George Ferrier; Vietnam phony

| August 23, 2014

George Ferrier

Scotty sends us his work on George Ferrier, a fellow who claims that he’s been wounded 3 times, twice in Vietnam. He also claims that he was a POW in Afghanistan – a long and storied career, huh? The National Personnel Records Center claims that they’ve never heard of him, but I think they’re wrong on this one. Looking at that photo above, I don’t think anyone would take a portrait as a dirtbag SP4 with a dirtbag haircut in the 2d Infantry Division without having been there. But here’s what he claims to have earned;

George Ferrier rack

George Ferrier POW

He claims that he has three Purple Hearts, but that rack shows four (the ribbon is one and each star represents one more), so I don’t think he spent enough time in the Army to know that. He also claims that he was a POW in Afghanistan – there has only been one POW of the Afghanistan War and you all know his name – and it’s not George Ferrier.

He says that he joined the Army in 1965, but that picture of him he admits was taken in the 70s. So he spent about ten years in and only made it to E-4? The picture also doesn’t show any Vietnam Service medals. His Southwest Asia Theater Service Medal shows one service star, that’s not likely unless he arrived after Desert Storm, for Operation Provide Comfort, but he has the Saudi Defense Medal which doesn’t include the time frame for Operation Provide Comfort – so its one or the other, George, not both. And there’s no Kuwait Liberation Medal on his rack.

He goes on to claim that he went to Vietnam in 1976 – well, he was the only one there, apparently, because the rest of the US Army left in May, 1975.

George Ferrier Purple Hearts

So, here’s the FOIA;

George Ferrier FOIA

Here’s what I think happened; He enlisted in the Army during the Vietnam War and went to Korea, when the war was over he felt guilty about missing it, so he made up a story. He may have stayed in the Guard, but didn’t deploy.

While the FOIA appears to be in error, he tells enough bullshit stories to bust himself even without a FOIA.

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  1. Combat Historian says:

    Korea was plenty hot during 1965-68; he should have been proud of his service there and left well enough alone, instead of beclowing himself with these idiotic claims…

  2. John "Faker 6" Giduck says:

    I like this guy. Mildly unverifiable, survivor of fake conflicts, doesn’t tell tales that gets him on Shipley’s radar, and clearly enjoys the nuances of donuts. All he needs is a book filled with lies and he could be an aesthetically challenged version of me.

    I need to get George Ferrier on the Archangel Group payroll and into a commercial one week military style adventure camp in Russia. Maybe one day he could be an Anti-SEAL trainer like me


    John “Faker 6” Giduck

  3. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Wotta QUEEF!!

  4. Fully Loaded says:

    I knew I recognized that name! He had a Building on Fort Ritchie named after his meritorious service. Actually it was just a stall at the Post Gym’s latrine! Actually come to think of it, I saw his name on the Sanitary Napkin collection box in that particular stall.

    Having served at Fort Ritchie I can assure you that he mention of working Camp David is also bullshit! NO ONE went to Camp David from Fort Ritchie nor did I ever hear of a detail sent to Camp David except for a squad of Navy Seabees that were housed there during my service. IF he ever actually was at Fort Ritchie he probably worked at Site R. Never saw a Sanitary Napkin collection box there with his name on so that neither cannot be verified.

  5. Climb to Glory says:

    Bringing shame to the Sham Shield. Turd. Jonn really loves him some Spec 4s. I’m sure he had a good time busting this turd.

  6. Andy says:

    Man this is like the reverse of those guys that claim to have served in Vietnam, but when you do the math, they were too young to have joined. Now we have these guys who damn near look like they should be drawing Social Security claiming service in the War on Terror.
    As for the three devices on the Purple Heart, I’m guising he has forgotten, or just simply doesn’t know how that all works. Hell, when I was a brand new E-1 I thought you put a ribbon on for each and every award. So if you had 2 or 3 of one award you wore that many ribbons. Yea, it’s scary how much you didn’t know when you first joined.
    As for no records returned from the FOIA, well like Jonn said, that’s a pretty rough, but legit looking picture. So let’s flip a coin, heads, they just missed the records on the first pass, tails, it’s really a picture of a blood relative that he looks like and he’s a never served.
    Call it….

  7. Sparks says:

    Can’t get a good blow up shot of the rack but is that a Legion Of Merit ahead of his 4 Purple Hearts?

    • Andy says:

      yup, and I’m pretty sure that’s a ARCOM with V sandwiching in the Purple Heart. Guess just a ARCOM with V is better than the guys that claim a fist full of Silver and Bronze stars with a Distinguished Cross topping it off.

    • CLAW131 says:

      Sure looks like a LOM to me too,Sparks. But I’m loving the Arrowhead Devices on three separate ribbons (must have air/ground assaulted a doughnut shop in three different countries) and the 8th award of the Good Conduct Medal. But if he was a IBM 360 Computer Qualified Door Gunner(Ha)where’s the Air Medal with laptop device? But fail altogether with no Army Gay Pride Ribbon(ASR)being displayed.

  8. Jonn Lilyea says:

    His birthday was in 1955, so he’s my age – too young for Vietnam, so he got the NDSM because he was on the tailend of the Vietnam eligibility period (it ended in Aug. 1974). But he claims that he enlisted in 1965, when he was 10 years old. I guess Johnson was getting desperate for draftees. I don’t know how I avoided it.

    • Flagwaver says:

      Oh, you underage draft dodger, you.

    • CLAW131 says:

      Jonn,maybe it was one of those “You must be this tall to go on this ride” rules that disqualified you.(Smile).

    • streetsweeper says:

      I thought the eligibilty period ran until 03AUG75…

      • streetsweeper says:

        Vietnam Period:

        August 5, 1964 (Feb. 28, 1961, for veterans who served “in country” before Aug. 4, 1964) to May 7, 1975. The Mayaquez, Khon Tong Island, Cambodia 03AUG1975 last battle for US troops.

        Elegibility for the NDSM Vietnam: 01JAN1961 – 14AUG1974

    • GDContractor says:

      His bio says he bred cattle before he enlisted. If he was breeding cattle at age 9 that is impressive. I would have figured goats, but maybe he was tall for his age.

      • CLAW131 says:

        There are about ten different breeds of mini cattle. Most only are only 36-48 inches tall at maturity. My favorites are Belted Galloways (Oreo cows) and Pandas. The cutest are the Mini-Jerseys.

      • Instinct says:

        Maybe he used a footstool to get up high enough to mount them, though I would hate to see what the offspring from this douche and a cow would look like.

  9. Mario says:

    “…Now we have these guys who damn near look like they should be drawing Social Security claiming service in the War on Terror…”

    Could happen, I was in Vietnam, 1969 with the 11th ACR and Iraq, 2004 with the 124th Cav, 36th ID, TXARNG and today, “drawing Social Security.”

    • Andy says:

      True Mario. Back in 2005 when my unit from 1ID was finishing up OIF II, we were finishing up the transfer of authority for our AOR and FOB and I met a National Guard LtCol that had South Vietnamese jump wings on his DCUs. You should of see the look on the faces of the other Sgts that were with me when I looked at him and asked “So, when did you do your tour in Vietnam sir?” They thought I was making a crack about how old he looked. He laughed, probably because I was one of the few people that he didn’t have to explain why he had a pair of jump wings on the RIGHT side of his uniform.

    • T1B says:


      “Golpeo Rapidamente!” I was in A troop, 1-124 CAV 1997 to 1999. While a member of 3BCT, 4th ID in Iraq in 2011, I had the privalige of serving with several Mars Men when 36th ID took over MND-S.

    • LIRight says:


      1967-1968 RVN, “I” Troop 3/11 Cav., 2nd Plt. Pretty busy back then.

      Kind regards.

    • Michael says:

      We had a couple of Vietnam vets with us in ’04-’05 (278 ACR TN NG). A mechanic and an intel guy. I think there were a few more with the regiment.

    • AdamsSamoa says:

      478 CA BN (A) commo NCOIC was an old 18E who served in Vietnam… OIF 2…. guy was damn good too….

    • 3/17 Air Cav says:

      Looking at the picture of him as “Ricky Rescue” (By the way I love that name) this guy looks bad even if he was a Vietnam Vet. Definitely has not aged well! Hell, if he said he was a Korean War vet I’d believe it based on that photo.

  10. NHSparky says:

    I also like that Legion of Merit up top, considering the only people I’ve ever seen those on is an O-6 or above.

    • Andy says:

      maybe he got (gave himself) a commission? That always makes for a good story. Enlisting, then becoming a ossifer.

    • CLAW131 says:

      NH, they hand them out to Senior NCOs too. CSM (Combat Tour Avoiding) Teresa King received one as an end of career award at her retirement ceremony.

      • NHSparky says:

        Should have clarified. Meant Navy, but even then you’re probably right in that a Fleet/Force Master Chief may get one on retirement, but even that isn’t a sure thing.

  11. ArmyATC says:

    Tan shirt, no Army “Gay Pride” ribbon. NDSM. Could be he joined at the end of the Vietnam Era, mid 70s. I particularly loved the part about deploying to Vietnam as a door gunner. The part that really got me laughing was joining the Pa Guard as a door gunner. I must have missed that MOS. I get the feeling he joined after or at the end of the Vietnam War for one hitch, maybe did a single enlistment with the Guard but never deployed. Now he’s jealous that he never went to war and is making up tall tales to soothe his fragile ego.

    • CLAW131 says:

      ATC,back in the day (my era),the MOS for a school trained Door Gunner was 67A1F.

      • ArmyATC says:

        Right. Aircraft maintenance who were on flight status. There is no distinct “Door Gunner” MOS.

        • CLAW131 says:

          Yep,Aviation Maintenance Apprentices. They went through the first five weeks of basic maintenance classes like every body did, then instead of going on to either UH-1,AH-1,CH-47,OH-6,etc, they went to three more weeks of Aerial Gunnery Techniques/M60 MG upkeep and off to Viet Nam they went. My AIT for 67N was 11 weeks,3days,so those 67A1Fs beat us to Nam by three weeks. 11 of us from my 67N class of 12 went to RVN. One fellow was not yet 18 so he got orders for Alaska.

          • 3/17 Air Cav says:

            Claw…….The first crew chief I flew with must have missed the M60 maintence class. After leaving the bush and being assigned to the Air Cav as a door gunner, I was cleaning my two 60’s . A crew chief who was flying as a gunner came up to me and asked for my help in cleaning his 60’s. He had the piston in the gas port in backwards. Plus, rust had formed around the piston. I. Had to pound it out with a hammer and screwdriver!

            • CLAW131 says:

              3/17,that was probably a good indication of why he was being kept as a gunner instead of a crew chief.Nothing worse than having the 42 or 90 degree gearbox freeze up in mid flight from lack of lubrication. We had guys whose MOS’s were Gunners as Chiefs,Chiefs who were kept as Gunners,11B’s who were both Chiefs and Gunners and Maintenance Team people. It really all depended on your abilities and whether you could be trusted to perform your duties. It also sounds like the unit Armorer wasn’t doing his job either.

        • jonp says:

          Wrong. 32878SW (Star Wars) is a door gunner on a space capable vehicle, any, including manned re-entry modules as long as the gunner is also qualified to wear a fire suit.

  12. Since there’s no official information on George Ferrier in the files of the National Personnel Records Center, then obviously, that must be somebody else’s photograph that he’s using.

  13. The Other Whitey says:

    I’m loving this asshole’s Ricky Rescue pic in front of his volunteer engine with his open structure coat over his fucking cardigan. Plus a red helmet–he’s a fucking captain? Really? Based on his other bullshit claims, I’m guessing this loser has probably hung around his small, oversight-free volunteer company for so long that he was able to self-promote while claiming “seniority” or some such crap. Happens a lot in small volunteer organizations, unfortunately. He probably drives a large red truck with so many dumbshit Fire/EMS Ricky Rescue stickers on the back that it looks like a NASCAR vehicle, probably has a shit-ton of Vietnam vet stickers on whatever tiny amount of open space was left. Bet it looks great in the parking lot of the local porn shop!

    This guy gives volunteer firefighters a bad name (some of them already do a great job of that on their own, without this poser’s help). Yeah, I’ll bet this lying sack of shit is a real pillar of his community. I don’t know why, but volunteer fire departments (some of which are actually pretty decent) seem to attract fucktards like this. And the smaller the organization, the more prominent the dickbag will likely become within it.

  14. nbcguy54 says:

    On Scotty’s page it shows he graduated hs in 63 and Ft Ben in 68. Maybe his bd was 45 not 55, which puts him at 18 when he graduated hs. Doesn’t help his claim of joining in 65 though.

  15. Mario says:


    If I remember correctly, we rounded ya’ll out in 02 during a rotation at NTC.

  16. Binhtuy66 says:

    I’ll vouch for him. He was captured at a bar several miles out of Fort Ord during the basic trainee lock down during 1965 re: meningitis scare. What a joke.

  17. AirCav says:

    I was one of the ‘lucky ones’. Enlisted Feb. 1974, turned 18 at Ft. Hood in Nov. Yep, I’m a peace time veteran.

    I have never understood why low lifes insist on stealing valor: They have to know they will be discovered. This idiot, shaming my beloved Sham Shield, needs to be brought down …hard!

    To my brothers and sisters in arms, past and present, I salute you, the real heroes. Welcome home to all who served in a theater of combat.