(James Andrew) Andy Charlson; phony Ranger

| August 9, 2014

James Andrew Charlson

There’s this fellow named James Andrew Charlson in the Kansas City, MO area, who is indeed a veteran, but somehow he thought that if he punched up his résumé, it would help his pharmaceuticals business. This is what his biography said as recently as a few days ago;

James Andrew Charlson 2

It reads; Twenty years service (12 years Active Duty/8 years Active Reserves) Military Police (Private through Sergeant) US Army Ranger (Sergeant / Staff Sergeant) Special Forces Combat Medic (Staff Sergeant, Sergeant First Class, Master Sergeant) and there’s a picture of Ranger School class 7-79. Ranger Training Brigade says that class has no one by that name listed. I know, you’re shocked, aren’t you?

His FOIA says that he served a month, but part of his DD214 says six years, which is more believable for a Sergeant E-5. The FOIA also says that he was an MP, not an infantryman. It also shows no time as a medic or any Special Forces training;

James Andrew Charlson FOIA

James Andrew Charlson Awards Training

And, his truck;

Charlson's truck3

I have no idea what all of that has to do with a pharmaceuticals business and I’d like him to explain that to me. But, I’m not holding breath while I wait.

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  1. John "Faker 6" Giduck says:

    I like this guy. Phony Ranger like me and livin’ the dream…whatever dream that may be.

    He should call me and I’ll get him some Spetsnaz red “brays” to impress his friends with. They go well with all of the other flags, stickers, and Brony paraphernalia that James Andrew Charleson may have.


    John “Faker 6” Giduck

  2. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    SHITHEAD!! He needs a good beatdown, but a certain human blobfish is currently the center of attention!

  3. Dave Hardin says:

    If that is his house, WTF is he doing flying a Marine Corps flag? Seems odd that an Army Ranger Combat Medic would find a need to do that. Maybe he was just delivering some meds to a real vet.

  4. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    He looks from that pic to be a tad light in the loafers.

  5. JarHead Pat says:

    Sigh,another dipshit.

  6. 2/16 says:

    It seems our friend has already taken down his website.

  7. CLAW131 says:

    What’s up with that Ranger plate on the rear? I know Missouri is a two plate state,but Kansas is a one plate state,but the requirement is to display the plate on the rear. I see no temporary paper registration in the rear window(as in freshly purchased),so I think he’s playing fast and loose with the rules. Typical behavior for a poser.

  8. ArmyATC says:

    Good thing you got screen shots of his clinic page. He’s already pulled it down. He and his wife share a Facebook page, but he has nothing on it. You just know his wife and kids think he was some kinda badass hero Special Forces/Ranger ninja.

    • RetKWpilot says:

      Check my post below. I provided the link to the old website. Karl Monger of GallantFew retrieved it for me and reminded me that nothing is deleted from the internet.

  9. OIF '06-'07-'08 says:

    Another douche down, countless others to go.

  10. Beretverde says:

    Pharmaceuticals? Maybe he partook in some chemicals-then damaged the brain and became this alter ego?
    Nah…looks like your run of the mill phoney phuck who partakes in being a Truth Molester.

  11. RetKWpilot says:

    I’m the neighbor that reported this knucklehead. I met him when I moved into a new house in 2007. From the first meeting his stories started. He was a MP, Ranger, SF Medic, retired Sergeant Major. No reason to doubt the stories initially. He even told me to call him Ranger, it was his nickname. I quickly noticed no post decals on his vehicles causing initial doubt. I attended SERE and deployed to Iraq 4 months after moving the family into the house. Upon redeployment I lived in a RV at Fort Riley came home on weekends then deployed to Iraq again. During occasional meetings, always initiated by him walking down the street to talk to me, the stories grew. He was in Beirut, served alongside the mujahideen in Afghanistan prior to OEF, served in Delta, was hand picked by Richard Marcinko to serve with SEAL Team 6, was a Medic / Sniper, worked for a contractor associated with the CIA as a sniper, and received both Purple Hearts and Bronze Star Medals (even showed me scars on shoulder and knee – a good source told me he cut himself to make the scars). He also stated he received the Olympic gold medal in either Judo or Tai Kwon Do. He actually showed me the medal hanging in his house – the only time I’ve ever been inside that house. An immediate internet search of Olympic team rosters proved this to be false. The final straw occurred when he tried to pin a Navy SEAL Trident on my motorcycle vest (I still have it as proof, and no, I did not wear said badge). He stated SEALs could do this for those they respected. I knew this was total BS as I’ve known a handful of real Navy SEALs. My last tour in the army was as a tactics instructor at the Army’s Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth. This is when I asked Mary at the POW Network for help. She did the FOIA request for the DD214. It took a year to receive the document. After receiving the DD 214 I contacted the Airborne Ranger Training Brigade for the first tab check based on a picture he posted on his business website. Their response – no one by that name had attended or graduated the Ranger Course. I took the pictures of the vanity Ranger Tab license plate and 101st ABN decal. He took down his work website after a discussion approximately two weeks ago (admission of guilt). I contacted the U.S. Army Ranger Association (on his LinkedIn page) and was contacted by Karl Monger, Executive Director of GallantFew, Inc, who provided me with the website and a reminder that nothing is ever deleted from the internet. Here it is: https://web.archive.org/web/20130906130637/http://charlsonclinical.com/aboutus/ This knucklehead has In the last week added a second ranger tab decal to his truck. I’ve also called the ARTB for a second tab check of class 7-79 (he specifically told me two weeks ago that was his class and the picture in his business website). Again, and both are in writing, I was informed he never attended or graduated the Ranger Course. This guy has major mental issues. Who would lie to an active duty army major / lieutenant colonel thinking I would not catch the lies? The only documentation I don’t have is the SF Tab check. It’s been very difficult to obtain this information. I know he never attended selection or the Q Course from his own lies (he was qualified at Fort Sam Houston and Fort Benning). I served three years a Fort Bragg and know better. I just want documentation so I can forward all to the MO AG, IRS, or to an investigative journalist. I know he is lying about his civilian qualifications and has probably made money from his claims which can be charged under the Stolen Valor Act. If someone can help with the SF Tab check, I’d be very appreciative. I’m currently on transition leave for retirement. I have all the time in the world for this. It’s been 7 years and I’m ready for this guy to be caught and rightfully punished by the legal system. Quitting is not in my vocabulary.

    • Prior Victim of this guys scam! says:

      This guy has been scamming like this for the past 27 years. He is a fake and a fraud. He was married prior, was in the military, albeit, not as decorated as he likes to tell people. He lived in Arizona and yes, all those stories, knife wounds, pictures, medals, documents, awards etc., I’ve seen them all and they are 100% fake. When I knew him, he was under investigation by the Phoenix Police Department for Child Abuse for which he FAILED the polygraph and the detective told me if I had children, I should “reconsider” my relationship with him. I immediately went home and changed my locks. The FBI showed up at my door one morning, so I gave them his filing cabinet that he always kept locked and considered myself lucky. I did have an interesting conversation with his mother and sister after all this went down and they both told me he was a bad person, as abuser, a pathological liar and to beware. I was a bit hostile considering they never warned me before, but still felt relieved I got away without too much damage. I found out later that he had tried to buy a car, using me as his “spouse” and trying to use my credit. He left the state, thank god, but I was sure he would continue to live the life of a scammer and a liar and to embellish his military history and record. I always wondered how he could continue with such a history of BS and why no one from the military could step in. I’m sure his current wife and family, if he has one, have no idea. Pathological liars are very convincing and its human nature to believe what someone is telling you. I did, for a short time. I hope someone can stop this guy, for good. He is a disgrace to the military and to his family.

      • Andy Charlson says:

        Interesting post. If this is you, Marlene, you know better. So sad. Please call me to discuss any concerns you have. If I recall, it was you that tried to buy marijuana to set up SFC Schiedam and was under investigation by the KDST (MPI)and you were a police officer. Yes, I told stories. I admit to them all. You have always been an interesting woman. Should we talk about the false statement that had me investigated and your admission to Chris and I that you mother was the one who came up with the story to get me arrested so I would not have joint custody?

      • Your neighbor says:

        Hi Scott,

        I am sorry I disappointed you. If you could assist me in expediting my other two DD 214s, that would be great. The responder, below (Marlene) know this to be true as she was in the Phoenix reserve unit with me. These documents do contain information you may wish to see and post. I have done everything you suggested to get them; however, they are slow in coming. Question: is there a website that discusses your issues? Discusses you discharging a firearm in the city limits of KC one 4th of July, or taking your German Shepard out behind your house and shooting it dead? I believe one is a misdemeanor and the other is a Felony. Is the law enforcement agency you have applied to aware of these events that I have heard of?

      • Your friend says:


        Do you know what slander and Libel are? Your wrote and posted things that are not true. FBI? Gave them a filing cabinet? Changed the locks? Didn’t I change the locks when you walked out on me and the kids to have your affairs? Did you not call me to finish raising our son? Tell me, how is your relationship with our other child? You have a lot of hate in you. Should we discuss you?

      • Fake "everything" says:

        Found this. Apparently he is a pilot and has his own plane.
        Andy Charlson, RN, PhDc, MSM, BSN, CCRA’s Volunteer Experience & Causes

        Pilot and Aircraft Owner

        Pilots for Paws
        Animal Welfare

        August 2012 – present (2 years 3 months)

        Provide air transportation for rescue dogs as needed or able.

        Provides Personal Plane Use as Needed / Able

        Angel Flight Soars, Inc.

        August 2012 – present (2 years 3 months)

        Providing air transportation to patients and their families to healthcare facilities throughout the continental United States at no cost to them.

  12. RetKWpilot says:

    I am retired now. You will get no assistance from me whatsoever, as you have proved yourself to be totally lacking in honor, integrity, and truthfulness. I know you never attended the U.S. Army Ranger School. I’ve contacted the school twice (2 years apart). Both NCOs checked for your name based on the ranger class photo (I sent them the link to your website) you posted to your work website. There is no green card on file meaning you never attended the ranger course, little alone graduate. Would you like for me to post both emails here? Three former SEALS called me when I first checked into your background to inform me you were not a SEAL and went on to state that you had never even attempted BUD/S. I used the internet to discover you never won an Olympic gold medal in Karate / Tae Kwon Do / whatever (remember my cousin was with me that day and helped to look through the Olympic rosters). I’m currently awaiting word from the JFK Special Warfare Center at Fort Bragg on your Special Forces medic training (you know, the training you told me you received at Fort Sam Houston and Fort Benning). FYI, SF Selection and the Q Course are conducted at Fort Bragg, NC. Check your facts before you lie. As for your claims of receiving the bronze star medal and the Purple Heart, the military is creating a database of these awards so phonies can be caught. Besides your false claims, I’ve seen the pictures of your son holding the medals at your house with an amusing caption. Why did you take your website down? Admission of guilt and possible Stolen Valor Act 2013 violations? Your website is still out there. In fact, it was forwarded to me with the assistance of the U.S. Ranger Association and GallantFew.org (nothing ever disappears from the internet -to include this post). Law enforcement has been contacted. As for the dog incident, both my 3 yr old daughter and I were attacked by him. There are records proving this fact and the appropriate authorities were notified. That was over 7 years ago. Nice try. Is Marlene the ex wife who you told me you assaulted and lost your security clearance and military police MOS? Wasn’t she a United States Air Force Officer? That’s what you told me, but I just don’t know what to believe anymore. I’m glad you finally did the right thing and removed your ranger decal, ranger vanity plate, and the 101st decal from your truck. Did you do the same with your motorcycle helmet?

    • RetKWpilot says:

      I found out the truth, mainly because you couldn’t help yourself and kept up with the lies that became more and more unbelievable. You fooled me initially. Not again. I served in the United States Army for over 27 years honorably. I take great pride in my accomplishments and the friendships I’ve made with other service members over the years. I’ve met real heroes, from MoH recipients to just regular joes doing their jobs under extraordinary circumstances. All served with honor, integrity, courage, loyalty, and selfless service. They never sought out the spot light or to be the center of attention. They are heroes for what their country called upon them to do. You lied. I found out. You were called out. It appears you may be trying to fix it. I do not wish any further contact with you.

      • oh there's more says:

        This man is working as an RN in Kansas City,MO. He is claiming he invented the Spiriva inhaler, is a pilot, a sniper, a special forces officer, is a ” trauma specialist” and a house supervisor when in actuality he is a staff nurse. There is more Info and I have some questions .. Was kind of hoping you could guide me in the right direction, I promise I’m not a creep, just a professional who values their job and was hoping you would be able to provide me with a way to contact you more privately-email?other suggestions? I don’t even know if you are still ‘working’ on this but if you are.. I’ll check back here and hope you have replied.

  13. Marlene says:

    Just letting all of you know – I am the “Marlene” in the previous posts. Today is the first time I have ever heard of this website, thanks to a phone call from a stranger. I am not “Prior Victim of this guys scam!” and Andy you really should have called me or emailed me to find this out before posting derogatory lies about me. I have moved on, forgotten about the things you did in your past and haven’t looked back. Don’t pretend you know anything about my life or who I am. I don’t appreciate you dragging my name into your mess. Haven’t you done enough harm?

  14. Big Steve says:

    Andy… good God, man. You are possibly the most delusional and extreme liar I have read about yet.
    And this pic of you. What the hell are you? The leader of the “pride” parades there in KC??

  15. Green Thumb says:

    A truly “Phildoesque” dude.