Leonard Frank Goethals; Phony Vietnam Vet

| July 1, 2014

Leonard Goethals

So one of our new friends send us their work on Leonard Frank Goethals from Delavan, WI who regales his friends and family with tales of his service in the Marine Corps through 35 years;

Retired as a Captain
Service Claims:
Vietnam, Cobra pilot – Shot down and captured – POW 3 years – rescued by 2nd Armored or 1st Cav depending on the day
He says that when he crashed, his co-pilots head was severed and it fell into his lap. He also has a 2nd Armored tattoo. Drives around with an SF vinyl sticker as well as a 1st Cav sticker. Supposedly his family was notified that he was KIA but his remains were not recovered so they had a funeral without his body.
Grenada – Flew Cobra’s
Panama – Flew Cobra’s
Gulf War – Flew Cobra’s
Afghanistan – Deployed late 2001 or early 2002. Sometimes he claimed as a pilot, sometimes SF.
Burnham, Indiana Police Department – Undercover work and helicopter pilot
Indiana State police – Helicopter pilot
Illinois State Police – Helicopter Pilot
Chicago Police – Undercover work, SWAT and narcotics – Confirmed through CPD friends that he was never CPD.

He says something happened and that is the reason he cannot make VA claims and why he receives no pension or benefits. When questioned, says that he cannot talk about it. He uses an old expired ID to get discounts on food, internet, phone service, tools, hardware and anything else he can.

Or maybe he doesn’t get a pension and benefits because he spent less than 80 days in the Navy (not the Marines – the Marines have never heard of him);

Leonard Frank Goethals FOIA

Leonard Frank Goethals assignments

Leonard Frank Goethals 2

Apparently. he’s been cultivating this little fantasy for more than 40 years – through his whole pretend career. Well, until Al Gore invented the internet.

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  1. John "Faker 6" Giduck says:

    Finally a faker that has less time in the military than I do.

    I like the POW angle although the narrative isn’t exotic enough for me – fooling cops requires something over the top like being captured by aliens or am expert om killing and “killology” while working at West Point and never having killed anyone. Naw…no one would believe those kinds of stories, would they?

    This guy also didn’t write a book filled with lies. He’s a rookie.


    John “Faker 6” Giduck

    • NHSparky says:

      Actually, no. He has more.

      Your record is safe.

      And how jacked up are those khakis?

      • AndyFMF says:

        Epic gigline/belt. How did he manage 80 days in the Navy and still not learn how to build a belt?

        That’s a special kind of stupid.

  2. Hondo says:

    And just because I really detest fake assholes who falsely claim to have been POWs: no, he’s not on the DoD POW/MIA “accounted for” list from Vietnam. He’s still alive today, so he’d be on it as a returnee or escapee if he were telling the truth.

    Since he isn’t, that’s proof he’s a LSoS.


    • Ex-pH2P says:

      When did the Marine Corps ever wear just khakis as a uniform? That’s Navy, for that period.

      Is that a Silver Star on the top row? I think it is. Looks like it.

      What is the gold-blue-gold ribbon? Can’t find that at Vanguard.

      I can’t believe this skanky skunk actually thinks it’s okay to wear a POW ribbon. Maybe he should spend some time as one for real. With Boko Haram. Or ISIL.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      I not only can’t type today, I can’t tell one thing from another. Sorry.

      • CLAW131 says:

        No problem. This jerk-off is a flat out liar and not even worth our time. At least Medals of America did put the ribbon rack in the correct precedence before they shipped it to him.

        • CLAW131 says:

          Oops, could be wrong on Medals of America giving him the correct order of precedence. If the ribbon directly below the DFC is supposed to be the Legion of Merit, it is out of order. I’m surprised he didn’t put the rack on upside down.

        • Ex-PH2 says:

          It’s hard to tell, from the angle, if it’s a GCM (Navy) or LOM.

          And the wings – are those Navy Air Crew wings? I know someone else who actually earned those wings.

          • AW2(NAC) to CPT says:

            No, those are a Naval Aviator wings (at least in the Khakis pic). The Captains bars appear to be USMC, not Navy.

        • Hondo says:

          Ribbon in 2nd row center appears to be the NGCM vice the LOM. I downloaded and expanded the hi-res version of the photo of this jackass in his Navy wannabe suit, and that ribbon doesn’t seem to have white edges. The POW Medal has a thin outer stripe of red, so the white edge stripes of the LOM would be clearly visible if they were there.

          Either way, that ribbon is out of precedence order. The POW Medal comes before any service GCM, not after.

          Skrewe this lying bastard.

          • Ex-PH2 says:

            Yes, but he claims 35 phony years in the Marines, so he should have a Marine Corps GCM on that rack, not Navy. There’s a subtle but definite difference between them.

            If this flaming warthog had actually done his homework, he’d know the difference between Navy and Marine uniforms and ribbons. I thought he was impersonating a Navy officer.

            • Hondo says:

              No argument there, Ex-PH2. And if he knew his ass from a hole in the ground, he’d be sporting a NDSM w/2 stars and almost certainly a PH (all POWs in SEA held for any length of time got abused like hell, and this lying asshole claimed 3 years). And others have already observed that he’d have a CAR as well.

            • Semper Idem says:

              Please correct me if I am mistaken, but I believe the USMC Good Conduct Ribbon has a blue stripe down the centre that the USN Good Conduct Ribbon does not. They are both maroon ribbons, though.

              Is that it?

            • ByrdMan says:

              Actually, he shouldn’t be wearing a GCM at all.

              The Good Conduct Medal for both Navy and Marine Corps is an enlisted award. If he fancies himself a pilot, then he fancies himself an officer which means no GCM.

  3. Hondo says:

    And as for the “something happened and he can’t make VA claims” – well, getting thrown out of basic training after less than 8 days tends to do that. I’m guessing that’s the “something” he’s referencing.

    • Beretverde says:

      8 days?…he probably never even made it to basic/bootcamp.

      • royh says:

        80, but the point still stands.

        • Hondo says:

          Not sure about that, royh. The second date on his record of enlistments appears to be his report date to Recruit Training at San Diego. The first was his enlistment at the Recruiting Station in Orlando.

          I’m guessing the enlistment date on 30 Dec 1964 was when he signed up, but he didn’t report for active duty until much later – in San Diego. And I’m further guessing that between late Dec 64 and late Mar 65 he actually paid some attention to the news, got scared sh!tless by the prospect of actually having to go fight somewhere – and “arranged” to get tossed from Boot Camp early on. And I’d further guess he’s been “rockin’ the lie” pretty much ever since as a form of psychological compensation for being a damn coward.

          Of course, that’s speculation/opinion on my part. I could easily be wrong.

  4. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Cute ‘lil BDU yoo-nee-form he has on there, since when has any part of the USMC ever been authorized to wear a beret? Retired as am O3? He’s not even trying!

    • ArmyATC says:

      Even more ridiculous, he has a 1st Cav patch on the beret.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      What is more offensive?

      That he claimed 35 phony years in the USMC and ‘retired’ as a mere Marine Corp captain (O-3)?

      Or that he was sponging off of the gullible and naive, can’t get his ribbon rack dolled up correctly, and expects to never be found out but uses an expired ID to get discounts that should go to real vets?

      Well, he’s been found out, exposed to the light of day, and here’s hoping he gets some karmic backlash out of it.

  5. rb325th says:

    What a freaking POS. What hasn’t he done? I mean hell, this guy should be a National treasure with all his heroics in all our wars from Vietnam forward.
    Seriously, what does this bastard actually do for a living?
    Hey dick breath Leonard Frank Goethals; you are fake, a poser, and a scum sucking, bottom feeding waste of human dna. Your mother should have swallowed.

  6. Ex-344MP says:

    Mr. Leonard Frank Goethals,

    May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your gonads.

    Dumbass wannabe n00b.

    • Hondo says:

      Frankly, Ex-344MP – I’d prefer to see this asshole with a raging case of cutaneous leishmaniasis of the dong instead of fleas.

      Did I mention that I really detest those LSoS who falsely claim to be former POWs?

      • Ex-344MP says:

        Lol Hondo. I don’t think you mentioned your hatred before…you may want to reiterate it. Lol. 🙂

        • Ex-344MP says:

          Forgot to mention…fleas carry a variety of diseases…not the least of which is Man Love Thursday syndrome…

          Then again, after reading some comments, I am convinced he has that syndrome and more. Lol

  7. HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

    Dude has to be a real deal “Rice Paddy Daddy”… spent time as POW, Chopper Pilot, USMC Capt., can’t talk about “it”. Hell, even a severed buddy’s head thrown in to make things real interesting… then why is he wearing Navy Khakis or a beret when in cammies?

    Time to make it rain on Lenny…

    • HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

      He got a ELS… bet you he was a sleep walker or a bed wetter just to get out.

      Lenny “bedwetter” Goethals… I like it!

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        I bet he’s a booger-eating bedwetter that probably claimed to be gay just to get out!

        • OldSargeUSAR says:


          You & HMCS nailed the “bedwetter” part of that accurate description. Well done!

  8. 1AirCav69 says:

    A Cav patch on his beret. Please God, make that the last image of these assholes I ever have to see again. Please oh please!

  9. Ex-PH2 says:

    I’d love to invoke the ghost of PN Fenstermacher (I’m sure she’s dead by now) on this crapweasel’s short stack at the local pancakes house.

    Geez, if he REALLY wanted to be ‘authentic’, he’d have a V-neck tee under that khaki shirt. Damn gig lines are crooked. What a jackanapes. What rock has he been hiding under?

    And lying about being a cop is just NOT a good idea, either.

    • When I was in the Army, we still wore khakis, known as the Class “B” uniform, with an open collar, and we only had regular white T-shirts, as no V-necks were ever issued to us.

      In Viet Nam, we wore ONLY olive drab (NOT camouflage!) jungle uniforms, and our T-shirts were olive drab (but rarely worn).

      As I recall, only Marines and Army LRRPs wore camouflaged jungle fatigues.

      Special Forces did whatever they wanted, to include going “native” in only a loincloth.

      • When leaving Viet Nam on R&R or special leave, we had to wear civilian clothes.

        When my special leaves took me to the States, once at my destination, I was issued a Class “A” dress green uniform.

        When my entire unit, the 101st Airborne, left Viet Nam, we were all issued a khaki Class “B” uniform to wear in transit, but upon landing in the United States, we were issued the Class “A” dress greens.

        • CLAW131 says:

          JRM, when I got back to Ft. Lewis on 12 Feb 72, CIF was all out of Winter Greens and they gave us Summer Greens. I had to travel back to home in Northern Indiana (via Chicago by plane, then Greyhound bus for 90 miles) in those Summer Greens. Froze my ass off. But was glad to get back to the farm.

          • Gosh, gee whillikers, you and came back from Viet Nam at almost the same time!

            Although I thought it was a couple of months earlier, the Form 20 in my 201 File indicates that I came back on 21 February 1972.

            But, my memories are all mixed up.

            At the time, I felt bad because the fighting up North was suddenly increasing, leading up to the Easter Offensive.

            I came back with the 101st Airborne Division, and was on the next to the last aircraft (carrying the 101st Airborne as a unit) leaving from Da Nang.

          • 3/17 Air Cav says:

            Claw, you and John and myself all came back about the same time. I arrived at Ft. Lewis from Vietnam Jan. 18 1972. Was discharged 48 hours later.

        • thebesig says:

          Originally posted by John Robert Mallernee:

          When leaving Viet Nam on R&R or special leave, we had to wear civilian clothes.

          When my special leaves took me to the States, once at my destination, I was issued a Class “A” dress green uniform.

          When I went on R&R leave from Iraq, those of us going to the US had to wear our ACUs to our home destinations, while those who went on leave OCONUS got to wear civilian clothes to their home destinations.

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        Wait – loincloth? For Special Forces? You mean LRRPs ran around in native Bru Montagnard tribal wear, right?

        Oh, that brings up one of the grossest images I can think of: LRRRRRP41 in tribal wear.


        • thebesig says:

          Originally posted by Ex-PH2:

          You mean LRRPs ran around in native Bru Montagnard tribal wear, right?

          Oh, that brings up one of the grossest images I can think of: LRRRRRP41 in tribal wear.

          Dullass wore the native version of the diaper when he was out there. :mrgreen: Now he wears adult diapers. 🙄

          • OldSargeUSAR says:

            Well, sure, because PeRvLLRP41 is a chronic bedwetter.
            Oh, yeah, he’s a pole smoker, too.
            Right, Dullass?

        • Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (i.e., “LRRP”, pronounced as “LURP”), were companies in the 75th Infantry Regiment (Airborne Ranger), each company assigned to a division or command echelon, with Company “L” assigned to the 101st Airborne Division.

          The LRRP uniform, while in base camp, was camouflaged jungle fatigues and black beret, and full color (not suppressed) insignia on their sleeves.

          LRRPs were NOT Special Forces.

          Special Forces was completely different, with some of them living in isolated, remote mountain native villages with the local indigenous tribes, blending in with their primitive culture and habitat, hence the occasional loincloth.

          • As for unit patches worn on the sleeves of our olive drab jungle fatigues, three (03) units in the United States Army were authorized to wear ONLY full color (not subdued) shoulder insignia, i.e., the 101st Airborne Division (Airmobile), the 1st Infantry Division, and (if I remember correctly) the 1st Brigade of the 5th Infantry Division (Mechanized).

            So, the movies, “THE DEERHUNTER”, and, “HAMBURGER HILL”, incorrectly depict the 101st Airborne troopers wearing subdued (i.e., olive drab) unit insignia on their olive drab jungle fatigues, as it was NOT authorized.

            We WANTED the enemy to know who we were!

            Also, the 101st Airborne had standing orders to take NO prisoners.

            As a result, the enemy would pay a bounty for every “Screaming Eagle” captured or killed.

          • Hondo says:

            Thanks, JRM. Per his records, that tool was NEVER SF qualified or assigned to a SF unit. His false claims of past SF status may well have been what later got him booted from the SFA.

  10. AverageNCO says:

    Hondo, I’m right there with you bro. It may not be the top fake medal on his fake rack..but that’s the one I want to pull off his fake uniform.

  11. Just an Old Dog says:

    fake pilot, fake combay vet, fake LEO and SWAT.
    He must have trained Dennis H Chevelier.

  12. 3/17 Air Cav says:

    Who would have thunk it, aMarine who wants to be 1st. Cav!

    I can see why he has trouble with the VA. When he tries to get benefits and claims being a marine his Army records show up. Then he claims 1st. Cav his marine records show up.

    The VA has enough problems, his dual career only confuses them more!

  13. JarHead Pat says:

    Bahahahahh,wtf? This douche is worse then that puke that Scott was fighting with( tony meyers)? ex nam pilot etc etc.This guy fuck me what a loser nice Marine Corps issued beret hahahaha.please oh please somebody post his facebook link.guys like this need a real good beating.

    • The guy that brought him to the light says:

      If he had a Facebook page I would have sent it in also. He relies on his lies to get women to feel sorry for him and uses that to live with them.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      So he not only lies about his service, he also uses his lies to sponge off of gullible women?

      Why am I not surprised? He must be chevy chevette’s daddy. Or maybe chevy chevalier was cloned from him. We should get them together.

      • Hondo says:

        I’m thinking there’s a chance his dad “got around”, Ex-PH2 – and that the two might theoretically be related. They’re only about 10-15 years different in age. (smile)

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        Ex-PH2, maybe they were both cloned from a tube of DNA labeled: “DEFECTIVE, DO NOT USE”?

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        Please, guys – NOT before breakfast!

  14. Pinto Nag says:

    I’m beginning to believe that there is a segment of the population that never learned that play-pretend and fantasy friends are supposed to be shelved sometime around the age of 10.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Ah! Then you’ve never been to a Star Trek convention, have you? Or Windy Con or Fanstay Con or Dragon Con.

      You don’t know what you’ve missed.

      • Legans says:

        SCA, Mountain Man Rendezvous, Revolutionary and Civil War Reenactors. WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam War reenactors. Ren Faires, Boer Wars, Crusades, the list goes on and on.

  15. Green Thumb says:

    Career shitbag.

  16. royh says:

    With all the stuff he’s done and all the places he’s been, you might think he’d have a picture of a younger self somewhere other than in a kitchen. I used to love looking at my old man’s photos from Vietnam. He had tons of them.

    • I took a lot of pictures when I was in Viet Nam and Korea.

      As a kid growing up, my Dad would show me his medals, which he kept hidden away on a closet shelf.

      But, he never showed me any photographs, and he never spoke of his experiences.

  17. Green Thumb says:

    I feel sorry for that beer can on the table.

  18. FatCircles0311 says:

    No NDSM stars and no combat action ribbon on his stack?


    This guy is amateur city.

  19. Combat Historian says:

    A phony motherfucker and a true insult to the real vets of three different generations…

  20. remain unamed says:

    Guys I have never been military, I know piss all about it. I worked with Len at Childrens memorial hospital in Chicago, (now Luries children’s hospital). He spoke of all his heroics there too.He had me convinced for a while, but a navy dude on our shift busted him out, navy dude mentioned about buying certain milatary medals online in ear shot of Len. Within a few days Len had new service medalsto show. Also you might want to look up police records to see if he was ever busted for impersonating a officer. Im sure he has. Len retired 6 months ago. Kinda miss all his bullshit lies and stories. Hes a sick dude.

  21. Dude1 says:

    I also worked with Len at Lurie’s Children’s Hospital in Chicago, and the guy was full of stories. ..fake ones! He attended a Banquet for the hospital in military formal wear, and a Doctor who did serve in Vietnam, confronted him about what he was wearing, that it did not make sense, I guess he was mix matching uniforms, and medals from different military branches.

    • Green Thumb says:

      Another shitbag with easy access to kids.

      What a turd.

    • ArmyATC says:

      The very fact that the turd showed up at a hospital banquet in a military uniform should be enough evidence that the asshat is a poser and liar.

  22. dude2 says:

    I myself never understood why someone would live in a fantasy world as Len, I also worked at children’s …. strange shit would come out of his mouth about his military life… we would just wonder how could you keep this going… someday its gonna bite ya in the ass… well I guess it has…

  23. dude2 says:

    The helicopter stuff was the best… he had a landing pad in his yard…

  24. patricia mortlock says:

    Yea try having him as a step father my mother just married him last Sunday.obviously wasn’t in attendance

    • Green Thumb says:


    • ArmyATC says:

      Does your mother know about this site? Has she seen the information on the shitbird posted here?

      • patricia mortlock says:

        She does not in fact I just stumbled on it myself tonight. Two people came to the house this summer to question him and my 16 year old son was building a fire for len in his backyard and overheard the monstrosities that were being discussed. My mothers only reaction????? Do u have any proof???? And let’s just say len hasput his home on lock. No answering calls unless only familar numbers are calling. Just ridiculous. I’ve lost my mom to this man as well as her grandkids

        • BS-O-Meter Pegged says:

          Hope your mom comes to see how big a liar he is, or she’ll get taken for whatever she’s worth. Try to keep contact with her, if you can. He is apparently quite the charmer when it comes to the ladies.

          • patricia mortlock says:

            He is a charmer, u r correct. When I saw this I posted it on myy facebook and my sister showed my mom who in return showed len this website, I’ve heard his grief stricken and apologetic……. not so much, if that was the case then we would of seen my mom by now.

        • No name witness says:

          Did Len ask to borrow money from your mother yet? Or ask to have his name added to her bank accounts and property? He will! He is a mooch, a liar, a thief and an overall p.o.s. excuse for a human being. Good luck to your mother. I hope she sees through his lies and gets out sooner rather than later.

          • patricia mortlock says:

            He did!!!!! That was why she cancelled the first wedding date, because he was upset with the prenup she had made with her lawyer!!!!! Anyhow, he prevailed on oct 18 and they married in his backyard. We were told everything in her prenup remained the same and he jus finally gave in.

    • Jeff M. says:

      I’m the guy who brought Len into the light. Here is yet another article about him.


      • patricia mortlock says:

        Thank you jeff for doing so, we all knew there was something just not right about him but still was there for my mother, but having concrete evidence to back our concerns is priceless, at least for her children, hopefully she will come to her senses

        • ArmyATC says:

          He was there for your mother because she was vulnerable and easy to manipulate, not because he felt any empathy for her. Goethals is a liar and fraud. Hopefully your mother will realize that before he’s taken everything she has.

        • Dudette #1 says:

          Hopefully she will walk away. I can’t begin to imagine the humiliation she must be feeling. As for him being apologetic and remorseful….I don’t believe it. He’s playing another game. That’s what he does best. He’ll be right back at it after the hoopla dies down. Len is a chameleon.

  25. Joe Williams says:

    This shitbag is not a Marine. Army he is all your’s. His last claimed service is Army, ENJOY. Running for the bunker(storm cellar) I keed nobody wants this SOB except to correct his sorry ass. Joe

    • Mustang1LT says:

      The only reason we’d want him over here in the Army is to put an ass-whoopin’ on him that Pine-Sol won’t take off. To piggyback on some earlier comments, this shitbag worked at a children’s hospital. As a matter of fact, the same children’s hospital that I tested all of the electrical distribution equipment for! Thank God I never met him. This dude needs to have a meeting with Karma. I hear she can be quite the bitch!

  26. TheMessenger says:

    1st, to all Military on this site, Thank You for your service!
    2nd, NoNameWitness, I agree w/ you, but he can be generous when needed to cover up his lies.
    3.Len has severe OCD and is a psychopath; he actually believes he has PTSD from being a POW and his “fake” 34 years of service; incl. scars from bombs going off next to him…. He’s also a woman hater and prefers men over women.

    I’ll try hard to channel Demi Moore in GI Jane so I could kick his ass myself for what he did to me…

    • patricia mortlock says:

      What did he do?

    • No name witness says:

      You say Len can be generous. I would bet that he never once contributed financially while you were with him. He’ll say whatever he thinks a person wants to hear and offer to do piddly stuff around the house that he slowly moved his things into. Truth is he’s a pathological liar and a sponge – and he’s a master at it.
      The only PTSD he has is from trying to keep all of the lies straight in his feeble brain.
      As far as whose company he prefers to keep, one needs to look no further than his daisy dukes. (Though I wouldn’t recommend it!)

      • TheMessenger says:

        No money, but he bought me what I needed, groceries and a nice desktop. We both seem to know a different “Len”, as I was quite fond of his carpentry work/trade skills.

        But, he is much more than a pathological liar, and that is the scariest part; he’s aware of what he’s doing – yes, a master of it. A feeble brain could not pull this off. He instills fear in people, women in general. This is probably happening to his present wife now, she’s scared. I was too, until I stood up to him and saw him tremble, that’s when I knew he wasn’t a Marine!!!

        …btw… those daisy dukes is how it all started…

        • No name witness says:

          We don’t know different Len’s. Thank god there IS only one. He just has many different sides – depending on his needs. I would almost guarantee that after buying you that computer HE used it; to pay HIS bills, access HIS banking, as well as for his online “entertainment” (another disgusting habit) all the while using internet service that YOU were paying for.
          He most definitely intimidates those he perceives as weak. I was never intimidated nor did I have trouble calling him out on his selfishness. I’ve known him for six or seven years through a mutual acquaintance and he was consistently selfish the entire time. He only sticks around until the free ride ends. Rather than pony up a few dollars he leaves and latches onto someone else.

  27. Dude #3 says:

    I also worked for lurie children’s, the stories he had were rediculous. It was all about pumping his pride into the stratosphere and inflating his ego trip. Glory grabber and pathological liar. I didn’t know when he was talking what was true or false, I was always on my guard when he was talking. The biggest bullshitter I’ve ever met. You could see it when he walked chest puffed out, arms cocked out like he was john Wayne,. He took advantage of people, when he saw a weakness he would exploit it. He is all about gaining the upper hand on people Don’t trust him, he is a wolf in Sheep clothing. The amount things that he did he said he was a marine, special forces, navy, Blackhawk heli-pilot, POW, earned Purple Heart. Worked as a Indiana state trooper. Chicago police special tac ops. Claimed that his son is in military intelligence that flies in AWACS over Iraq.
    His brother serves in the Chicago police and is a detective. He almost was shot dead with a high powered rifle on stony island in Chicago. The big farm field behind his house in Delavan claims it’s his and it’s worth $20million dollars. He should be 200 hundred years old by all the stuff that he said he did. He is a legend in his own mind.

    • Dudette #1 says:

      Len doesn’t have a brother or sister. He lied. He doesn’t have a son in the military. He lied about that too. Did he ever tell you the story about being undercover for the Indiana State Police and that he infiltrated and helped bring down a notorious motorcycle gang called “The Brotherhood”? Yeah, well, he lied about that too. He was never a cop. ANYWHERE.

      • patricia mortlock says:

        Wait, he said hes like one in 11 kids? Father was a career marine? mother an alcoholic? Already know about the son. What about the daughter living in australia? We already know that’s not true but wasn’t sure if you heard that one.

        • Dudette #1 says:

          Len is an only child. His dad was not a career marine. He was in the Navy at some point though. Len’s parents never married. After his mom died, his dad married a woman with 13 kids. she died when Len was in his late teens or early 20’s. He and the step siblings did not stay in touch. He was the youngest of the group. Apparently, he is still lieing about that part of his life. As for his daughter and son…..he has biological children but signed over his parental rights when the kids were quite young. They have no contact but Len will pretend to receive phone calls from them. His daughter absolutely does not live in Australia. His son is not military. So, those lies continue as well. Yep, he certainly is a changed man.

          • TheMessenger says:

            Yes, I was told all of the stories you mention, and then some. He told me the mother of his kids died young. He seemed intimately close to his step sister. One was a Playboy bunny, now deceased. I was shown lots of photos from his younger days, incl. his family if, in fact, that’s who they were. Half truth perhaps?
            The cornfields were put in trust for the kids, they lease it out to the farmers.
            There’s more, but I can’t put it here.
            Told Len to seek psychiatric help last Jan./Feb… Maybe he will.
            He even introduced me to his present wife, while we’re dating. I connect all the dots and there’s no way he should be answering her phone for her. Yea, her family should aggressively step in.

  28. patricia mortlock says:

    Yeah, that farmfield isn’t his
    Neither are any of the other farmfields that blanket our side of walworth cnty. Those belong to a staple family, the pierces. Shame on u

    • TheMessenger says:

      I prayed hard for your mom to see this site.

      When Len was trying to marry me, he wanted me to sign a prenup, but I didn’t want to marry him, always trusting my gut. I was smitten w/ him, in the beginning. Love is definitely blind. He “thought” I was wealthy… he also had me believing he was going to help me save my home from foreclosure.. sadly I now have lost it and in deep depression. I trusted him, as my 2 sons, so I never checked him out online until after I kicked him out of my house, then he tried his hardest to spend last New Years Eve w/ me, but I declined. He spent last Thanksgiving w/ me and my sons. The man likes to cook, but I felt he was trying to poison me as well. Take note, premonitions run in my family.
      Guess Len won’t be going out in uniform this Veterans Day, which he likes to do…. probably grew in his white beard and mustache to go “undercover”….

      • patricia mortlock says:

        My mother I guess will not read the site. She said its just somebody that’s mad at him saying mean things about him. She forgives him for what he’s donein the past. She’s been councled by her pastor to forgive and not to let what others say impact her life and or decisions. Len now is part of that church so basically I can’t do shit about it. Me or my brother. I can’t talk to her cuz everytime she gets a call len makes her talk on speaker phone and after I started being on this website, im sure I’m no longer allowed at lens. She’s in complete denial, iim super upset at this point

    • Dudette #1 says:

      I’m sorry your mom married this guy. Len probably gave in to the prenup because his taxes are coming due. Once he saw this site and that he was exposed, his options changed. I hope the entire town is made aware of this loser.

    • Dudette #1 says:

      He claimed to be personal friends with the Chief of Police in Delavan and that he was offered a job after he retired and moved up there. Perhaps Len should apply for the job since the Chief is retiring.

  29. No name witness says:

    Please stay in touch with your mom. Len doesn’t just “give in”. There has to be something in it for him. When your mother says no to his financial requests one time to many, he’ll be out the door. It’s what he does. Just ask his 4 ex-wives and numerous past girlfriends. Len worms his way into people’s lives, moves into their homes and offers nothing in return – except maybe some half-ass home repairs but NEVER any financial contribution. He will get whatever he can and move on.

  30. Dudette #1 says:

    To the guy that outed Len, YOU ROCK!!! Makes me happy to see this guy finally getting what he deserves. Sadly, it comes too late for his latest victim. Len is all about the money. He will never divorce anyone because it will cost him. He would have to pay his own bills and he doesn’t like to do that. I’ve known him for many years and am disgusted by his behavior and lies.

    • TheMessenger says:

      Dudette1, if you are who i think you are, I’ll call you tomorrow night….

      NoName: He never used my computer for his online porn addiction…. or paying bills. I called you earlier this year, but you refused to talk to me… if you did, this recent marriage may have never taken place.

      His wife can’t, literally, walk away. We need to all pray for her, really!!!!

      • patricia mortlock says:

        Ok obviously there is some sort of history u both have with len. He was engaged to my mom around christmas last year. In fact, that’s when we all first met, was chrismas dinner at his house, and courting her months and months prior.but he was trying to spend holidays with another woman and her family? R u fing kidding me? Are either one of u the woman that kept calling his house that my mom was getting upset about and he would jus say u were a friend of his family? It was around that time last year? I could care less, just trying to put 2 and 2 together. I’m so confused. Maybe u 2 should b calling me, after u talk to one another??? Lol. Hopefully u can put the past in the past and work it out. I just want to help my mom

        • Delilah T. says:

          Obviously, the greed factor is strong with Goethals, as is his ability to find lonely women who will fill HIS need.

          He’s nothing but a con man. Con the con man. Find someone who can completely convince him that she has more money than good sense, and lives out of state. Your mother will likely get a quick reality check.

        • TheMessenger says:

          It WAS me!! That bastard told me he was spending Christmas w/ his sister and her 2 teenage daughters, and was so hurt he couldn’t spend it w/ me. He even called me Christmas day, I assume he was outside in his driveway or garage.
          He even dropped off gifts for me, which I told him I didn’t expect (we don’t exchange gifts here, can’t afford to), and gave me more kitchen stuff I didn’t want (now you know why all his kitchen things are kept in boxes, like brand new) I gave him an old fashioned shaver since he could use it rather than his straight razor.
          He wanted to come spend NY eve w/ me and we would cook king crab legs like we did the year before….but I wouldn’t let him come, I knew I had to let him go …
          Odd, Len belongs to a church now? Hope I can get beyond this myself, as I’m still very hurt. I requested a written apology from Len, via email, incl. reimbursement for ALL the work I did for him, but that has not been forthcoming.
          I did send you a letter w/ my contact info., guess you never rec’d it.

        • Dudette #1 says:

          Sorry to disappoint you but there is no history. Don’t know the messenger, only the liar. Unfortunately, I’m going to add a little tidbit to the mystery of last Christmas. The liar was seeing a woman that works in town. Invited her to move in two weeks before Christmas. Suddenly he won’t return her calls. Around New Years, she hears that Len is engaged. As for Len in the church…..he’s hiding. Nobody knows him there.

      • Dudette #1 says:

        Sorry to disappoint you but we have no history. Many people have been disappointed, sickened, and disgusted by Len’s behavior. One doesn’t have to have dated him to feel this way. He is an equal opportunity user. As for walking away, ANYONE has the right to do just that. When you know it’s the right thing to do, the decision is easy. While to some of us his new wife made a bad decision, it is not our place to interfere. She has a family to involve themselves in her business, not strangers.

      • No name witness says:

        I can guarantee that I didn’t refuse to talk to you because you most certainly don’t know me.
        To say that a conversation with me – or anyone for that matter – would have prevented Len’s marriage is ridiculous. If he wasn’t married to his current wife, it would have been somebody else. The fact that he was involved with three women at the same time, you being one of them, is proof of that. If he didn’t marry Patricia’s mother, it would have been one of the others. He found the most vulnerable who also happened to offer him the most to gain financially.

        • TheMessenger says:

          We are all still carrying much anger I think, incl.myself, by how Len touched our lives.

          My relationship w/ Len started in the summer of 2010.

          • Dudette #1 says:

            No anger on my part. Just glad the word got out. Karma is biting him in the ass and Patricia is gaining some much needed intel.

  31. patricia mortlock says:

    On my facebook? I’ll check now

  32. patricia mortlock says:

    Where did you send me a letter? Can u friend request mye on facebook? If u sent something to my email, I won’t b able to check that for a while, I’m currently locked out for some reason

  33. BS-O-Meter Pegged says:

    Left you a message on FB. Got the notice there that, “Your message will go to Patricia’s “Other folder” because you aren’t connected to her on Facebook. ”

    Please look at you messages in “Other folder” on FB, and friend requests.

  34. Green Thumb says:

    Glad to see the word is getting out on this dirtbag.

  35. patricia mortlock says:

    I just meant history with the messenger… figured u 2 knew eachother by the conversations in this thread… that’s all, no harm intended.

    • Dudette #1 says:

      It’s all good. I hope you get some time with your mom, alone. There is no family, of any kind, for Len to fall back on, so he is going to make this as difficult as possible. The fact that the phone conversations are monitored, speaks volumes. Keep trying…..maybe your mom will see the error of his ways. One can only hope.

    • Jeff M. says:

      Patricia, please check your “other” messages on facebook.

  36. blank says:

    Gov. Walker on 7-1-15 signed into law that anyone fraudulently representing Military service or awards would be punishable up to nine months in jail and a $10,000 fine.

  37. Green Thumb says:

    Still a loser.

    The kind of maggot that usually winds up face down in a ditch.