Wednesday feel good story

| May 7, 2014

Our first feel good story comes from Phoenix, AZ a little after 7 AM on Tuesday;

A 47-year-old woman who lives alone in the home said she heard someone trying to break into her house and called 911, but the suspect was then in the house, said Phoenix police Sgt. Tommy Thompson.

The woman grabbed a gun and the suspect, a man in his 20s who entered through an Arcadia door in the back, chased her around the house until she ran into a bathroom.

The suspect followed, not knowing she was armed, and punched her before he was shot by the woman, Thompson said.

Thompson said the shooting appeared to be justified.

Chief Tango sends us a second story from Dallas;

On Friday evening, Martin was sitting in her car, talking to an unidentified female resident. Police say the two began arguing, which prompted the woman’s husband, 52-year-old Louis Rodriguez, to come over.

Police say Rodriguez joined the “fight” between his wife and Martin.

Feeling uneasy, Martin placed a handgun on her lap that was inside her purse, and remained inside her vehicle.

It was then that Rodriguez pulled a knife out and began stabbing Martin.

In self-defense, Martin fired her handgun several times at Rodriguez, ultimately killing him.

As shots were fired, Rodriguez’s brother, whose name is unknown, was accidentally hit by a bullet in the abdomen.

I think if I was in my car, I would have drove away.

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  1. FatCircles0311 says:

    Wow. That escalated quickly.

    They are going to take that to a grand jury, why? I also love the “charges will be considered once the suspect is released from the hospital” in the first story. Is the police department fucking serious? Why is the same theme popping up with these events where factually guilty violent scum seem to be protected while the law abidding person who fought back is unconvinced and doubted?

    • Wireman611 says:

      It would seem to me that if they charge him while in the hospital and place him under arrest the taxpayers would e on the hook for the bill for his care.

      • ANCCPT says:

        That’s exactly what it is: A matter of financial responsibility. Unless they’re REALLY bad (child rapist, murder, ect. ) Both Phx PD and MCSO have done this for a long time, at least since 2001 when I started in healthcare there. We had a fellow once who had a head injury and needed hospitalization (tried to run a cop over and hit a wall and went through the windshield). He knew he was going to be arrested, so a day before his planned discharge, he waited till a nurse was alone in a room whim him and jumped the nurse, planning to make his way out of the hospital via a back staircase. Unfortunately for him, the nurse he tried to jump was a A) a 210lb man and B) was a 4A state wrestler in high school and college. When I made it in the room from like 30 feet away the nurse already had the guy in headlock on the ground. It was AWESOME.

  2. LebbenB says:

    In the first story, I don’t think I would have waited to be punched in the face before I fired the gun.

    The second story is a little more problematic. Ms Martin produced the gun while she was arguing with the Rodriguez’. That could have been the reason that Mr. Rodriguez pulled a knife and stabbed her.

    But I think I would have driven away, too.

  3. NavyChief says:

    Why did the AZ woman wait to fire? I can see running into the bathroom, first, but waiting until AFTER he punches you?