Travis Lynn Haney; phony wounded warrior

| September 3, 2014

Travis Haney selfie

Scotty sends us his work on Travis Lynn Haney who shows this DD214, claiming to be a former Special Forces First Lieutenant with a Purple Heart and some service in the War Against Terror, both Iraq and Afghanistan.

TRAVIS HANEY - DD - 214 - 3

But the Army says nope;

Travis Haney Assignments

Travis Haney FOIA

He was in the Reserves for four months and some days and earned the National Defense Service Medal…they don’t just hand those out, you know. He did make Private First Class, though, which is almost a First Lieutenant. And he was at Fort Knox where they used to train tankers, but he was probably going to be a Cav Scout – which is just like special forces, from what Cav Scouts tell me. So there you go – totally legit.

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  1. Geetwillickers says:

    In all honesty, a PFC is indeed different from a 2LT in that the PFC has been promoted twice…


    That is all…

  2. brian says:

    At least he got the 214 to at least all be the same font. A bit of effort was put in..

  3. Combat Historian says:

    Too many shitbags, too little time… fucker should be turned in for falsifying a federal military document…

    • Green Thumb says:


      Did anyone ask about his commissioning source?

      Also, no training on that rocking DD-214.

      No back to the Palmer (of the Ballsack) Wickre show!

  4. Flagwaver says:

    5 years and he only made 1LT? That’s kind of pathetic. After 5 years from commissioning, one of my Infantry SSG friends who went ROTC was on the short-list for MAJ.

    I guess even fakers can be poor officers.

    • John R says:

      Not possible. 10 USC 619 prescribes 18 months time in grade before promotion to 1LT, 2 years time in grade for promotion to CPT, and 3 years time in grade for promotion to CPT, but the Army can (and does) wait longer. Even with an expanded below the zone selection in 2009, the fastest anyone pinned Major was between 7.5 and 8 years of service and 4 to 4.5 years time in grade (commonly referred to as “double below the zone,” although the term is simply “below the zone”).

  5. nbcguy54 says:

    Block 12 will get you every time:
    12a – 2002 / 1 / 11
    12b – 2008 / 6 / 21
    12c – 6 yrs 0 mos and 0 days (?)

    Looks like he’s missing a few days.

    And it shows that he came in as a 1LT (block 12h).


    And if I’m not mistaken, he still owes Uncle Sugar 2 more years in some capacity (8 year total obligation).

    Wish I still lived in Arkansas – I’d go say “hi”.

    • Combat Historian says:

      Fuckface claimed on his 214 that he served in Iraq and Afghanistan and received the Iraq and Afghan campaign ribbons; but then in block 12f (foreign service), it shows 00/00/00 ??? Oh yea, must be classified seekrit squarrel shit again…

    • TacticalTrunkMonkey says:

      What is is with folks from Arkansas lately?!

      From what I understand, there are a lot of National Guard types claiming PTSD, that never left the FOBs.

  6. nbcguy54 says:

    Why am I getting this vision of Mr Haney from Green Acres in my head?…

  7. rb325th says:

    He’s half stepping it, all he has for photos of himself and only one has anything SF related… an SF DUI Plate on his truck, and it is one of the last photos in his profile pictures. No SF Tatoos? Come on douchebag, get that triple stack tattooed on there like the rest of the fakes do. That picture by the way was from June 2011, so he has been living the lie for some time now.

  8. Combat Historian says:

    Fuckface also misspelled Afghanistan in block 13; posers seems to always spell it “Afganistan”, and drop the “h”…

    • Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

      Well it is a silent “h” after all, it’s quite clear some of these fellows were on a profile on the day the good Lord passed out brains.

  9. 19D1OR4 - Smitty says:

    Cav Scouts are just like Special Forces? Please. A bad ass AMERICAN Stetson or a floppy green French hat? ‘Murica!!

    *note – the opinions of this post in no way compare the realities of being a Scout with being a Special Forces member. So before I get the hate, I have never once said that we were the same as Special Forces…. diet Special Forces maybe lol

    • Beretverde says:

      Really…and a leg with Cav that have women spouting shit about the “Badge of Courage, Mark of Distinction in the AFight for freedom”?

    • Beretverde says:

      Really…and a leg with Cav that have women spouting shit about the “Symbol of Excellencr,A Mark of Distinction Badge of Courage in the Fight for freedom?”


    • Beretverde says:

      Really…and a leg with Cav that have women spouting shit about the “Symbol of Excellence,A Mark of Distinction, a Badge of Courage in the Fight for freedom?”


      • 19D1OR4 - Smitty says:

        Pretty sure anyone with a sense of humor could read into the satire I wrote.

        But yes I am a leg, although we prefer the term “wheel” or “track” depending on the frame we are working with (again that would be a “joke”)

        As for the JFK quote about SF, I am not tracking how either the Cav or women come into play on that. Did I miss something?

        • Flagwaver says:

          I thought that to the Cav a Leg was called a Crunchie.

          • 19D1OR4 - Smitty says:

            Nah, Tanker’s have two words in their vocabulary. Honeybun and crunchy. A crunchy is everything outside of their tank that isn’t a honeybun.

          • Just an Old Dog says:

            As a Marine I went to Army BNCOC at Fort Sill. There were a few Airborne Qualed guys in the class,
            When I got hit with the inevitable “leg” insult my comeback was “that’s ok, you and those oversized silk panties you are hangig fron have to hit the ground sometime,”

    • nbcguy54 says:


  10. mr. sharkman says:

    Bertaverde, check fire Brother. No disrespect to SF in what he wrote.

    And for a time it was Cav Scouts, armor/mech guys, and others that were giving SOF rock star prima donnas rides to and from raids. And as the SOF rock star prima donnas finished AARs, debriefs, and drifted off to vampire-like sleep for the rest of the day (until the next night, because they mostly came at night…mostly) in air-conditioned safety, those Cav Scouts, armor/mech guys, and Infantry were out all day in the 120 degree heat playing ‘find the (IED/EFP) ambush the hard way’ for the rest of the day.

    SOF were the razor sharp stiletto in those cases. Armor, mech, and Infantry were the Hammer. They’ve got enough gunfight and ‘react to ambush’ time under their belts (with attendant WIA and KIA) that they don’t have to prove a damn thing to anyone, even guys wearing a special badge or tab.

    • Beretverde says:

      From “Snake Eaters” and “Sneaky Petes” to prima donna rock stars who get air-conditioning. Wow!
      Never met a guy from Bat or Group claim Cav…met a boatload of Cav claiming they were in Group or Battalion. Hmmmm.
      Tabs, badges, berets etc.. who cares? Obviously many must.

  11. RM3(SS) says:

    Looking at the Chode’s photos, he has one of his stepsons school paper where he claims that Travis is his “most admired person”. Says Travis told him all about getting shot and throwing rocks at the enemy because he “ran out of ammo”. Fucking up a little kid. Way to go champ.

  12. Pineywoods NCO says:

    Hey 1LT DIPSHIT!!

    Why you bring your lying ass down to our part of Texas, stick your head into the local VFW here on Highway 80, show your 214 and see if you can leave with everything intact.

    Chances are you will be leaving via flight across Highway 80 into the nearest tree!!

    Worthless sack of shit.

    • nbcguy54 says:

      Bring him over to Slammintonio when you’re done with him Piney. We’ll show him how we got that name.
      And BTW, I think 1LT stands for one lying turd (at least in his case).

    • BPatton says:

      Hwy 80? You in East Texas? I’m at work right now off Hwy 80 bro, lMAO!! Wish I was at the VFW instead.

  13. George says:

    Minor problem, his training unit assignment shows B Co. 1/46IN. I recall that being one of the BCT units at Knox.
    There’s also his intake with A Co 46th AG, Ft Knox’s Reception BN, about a month with B 1/46 (10/12-11/17), then to B Co 46th AG for outprocessing and a ‘duty MOS’ of 91W (metal worker?).

    He wasn’t in Cav Country. He was in BCT land. Their training barracks were just down the hill from 46AG in 2004. I know this because I spent a month at 46th AG in August/September 2004 waiting on a slot to open up to regain my 19D MOS. I’m not sure why he got the NDSM, because he would have earned the ASR before he earned an NDSM and he wouldn’t have earned an ASR until he completed BCT. Which, again, he didn’t.

    • 19D1OR4 - Smitty says:

      Actually you get the NDSM as soon as you enlist. You don’t get the ASR until you have completed ALL IET, to include AIT.

    • 19D1OR4 - Smitty says:

      Also 91W back then I believe would have been 68W (Healthcare Specialist) before they changed all the medical MOS to 68. The 91 series didn’t become mechanical till about 4-5 years ago.

  14. ArmyATC says:

    I’ll bet the clown never served a day in his life, is dumber than a box of hammers, and is nothing more than an underachieving pizza delivery driver, who’s attempting to boost his wounded ego by pretending to be something he never could be.

  15. raven black says:

    Just wanted you to know that he is participating with a group called Vets Horizon. He’s on fb as True Spartan and his wife as Fates Voice. They are still making the same secret squirrel claims as well.

    • brice says:

      These people have absolutely nothing to do with veterans horizon they helped on 1 project and were frauds to the whole thing Jon Wolfe devere got taken by these fraudes again they are not part of veterans horizon

    • raven black says:

      I was incorrect even I stated he was involved with veterans horizon. He designed a t shirt for a fundraiser for them and ended up screwing them over. They were another victim to his lies.

  16. Jonathan De Vere says:

    I am founder and CEO of Veteran Horizon and at no point was Travis, True Spartan, or Fates Voice associated with our organization. The ONLY interaction they had with the organization was to create a Teespring rally to raise funds for Veteran Horizon. Prior to the rally, I didn’t have knowledge of the stolen valor case against him and as soon as it was discovered, he was dismissed from any future fundraising, graphics, etc. He remained on my friends list on Facebook because of payment problems I was trying to rectify as he placed the rally in his fictional name. Thank you for reading!