William Ayers in DC

| November 17, 2008

William Ayers came to DC today to pimp his new book about race as only a pale white guy can pimp a book about race to a roomful of other pale white people. Some of my Free Republic friends were there to inform the public about William Ayers including This Ain’t Hell’s own Encyclopedia Raoul who ended up being the spokesman for the group. Here he is doing one of his countless interviews of the evening;

As many of you know, I’ve done a number of these events, but this one was different than any other in one respect – the media was actually interested in what the FReepers had to say. There were more reporters than protesters. Reporters that would have walked right by a year ago for a similar event without a word. The only thing I can figure is that now we’re opposing the President (-elect). A year ago we would have protesting in favor of the sitting President so there’s no story there, apparently.

When I covered the FReep outside of the National Press Club back in April when Jeremiah Wright spoke there, not one major news source talked to the FReepers. Tonight, there was Washington Post, Washington Times, AP, US News & World Report, the local Fox 5 channel and others whom I didn’t identify – Raoul can probably remember more. He was clearly the star tonight. But I guess now that we’re the opposition, our opinions count.

Some people actually wanted hear what the Free Republic folks had to say about Ayers, others would just jump from subject to subject. One old guy said Ayers actions in the Weather Underground were justified because of the number of Vietnamese we had killed.

Another woman jumped from Ayers, to 800,000 dead Iraqis (200,000 more died while we standing there talking), to yellow cake uranium, to outing Valerie Plame. Whenever her argument was dashed she’d jump to the next subject like she had a card file of platitudes.

The common refrain was that Ayers didn’t kill anyone – but that certainly wasn’t his intention at the time, nor is it particularly true.

For the IVAW watchers among you, Geoff Millard was in the crowd, I almost bumped into him as he was walking in. I wonder what an IVAW member would have to learn from an unrepentant terrorist?

Well, like all hippies, Ayers was late. The event was scheduled for 6:30, but he didn’t step up to the mike until just before 7:00. The event had originally been scheduled for a bookstore, but the venue was changed to a church several blocks away at the last minute to accommodate the crowd of about 100 mostly white, draft dodger types of the Vietnam era.

Ayers sneaked into the church because he didn’t pass us at the front door.

Ayers began his talk by complaining that he was a reluctant celebrity that probably wouldn’t have drawn 10 people to the signing 6 months prior. I could barely contain my tears while I left the church after listening to that self-serving drivel that works so well on Leftist apologists.

Well, anyway here’s a video from some of the highlights of the evening.

There are a few more photos at my Flickr photostream for the FReepers who asked.

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  1. robin says:

    Isn’t that some kind of karma f-up… Bill Ayers event held at a church??? And police protection for his sorry flaming backside? Next thing you’re going to tell me dogs and cats are living together…

    Great job as always my pseudo-self friend…

  2. Paul says:

    Arrghhh. Sorry John. I totally forgot about this.

    Jonn wrote: No sweat, Paul, it was raining anyway (even snowed for a few minutes).

  3. Skye says:

    How many people did Ayers envision would be killed in his planned ‘revolution’ 25 million? 30 million?

    What an unrepentant a-hole.

  4. LT Nixon says:

    Thanks, Jonn, good work as always.

  5. Leta says:

    Did y’all go through a decontamination chamber before you left the site. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! I’ll NEVER understand how adults can act/be this way. NEVER!

    Thanks for the great coverage Jonn

  6. warbaby says:

    Way to go, you folks. I bet it was a UU church, right?

    Little Billy Ayers was a rich punk then, and he’s a rich punk now. His entire MO was to stir up shit and run home to mommy, and it’s apparent nothing has changed in 40 years.

    You younger guys need to realize that him and a few more of his ilk are the entire reason for the phenomenon of white guilt, the ultimate triumph of which is 0. Another thing to consider is that it’s just as likely to have been these guys as Alinsky that were teaching him how to guilt-trip gullible kids:


    Never give up

  7. B. Giguere says:

    If I didn’t live here on the Left Coast (sigh) I would have joined you good folks. I’m still amazed I live in a country that gives face time and a university job to an unrepentant domestic terrorist who had planned on disposing of excess capitalists by the millions whenever his Revolution eventually came to fruition. (Treason and attempt at murder, anyone?)

    Thank you, my friends.

  8. DanNY says:

    Great work John, Raoul and everyone else!
    Keep after him!

  9. winston says:

    This terrorist should be tried again

  10. southernsue says:

    and it begins. the US going down the drain. i can’t believe my beloved country now embraces obamba,jeramiah wright,ayers,all the ones responsible for the housing market failure, enron “book cooker”, all the old clinton cronies, and the list goes on. they are all in the white house now calling the shots.

    is this the beginning of the end of our beloved US? i have never been worried for my country as i am now.

  11. Trooprally says:

    Jonn – thanks for being there last night. You caught me yelling at a guy that was flipping us the bird. But we did get a few waves and thumbs up. FR is down this AM, so you are the go-to-blog.

    [Mr] T

  12. Jonn and everyone else who Freeped Ayers,

    Thanks so much for being there and for the photos and report! We need to keep the Obama and Ayers friendship in the limelight! I would venture to say that their relationship probably started in the early 80’s when both were at Columbia.

  13. boo_radley says:

    Very nice work.

  14. Palladin says:

    Thanks to all who came out to FReep the terrorist Ayers.

    If not a nurderer, he is an accomplice to murder. He provided instruction on how to make the bombs; he sent out his “army” of radical weasels to commit murder and mayhem.

    There is no statute of limitations on murder, so Ayers will have to watch his back for the rest of his miserable life.

  15. GunnNutt says:

    Good job, FReepers and John!!! I’m totally amazed and pleased that the MSM types actually paid attention to you.

    Did you take a barf-bag with you while videoing that a**hole?

  16. Palladin says:

    Just noticed my typo. Looks like I coined a new word:

    nurderer: def. a nerd who commits murder, as in “William Ayers is a nurderer.”

  17. adagioforstrings says:

    I could google…but did said journalists actually use any of your quotes in their reports & do you have links to said reports?

  18. adagioforstrings says:

    Here’s one article:


    “Ayers spoke at the [Washington’s Universalist All Souls Church] after an event at the Georgetown Law School earlier in the day. A handful of protesters associated with the conservative Web site Free Republic gathered outside the building with signs calling Ayers a Marxist and comparing him to Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh.”

  19. adagioforstrings says:

    and the only other I could find, portraying freepers as old-fuddy-duddy stuck-in-the-past sticks-in-the-mud (“We must move forward, not backward, upward, not forward, and always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom [aka hopenchange]”):


    “If the sanctuary was largely filled with people concerned about the state of public education, the sidewalk outside the church was filled with folks who aren’t letting go of Ayers’ connection to the Weather Underground. Raoul Deming, a bearded, middle-aged man who drove to the event from Philadelphia, held up a sign reading, “AYERS LIED PEOPLE DIED NO JUSTICE NO PEACE.” The end of the election cycle hasn’t lessened his anger at Ayers’ attachment to terrorist activity. “These people killed people,” he says.”

  20. Toni says:

    To John, Raul and the rest of the Freepers – thank you for standing up for those of us who couldn’t be in DC. Is there a link for where the domestic terrorist will be for the rest of his book signings? I’d like to know if Nashville is on his list of book signings.

  21. Raoul says:


    If I hear anything I’ll let you know.

    Send me your email address (raouldeming (at) hotmail (dot) com)

  22. Great report and action against unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers but the YouTube video was pulled. Better upload to another video host and repost.

    I wonder if in the future the internet will be so censored we will have to pass around flash drives to update our systems with new information. Scary thought.

  23. Wait a minute, now the video is working. Never mind!

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