Rigoberto “Romeo” Martinez redux

| July 15, 2014

About a year and a half ago, we busted “Romeo” Martinez for parading around in Marpats and pretending to be a Marine. A big, fat Marine.

Romeo Martinez LT

A few months later, he emailed us and begged that we take the post down. Of course we didn’t. And he kept his word that he wouldn’t pretend to be a Marine again. Now Martinez is pretending to be a soldier in the 1st Cav Division, in Fort Dix, NJ.

Rigoberto Martinez FB

Rigoberto Martinez3

Me being a decent guy, I’ve written him and asked him if he wanted to go through this all again. He removed the thing about being at Fort Dix but, other than that, there’s been no answer…so;

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  1. nbcguy54 says:

    What a funny fat fuck. He went from being a fake Marine LT to a fake Army PFC. At the rate he’s going he’ll end up being a fake CAP LTC before too long…

    • ChipNASA says:

      THERE. CAN. BE. ONLY. ONE!!!!!!

      /there’s not enough cheese to go around.

    • Hondo says:

      Or maybe a TSG PVT . . . .

    • NHSparky says:

      Or maybe a fake CPO who has sucked at everything he’s ever done in his life.

      • CB Senior says:

        Sparky I wonder is said C(heap)P(oser)Officer even knows the Season is upon us Genuines?

        Even numbered Chiefs own this tme of year, right Burntnuts.

    • Club Manager says:

      Hey, hey, watch it. A fake Army PFC is equivalent to a fake Marine Lt, don’t take my word for it, ask any fake Army PFC. Then again, we don’t see many fake PFC’s.

      • OWB says:

        Then it shouldn’t be all that difficult to round them all up to ask the question, right? Hah!

    • Climb to Glory says:

      I wonder how many Silver Crosses this guy has.

      • SSgt. JJF USMC says:

        You mean to add his “Meritorious” Purple Hearts and Crouix De Injure’s ???

        Why this turd should have gone for Brigadere while he’s at it.

  2. The Other Whitey says:

    What a steaming pile of douche.

  3. I’d like to rip that BRO patch AND the 1st CAV patch off LT Lardass and stick it so far up his ass that he could taste them!

  4. nbcguy54 says:

    I bet he has fun explaining that USMC tat now that he’s a Soldier vs. a Marine… ha. Probably doesn’t know the difference.

  5. MGySgtRet says:

    I think he ate the Marine Corps version of himself….Fat fucking ass clown.

  6. CB Senior says:

    Well at least he passed his bad-ass scary look class this time. Dude has potato chip killer written all over his face.

    Google Famous Act II ready for launch in


  7. rb325th says:

    Dude looks like he is softer than a pile of puppy shit.

  8. Sparks says:

    Some folks…just never learn.

  9. Instinct says:

    Well, I guess in a twisted way he did keep his promise since now he’s faking a whole different service.

    Worthless piece of shit.

  10. MrBill says:

    His Facebook still says 11B, Fort Dix.

    In the photo above he’s got the Army tape on the right (wrong) side of his chest. And there’s no Rigoberto Santiago on AKO. I’m shocked.

    • MSgt Fix (Ret.) says:

      Did you catch the incorrect flag on this tuckfard’s military surplus uniform? Sad. Keep railing on him and maybe he’ll come around.

  11. GoldenDragon says:

    If you’re going to lie about being in the Army, at least pick some cooler units. Then again, maybe he just looked at a list and picked the first two he say. (1st ID and 1st Cav)

  12. ArmyATC says:

    This fat sack of monkey shit is in dire need of a sever ass kicking. The ignorant twat can’t get anything right. He wears the SSI of the 1st Cav, the “combat patch” of the 1st ID, and claims to be an Airborne Trooper with the 82nd at Ft. Dix.

    • Hawk says:

      Hey, the 1st Cav flies choppers and the 82nd flies stuff too. They both fly. Totally the same thing, right? Right? /sarc

    • CLAW131 says:

      Yes,Rigoberto,you need to step up your game and do some in-depth research. Everybody knows the TRADOC patch goes on the left sleeve and a FORSCOM patch goes on the right sleeve.

  13. Patrick says:

    I bet he can kill the shit out of a box of chocolate pies

  14. Beretverde says:

    Looks like this clown heard about scamming first class seats on flights…looks like he would have a hard time fitting in coach.

    • George says:

      Did you see the picture of his bus ticket from Newark to NYC?
      Newark Airport Express. From their homepage: http://www.coachusa.com/olympia/ss.newarkairport.asp
      “We offer a Military Standby Fare! Only $5 one-way for military personnel in uniform or with military ID and their accompanying families. Valid on all departures, 365 days per year. Military personnel may board at any stop in Manhattan or Newark Airport. Tickets must be purchased from Newark Airport Express on the bus.”
      Also: “Only $16 One-Way; $28 Round Trip.”
      I know it’s only $11, but it’s not the dollar amount, it’s the principle.

  15. Patrick says:

    I didn’t know the Army made Spandex ACU’s !
    Them boys are screeeeeaaammin!

  16. Taco Bell says:

    This is the same kid who has a USMC tat on his arm. What a dumb F**Ktard.

  17. Combat Historian says:

    A fat-tard fuck-tard re-tard…

  18. 10thMountainMan says:

    God I wish I could send him to Sand Hill TODAY!!

    Here’s a Cool Hand quote: “…which is the way he wants it. Well, he gets it!”

  19. MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:


    I did not base jump the “Space Needle” in Seattle today, however I did jump off a second floor balcony at the Marriott in to the pool.

  20. AverageNCO says:

    This guy REALLY wants to be in the military. Unfortunately, his desire to serve is outweighed by his desire for Twinkies.

  21. Doc Savage says:

    I have never , ever, seen a walking, talking, camo painted blivet of GAA like that before…..that man has more chins than a Chinese phonebook…

  22. Graycap says:

    What is wrong with this person. He need to get life bossed on what he has accomplished and then just go away live long and prosper.

  23. OldSargeUSAR says:

    Rigoberto Bedwetter.

  24. WTF says:

    His FB is still open. How easy is it going to be to explain USMC 2LT to Army PFC?