Gary Briggs; phony Vietnam Vet

| July 14, 2014

We got these records of some guy by the name of Gary Laverne Briggs who is a member of the Vietnam Vets – Legacy Vets MC in New York State. He has told them that he served in the Brown Water Navy in Vietnam. However, that’s hardly possible looking at the records;

Gary Briggs FOIA

Yeah, there’s a Vietnam Service Medal “with device”, whatever that means, on his FOIA, but the end date for being awarded the VSM was April 30th, 1975. On that date, Briggs was still at Boot Camp in the Great Lakes Training Center. The following month he was assigned to the USS Franklin Delano Roosevelt which was in the Atlantic at the time. No where near Vietnam.

Gary Briggs Assignments

Gary Briggs Assignments 2

Gary Briggs Assignments 3

His motorcycle club has closed ranks around him because he has the Vietnam Service Medal on his DD214. Clearly an error, or he added it, but he didn’t earn it. Anyone with 1st Grade Math Skills can see that the entry on his DD214 was made in error, but his motorcycle club, of real Vietnam veterans, would rather close ranks around a liar than protect their own reputation.

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  1. Bob Hodges says:

    You would think with all the fakes out there that the Veteran organizations would demand a background check with validations with military records.

    • Dave hardin says:

      I have been working of a project to verify veterans. I doubt you could imagine the shit I have found out so far. These organizations are full of this nonsense. Once I pull out a 180 you would think I was the Orkin Man in a roach motel. Its funny as shit. By the time I get this project launched I will have volumes of this joy to spread.

      • paul trubic says:

        Keep up the good work!!!! I salute you. This briggs guy I figured out long ago when I was in the club and brought it to the attention of many but it went along as if nothing was wrong. I let that club basically because of his bs. Glad to see others have started to do something about it. he is a real ass.

    • FatCircles0311 says:

      Sadly it seems like the organization and it’s membership dues are more important than the truth.

      • Dave Hardin says:

        I have found out the is far more truth to that than most realize. Its about to change for some.

  2. Jabatam says:

    Although I cannot say with 100% surity that this is what’s happening, my knowledge of the MC world tells me that this is not resolved internally yet. MCs are very private organizations…much like the Masons. We do not discuss internal business with outsiders. If this were my Club, we would instinctively act to defend our own from what would be perceived as an outsider attack and then handle it internally and quietly. I’d be willing to bet that Mr. Briggs has been or will be asked some uncomfortable questions regarding the nature of his service from the members of his Chapter. I’d also be willing to bet that, if he is voted out, none of us will ever hear about it. The VNV/LV MC doesn’t take issues like this lightly…at least the ones that I’ve met don’t

    • Jonn Lilyea says:

      The person that brought this to the club’s attention is a member and a legitimate veteran. He came to us when the club wouldn’t take action and he was told that “the matter is closed” after he presented this evidence to the leadership of the club.

      • MSGRetired says:

        Could be that the leadership in the club is also full of shit as well. Just Sayin ..

      • CWORet says:

        Maybe, John, but while they may seem to have postured a ‘matter is closed’ decision now, the club I wheel around with has a very strict ‘no negative image on the club’ rule. And now it’s out there. At any rate, his brothers smell something funny now.

      • Jabatam says:

        Then Jonn, keep his identity anonymous at all costs. If they ever find out he talked about internal stuff like that, they’ll vote him out with a quickness and I’d have to agree with them for that decision…you don’t talk about Club business with outsiders. There are ways in the MC world to address grievances. He should have gone to his state leadership, then regional, then national…like a chain of command. Personally, that is the direction I would have gone if I were this guy

        • Hayabusa says:

          If they ever find out he talked about internal stuff like that, they’ll vote him out with a quickness and I’d have to agree with them for that decision…

          Why would he want to be a member of an organization that supports Stolen Valor, anyway?

          Why would anyone want to be a member of an organization like that?

          • Green Thumb says:

            I wonder if this dude served with Phil Monkress?

            Also, if this assclown’s MC votes him out, their is always one down in Florida that will take him.

            Another example of a VET MC protecting posers.

            Suckers and losers.

            • Jabatam says:

              GT…not all Veteran MC’s protect have or protect posers

            • Ryder says:

              Phil Monkress was found out and handled by the club. Like it was said before clubs handle business internally.

              • Green Thumb says:

                After a loooonnnggg time. Those losers tried to protect him because, in my opinion anyway, he was “buying the drinks” and funding the MC.

                Look at the “Big Turd” Riley Keeton. They kicked his fat ass to the curb but yet protected Phildo. Why is that?

          • Jabatam says:

            Most of the VNV/LV MC are men who have been members for decades. You try doing something for decades and just walking away from it…not as easy as it is saying it. Personally, after going through the proper channels, if the situation was not resolved, I’d lay down my Colors because, in my opinion, my Club had failed me and had shown that it was not willing to correct the failure. However, that is just what I would probably do. I cannot speak for this man. It depends on what he is willing to live with. I would not be able to function if I knew one of my Brothers was a poser and my Club protected that information. Again, that is just me and I cannot speak for this man

            • MADDOG says:

              doesn’t say a whole lot for the leadership of this club. Colors are earned and should be worn with pride, a wanta b never earns those colors he stole them and it’s a slap in the face to all his brothers who did earn them.

          • Infidel Flag Loving 100% Vet says:

            The organization is not like that. just a few poseurs made their way to the top for their own nefarious reasons. I know these guys. most are VERY HONORABLE Vets, who have served in Vietnam, Kosovo, Lebanon, Panama, Grenada, Desert Storm and the current war on Terror all over the world including iraq and Afghanistan. most are there for the BROTHERHOOD, the comraderie of riding with fellow Vets, the feeling of being “Home” with a squad or platoon again. They are a Veteran’s Brotherhood who also love to ride. They are NOT the Hells angels nor even a 1% club. The FEW who think they are do not belong there. And eventually, like this poseur listed here, they weed themselves out. But sometimes, someone has to take a stand, has to stand up and be a man, even if he KNOWS he is putting his Colors on the line to do what is right. The VNV LV MC is a Brotherhood Of 99%ers … As 99% of them are loyal American Veterans, who are involved in all things Veteran orientated, including visiting VA hospitals to sit with Vets who have no family to sit by them as they lay dying. Please do not judge the VNV LV MC by the lies of this POS Briggs wannabe poseur.

  3. Hondo says:

    Hmm. GMGSR – unless I’ve gotten that wrong, that’s stands for “GUNNER’S MATE (GUNS) SEAMAN RECRUIT”. That, plus a dishcarge at 14+ years of service from a location in DC (I seem to remember that’s where the unit that processes Navy/Marine Corps legal appeals is located) leads me to believe his departure from the Navy just might not have been voluntary.

    I can’t say a questionable award on his FOIA surprises me.

    • Bobo says:

      I’d like to know where the rest of his 2-1 is. The one shown ends with his discharge in Norfolk in 1978 after his first enlistment. Also, the FOIA shows 2 GCMs. Assuming that they were concurrent, that would cover 74-78 and 78-82, so somewhere between 82 and 86 he had some bad time, and he didn’t make it to the next 4 year term to 1990. Also, like you said, he was an E-4 in 1978 at his discharge, but was out in 1989 as an E-1.

      I’d love to know how and mention of a Vietnam award made it into his records.

      • NHSparky says:

        Another possibility is that he fucked up between 82-86 and got some serious confinement.

        Knew an EM1 in Great Mistakes got hammered for banging one of his students. Five years at hard labor, loss of all pay and allowances, RIR to E-1, and a DD.

        If this guy was an instructor, sure makes sense that might be what happened. NTC was cracking down hard on fraternizing when I was there in the mid-80’s.

        • Hondo says:

          Eminently plausible, NHSparky. Something along those lines would be consistent with the last entry on his FOIA reply regarding training (from 1985), a discharge as an E1 (when he’d previously made at least E4 by 1978), and discharge in DC (where NMCALA is located).

      • Jonn Lilyea says:

        I added the other two pages of his 2-1 (or whatever the Navy calls it).

    • Hondo says:

      Addendum to the above: the Navy and Marine Corps Appellate Leave Activity is indeed in DC:

    • Hondo says:

      Yep, there ya go – last duty station 1988-1989 is the Navy Appellate Leave Activity in DC. I don’t necessarily see any confinement. But it certainly looks to me like the guy went on Recruiting Duty in 1985 as an E6 and something “interesting” happened. And I’d further guess he definitely did not leave active duty voluntarily as an E1.

  4. Dave Hardin says:

    Great Job! Another Vet Group full of dishonor. The more I deal with these groups the more full of shit I find out they are. I am getting to where I actually enjoy the moment when I hand them the 180 and say ‘Here fill this out’. Patches and pins and badges, Oh My!

  5. NHSparky says:

    Where’s the rest of his Page 5(?). Interesting this it only covers until he reupped.

    And yeah, no way in hell he was ever eligible for a VSM in the Atlantic. Just like our boy Spodofora, still rockin the lies on that one, too.

  6. radar says:

    The American Legion, the VFW, motorcycle clubs….they all seem to be riddled with fakes and liars. I joined the American Legion a few years back but I don’t think I’m going to bother renewing any time soon.

    • Jabatam says:

      Not all of them are riddled with fakes. Sadly though, many are and that tarnishes the reputation of all of them…kind of like the millions of firearms owners have their reputation dragged through the mud with every shooting that makes national news

      • Dave Hardin says:

        Not my experience. Every one of these veteran groups is full of fakes or those that have embellished their careers beyond recognition. It is amazing what a camera, a license plate, and a FOIA request reveals. Doubt me, start asking members to sign a 180.

  7. TheCloser says:

    The service dates don’t match up with him being awarded a VSM. That, and him reporting to his first ship (on the LANT side) on May 31, 1975.


    Served in the armed forces between the following dates: November 15, 1961 and April 30, 1975 for military service, in geographical theater areas of Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, or Cambodia.

    • TheCloser says:

      Apologies for posting what was already stated by Jonn.

      Being discharged as an E-1 after 15 years indicates a serious offense.

  8. OSC(SW) Retired says:

    He is just confused and thought Operation Frequent Wind referred to all the farting at night at TPU Great Lakes; thus qualifying him for a VSM.

  9. bullshit spotter says:

    If anyone cares to notice those dates on the orders and transcripts are not military dates. They are civilian dates changed to reflect dishonesty.Example #1 Nov 27 1974 = civilian date. Example #2 27 Nov 74 = military date.

  10. gary briggs says:

    I am Gary Briggs, the person alot of you, in this forum, are seeking to destroy. Simple and to the point- I was deployed to South Vietnam, after the war was over, for just a few weeks. Guarding was the mission while equipment, vehicles, etc, were being loaded aboard different ships for return to the U.S. I have NEVER claimed that I was a Vietnam combat Vet, because it is NOT true. It wasn’t till a few years later, during my reenlistment the 2nd time, I was notified by Senior Officers of my eligibility to wear the Vietnam ribbon. Which I did with pride, on my uniform for many years while on active duty, as authorized on my dd214’s I never at anytime wore it to benefit for any reason, My club allows in country and era vets. Recently my dd214″s have been under attack. The dates of my service are being investigated and if I am found to be ineligible I will remove such, with pride. The reason I left the service after 13+ years is my business. I have shown many times my respect for all Vietnam Veterans. especially those who have fallen. Please put it to rest

    • OWB says:

      So, someone messed up your DD-214? You really might want to get that corrected. Seriously.

      Oh, and you might want to quit accusing folks of things they have not done. Like the good folks here who have made no effort to destroy you.

    • HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

      And to add on to the question asked by OWB, why were you discharged as a GMGSR after 14+ years of service and while assigned to the Navy Appellate Leave Activity in DC?

      My bet is that you were courts martialed and spent time in confinement prior to your discharge.

    • HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

      From Scotty’s website:

      Dan July 15, 2014 at 6:01 AM

      I knew Gary Laverne Briggs while a CPO at FTC Norfolk, one of his last duty stations. He wore Vietnam service ribbons on his uniform that I questioned then. His downfall there included Stealing a Lt’s uniform, using and wearing it for obtaining credit and other stuff. A long time ago and a little hazy. But I vividly remember him sitting at my desk minutes before his Captains Mast blubbering like a baby. I finally had to tell him to buck up, be man, and go face the music. I also think I had to visit him in the brig once or twice. He was an accomplished Bullshitter then, A poser? Yep .


    • CLAW131 says:

      Wait just a minute here. Are you trying to tell us that sometime after Saigon was renamed Ho Chi Minh City the US Navy pulled up to a deep water port and systemically loaded up vehicles and equipment for return to the US? And you were a member of the guard force for a “few weeks”? Try again, Scooter, I’m not buying that crap.

      • Just an Old Dog says:

        Yes, after the war ended the Communists were kind enough to let Shit-stain andthe crew of a ship he can’t name pull up and load up some gear they didnt want.
        Not only are you a liar, you are a bad one.

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        Oh, gee, whiz, did I miss that part when they were showing the helicopters and stuff being thrown overboard from the Ranger, when Saigon fell in 1975?

        How could I have missed that? It was on TV! I was glued to the tube!

        And then there was that law that was passed that barred US citizens from traveling to Vietnam or entering that country, after that war was over. So I guess, Gary, that you must have missed the memo about that, or something?

      • Hondo says:

        Yeah, calendars and public records are a b!tch – aren’t they, Gary?

        I don’t know how in the hell eligibility for the the VSM got in your OMPF. But however it did, it’s a freaking error. Eligibility for that campaign medal (1) ended before you reported in to your first operational assignment, and (2) required physical presence in SEA.

        There’s no way in hell you were “in South Vietnam” after Saigon fell on 30 April 1975. You’re lying.

    • Green Thumb says:


    • CLAW131 says:

      OK,since you have such a vivid memory of your service,would you please tell us what the base pay was for an E-1 over 14 on the day you were discharged. We’ll wait.

    • 3/17 Air Cav says:

      “I have shown many times my respect for all Vietnam veterans”

      Ya, right Gary, you show your respect by wearing a ribbon you did not earn. Claiming to be one of us. Brown water navy my ass. The only Brown water you served in, is your own shitter.


      • Just an Old Dog says:

        I could ALMOST forgive him for the Vietnam Service Medal, since it was part of his DD-214.
        When he gets on here and tries to Bullshit and say he was “in country” guarding equipment AFTER the war ended he totally prooves hes a lying bag o’ douche.
        The thing is, it apears by being a Vietnam ERA Veteran ( which he is)he is qualified to be a member in good standing of his club anyway.
        That he chose to parlay that administrative error in his records to claim he served IN Vietnam shows he is a Tool.
        He apparently was a twat-waffle who wore unauthorized ribbons and rank while he was in, and was a thief to boot.
        No one is out to destroy you shitbird, you are what you are, a liar and a thief.

    • Jonn Lilyea says:

      Yeah, Gary, try the math again. You never set foot in Vietnam. The US had completely withdrawn by the time you left boot camp. But, thanks, I didn’t have anything to verify that you were claiming to have been in Vietnam until just now. So, thanks for the assist. Anything else you want to say to help us out?

    • Paul Trubic says:

      You are such a damn liar. Everyone knows it. Can’t you just man up and tell the truth about anything? I have thought and still thing you need some sort of professional help with this behavior. Seems it goes way way back. The people both of us know are very aware of the truth regarding you, no longer can this be ignored. You have been lying for so many years I really think you believe you own bull shit. I always knew the Rosie was not serving in Nam when you claimed to be aboard her. That was the 1st red flag. You have dishonored all honest vets everywhere. You have dishonored the people close to you. I for one feel sorry for you and all the people that where taken in by your crap all these years.

      • Former VNVLV MV Chapter E NY says:

        As a former member of this club and Gary Briggs’ Chapter I can’t tell you how unsurprised I am by this. He is a manipulating, controlling, ego maniac who put was responsible for throwing out and harassing to the point of quitting the club at least 6 Brothers from his Chapter alone as well as more from other Chapters in NY. POS in my humble opinion.

        • PAUL Trubic says:

          agree 10000%. A whole chapter could be made of real good honest guys from the members that left the club directly because of Laverne.

          • Former VNVLV MV Chapter E NY says:

            Yup. I hope you are doing well Chef, miss you!!

            • paul trubic says:

              doin just fine, hey e-mail me so I know who I’m talkin to or message me on face book. I have NO fuckin problem telling the asswhipe who is telling the truth and talkin shit about him. Laverne had this comin’ for a long time and the time is now. meaning me. I didn’t start this but was glad to see it happening.

            • Maynard says:

              What do you say? what do you say when someone asks you”are you ok?” do you just say oh I’m alright, things are great, no problem, I’m fine, when in all actuality you are not ok. Your World seems like it’s falling apart. Evil things are in control and won’t let go. if you say you’re not ok then what? No, I’m not ok and I don’t want to tell you why. Lave me alone but I don’t mean to be rude please get the fuck out of my face. YOU OK? Ya things are great. had a guy ask me one time if I was alright. I said NO. Nothing happened, no help , just get back on the freaking bike and ride and ride. I made it home even though I wasn’t alright. The night before I say a biker lying in the middle of the road, seems a truck run over his head. good thing for helmets. This image stayed with me the rest of the 3 day run, this spooked the hell out of me but nobody asked why I wasn’t ok. That guy who asked me the question turned out to be one of the biggest assholes I ever met. The leader of the VNVMC of that chapter. I quit that bunch of assholes and hell no I’m not alright. I hope he’s in his own personal hell right now. thing is when someone asks you if you’re ok check out the person asking the question, decide if they deserve an answer. If they care they will stay by your side and not leave you a few hundred miles from home with a little boy on your bitch seat. This is what he tried to do to my son and me on a Rolling Thunder weekend. Thanks again Briggzy, you son of a bitch. I hold grudges. The Leathernecks MC of NY took us in and treated AJ and me like family even though I left that club and patched over to the VNV. Big mistake that I’m correcting right now. I will never forget the kindness and brotherhood we felt from the LeathernecksMC and I also will never forget the bullshit and lies and the way we where treated by the VNV even though I was a full patch holder and chapter officer at the time.

    • CLAW131 says:

      Still waiting for your answer on the E-1 over 14 base pay amount. While I’m here, let me point out that The Philadelphia Experiment and The Final Countdown are not US Navy documentaries, Senior Officers do not review personnel files for awards eligibility and then personally inform the individuals of said eligibility,and Oh Yeah, you’re a liar and we will never rest until you come clean.

    • NHSparky says:

      Scooter, eligibility dates exist for a reason. No, no matter what you were “told”, you SHOULD have known better than to wear anything to which you were not entitled, or if there was any question thereof.

      And you didn’t “leave”. You were tossed out on your ass. I challenge you to tell people here otherwise.

    • Maynard says:

      . “I have NEVER claimed that I was a Vietnam combat Vet, because it is NOT true.”
      You liar!!!!! I heard you claim this. Gunner knew the truth about you. you are a sociopathic shit bag.
      deception, as indicated by repeatedly lying, use of aliases, or conning others for personal profit or pleasure;

  11. HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

    Here’s the critera for the Vietnam Service Medal for Naval personnel:

    I think that it would be a little bit of a reach to say that SSC and NTC Great Lakes were in direct support of combat operations in the Republic of South Vietnam.

  12. pat foglio says:

    a simple question–how dose one get a metal in a war years after that war has ended

  13. pat foglio says:

    you sir are a scandal —you say you received a badge of honor—-years after many brave people had given every thing and more—what must you see, when you look in the mirror.