Jason Douglas Strader; grave robbing phony

| August 26, 2014

Jason Douglas Strader

Someone dropped this in our lap; a story about Jason Douglas Strader. That’s him in the picture above. If it looks like a mug shot to you, well it is;

Jason Douglas Strader Mugshot

As you can see, he was a caretaker of a cemetery, Green Hills Memorial Cemetery, in Hopkinsville, Kentucky and him and his wife took a bunch of bronze markers from the place, according to the Associated Press;

Police accuse the 2 of pulling up bronze markers without informing the families who paid for the lots.

Jason Strader admits they pulled up the markers, but says it was part of a plan to replace them with new ones.

Prosecutor Lynn Pryor said the couple should have gotten permission before doing the work, but Strader says that isn’t necessary since he owns the cemetery.

Strader says the only thing he is guilty of is trying to serve the community.

He was later exonerated of the charges but part of the reason he was cleared was the story he told of his military service. According to a witness, this is what he told the judge and his own lawyer;

Mr Strader claims he first started as a Navy aviator as an ensign in the early 1990’s but was released from fighter pilot training because of an in-flight accident as an ensign. He was then reassigned to the intelligence community and completed all courses relevant to the field including SERE training in Quantico, VA with the Marines within a year’s time.

Following training he said he “served as an attache”, still as an ensign to an unnamed vice-admiral. He stated he couldn’t say who the VADM was because he “was still under military restrictions about not talking about it.” He is further claiming his DD-214 is “sealed and classified as Top Secret” and is unavailable because of the nature of his work as an alleged USN intelligence officer.

From the article (behind a paywall) about the trial comes this exchange;

Jason Strader, 41, told jurors that, after washing out of a fighter pilot billet at the former Navy Air Station Miramar in the 1990s, he entered the naval intelligence field for two years before leaving active duty.

NAS Miramar was made famous in the 1986 movie “Top Gun” with Tom Cruise.

Strader and his wife, Taunya, are accused of 46 counts of violating graves and single counts of theft by unlawful taking (more than $500) and theft by deception (less than $10,000).

The couple owns Green Hill Memorial Gardens. They were arrested shortly after the began ripping up bronze grave markers at the cemetery and selling them as scrap in April 2013. The Straders don’t deny they pulled up the markers. Instead, they claim they had a legal right to do so and were obligated to replace the markers, which they say were damaged, by law.

The prosecution has argued that the Straders did not own the markers and broke the law in selling them as scrap.

On Monday, the Straders’ trial resumed in Christian Circuit Court with Jason Strader taking the stand, and Commonwealth’s Attorney Lynn Pryor cross examined him at length about his military service.

Strader testified that he graduated from college and completed his reserve training as a midshipman before being commissioned into the Navy and returning to Miramar to fly jets in 1995.

An eye injury placed him on temporary active duty to a naval hospital in Balboa, California, until 1996, he said, when he worked in the coffee shop for six months while he recovered. Once fully recovered, he continued, he spoke with a career specialist and started his naval intelligence training at the Marine base in nearby Camp Pendleton. Strader testified that he remained there for two years until the end of his active duty service with a rank of lieutenant, junior grade.

The prosecutor asked him if he had any documentation to support what he claimed.

“All you have to do is ask (the Navy) for my reserve training,” Strader said.

“So if I asked them, and they provided me something like this, would it be accurate?” Pryor asked as she handed Strader a sheet of paper.

“It would,” Strader replied after reading it.

The cemetery owner paused over the document and said, “It says (pay grade) E-2.”

“Your rank as well?” Pryor asked.

“It says seaman apprentice but that was well, well.” Strader’s voice trailed off as he inspected the document further.

“I don’t know where you got this,” he continued. “It says I was only active (duty) for 24 days.”

Strader went on to blame the Navy for the misprint, substituting his O-2 pay grade for an E-2, but could not explain how the Navy had seaman apprentice listed as his rank.

However, as Pryor could not authenticate the document, it was not allowed into evidence.

What follows is the part of the above article that was cut by the editor and added for clarity of Mr. Strader’s claims;

Strader avoided answering any further questions asked by the prosecutor about his service in Afghanistan even though he had already testified earlier that he worked as a human intelligence operative (HUMINT) when asked earlier during his direct testimony by his own attorney, Thomas Osborne.

Once confronted again by Pryor to explain his time as a spy in Afghanistan, Strader dug in his heels saying, “There are a lot of things we aren’t going to talk about.”

When pressed by Pryor if he had a DD-214 to support his open claims of intelligence work or the schools he attended, Strader then insinuated that his records were sealed because his work as an intelligence officer was classified.

Pryor expressed surprised that Strader didn’t have his own copy to which he answered that it was at his parents’ home in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Kentucky New Era obtained a copy of the document alleging Strader’s service dates under a Freedom of Information Act request. The heavily redacted document from the U.S. Navy Personnel Center said Jason Douglas Strader entered the Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes, Illinois on March 10, 1997.

Strader’s extant record says he was separated from service from the same recruiting command on April 3, 1997 – 24 days – of total service. It is signed by a pay grade E-2, seaman apprentice named “Jason Strader” and witnessed and signed by a US Navy Chief P.E. Dennen.

There is no record of Strader attending Defense Language Institute/Foreign Language Center for training although he admitted on the stand that he “went to an intelligence place in Monterey.”

Osborne had Strader testify extensively about his military service on direct examination. Strader said that he spent his first two years at University of California San Diego and then transferred to National University saying the “Navy picked up the school.”

“From there I started (Navy) training, every summer and (school) break.” Strader said eventually graduating with a business degree in 1994.
“During all your breaks you are active duty,” Strader outlined. “(The Navy) will actually pay you to go to school.” He went active duty that same year “after being frocked as an ensign” following graduation and was stationed at Miramar.

While in training, Strader told jurors he “blew a cornea” while training to fly iconic F-14 Tomcat fighter jets with the Grim Reaper Squadron, VF-101, and was medically grounded. He elected to not take a medical discharge, went into naval intelligence and was reassigned to the Marine base at Camp Pendleton, California as a lieutenant junior grade.

“Where in the world would you be responsible for naval intelligence?” Osborne asked.
“Western Pacific,” Strader answered. “Which included mostly the Middle East.”
“Did that include on the ground in the Middle East?” asked Osborne.
“Unfortunately,” Strader said smiling.
“You were working with Taliban, al-Qaeda and working with them?” Osborne prompted.
“I didn’t work with them, I was more reconnaissance,” Strader testified adding he wore civilian clothes, worked on his tan and grew a beard.
“I can pass for a native,” Strader said. He went on to say he stayed in the Middle East until he left active duty in 1997 with four more years of active service in the reserves. Although Strader says he can “pass for a native,” he speaks no Pashto or Dari.

On a historical note, if what Strader said is true, then he was inserted by the US government during the height of the Afghan civil war which culminated with the fall of Kabul to Taliban and al-Qaeda forces, with the help of the Pakistani and Saudi Arabian governments, in September 1996.

Well, I guess his DD214 isn’t as “sealed” as he thought it was;

Jason Douglas Strader DD214

Jason Douglas Strader assignments

Yeah, he did three whole weeks at Great Lakes. Then he became an exonerated graves robber and check kiter. It looks like he did more time on the Delayed Entry Program than he did on active duty (he made E-2). From what I hear, judges and prosecutors love being lied to, I wonder if that’s true in the Christian County justice system.

If my opinion matters, I think he stole the grave markers with no intention of paying for them. But, juries…they’re nuts…amIright?

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  1. Sapper3307 says:

    Another prospective employee for All Points Logistics.

    • Green Thumb says:


      Commander Monkress will love this guy.

      Probably give him a position on his senior staff considering he way he “dud in” under questioning about his lies.

      With a little training from the “less than honorable” COL, this man could go far in the organization.

  2. Hondo says:

    I’m kinda wondering if those are initials in the rightmost column on the last line in his Record of Assignments above.

    The circled letters are “OTH”. I’m thinking this guy may not have received an uncharacterized discharge.

    But I could be wrong.

  3. John "Faker 6" Giduck says:

    58 days is less than three weeks, right? If not, well, my record had a good run.


    I have crimes too…and a book that should be labelled as a crime.


    John “Faker 6” Giduck

  4. MGySgtRet. says:

    Strong indications of douchebaggery are evident in this story. I get the feeling that J. D. Strader is a lying bag of shit. Whose with me???

    • nbcguy54 says:

      Here here!

    • GDContractor says:

      I agree. Not only a liar, but dumb. He should have planned ahead… joined CAP, got a fake PhD, and filed a $12.50 lawsuit against some random guy. After washing out of the navy he should have strapped on a reserve shield, been a meat shield, bought a used cop car with the decals still on it, got his CCCCCCCC certificate, married seven times, and gorged himself on cheese. The guy’s an idiot.

  5. Ex-PH2 says:

    Someone please tell me how you ‘blow a cornea’? Or does he even know what a cornea is?

    How many Jasons have shown up here to date as dingalings and dweebs? I lost count.

    • GDContractor says:

      How to “blow a cornea”…. I’ll let ChipNASA present the video on that. Meantime, I will make popcorn.

    • nbcguy54 says:

      Perhaps it was a korean. Just saying…

    • Flagwaver says:

      Hey, now… I resemble that remark (the Jason part).

      Also, isn’t VF-101 was stationed in NAS Oceana in Virginia. VF-124 was stationed in Miramar. Though, I don’t remember ever reading that Top Gun, the advanced flight school, did basic flight training.

      I think, but don’t quote me here, that the gentleman perjured himself.

  6. NHSparky says:

    You gotta fuck up something bad to get tossed on your ass in three weeks.

    My guess is he copped to some serious shit at MOT (Moment of Truth) and got shitcanned as fast as they could get him out, or pissed so hot when he got there it glowed.

  7. Beretverde says:

    Charge him with perjury?

  8. ThommyMac says:

    Hopkinsville is where I’d drive from Campbell to get any decent albums. The mall there had a pretty good music store, even sold guitar strings. As a sponsor and sponsee in a 12 step, I know where the bronze went. Up someone’s arm or in a glass pipe. What kills me is the scrap yards buying that stuff.

    I am renting a place that had the water meter and some copper stolen whilst it was empty. There is some scrap yard that bought a hunk of bronze the had “Wilkinsburg – PA Joint Water Authority” on it. On the plus side, someone stole a smallish statue of Lincoln up by Penn Hills (PA). The scrap yard said “Hold on, this is tough to weigh” and called the police.

  9. Jorge says:

    Even if he did make it to DLI, this jackwagon would have failed out before ILS was done. Frickin’ Russian teachers would have murdered him and buried him below the school buildings.

  10. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    A shorter time in service than Giduck, and I wonder if he’s an eleventh degree Shovel-fu expert to boot? Stealing Veterans’ grave markers, that’s lower than whale shit, I wonder if it was for booze. Drugs, or both? That’s the kind of shit I’d expect from critters like VWPissbucket.

  11. Instinct says:

    Seems to me he could be prosecuted for purjury now, couldn’t he?

    • Sapper3307 says:

      Can you prosecute stupid in a court of law. Or just have a public beating with a sack of glass.

      • Mustang1LT says:

        Well, a judge did once declare Al Bundy “legally stupid” so there may be precedent.


  12. Sparks says:

    As we sang when we were kids,

    “Some like it hot,
    Some like it cold,
    Some like it out the ground,
    Nine days old”.

    What can you say about a grave robber eh?
    Phoneys I can talk on all day, but a grave robber. Man, that’s low.

  13. JarHead Pat says:

    Well if your going to go full tard,you might as well go with the SEALED records. At least he is sticking to his guns, this puke needs some jail time with a big black bubba to keep his ass warm.

  14. Joe Williams says:

    Question for our JAGs or TSO are the bronze signs Fed or family property ? The VA gives them to decreased famiy at no charge. If someone stole my Farther’s , no court would be needed for the thief . This is the lowest of the criminals . PS my small town’s graveyard is vandalized and two families had move out of state to keep their boy’s asses from beat daily till they were ‘forgiven’. Joe

  15. USMCE8Ret says:

    Bag. Of. Shit.

  16. Slick Goodlin says:

    Say what you will about the guy, when under pressure and forced to lie…he dares to lie BIG.

  17. OLDAV8R says:

    As FLAGWAVER noted above VF-101 was the F-14 training sqdn at NAS Oceana and VF-124 was at Miramar. I’m sure it comes as no surprise to anyone here but no one goes straight from college into flight training at the fleet bases, in F-14s or anything else. There are a couple of minor tickets that you need to get punched in Primary, Basic and Advanced flight training first.

  18. Charles Bloodworth says:

    Here is a link to the Hopkinsville newspaper article (don’t know how long it will be up) that included photographs of the holes in the ground where the markers were removed.


  19. Michael says:

    It had to happen sooner or later. Seeing someone you once knew stealing valor hurts. I went to high school with Jason. I’ve been trying to find him for several years now. We were friends but we never hung out after school except with other friends. I’m friends with his older brother on Facebook and I don’t think they talk much. I see why now.

    Jason, I hope you eventually see the devastation you have left in your wake. 21 days in the Navy and then you pretend to be some Captain America super soldier (or seaman or whatever) under oath in a court of law is indicative of mental illness. You were a nice guy once. What happened?

    You not only said you were equal to us, but you said that compared to you, we were nothing. That hurts coming from someone I once judged a good person. That’s why we will never be friends again.

  20. Airdale USN says:

    Just remember he got FROCKED to Ensign!! First time for every thing!! Not!!