. Campbell).

      Hope you will consider him for his service as a member of the United States Marine Corps a branch of the United States Naval Service.

  12. Joe Williams says:

    Ex, it is a fool’s bet, no thank you. Frankie what the answers to my questions about flying in the helos. Joe

  13. AskAMarine says:

    Joe Williams,

    He also has yet to provide the name of the ship he was on for 2 months…

    • ArmyATC says:

      You can’t expect him to remember everything!! Geezo Pete!!!! Next thing you’ll be asking him to remember is the color of the uniform he wore. How can you expect him to remember all those minute details after all these years?

      • Hondo says:

        Well, ArmyATC – if I were a “scared 18 year old” going to combat for the first time, I really think I’d remember a few things about that. And I think that the name of the ship I “floated around on offshore of Vietnam for 2 months” (or words to that effect) would be one of those things.

        But maybe that’s just me. (smile)

        • ArmyATC says:

          I should have added a sarcasm emoticon or something to my previous post. I don’t know how Frankie can’t remember the most mundane of things from his deployment. I still remember the name of the aircraft that brought me home from my tour of Germany over thirty years ago. It was the Pan Am ‘Clipper of the Seas.’ How the turd Visconi can’t remember the name of a ship he sailed on, and sat on, for over two months and especially the ship that brought him home us unfathomable.

          • Hondo says:

            ArmyATC: I’m pretty sure everyone knew you were being sarcastic, amigo. I just thought I’d add a bit of the sardonic to go with it. (smile)

    • Sparks says:

      AskAMarine…but but but it’s been 40 plus years for him. Who can remember a ship’s name you spent two months on? That was his answer. I say bullshit. I hate big ships and fear deep water. I went in the Army instead of the Navy because I could dig a fox hole a hell of a lot quicker than I could shit an island! Believe me I would remember the name of any death trap I rode on for 2 months!

      • 2/17 Air Cav says:

        About 1970, my father told me the name of the ship he sailed on his way to England during WW II. He related the lovely meals he had on board–fish, fish, and fish. I remember the name of the ship! Of course, all of this is neither here nor there. Visconi wants his baubles and he can’t get them, at least legitimately. No battle records. No medical records. And he came here, originally, speaking of honor. It truly sucks to be him.

        • Ex-PH2 says:

          In Visconi’s state, there are certains freebies given by the state to PH, such as free license plates. He found out about it, and that’s what he’s after – freebies. Mark my words.

  14. ChipNASA says:


    Not to speak for Ex-PH2 or for Val but I can only imagine them doing this to you…

    /your a stupid pussy…just go away.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      ChipNASA, I might do worse than that… like put the sock puppet on his knees right in front of the person he impersonated, weeping and wailing and gnashing his teeth in woe.

      • ChipNASA says:

        We can only wish…..and I, for one would PAY to see that…..just like I wish we could have seen Psul of the Ball-less-sack being lead away in handcuffs.

    • Valkyrie says:

      Chip – you may speak for me at anytime. Except dinner time, I like dinner time!

  15. AskAMarine says:

    Here’s your chance, Frank, to prove your innocence:

    What was the name of the ship you were on for 2 months?

    What Helo were you flying in?

    Since your 1969 “Promotion” was TEMPORARY, when did it become PERMANENT?

    Why is the second page of your “Bronze Star” annotated in the lower left hand corner “NAVMC 66-PH” instead of what is on the first page “NAVMC 66-BS”?

    You STILL have not verified that the Font used in your Citations for the PH and BSM was in existence in 1969.

    Come on, Frank. Be honest. If not for yourself, for God. For your family. For your country. For the USMC.

    • Frank Visconi says:

      Sorry but my originals do not have anything at the bottom of the second page just like it has no USMC heading at the top. My guess is that Killeffer put that on there to justify his validity. He has the wherewithal to do it since he had his records changed by one of his admin friends to make him look like a grunt.

  16. What really sticks in my craw about Visconoweenie ist the tremendous waste of tax payers money defending against his bogus claims.

    In a conversation with the Defense Atty for the USA, Micheal Roden, I asked him what the defense costs were for the US in the District Court Case Visconi v USA. Off the cuff he estimated that the number for that case would be in 6 figures. Frankenweenie also filed two different cases in Federal Claims Court. One of those cases he appealed as well.

    I would estimate that the taxpayer has paid $300-400,000 in defense costs.

    There should be a penalty for frivolous lawsuits; at least he should be required to pay to repay the costs.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    • Sparks says:

      Sam…if he continues I hope they do require him to pay back the taxpayers dollars for frivolous lawsuits and this time, I hope they decide to finally nail him for forging documents. He was warned about that early on in this charade and I hope they use that as a final door slammer on him.

      • AskAMarine says:

        Sam and Sparks,

        What I don’t understand is why he is not in deep trouble with the Courts for not telling the truth.

        • Sam Killeffer says:

          He has never been to trial; so technically he’s never been under oath. He was a pro se atty for himself; licensed attys are considered under oath when they submit filings to the court. Visconi as pro se is not.

          • AskAMarine says:

            Thanks, Sam for the info.

            Oh, Frank…

            Come out, come out, wherever you are..(crickets chirping)

    • tm says:

      What are the general guidelines for declaring someone a vexatious litigant at the federal level?
      And even if Frankie is pro se, don’t judges still have the ability to sanction if they feel he’s not even coming close to the truth?

    • Frank Visconi says:

      Nothing frivolous about my lawsuit or Mr. Roden would have made a motion in that regard. Man you do get around Killeffer. You even go as far as contacting the AUSA’s office. I think I will have to give Roden a call to explain what “unethical” behavior for an attorney is. The cost to the taxpayers was minimal. He only wrote ONE fricking brief and he copied that from the government attorney that handled the earlier case. All both attorney’s did was write a motion to dismiss. How much could that cost? It amazes me Killeffer how you have nothing creative to do with you life except find ways to harass me. If only these guys on this website knew you for what you are. My guess is that even you father and brother would like to beat the hell out of you just for the hell of it.

      • Green Thumb says:

        Still hanging around the men’s room, Frank?


        • Sparks says:

          Green Thumb…please pardon the intrusion here. I just wanted to add, Frank…you’re a QUEEF.

          (New term I learned here in TAH Frank. You should hang around more and learn how to cuss like a REAL Marine would.)

  17. AskAMarine says:

    Uh, Frank…

    Did you ever check the background of the “Handwriting & Document Analyst” you hired to verify signatures?

    I now believe you are jealous of those who truly have a BSM, a PH, a CAR, a PUC.

    Unbelievable you would go on television to talk about a foreign car maker, yet can’t look at yourself in the mirror and tell the truth.

    You know deep, deep in your heart and conscience you are not telling the truth. You are trying to save face, probably to the Marine Corps League Chapter #603 as well as to your family and your church.

    Time to tell the truth, Frank. Time to tell the truth.

    • Valkyrie says:

      Since he had so many years in law enforcement, I would wager that in all that time he ran across, let’s say a “document analysis” or a “lie detector examinator” that has a less than stellar record or one that owed him a favor. We all have heard of the “thin blue line” and we know buddies will cover for each other. I am in no way saying this is what happened, it’s just a little thought I’ve had buzzing around.

      I’m feeling a little wonky today so I’ll apologize now for any spelling errors or run on sentences. But I tend to type just like I talk. I’m easily excitable. Heh!

      • Frank Visconi says:

        Sorry dipshit. Found him on the internet. He’s from Texas. I was in law enforcement in Michigan. Certified with lots and lots of court testifying experience. You are exactly like the idiots at BCNR. They are so afraid to admit to making a mistake they just don’t even respond when they get proof positive. They simply file it. In another year, they probably won’t even be able to find it. That is how incompetent they are.

        • Valkyrie says:

          Dipshit? That’s the best you can do? You cum guzzling gutter slut?

          Instead of college I was a bartender in biker bars. I sorta majored in insulting and got the lettermen’s jacket to prove it. You’re going to have to do better than that.

          Welcome back tick turd!

        • ArmyATC says:

          This turd is still around? Hey Frankie, maybe the BCNR didn’t bother responding because they were too busy laughing at your pathetic attempt to forge documents. It’s funny that you say the BCNR will probably lose your file when, according to the courts, that’s what you told them you did. Then you couldn’t explain to them how the records suddenly showed up. They may be incompetent, but you’re a lying turd.

    • Frank Visconi says:

      The news station contacted me asshole. I did an interview right after my accident where my truck rolled over several times. Don’t stray into territory you know NOTHING about. Do some research. I was interviewed on TV in October 2008 after my June accident in Nashville. That’s what started the investigation into the sudden acceleration problem with Toyota. After the settlement, Channel 5 contact ME and asked me if they could interview me about the settlement. I also testified in Washington before a hearing committee. I have several hundred e-mails from Toyota owners from around the country to prove it. I’ve also recently been contacted by a whistle blower who wanted me to be interviewed by a radio station in Isreal. You dipshits spend so much time on these asshole websites that you can’t even keep up with the news. Get a fucking life asshole! You wouldn’t be man enough to survive the crash that I was involved in. Do the research and take a look at the truck. I contacted the news after five instances of my truck taking off and being told each time by Toyota that there was nothing wrong with their vehicle. If you knew anything, you would also know that the suit was a class action and it eventually turned criminal because it was discovered that Toyota was violating all NHTSA regulations.

      • Green Thumb says:

        The only accident is you, Frank.

      • That Guy says:

        Yeah, you’re full of shit, jackhole. To begin with, there was found to be no issue with Toyotas accelerating on their own, and the incident that launched this investigations was in California. Toyota recalled and replaced various things with no proof that there was any issue on their end because of political pressure from the White House, among other groups.

        • C2Show says:

          Yeah I was gonna say, the only Toyotas that were being recalled I remember were Prius. I know this because my brothers wife was involved in one of the instances in northern Cali. So bad to the point that they just traded it in after less than a year of having it while he was stationed in Vallejo. I don’t remember trucks being part of the recalls though. Could be wrong.

        • Frank Visconi says:

          The incident in California was a YEAR after I already had the story in the news. I contacted several national media and they never responded. It wasn’t until the Highway Patrolman in California crashed that that national media would pick up the story. As far as the Prius concerned, you must be one of those who drove one of those sissy cars. Like I said, do your research and take a look at my truck. It is the result of FIVE, yes FIVE instances of sudden acceleration. Each time, I applied the brake and the truck took off at speeds of up to plus 80 mph. Like I said, you know nothing, absolutely nothing. You are too busy being an asshole.

          • C2Show says:

            I drive a Malibu, during that timeframe, getting ready to get a Challenger. So, no Frank.

            My brothers wife was an Air Force Pilot, he is an Army Major. Try again, tough guy.

            And it was more than a California Patrolman when the story picked up, slick.

            No disrespect to a big bad “E-6” like yourself, though.

          • Green Thumb says:

            The only thing you have ever contacted Frank were young men.

          • ArmyATC says:

            Five instances of “sudden acceleration? You mean to tell us there are five other morons like you on the road?

          • That Guy says:

            Yeah, too bad your version of events doesn’t stack up to reality, sport. Nevermind that the incident that started the whole thing off in California, the one that ACTUALLY began the slanted investigations, was later found to be user error and was quite a while after your bullshit claim.
            Incidentally, if I had a car accelerate on its own, it’d be at the dealer the second time it did it. So not only are you dishonest, Frankenweenie, but you’re also a dumbass.

        • Frank Visconi says:

          Sorry dipshit. THAT is what Toyota found to protect their own asses. The government found differently to the tune of $1.2 billion and that doesn’t even include the wrongful death claims. Shove your Prius up your ass!

          • C2Show says:

            Comprehension issue, boy. Who said I owned a prius? Frank, get the cum out of your ears. It is good you play a tough guy on the internet. Your old ass would get busted up in real life trying to talk tough.

          • Green Thumb says:

            Turd sucker.

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        Why don’t you provide the crash photos yourself, frankenwienie?

        Surely your insurance carrier had something you could provide as proof of Toyota’s liability.

        Provide crash photos and police report, and we’ll listen to you, otherwise, you’re just spitting into the wind.

        • Frank Visconi says:

          I have several crash photos and a police report and several hundred other documents in my files since this happened. I can provide you photos at any time but Mr. Lilyea won’t post them anyway. But I will send him a couple anyway to see if he will man up.

  18. Frank Visconi says:

    All of you guys are so full of yourselves and think you are doing a good thing but when you run out of real proof you just simply get personal and go on about anything you can hang your hat on. You simpletons are pathetic! Poor excuses for supposed honorable men. How many guys this you back shoot when you were in Nam or wherever you served. You must have because you sure do a whole lot of back stabbing!

    • MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:


    • C2Show says:

      That is pretty much what you just did with me, Franky V.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      frankenwienie, you’re just another hot-tempered wannabe asshole in a long, long line of them.

      I have a very old friend who is literally dying from Agent Orange exposure from all the time he spent as a combat cameraman in-country. He is literally one of the walking dead. His doctor told him he died over there, they simply didn’t bury him there.

      Him, I respect for all the crap he went through doing his job.

      You – not so much. You can’t hold a candle to him or the in-country vets I know.

      So shut your cranky, self-centered, drama princess yap, unless you want little old me to put my foot through it.

      • Frank Visconi says:

        Sorry but I was exposed to AO also and have Diabetes Type II to prove it. Maybe that is Killeffer’s problem. He qualifies for NOTHING so he is jealous of everyone that is and that is why he started this whole thing.
        Your foot has to come out of your mouth first.

        • ArmyATC says:

          No, this whole thing started because you are an embellishing old fool. Everyone who matters has told you that you’re full of shit and that the records you provided as “proof” for your claims were bullshit.

    • ArmyATC says:

      Backstabbing? I thought it was more like kicking you in the nuts, turd. You really are a complete moron. Everyone here has been up front about calling you out on your lies and fraud. No one has pretended to be your friend and then snuck around gossiping about you.

  19. Just an Old Dog says:

    And Toyotas have jack shit to do with him being a shit sack who lies about his service.
    Also he seems to think that the only cost involved in his suit againt the US was someone filing one brief. I guess he doesnt consider the salarlies paid to clerks, Baliffs, security and the judge.

    Shit bird.

  20. Frank Visconi says:

    It’s Memorial Day guys. Why don’t you go to some Memorial Day event and spot someone in uniform and then get his name and post him as a poser. That’s what you do isn’t it. I hear you even check obituaries and then check the names via the FOIA and then clamp down on dead guys too. Grave robbers!

    • HS Sophomore says:

      I’m sorry, but sooner or later, you’re going to have to accept it. Daniel Bernath is the shoo-in for the Stolen Valor Tournament. You never had a chance. You’re just a mildly annoying internet blowhard, Franky. You can’t win. I know it’s hard to admit to yourself, but you have to realize it and move on. One day, your self esteem may recover.

    • MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

      Funny you should ask that.

      Today, I sent sent a sh!tbag running at a parade … He was embellishing just like you.

      What have you done recently?

      Defending your disgraceful bullsh!t embellishments.

    • Just an Old Dog says:

      Why don’t you go piss on someone elses leg and tell them it’s raining, thats what you do.
      The Federal Court System has already bitch-slapped you and called you a lying sack of shit. We cant top that.

      Shit bird.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Yeah, it’s Memorial Day, frankenwienie, as you pointed out, and it looks like you didn’t even go to the fireworks or the bonfire.

      Take your own advice. Get a life. You stirred up a dead thread for no reason other than to grab attention, because ain’t no one interested nohow in your baloney stories and whiny crap.

      • Just an Old Dog says:

        The courts have called him out for the baffoon he is, so he cant flood the justice system with his bullshit any more.
        This is one of the only forums he can post his idiotic claims on. It’s no consequence to him that he gets bitch-slapped every post. In his twisted mind he feels the more he posts his lies the more they become fact.
        A lot like Blobfish Chevy-Liar.

    • Enigma4you says:

      Your are god damned right. We do

  21. MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

    Seems to me he has LITTLE to do on Memorial Day.

    Hey Francis … Were your invited to any special events this weekend?


    Did not think so!

    • Green Thumb says:


      This assclown must be bored. He keeps hanging out.


      • 3/17 Air Cav says:

        Thumb…..He’s not bored, he has no where to go. He’s just a sad little man who’s been living a lie all these years, and can’t let go.

        He tapp dances around the real issues: “Printer generated Docs” says it all. End of story.

        Francis is probably holed up somewhere, making love to his bottle of “ole bust head” feeling the need to lash out at those he feels wronged him here at TAH.

        Francis you have no one to blame but yourself!

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      He gives me a headache.

  22. Frank Visconi says:

    Hey Lilyea. Why don’t you post the letter from the Major at CMC that I sent you? Afraid some of your friends will have to eat crow. You spineless bag of bones. You are so used to making up shit you’ve become afraid of the truth!

    • HS Sophomore says:

      “You are so used to making up shit you’ve become afraid of the truth!”

      Please, please, PLEASE google the term ‘psychological projection’…

    • Just an Old Dog says:

      For someone who is supposed to be so bright you have a difficult time following simple instructions.
      Ive told you time after time to seek out the MCBUL 1430 that listed all the SSgt reserve selectees for the FY you claimed you were promoted in. Also provide the one that lists the approved promotions for the Month you said you were promoted in. Your name will be among those selected.
      How did you ever become an NCO if you are so fucking stupid.
      You are lucky I didnt write or review your fitrep. You would have been marked as UNSAT in many categories,


    • ArmyATC says:

      “You are so used to making up shit you’ve become afraid of the truth!” Pot meet kettle. I’m sure the irony escapes your stupid ass.

    • rb325th says:

      Is that one of those pieces of paper you presented in all your court cases and appeals that were thrown out of court, because they just were not credible frankie?
      See frank, every court you stepped into all the way to Federal Appeals Court have found your case to be lacking veracity. Think you should just go ahead and shut your pie hole now. Yet, you won’t. You will come in here, piss and moan, try and deflect the attention from your fabrications, and claim you will not come back again (yet again you will…)
      You have nothing frankie. No honor.

  23. Green Thumb says:

    Frank takes it in the ass.

  24. OWB says:

    Well, isn’t this special. Another sparkle fairy shows up to denigrate Memorial Day.

    What loathsome fellas these clowns really are.

    • C2Show says:

      Maybe we should set Francis up with Dennis Chevalier, blind date.

      • OWB says:

        As long as the room roughly resembled a padded cell. Don’t want to presume that the neighbors deserve to hear the ensuing, uhm, whatever, shall we say noise? 😉

        • C2Show says:

          Dennis will allow Francis to have his way with him. I am pretty sure Francis would come back on here bragging about how he made it to third base with Elmer Chevalier.

          • Just an Old Dog says:

            All Frankie has to do is put a slice of cheese under his ball sack and tie chevy’s hands behind his back. 100% chance of him scoring.

      • jedipsycho (Certified Space Shuttle Door Gunner) says:

        Oh, now there’s a match made in heaven. Bernath could even officiate the ceremony for them.

        • C2Show says:

          Thats the unholy trinity right there.

          Cheese trail up the aisle for Dennis to eat.

          As Just an Old dog said. Frankie tying cheese to his ballsack and let Dennis gnaw away.

  25. Pineywoods NCO says:


    Did anyone in here give you permission to run your mouth?


    Then kindly keep it shut.

    Freedom of speech, you will claim? Yes.

    But kindly shut your mouth. The BNCR has said you have no leg to stand on; the courts have said you have no leg to stand on; we have shown you have no leg to stand on.

    So get off the high horse and GTFO!!

  26. ArmyATC says:

    Hey Frankie, I have an idea for you. I promise you won’t be a sad lonely little pissant if you follow my instructions. First get a package of string cheese. Roll several of them up in your forges documents. Shove it all up your ass. Give Dennis Chevalier a call and tell him what you did. I guarantee he’ll be knocking at your door, salivating, before you even hang up the phone. You two sparkle ponies have fun now.

  27. AskAMarine says:

    Frank (4th REQUEST),


    (1) Identify the SPECIFIC unit you were TAD with during STARLITE. You now know not every unit with 3/3 was awarded the PUC during STARLITE. You also know that just being in a Combat Zone does not justify a CAR.

    (2) Explain how it was possible the USMC was able to use the ITC Edwardian Script Font in your PH and BSM w/V Citations in 1969.

    (3) Identify the name of the Ship you and the Major (then an NCO) were on for the time period MARCH-MAY 1965.

    (4) Identify the USMC Door Gunner who was “mortally wounded” during STARLITE between 17-18 AUG 65.

  28. AskAMarine says:


    What was the name of the ship you were on for 2 months?

    What Helo were you flying in?

    Since your 1969 “Promotion” was TEMPORARY, when did it become PERMANENT?

    Why is the second page of your “Bronze Star” annotated in the lower left hand corner with “NAVMC 66-PH” instead of what is on the first page “NAVMC 66-BS”?

    You STILL have not verified that the Font used in your Citations for the PH and BSM was in existence in 1969.

    Come on, Frank.


    If not for yourself, for GOD.

    For your FAMILY.

    For our COUNTRY.

    For the USMC.



  29. ChipNASA says:

    You SUCK. You’re an old LOSER, a Lying sack of shit and basically SUCK.

    and yet you come back to prove it again and again and again.

    Oh and you’re a SUPREME ATTENTION WHORE.

    I challenge you….

  30. Jonn Lilyea says:

    Sorry, but I’m closing this discussion. Frank is never going to admit that he lied, and we’re never going to believe that he didn’t. He sends me irrelevant crap to post because he’s too cheap to get his own free Flickr or Instagram account and I’m just sick and tired of him and his threats to sue me.