Randy Abbott; more Marine embellishment

| August 20, 2014

Randy Abbott

(Marshall Rand) Randy Abbott is a paralyzed former Marine who teaches other paralyzed people, especially veterans, how to surf despite their condition. That’s laudable enough especially if you add to the story that he was mugged a few weeks back and someone stole his surfboards. But that’s where his trouble began. The media picked up on that story;

Randy Abbott gets around in a wheelchair, paralyzed from the waist down. But that hasn’t prevented him from surfing three or four times a week. You see, it wasn’t that long ago doctors told him he would never surf again after a back surgery went terribly wrong.

After spending fourteen years as a Marine Corps recon scout sniper, Abbott’s body got pretty banged up. When he got out of the service he needed back surgery. But during that surgery his spinal cord ended up getting accidentally severed, leaving him paralyzed.

Another article says that he joined at 16 years old;

The kid who enlisted in the Marines at age 16 — and carved waves in Indonesia, Todos Santos and Mavericks before a 2007 back surgery gone bad cost him the use of his legs — has rolled a long way toward acceptance of life’s cruel uncertainties.

Some folks have told me that he’s not really paralyzed, that he uses the wheelchair because of pain from an operation he had in 2007 which doctors botched badly. I’m no doctor, so I won’t go there. But military records I do know;



He served about 7 years, not 14. He joined the Marines in 1984 which made him 19 (I redacted his birth date, so trust me) not 16 when he joined. He refueled vehicles, not as Recon Marine, but as a fuelman. So his operation being the result of the years that he spent jumping from airplanes and helicopters, busting brush and being the most Marine he could be is pretty much BS. He had the operation 17 years after he got out from running a Marine Corps gas station. Not that there’s anything wrong with that – unless you try to tell folks that you’re some kind of trained killer that the Marines used up and threw away.

But it was the article about the stolen surf boards that brought him to the attention of some folks who call themselves “A Buncha Damn Cowboys”. They say they’re members of the Scout Sniper and Marine Recon community and they get all of the credit for this research. I figure that I’d better credit them so they don’t come in the night. But they’re the ones who are upset most about this.

Oh, yeah, here’s a speech he gave at a Travis Manion Charity Run;




And his obligatory Scout Sniper tattoo that proves everything I’ve said about him is a lie;


ADDED: So, Randy wanted me to call him .

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  1. Jerry says:

    What happen with this POS??? The Training Facility is closed, the dogs are gone, all the crates, kennels, blankets towels and everything else that was donated is GONE.
    He never appologized to the surfcommunity, friends, veterans. He destroyed lifes, peoples careers and some are financially ruined. And he doesn’t care about it, gets a new van so he can travel around. He just cares about himself even so much that he is back on Facebook again. He has even people who support him and think he didn’t do anything legally wrong. He is going on lying as usual and making fun of the people he hurt so much.
    I would not be suprised if he travels and over the next years find “a miracle” and walks again. SHAME on you, you scumbag!

  2. Randy says:

    To address your concerns and a lot of your incorrect statements. Yes I shut down the facility. For your information so you can get the facts correct. The Kennels I paid for personally, the crates I paid for personally. I have the reciets to prove it. The blankets and towels I gave away, donated. The crates that were lent to me I gave back. Just for the record, I never received any donation for the facility, not one donation. People have spent a lot of time trying to say I did but I did not. The monthly rent I paid for myself #2,100.00 a month for a year. That’s $25,000.00 total for rent, plus $125.00 for utilities a month, that’s another $1,500.00. Plus dog food monthly $1,300.00 for the year.
    All the renovation on the facility I paid for, I have the receits and bank records for all this. No donation or contributions from anyone.
    You state I destroyed people lives, careers and that they are financially ruined, name one person who’s career I ruined, or who I ruined financially. There is none. For the record everything was funded by myself personally, Theresa M. spent a lot of time trying to prove otherwise and came up with nothing, along with a lot of other people and they came up with nothing becuase I funded it all. For the record I have appoligies and if you did not hear this I appoligies to you now for my dishonesty and in anyway it hurt you. I have not been making fun of this matter or anyone that got hurt by my dishonesty, I have reached out to everyone that was willing to listen and made appoligies.
    You seem to think you know alot about me, you say I purchased a new van, no its a 2000 used van not new. Since you know this I assume you live in southern California. I do not know what purchasing a vehicle has anything to do with this.
    OH and yes it has hand controls on it like my other vehicle does. If you are who I think you are(T.M) you already know this seeing how you have driven with me on numerous occations.Or maybe you are the freind of my EX Wife who is using this sight to lets say be an EX Wife.
    The dogs that were at the facility all found loving caring homes, I made sure of this.
    And to address your concerns one more time. I am not going around lying, what I did and how it hurt people does bother me deeply and I am truly sorry for my actions and how they effected people. I personally reached out to Mark at Global Risk and appoligised to him and asked him to spread the word to the snipper community. And again to anyone reading this I appoligies for my actions.
    I have reached out to the surfing community and apoligies.
    I did not recieve any money from anyone for my surfboards.
    All the whheelchairs that I purchased for kids in need over the years I personnaly paid for and I have the reciets and bank records to prove it. Any events that I put on for children with disabilities, I paid for and again have the reciets and bank records to prove it. Seeing as you know so much about me or think you do (Jerry) you probally have my phone number. Why don’t you call me and I can put you in touch with my attorney and he will be more than glad to st down and show you all this. Yes all the reciets and bank statements showing that everything was paid for by ME. And he can show you my medical records from four different medical facilities on the West Coast that will address your concern of me been paralyzed. You might find this part interesting, you see I have a lot of there medical conditions that I deal with daily that go along with having a spinal cord injury. I did not know you were a doctor.
    You are correct, I lied about my military service, but the rest of your statement is incorrect. If you are so concerned with being honest yourself and getting the fact correct, I suggest you do your research. Otherwise what you are stating would not be honest know would it.
    To anyone on this sight reading this, I appoligies to you for my dishonesty and for anyway it may have hurt you.



    • Green Thumb says:


    • J. K. says:

      WOW! Did not know all this. I don’t know why but the thought of you ran thru me just now and I googled your name and all this stuff popped up. Interesting how life works. I helped take care of you after a replacement of the nerve/pain device you had implanted in your body in 06 I think. I remember you had many people care for you that believed in you and truly cared. It saddens me to know I believed you and your military background, my question; is WHY? Why would you lie about such a profound and Honorable status you had no right to claim. I don’t know about the kennel and dog stuff so I cannot comment on that. As far as your injury, I ran into you in Oceanside,February maybe, at the beach, you had just been in the water with your friends, I thought I knew you, it had been years though. Huh! I guess alot of people thought they knew you. Well I do know from personal experience spine surgery takes it toll and is not something to take lightly. Well it looks as if your journey in life now is repairing your wrongs. At least you have started Randy. I guess why I posted this, my cousin lost his life in the military, Army,Vietnam, he received a purple heart, He is a true hero.

    • ArmyATC says:

      Well, shitbag. You used your disability and false claims of service in your lies. That pisses me off more than you can imagine. Being a disabled veteran confined to a wheelchair, your lies hit close to home. I work hard to stop the stigma of the poor broken veteran and then assholes like you use your disabilities to make it worse. I don’t believe for a minute any of the shit you said above. You’re a liar and scum. Go fuck yourself.

    • Janie says:

      Dude, learn how to fucking spell. I’m embarrassed for you.

  3. Larry says:

    The shit bag has his Facebook page up and running again under the name Randy Abbott.

  4. Theresa M says:

    The following statement is not accurate:

    “Theresa M spent a lot of time trying to prove otherwise and came up with nothing”


    • Janie says:

      Randy is NOT paralyzed! Per the attorney representing the attending doctor and hospital he sued for malpractice, Randy NEVER claimed to be paralyzed! Rather, he lives with such pain, using a chair is less painful. However, per the attorney, “if Randy’s house were on fire, he could run out the door”.
      Motherfucker shit bag will never stop lying!

  5. Larry says:

    For starters this is the correct spelling of the word RECEIPT ! You illiterate piece of lying SHIT!!!
    How dare you say you have not harmed anyone by your actions and lies!
    Have you forgotten your stories that you fabricated in your sick mind proclaiming your fictitious acts of heroism such as visiting the parents of the poor fellow Recon Marine that saved your life in battle?
    The list goes on Randy, what about the poor horse rescue group the you completely shit on?
    How dare you act like a victim, you live in a fantasy world where no one else matters except your pathetic ass! The true American heroes that have actually became disabled defending our country are the ones that you continue shit on!!!! You psycho bastard !!!!

  6. Theresa M says:

    RA – 4 things.

    1. Why did you advertise yourself as a non-profit if you were paying for everything? Your statements lead everyone to believe you never asked for money.

    Articles like this stating you were having fundraisers gave everyone the impression you were…. having fundraisers


    2. Motives for presenting yourself as a Marine Sniper, going as far as to tattoo it on your side- Why?

    This article states you spent 14 years as a sniper, what would the motive be?


    3. The disability. I cannot and will not comment on the level of this. The media (and you) allowed everyone to believe your spinal cord had been severed.


    Maybe that wasn’t YOU writing the article, but SOMEONE authorized that photo to be used (as a reminder, I was threated with a cease and desist on the website seeking information about your nonexistent NonProfit The View from 42 for using that same photo).

    4. Claims of PTSD –

    “All rescued horses are trained by Randy Abbott. He served with the First Recon Battalion Sniper Platoon and also has PTSD.”


    Every time you lie or embellish your personal story, it is an insult. You are a shame to Marine Corps veterans.

    Had you been honest and upfront about your limitations, the entire community you alienated would have gladly backed this nonprofit, and helped you every step of the way. It would have been a great cause. You could have really helped the same veterans you continue to piss off.

    Had you not been (allegedly) robbed, none of this would have been exposed. This did not happen overnight, this had been going on a long time.

  7. Green Thumb says:

    It appears “Wheelchair” Randy here is stepping up his game for the tourney.

  8. joel snodgrass says:

    I came across this dirtbag a number of years ago. I in fact handed him a copy of his dd214 , he was getting into Andys car. Prior to handing his DD214 to him i showed it to several members of a community of good guys so they would not be taken in by his lies..WHEN RANDY SAYS IT WAS HIS MONEY , THAT IS A LIE. He took money from anyone who he could scam, from a minimum wage guy ( Paul) working nights at Wal-Mart to a Retired Banker (Doug) . Both very good guys in there own right.
    Randy is the guy who beats up a woman and then stab himself and punch himself before the cops get there, and somehow gets away with it. I can name numerous folks he scammed out of money.
    I have always said you want to know who a guy really is, ask his kids. Randy accused me of a witch hunt several years ago when I exposed him to the community or group we attended.
    He also claimed 30,000 jumps in his career, so he must have jumped in and out of planes every day for 10 years. Bottom line …. He is a piece of shit, that got fired from his job and started im a disabled Hero crap. Watch him get in and out of a car when he doesn’t think anyone’s watching, Paralyzed… more like a pair of lies . Disgusting POS ! My name is Joel Snodgrass, 760-520-XXXX. No forgiveness for him until he shows up with Money to pay back the folks he did steal from .. oh what about the folks that loaned him money for his last wedding.. He should just eat a bullet and be done.

  9. Larry says:

    Want a good laugh? Go to Rand Abbott on Facebook and see photos of the shitbird rock climbing ,using his legs and knees to hold himself away from the cliff!
    Must be a miracle? He has found a whole new group of people to bullshit!