James Edward Holt, Jr.; Marine electronics sniper phony

| August 24, 2014

James Holt

Scotty sends us his work on this fellow, James Holt who claims that he trained as an electronics and communications guy in the Marines. After his very expensive training in that field, he became a sniper, he says. Nixon formed the unit, but Gerald Ford employed them. Somewhere, sometime. At first, he claimed that he served from 1975 – 1979 and got out as a Staff Sergeant. That’s mighty quick.

James Holt claims1

But, he’s also been known to tell folks that he retired in 1999;

James Holt claims

You know, even though he can’t even spell Camp LeJeune;

James Holt can't spell

The Marine Corps says “Who?”

James Holt FOIA

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  1. jonp says:

    I was a Paratrooper and trained as a Commo Operator. My obvious skills at death dealing led Delta Force to pluck me from my typewriter and drop me into hellholes around the world but those missions are still classified so his story is totally believable.

  2. John D says:

    These guys are getting to be as regular as twice a day bowel movements.

    Smell like it too.

  3. Hack Stone says:

    Finally! We get a genuine Marine Corps comnunications poser. In all of the time that I have been visiting TAH, I believe that this may be the second USMC comm valor thief. I wonder if he has the MCCES motto tattooed somewhere on is body? I know that all of you are dying to learn what it is, it is “The key to success in battle is effective communications”. And that is why everyone in the fleet hates comm pukes.

    • Just an Old Dog says:

      James “Manse” Towery was a Comm Guy too. He was the Twat waffle who claimed 15 deployments and 2 purple hearts.
      A little birdie got on 2nd Tanks face book ( where he was in Comm) and dropped a dime on him.
      The local news busred his ass wide open.

    • James says:

      I’m still searching for the BMET/Sniper. BMET = Biomedical Equipment Technician. We can repair medical equipment, sharpen scalpels, and shoot the eyes out of a turkey any day of the week and still make it to happy hour.

  4. streetsweeper says:

    And so, there I was moving right along mowing and trimming the First Sergeants precious green lawn when out of nowhere, a real mean looking special forces officer comes along and liking my grass blade straightening skills, yanks me up on my feet tells me to come with him then turns me into a low drag, high speed air assault lawn mower operater. Some lawn mowing missions are still classified, too.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      Oh, really? Well, lemme tell you this: NO SHIT, THERE I WAS, just a Private still in Basic, doing leaf-raking detail, just wanting to work like hell to keep from getting “smoked”, having NO IDEA I was being watched very closely. Suddenly out of nowhere came a Drill Sergeant screaming “PRIVATE DIDDIT, that almost meets the standard, NOW HURRY UP and get on Police Call or I’ll make you to beat your face until you TURN TO DUST!!”
      Faster than the speed of light I was there,silent but deadly, NO piece of litter anywhere was safe from me…

      • Hondo says:

        Sounds like the experience is “seared” into your memory, Proud Infidel. Did it happen in a place we weren’t supposed to be under circumstances that would have required time travel? (smile)

      • Climb to Glory says:

        Proud, you must’ve caught the PTS from your experiences.

      • Sparks says:

        While I don’t usually get into the family aspects of these guys I did look at his Facebook page. I am not a coward nor usually given to unreasonable fears but some of the family photos…really, really scared me. Just MHO here.

        • Dave Hardin says:

          Spend 4 minutes and watch this. I want this coward to tell his story of fake regret to Steve. Then I want to hear him say it to me. I feel for his family but there is no reason to fear the likes of him.

          • Sparks says:

            Dave Hardin…Thanks for the post, however, I was being tongue in cheek. I don’t fear any ass clown like him. I was speaking, in an attempt at humor, about “another” member of his family.

            • W2 says:

              I checked the FB page and it’s a bunch of recipes (it should be some info on PT).

            • ArmyATC says:

              I saw the pic you’re talking about. Is that silly broad wearing two infantry cords or is that some sort of ROTC thing?

    • Ranger11bv says:


      You will LOVE this vid!!! 🙂


  5. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Wow, a Commo wizard turned Sniper. That’s like a RaDIoTeLePhOnE OpErAtOr suddenly morphed into a sooperdooperseekritsqwirrel Ranger-SF Trail ASSassin!!

  6. NHSparky says:

    There I was in Power School one bright and sunny Orlando day, hand grenade one one side of me, scoop of Uranium on the other, big ball of duct tape in the middle.

    Then some guy pins a SEAL Trident on me and tells me I have to pull some guy named Petty Officer Shipley out of some shit situation he got himself in.

    So I do, head back, and wouldn’t you fucking know it? Section Advisor puts me on Mando Hours for two weeks for shorting study hours. Prick.

  7. Scotty says:

    He decided to block me on F/B instead of sending his dd-214. He’s finding out now that I don’t disappear that easy.

  8. Hondo says:

    God must love fools. He made so many of them.

  9. Ex-PH2 says:

    Decidedly declass fellow.

    Still sobbing over people he couldn’t bring home, when he was never there.

    Such a declass act. I am, indeed, moved.

    • 10thMountainMan says:

      Makes sense, I still have flashbacks of wars I was never in. Hamburger Hill, forest moon of endor, that battle from “Thin Red Line”, and all those “lives” I lost in all those videogames in the 90’s.

    • Ranger11bv says:

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  10. ArmyATC says:


  11. ArmyATC says:

    Turd. Is it just the photo or is that guys face really as red as a monkey’s ass?

  12. 10thMountainMan says:

    We gonna get this guy’s phone number or what?

    • Hack Stone says:

      You don’t need his phone number. If you need to avail yourself of his services, he will contact you. He is that good. Sort if like The A-Team, but he carries a radio.

  13. Green Thumb says:

    He could always get a job with that pussy Jerry Vroombout and his “complicit” boss, Mike, at Titan Electric Southeast down there in Florida.


    I love the threat in the facebook comment.

    What a tool.

  14. SJ says:

    I’m guessing “Director of Engineering at The Waynesville Inn” is a fancy title for maintenance guy? Seems a pattern to embellish. Nothing wrong with being the maintenance guy – they keep the place running and the clients paying.

  15. Azygos says:

    Sounds like he never got over Macho Grande.

  16. stlview says:

    So, in the late 70s, 2811 (Telephone/Switchboard Repairman) was not a feeder MOS for 2861 (Radio Technician). Only 2841 (Field Radio Repairman) was a feeder for 2861, as I recall. 2811 could go on to become a Tech Controller (I think that was a 2822 – I guess the real name for 2822 was Electronic Switching Equipment Technician, but no, it was not an “entry level” MOS, thank you very much Military Yearbook Project). And just because you may have attended the Technician Theory Course (TTC) at MCCES, you didn’t magically become a 2861. To become a 2861, you had to get through TTC and complete the Radio Technician Course (RTC), which, all together was about another 6 months of your life you were not out in the field.

    While promotions to staff sergeant in the 2800 field were much faster than other MOSs at that time, there’s just no way someone made staff sergeant in 4 years. Not no way, not no how. The time in grade needed at that time was at least 4 years. It wasn’t like there was anything resembling battlefield promotions during that time period. And even if he was $#!t hot and did end up with meritorious promotions along the way, he would have STILL had to wait four years.

    And the Scout Sniper claim? Kind of tough to bolster that when one of the requirements for 8541 is to come from an infantry MOS. Sorry, the “ground” in Ground Field Electronics doesn’t qualify as infantry.

    Plenty of people served proudly in the 2800/5900 fields, starting their journey at MCCES (San Diego or 29 Palms, depending on when). I thought I had heard the last of the “C&E Puke” phrase when I retired in 97. I guess some things and people never change.

    • Hack Stone says:

      You are correct, Ground Radio Repairman (2841) fed into Ground Radio Technician (2861). Radio repair usually had a relatively fast promotion track (present company excepted due to my dickheaded maintenance officer). The Technical Controllers (2823) could come from any MOS in the 2800 field. I was a 2861, CWO5 USMC was a crypto tech before going Tech Control, then going over to the dark side. I have also seen telephone repairman, radio repair and a few satellite van repairmen/techs pick up 2823. I have pulled 2841/2823 duty on the Division side, and at 1st and 2nd ELMACO. I hated ELMACO. Most of the command is made up of whiny bitches who think that they are the greatest thing to hit communications since Marconi, and honestly believe that they are the smartest guy in the Marine Corps.

      • Just an Old Dog says:

        ELMACO and dem’ type guys.
        I was during an Air Show with my unit at El Toro in 1985 and we were breaking in the BCS (Battery Computer System) at the time so we had a display set up.
        I had two fresh faced Air wingers Show up, both Sergeants with probably about 2 years and change in at the most. One of them was a Wookie and they had some ROTC types they were showing around. They proceeded to point at my computer and tell their audience how it computed weather data to assist air traffic controllers and all it could do for he wing.
        I let them go on for about 15 minutes, They were doing a question and answer period and finally one of The ROTC girls asked me what I thought about the system. I then told them it had jack shit to do wth weather or the air wing and it was used to compute artillery firing data. The ROTC guys were laughing their ass off as they lefty the display.

        • Hack Stone says:

          1985? Any chance that they were contract Corporals?

          Speaking of ROTC, mid 1990s when I was at 9th Comm Bn, we were doing an exercise on Pendleton, and some Junior ROTC “Marines” came out to see what we were doing. We had a 2500 LCpl (for his benefit, I can’t recall his name), and he was saluting the JROTC students (high school students). The command sent him back to barracks until the JROTC left.

          • Just an Old Dog says:

            Not sure if they were or not.
            I remember that when I was in Quantico in 1986 the program was in place.
            We had about 4 guys in our platoon that enlisted under the program. Needless to say, it went over like a fart in church. There were clauses in the contract that certain things would viod the promotion. A good 75% of the Marines I knew did not get the promotion on time. I sort of felt bad for them because if they had been allowed to mature over the regular ammount of time they probably would have made in, no problem.
            Instead there would be witch hunts by the command to get them a page 11 or NJP so they couldr pick it up.

    • Ranger11bv says:

      Ill post this on his FACEBOOK page!!!! 🙂

  17. Just an Old Dog says:

    Just a word about Marine Scout Snipers and Recon selection processes and MOS swaps. In advance this is from my personal experience, during my time.
    First off, for economic reasons The Marines Like to keep people in the MOSs they are trained in. The term “Lat-Move” was bantered about when I was in, and it was mostly used as a re-enlistment enticement to get first termers to stay in.
    The Marines are not going to move someone they spent 6 months to a year or more training to repair Avionics or high-tech communications gear to be an Infantryman, which is what a sniper is.
    Couple other things.
    Marine Snipers are recruited from within their own Infantry Battalions. Within eithe Weapons Company or H&S there is a STA Platoon ( Surveillance and Target Aquisition). Members are gleaned from the 03’s in the Battalion. They usually have a screening they do once or twice a year. They look for Marines with a clean record ( maybe ot an angel but not a shitbird either) the ability and intelligence to think on their feet and operative individually, and physically fit ( high PFT Score. Strangely enough marksmanship is not as big of a factor ( they would accept scores lower than expert). After an interview selected Marines would go through a 3 day Indoctrination Course. This is to screen them for mental toughness, fitness and ability to think on their feet. Those that passed woud be taken into the Platoon and given additional training, up to Division Sniper School.
    Now, as far as the claim of being picked out because he “was a crack shot”.
    While a STA platoon commander or battalion may be interested in who the best shots in their battalion is. NO ONE from the sniper units troll the ranges on base looking for the high shooters of each detail.
    Its not in the powers of even a Regimental Commander to yank a Radio repairman from a base or support unit to one of his Battalions. Only HQMC can change a Marine’s primary MOS.
    The idea of a radio repairman being snatched off the range by talebt scouts from recon is ludicruos.

  18. Mark Lauer says:

    Thing about this ass clown is that his time line is all wrong.
    If he were telling the truth;
    he would have graduated high school in June of 1975.
    This would mean entry to Boot Camp around July. That would put a graduation date in October. Comm school would have taken him to maybe January of 1976, where he would then have been sent to 2/3. He would not have been “picked to be a scout/sniper” right away, so lets say six months working in his primary MOS. That takes him to June of 1976. Lo and behold President Nixon forms a new Anti-Terrorist Scout/Sniper Unit. They begin picking people, and training them. This usually takes a year to maybe year and a half, so they’re ready by December of 1979 when President Ford deploys them for the first time.
    Nixon resigned in 1974. Carter was President in 1979. And by December of 1979, SSGT Asshat would have already been discharged.

    • Mark Lauer says:

      My time line is a little fucked up too.

      The training would have taken them to December of 1978, not 1979, but the result is the same. Ford was still not president and would not have been the one to deploy this “anti-terrorist sniper unit”.

    • Hack Stone says:

      The 2500 MOS schools were shorter in duration, maybe four or five weeks for 2531/Radio Operator, and the other MOS’s, such as Communications Operator probably ran a few months. Everyone on the maintenance side (2800) went through Basic Electronics (13 weeks if I recall correctly), then, depending on their MOS, may go to Radio Fundamentals (5 weeks), telephone switchboard repair, teletype repair, crypto, calibration or a number of other schools. It has been a long time, but when I started Ground Radio Repair, it was probably late June or early July, and with on rock on my record and a lost week due to SIQ, I escaped 29 Palms the first time in late February 1983. Nobody, unless they are a reservist, immediately starts class upon checking in. You have to undergo the MCCES drill of them fucking with you, to include bullshit working parties of shoveling shit at the horse stable, picking up cigarette butts, building bunkers for the tankers and TOW gunners to blow up, and picking up dead worms on Hole #7 at the golf course. (That golf course story will cost you one beer if you want to hear it). So, if he was 2800, he probably spent a year pulling his pud in 29 Palms, and if he was a 2500, probably at least three months. And he probably impressed his command so much upon checking in, and they immediately assigned him to a Top Secret detail called Mess Duty, like all the other FNGs.

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        HEY, maybe he was posted in a Sniper position to support the Mess Hall Rear Door Gunner already in place to repel still-hungry Privates from getting seconds?

  19. C2Show says:

    These guys are getting worse and worse as the days go by. They can’t even keep it together with their lies. This chickenshit coward tried to pull a Dennis Chevalier. Make threats and make it seem believeable about his “acts of heroism”

    This turd better do the right thing and delete that facebook account.

  20. MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

    In May of 1980, within 1 week of graduating the first computer aided training class (CAT) of BT Class “A” School at Glakes, I was approached by a man in a black suit. He said that President Reagan needed smart 17 year old BT’s for a new unit. Assault Stratergery Service (ASS) … I was all in!

    After several deployment authorized by Reagan in 1980, I returned to steamin’ boilers.

    All deploments were classified and my records were destroyed in the Cleveland Fire of 1982.

    So based on my NO SHITTER, the above story IS plausible.

  21. Green Thumb says:

    “I was approached by a man in a black suit.”

    That proceeded to tell me he wants to tickle my taint. In an alley! Red flags?

    The man obviously liked 17 year old boys.

    Bigger question: Did he flee or provide fellatio for free?

    The rest was his cover story.


  22. SFC D says:

    I was in communications for 24 years, 31Q, 31M, 31R, 31W, 25W.
    I often supported Infantry, so by association, I’m now Infantry.
    I supported the USMC once or twice, therefore I am now a Marine Rifleman.
    I once watched a Marine sniper take out a technical in Somalia, so that makes me a scout sniper.
    Seriously guys, what is there to question? Didn’t you get your qualifications that way?

  23. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    I watched Army Helicopters fly around when I was a kid, can I call myself a pilot now? I PROMISE I’ll keep an eye on my fuel level!!

    • Ranger11bv says:

      HEY!!!! I watched all those futuristic military movies, (STAR WARS ect…) what does that qualify me for????

  24. Big Steve says:

    Holt, you are a sad, sad little man. And you have my pity.