Terrell Anquoe aka Paul Dean Fultz; phony Ranger

| July 21, 2014

Terrell Anquoe1

Someone sent us their work on Paul Dean Fultz who goes by the name Terrell Anquoe. Not to state the obvious, but he’s a Native-American dancer. You can read here at MyHometownNews about his dancing and how he’s a retired Ranger. Here’s a close up of the medals he wears on his costume;

Terrell Anquoe

Silver Star Distinguished Flying Cross, Bronze Star and a Purple Heart along with some Desert Storm service medals.

And here’s a video about how much he respects veterans and how much of a veteran he is;

Well, his FOIA tells a different story;

Terrell Anquoe FOIA

Terrell Anquoe assignments

Terrell Anquoe Assignments2

Ten months in service in 1980 and they discharged him from Germany all the way back to the States. Got himself promoted all the way to E-1, oh, wait. I know TOW gunners think they’re just like Rangers, but no.

One last picture before we go;

Terrell Anquoe beret

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  1. Just an Old Dog says:

    Read through this thread and I didn’t see a single post that was racist toward Native Americans.
    Shit waffle was called out as being “Chief Bullshit” and a poser.
    Mizz ex-wife, you can take your “racism rant” and shove it up your ass sideways.
    Your ex got called out and you were part of his bullshit for years, you know full well you cant defend him, so you come here and try to take some moral high ground by claiming we are racist.
    Really, go fuck yourself.

  2. gingerkat says:

    This Paul Dean Fultz Also known as Terrell Anqoue has all records turned into the Comanche Nation he is enrolled Comanche under Paul Dean Fultz not as Terrell Anqoue and also the Kiowa Black leggings society they also have his records. This individual has bullied other Natives using his so called badges saying he has the right to do what he does he manipulates people to get what he wants and especially from the ones who want to be native so terribly. He has done a lot of damage to a lot of people especially young women and older women his whole life he has done this. Everything he has done he has done to himself lied to a lot if decent people.

    • Powwow chick22 says:

      I hope Comanche Nation and Kiowa Black leggings come down on his ass for being such a lowlife.

      • Clarice says:


        • ArmyATC says:

          “It takes a phony to know a phoney.”
          No, it takes someone who’s BTDT to know a phony. His Native-American heritage has nothing to do with it other than he uses it to spread his lies. He would be getting the same treatment were he lilly white. Do try to stay on point. Paul Dean Fultz aka Terrell Anquoe is a lying sack of shit.

          • Clarice says:

            On Point! Get this guy and make him stop being the pretender. Also, stop this powwow chick from acting like she knows NDN stuff. It’s offensive to YOU who are veterans when someone pretends; the same goes when some pretends to be NDN. I’m calling HER OUT right now because she’s selling herself as the “KNOW IT ALL” Indian person. She’s not. She’s someone who HELPED PERPETUATE THIS PHONY RANGER’S LIES. HE BURNED HER, AND NOW SHE’S TRYING TO GET HIM. She did it too! She helped him do all these things. Get her too. Fukken liars both of them.

            • Clarice says:

              Move on PowwowChick22 aka Lisa. Let the REAL VETERANS take care of this low life.

              You are NOT A VETERAN AND YOU ARE NOT A NATIVE PERSON. Real Native Veterans have been notified. You can move on now. Stay off of our American Indian pages pretending you are a powwow chick.

              You two deserve each other. Both pretenders.

          • Powwow chick22 says:

            I think this clarice person is Paul and is chicken to defend himself so he has the wanna be tribe defending him.

            • Johnna says:

              This is your ‘GO TO’ for all things tribal? She’s not even American Indian. She slept with an ndn guy and played all his phoney games, he left her and now she’s SCORN. She’s fat and ugly and can’t stand that he’s moved on to another Fat and Ugly. Here’s a tip, go on a diet and get a life. Powwow chick 22. More like, “Sit on the Sidelines at a Powwow Chick 22”

          • Powwow chick22 says:

            Someone by the name of Edward Littlewolf made a comment too. Chief Full of Shit might have scammed someone in Ohio too. Wonder how long he’s been doing this shit and getting away with it. Word has it that this ass wipe will be at the AIA powwow in Florida next week too. He totally disgusts me. Lol and now this crazy ass bitch, if she is a she, coming on her and crying.

            • Johnna says:

              LOL and this chicks grandpa is a cherokee princess. She’s been bragging about it on all the other pages as she’s stalking this guy. PULEEEEEZE! Poor thang wsa left for another and she’s on a mission. Report this fool to AA cause he drinks, the DMV cause he speeds, and all the other places he sins. Loser girls will always be in love with loser guys.

        • Powwow chick22 says:

          Wow! Do you know me? Do you realize that people can use any name. A male can be a female n a female a male. So, since I don’t know you, I’m going to say you are one of his wanna be’s covering his ass. You too need to go pack sand in your vagina along with that guy Gabe.

        • Powwow chick22 says:

          Pleased to know you think you know me, but I think you have the wrong person. Maybe you just like the fact that you’re a wanna be too and covering for this fuck wad.

        • Powwow chick22 says:

          You might want to read Michelle Bradt’s post because it looks like she was the one covering for him.

          • Johnna says:


            Mizz Full-of-Shit, you were right there with him and you were bragging about it. Fess up liar.

  3. Powwow chick22 says:


    Guess where Chief Full of Shit and Red Horse Singers will be? You got it, Rome,Ga. Any one up for a powwow?

    • Powwow chick22 says:

      He will be at the Running Water Powwow in Rome Ga in just days. They are on fb for directions.

      • Dave and Vicky Trezak says:

        The committee has been made aware of this person. He will not be allowed to represent himself as a veteran. No speeches, no lamenting. NO SUPPORTERS will be allowed to cause any type of disruption.

        He’s welcome to attend and dance, even compete. Just not allowed to commit fraud by wearing false military decorations.

        • ArmyATC says:

          Well isn’t that special. He uses his lies to advance himself in the community and he isn’t allowed to wear his fake medals. Now that’s real punishment.

          • ChipNASA says:

            VERY NSFW language…. SUPER SLAP!!!

          • OWB says:

            Actually, for a pathological liar, being put on public display without the embellishments might be a fitting punishment. Can you imagine his forced silence? Yeah, buddy – dance around, pretend to enjoy it. How does he explain his no longer wearing what he once did? Someone will notice.

          • Clarice says:

            powwowchick22 helped this guy do all these things and lie to the world.

        • Free Spirit says:

          By doing this, it doesn’t hold him accountable for shit. He’s allowed to drum, dance and compete? Where’s the justice in that? Guess you’re not a supporter of our vets either, otherwise he would not be allowed to do anything until he admits what he has done openly and honestly. I guess the powwows will even take Chief Full of Shit just to make a dime off of our vets. If you enjoy your freedoms you and your committee would not allow this. And powwows are open to the public people, so I hope people do go to watch the freak show of wanna be’s protecting this asshole.

        • Free Spirit says:

          But powwows are open to the public and it’s freedom of speech to say that’s he a phony and y’all don’t care. But there are people that care and he needs to be shown that what he has done is wrong and apology openly for his wrongs. Just taking things away don’t correct the problem and it will continue on.

        • Just an Old Dog says:

          Thats a good start. I hope he is warned he is on thin ice and he needs to appreciate the break he is getting.

        • Green Thumb says:

          Wow. That’s it?

          Way to set the example.

        • Powwow chick22 says:

          Y’all lied and covered for him. You too have shown disrespect to our vets and our country.

          • That Guy says:

            Shit like this is why I never registered with my ancestral tribe…
            Hope they’re proud of having a phony in a competition. I would announce he was a phony before he began his dance, drumming, what have you. But that’s just me.

          • Clarice says:


        • Powwow chick22 says:

          Y’all lied and covered for him. You too have shown disrespect to our vets and our country.

          • Clarice says:

            STOP IT LISA! Powwowchick22. You should be ashamed of yourself for helping him do this when you were with him. You fucking hypocrite! Now that he’s moved on, you seek revenge. You are a phoney. He made you a native person, which you are not. You looked the other way when he lied. You fucking loser are NO DIFFERENT than he is. You are just mad that you didn’t go around faking a warrior, You just go around faking you’re an Indian. asshole.

            • nbcguy54 says:

              Looks like we better get the mud pool ready…

              • Green Thumb says:


                It appears Chief Extra Turd has quite the harem.

                • CLAW131 says:

                  What I’m trying to figure out is why she (Clarice) is on here now yelling at the top of her lungs in response to Powwowchick’s comments that were posted almost two months ago. Oh,wait,I know the answer.

                • Powwow chick22 says:

                  I don’t think clarice is clarice. I think it’s Paul

            • Free Spirit says:

              Clarice, how does this Chief douchbag “make” someone indian? Is he God? And since when do you say who comes and goes at powwows? Are you one of his “girls”? I’ve read the postings from Pow wow chick and I don’t see anywhere that this person states to be indian. This site has nothing to do with his native ness or lack there of, but it was his potty mouthed daughters that turned this to a racial issue instead of accepting their father or sperm donor, is a piece of shit.

  4. Powwow chick22 says:

    Then in November, he and his drum will be at Thunderbird Intertribal Powwow in Niceville, Fl.

    • Green Thumb says:

      You should let Commander Phil Monkress at All-Points Logistics know being that he claims he is a Native American too. He is located (sometimes) in Merritt Island, Fl. Although he has offered no proof or tribal affiliation, he might be interested in attending to learn some tips that he can use to scam taxpayers and the government.

  5. Powwow chick22 says:

    OMG! Lol! I just looked up Stolen Valor on fb and guess who’s there too! Yep, Chief Full of Shit! Bet it sucks for him being a phony retired Army Ranger now. And to his trashy daughters and ex wifie, why are y’all defending this pos? Maybe it’s because y’all are no better then him.

    • Clarice says:

      chief full of shit left princess wanna be aka lisa aka powwow chick22. Get over this already. You have no right to be at powwows. He has no right to be at powwows, You both are fucking losers. All these people here are concerned with this guy lying. You should have told the truth and how you allowed him to perpetuate these lies. YOU are not the go to Indian person. You sit on the side lines and watch the ndns dance.

      • Powwow chick22 says:

        Maybe you’re sqaw Full of Shit too and you don’t like the fact that he’s a phony.

        • Johnna says:

          you’re a phoney. You were right there with him. Now you want all these gentlemen lambaste him, well they need to hang you too for your contribution.

          • Powwow chick22 says:

            No sir/ma’am I was not dancing with Chief Full of Shit. That was Michelle Bradt n Paris Quick. Go do your research n keep your posting on track….you’re fucking phony native army ranger is a fucking looser! Got it! Move on!!!!!

  6. young red horse says:

    This guy is still at it today is attending a event still wearing his DS hat and still posing…

    • Powwow chick22 says:

      He’s still speaking at the Rome powwow too. Just goes to show you, the wanna be’s will do anything to have a phony ranger Indian and not care about the disrespect that he has shown our vets. Chief Full of Shit gets a pass and money in his pocket again.

  7. That Guy says:

    Incidentally, I like how his daughter is a complete piece of shit. Talk about being stereotypical…
    She’s basically every jackass under the age of 40 I met on a reservation in Missouri. Borderline illiterate, mouthy, arrogant.

  8. young red horse says:

    he is protected by so many that are just as fake as he is , wears his Desert Storm hat and still considers himself as a Ranger , says after that kick out of the service he was allowed to be enlisted but all records are lost or better yet , ” Classified ” ….

    • Powwow chick22 says:

      Lol! And I bet the Govenor pardoned him too! Fake Warrior did their research and if that were the case, he would not be a phony ranger. Chief Full of Shit is truly full of shit and tell the difference between the truth and lies anymore.

  9. Kyle Fultz says:

    So, imagine my surprise at seeing this page. I was looking up a picture and this is the top hit. I am Paul/Terrell’s oldest son. I can not speak for his military history and such, but I can speak for my sister and point out some things.

    I do not know what he says about the medals, but they could just be a sign of respect for his adopted father (or could be his). He was a korean vet in the airborne. That is also why his name is listed as Paul Dean Fultz, not Terrell. It has to do with adoption and finding geneaology later in life. I was born as a Fultz and remain such. He is most definitely Native American and I am half, as well as all the siblings.

    Most of what I know is from his adopted father, my adopted grandfather.

    I do not know anything about tribal culture or powwows, but from the time I spent with Paul, I never saw any bullying or anything outside of dancing both in the home and at powwows.

    As for my sister (Mizz, not his ex), she lives in a rough place. I grew up in a place much like it and it has an effect on you. You also have someone who is fiercely proud and doesn’t like friends and family messed with.

    I am very neutral in this debate. I am basically an outsider looking in…that can just clarify a little. I am not ashamed of my father, but this page disappoints me a lot, especially if there is truth to it. Sorry I don’t know or remember more from thing my adopted grandfather told me.

    Just felt like I needed to respond.

    • GDContractor says:

      Hi Kyle, I feel like I know you. You did 3 tours in Iraq and just got home from Afghanistan… all with the 1st CAV. Am I right? Tell us more about your uncle that died in 1969 with the Screaming Eagles 101st Airborne Special Forces.

      • Kyle Fultz says:

        Sorry to disappoint and burst your sarcasm bubble, but no.

        His adopted father, was a paratrooper in airborne. Never deployed due to the armistace, from what he told me. He earned his wings, but he never said a whole lot about it.

        I on the other hand, am completely lazy, went to college, then got a boring job doing data entry.

        Personal attacks really aren’t needed when I am just providing some info. I didn’t meet Paul until I was about 17 and can count how many times I have seen him since on 2 hands.

        • Just An Old Dog says:

          There is no surprise to me that the asshole did not bother contacting you until you were 17, and only twice since then.
          You are probably much better off not having that shitbag in your life.
          Since you weren’t in the military I can see how you may not see the insult he has did to real veterans.
          Thanks for stopping and letting us know that he was a real failure as a father to you as well.

          • joni says:

            Kyle,good response to all the trash talkers. I do a lot of Native American research and our history is full of abuses by the American government and military. Comanchee and Kiowa leaders e.g. Quanah Parker, Big Bow, Santanta would problably laugh at what Paul/Terrill did and think what a good one he pulled. They too did what they could against the American government because they were being screwed all the way around so yes they lied and cheated them any way they could. Not saying that Paul/Terrill did that, but just saying that what he did doesn’t make him any less of a man. He just got caught. This kind of stuff will cont here and there throughout history. These trash talkers can hide behind the computer because no one knows them but the Almighty and what their own deeds are.

        • GDcontractor says:

          Kyle, sorry bud. That wasn’t a personal attack. I was just me giving your Dad the benefit of the doubt. Listen to the video above…up at the top of this page. Your Dad said all those things about you and your uncle. Sorry man. Sincerely.

          • Kyle Fultz says:

            Alright. I wish I had not watched that. He uses the term “Son” liberally with people that he knows and one stepson was in the army, but yeah. I have nothing to say to all of that. Just…wow.

            • Free Spirit says:

              Read the article on Google, My Hometown News..wow is right. Google his name, he stated in an article that he goes to schools teaching..is he a teacher too?

    • Hack Stone says:

      Kyle, first off, welcome. With that being said, if you look at any case of stolen valor on this or any of the many others available, when these posers get exposed, it is usually because they are so outrageous with their claims of awards and decorations that it would make Audie Murphy look like a draft dodger. They claim they earned the awards. The FOIA comes back, usually indicating no military affiliation, or an enlistment that did not complete the term of obligated service. They then say their records are sealed in the interest of national security. That excuse is disproved even personnel involved in classified operations would show up in databases. Then the sock puppets appear. Sock puppets are usually girlfriends, wives, children or the poser himself (or herself) under an assumed identity. Girlfriend/wife/child says we don’t know shit, he has PTSD from serving, the VA won’t help him, and they have seen his “documents” that prove he is telling the truth. After he realizes that his efforts with the sealed records defense and failed sock puppetry, then they resort to the “I was honoring my brother/father/best friend route”. There was a Marine carrying a lot of bling from the Korean War. He always insisted that he earned those medals. After irrefutable proof that he did not earn them, he then said it was to honor his brother who earned them during the Korean War. The problem with that was that although his brother did serve, his FOIA release didn’t list those awards either. I do understand that people tend to protect their family from any harm, but more often than not, when these liars are not exposed and admit their lies, when they die, the family is expects a full military funeral to acknowledge the sacrifices that he made. And when the VA comes back with “Who ?”, it is his survivors that have to clean up his mess, and live with the damage that he wreaked.

      My father served in WWII. My grandfather served in WWI. The way that that I honor their service is to respect the awards that they earned, and not claim them as my own.

      • Kyle Fultz says:

        Well I am no sock puppet. I am quite put off by reading this. I looked close at a picture, those are legitimate jump wings, but they were my grandpa’s. Given to my father before he died. The others I do not know.

        After watching that video, I am so pissed that I would knock him on his ass if he showed up right now.

        • ArmyATC says:

          Sorry you had to find out this way that your father is a liar and fraud. All the evidence posted about him is absolutely true. There’s no doubt about it. From others that have seen him at the pow wows, he’s still spreading the lies about himself to this day.

        • Just An Old Dog says:

          I am sorry you had to find out what a piece of shit your biological father was.
          You seemed to be doing ok for yourself.

        • nbcguy54 says:

          So often we hear how stolen valor is a “victimless crime”. What you are experiencing Kyle I think proves that notion wrong. It’s not always about the fakers making money off of their lies, but like Hack Stone and others have pointed out, the hurt their families also endure. This stuff doesn’t go away-the internet is forever, and I for one am sorry that you have his sorry shadow over you.

          Other than that, welcome to the site.

        • Free Spirit says:

          Why did you not really know your dad? As far as him wearing all of those ribbons, he can buy those at any Army Navy store. He stated in the article that is listed at the beginning of this article that HE is an Army Ranger…not another family member. He has not gotten it through his head that HE only did ten and a half months in the service and he continues to disrespect our true vets. And if he had respect for you and your sister he would never have lied to you two. Did you read what his ex wife, Michelle Bradt, wrote about him? He needs to be called out at a powwow, made to give back all the money he took from them based on lies, apologize to all vets at the powwows that he attends and be a REAL MAN and FATHER and come on here and face the music.

          • ArmyATC says:

            Any idea where this turd is supposed to appear next?

            • Powwow chick22 says:

              New Port Richie Fl powwow this upcoming weekend. Looks like him and his whacked out drummies will be there. Damn, if I only lived closer I would go and call his ass out on the carpet. Look up powwows in Fl for this week end and you will find him.

              • Green Thumb says:

                I wonder if Commander Phil Monkress at All-Points Logistics will show up to lend his support?

                Being that he claims he is a Native American as well.

  10. MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

    Are we still talking about this Johnie Depp look a like?

    I feel bad for Kyle above.

  11. young red horse says:

    Listen here now , this guy has been exposed and even after that he still has the nerve to show up to a public event and still wear those unearned patches , medals and jump wings so all those people that had really earned them mean nothing , if only everybody that has an air soft or paintball record and feels they have the entitlement then why not offer the rewards at the local dollar store and just make it meaningless to have any sense of honor , wow there is no justice anymore and as long as this guy continues unchecked the more it is not worth even trying , he is protected by the ones he has fooled …

  12. anon says:

    There’s a powwow this weekend if any of you want to show up and confront him personally, he may be there. http://www.lowermuskogeetribe.com/events.html

    • rgr1480 says:

      I’ll wait until our local national Powwow is being scheduled. You can bet your bottom wampum I’ll let the organizers know about PFC (E-1) Terrell Anquoe’s claims about his FAKE bling and FAKE service.

  13. Gabe says:

    ..I’m curious to know why all those who are bashing this guy aren’t posting your names. If you have no shame to bash a man you don’t know, have never talked to in person or had any interaction with him of any kind.. then why not put up your real names.

    Makes you just as much a coward, loser.. perhaps you too are fake. None of the documents, nor the images that are shown here prove, with out a doubt, any kind of name change. Where are those records..?? If those can’t be shown with legitimacy, then what’s said here is slanderous..

    –836.04 Defamation.—Whoever speaks of and concerning any woman, married or unmarried, falsely and maliciously imputing to her a want of chastity, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.
    History.—s. 1, ch. 3460, 1883; RS 2419; GS 3260; RGS 5091; CGL 7193; s. 990, ch. 71-136.–

    836.03 Owner or editor of the paper also guilty.—Any owner, manager, publisher or editor of any newspaper or other publication who permits any anonymous communication or communications such as is signed otherwise than with the true name of the writer, and such name published therewith to appear in the columns of the publication in which said communication any person is attacked in his or her good name, or it is attempted to bring disgrace or ridicule upon any person, such owner, manager, publisher or editor shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.
    History.—s. 4, ch. 4733, 1899; GS 3258; RGS 5089; CGL 7191; s. 989, ch. 71-136; s. 1306, ch. 97-102.

    The individual who started all this drama for this man is Lisa Pasquis. She got her heart broke after they split up and since then, all this has come about.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      *YAWN* Just look at the facts, o Drama Queen.

    • Jonn Lilyea says:

      My name is right here. All the dude would have to do is prove that anything I wrote is false. But, we know that won’t happen, will it? You should go play lawyer elsewhere.

    • rb325th says:

      Okay Gabe… go pound sand. Tell us what has been falsely stated about this mans records Vs his claims.

    • NHSparky says:

      “The truth us an absolute defense.”

      Engrave that in your hand, and bitchslap yourself until it sinks in.

      Oh, and if you want my name, there’s a retard “lawyer” who I’m sure will be happy to give it to you.

      Just sit outside and rustle his bushes for a while. He really gets a laugh outta that.

    • Green Thumb says:


    • rgr1480 says:

      Gabe writes, …836.04 Defamation.—Whoever speaks of and concerning any woman, married or unmarried, falsely and maliciously imputing to her a want of chastity, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.
      History.—s. 1, ch. 3460, 1883; RS 2419; GS 3260; RGS 5091; CGL 7193; s. 990, ch. 71-136.–…

      So, are you telling Terrell is a SHE? I do not recall anything being said about his her “want [i.e., “lack”] of chastity.”

      Besides, what’s your comment to do regarding Terrell Anquoe’s BOGUS claims?

    • Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

      Why do idiots like Gabe who probably have at best some weak ass high school diploma with a C average grade point read something that is immaterial to the actual issue and walk away thinking they know something they don’t?

      Gabe don’t be a dumbass if you can possibly help yourself. It doesn’t matter who broke the story or for what reason. If your boy can’t back up his claims he’s still a liar.

      There is no defamation involved in the exposure is the truth.

      Pretend you understand the law at home where you are much more likely to encounter people equal to your limited intellect.

    • Just an Old Dog says:

      I’ve seen some dumb shit posted here by wanna-be lawyers and sock puppets but this is the first time Ive seen the site threatened for calling a woman ( which he isn’t) a slut ( which we didn’t).

  14. Matthew R . Horse says:

    I have been sitting here pretty much quiet about this long enough , people have to know that no amount of wrongs can ever make this go away , this is a chance for Terrell to step in and set the story right no matter to consequence because everybody that comes to this person’s defense seems to never want to admit sometimes people make things up in the moment of weakness and then continues to believe in a small lie at 1st then it grows , if Terrell / Paul can prove this then where is he , I once believed in everything he said he was about he was like a big brother to me but now I feel nothing but shame and pity because of this , sometimes Gabe you have to stop trying to believe what people say , and Gabe sometimes the truth may be folded so tight that lies are much more easy to believe because reality sometimes is not the fun and heroic picture people paint , step back and take a good look because things are not what they always are , who is right anymore than hard facts that you can see right in front of you .

  15. Chief Sitting Bullshit says:

    Me believe he not good man.

    He wears mask of Tonto but acts like sqaw.

  16. Powwow chick22 says:

    Well well well! Chief Full of Shit was seen at the Orlando powwow dancing his turkey feathers off with his ex wife Michelle…ya know, the one that came to this site n bitch slapped him! But the best part was, he’s dancing with all of his phony ribbons on his costume! I sure hope karma shakes his hand when he least expects it. And to all that feel that I’m Lisa…wrong again…

  17. Old FA Sgt says:

    This jerk is still up to his old tricks.. Here is just one email that was sent to me.

    He was at the Odessa powwow in his phony regalia n wearing fake patches again. I called the YMCA n was told they rent space to the powwow n have nothing to do with the wall…no help.

    Now he’s at the state fair representing an RV comp dressed to the hilt in allllll new ribbons!

    Anyone in Florida want to go to the state fair??

  18. Sparks says:

    This turd, “Chief takes it in his mouth” punches ALL of my tickets. Purple Heart, Bronze Star, (Dumb ass can’t seem to figure out that’s not a Silver Star, it’s a DFC.) Ranger and my personal burr in the saddle, a CIB. Son of a bitch! He could have been a wind talker back in the day. But he would have had to get out of the latrine and stop meat gazing and so he’d never have made the training. QUEEF!

    • Powwow chick22 says:

      Chief Full of Shit is posing again at the Strawberry Festival in Plant City Fl. Channel 8 has been called on him!

      • Jonn Lilyea says:

        I just did a Skype interview with WFLA. It’s supposed to be a part of their local news tonight.

      • Green Thumb says:

        Maybe Commander Phil Monkress will be in attendance rocking his false Native American claims.

        They are in Florida, after all.

        And maybe that Florida MC will provide an escort.

  19. Old Artillery Sgt says:

    One would think that if I wear something in honor of someone that fallen in battle..I would know their names by heart. I would also ask others to honor their memories. Not to say their name when asked about the medals would be a dishonor to the ones that I honor.

    This guy is a LOSER and needs to stop disgracing the Heritage of the Kiowa Black Leggings Society by his lies. He’s not even a Kiowa….so how he is able to be in the KBLS is a mystery.

    • Old Artillery Sgt says:

      You can delete this comment.. I found out that he is NOT a member of the Kiowa Black Legging Society and dances on his own.. He REQUESTED to join, but they would not have him..

  20. Powwow chick22 says:

    Terrell made the channel 8 news not in a good way…he was busted at the Strawberry Festival

    Just point the bar to about 18 10 33

    • rgr1480 says:

      Powwow chick,

      GREAT!!!!! Thanks for the link.


      I hope this link gets to other powwow committees and he is no longer able to dance or drum while wearing unauthorized military badges, medals, and insignia.

      *IF* Terrell Anquoe is permitted to drum or dance at future powwows, he should only be allowed to wear the following military insignia:

      — Rank of private E-1 (oh …. that’s right, PV1 does not have a rank insignia since it is a “slick sleeve”)

      — Expert Badge (with GRENADE and TOW bars)

      — Marksmanship badge (with RIFLE bar)

      — 48th Infantry Regiment distinguished unit insignia

      — 3rd Armored Division patch.

      Oh, and although it’s not on his FOIA, he certainly rates the National Defense Service Medal …. not just ANYBODY got one of those, you know!

      • CLAW131 says:

        rgr, a slight correction/clarification, but he does not rate an NDSM.

        His 10 months of “service”? in 1980 falls into that time gap between Vietnam and Desert Storm when NDSM’s were not being issued to everybody upon enlistment.

        IIRC, that gap (16 years) was fairly large, like from August 1974 to August 1990.

        • Hondo says:

          Correct. Termination date for the Vietnam NDSM period was 15 August 1974. Start date for the Gulf War NDSM period was 2 August 1990. Service falling entirely between those two dates does not rate an award of the NDSM.

        • rgr1480 says:

          Thanks for that correction.

    • rb325th says:

      The man is a piece of shit fraud. Pretty sure his son, whom he claims gave him his awards to wear has stated very clearly that he himself never served a day in any branch of the Military.

  21. Matt says:

    Lessee here: Chief Running Joke? Shits With Mouth? Head Up Bull’s Ass? Looks for Stomping?

  22. MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

    “Me see strong storm off in distance!”

    Said in my best Ingin acsent!

  23. Bobo says:

    He tossed in the GWOT Afghan and Iraq Campaign Medals into his rack to add some flavor. He forgot to get the CIB with the star, though. Asshat.

  24. Joe Williams says:

    What burns my ass about this fake is his claim of a DFC. How does a leg earn a medal that very few enlisted ever won. This is almost only awarded to pilots.

  25. Old Artillery Sgt says:

    Here’s a YouTube video from 2008 that shows he is claiming those medals are his.

  26. Green Thumb says:

    This turd just refuses to flush.