Schoen LaBombard & the victimless Stolen Valor crime

| September 10, 2014

Schoen LaBombard

Schoen LaBombard was imprisoned in New York State for perpetrating a scam on residents of Batavia, New York to send him to the Olympics with the US Bobsled Team That scam netted him $27,000 bucks before he was arrested. After his stint in the New York prison system, he moved his scam to Florida where he pretended to be a Navy SEAL whose wallet had been stolen, according to the Daytona Beach News-Journal;

The 44-year-old’s tale of woe touched many at the Daytona Inn Beach Resort and its accompanying restaurant, Neptune’s Sports Pub and Cafe, where cafe owner Jim Brittain gave Seppi free meals and $500 in cash so he could get back to his base in Tampa.


Walker and Brittain said LaBombard showed up at the motel at 219 S. Atlantic Ave. on Labor Day weekend with his hard luck story. He said his wallet had been stolen in Charlotte and he was able to make his way down to Daytona Beach after people helped him.

“He said he was going to be deployed to Afghanistan in a few days and he needed to get back to his base,” Walker said.

The ruse was furthered by telephone calls that both Walker and Brittain received from a man who claimed to be LaBombard’s commanding officer.

“The ‘commanding officer’ said the military would repay us and that he just needed to get back to his base,” Brittain said. “I gave him $500.”

His story fell apart when he broke his leg while partying in Daytona and someone found his wallet with his real identification, so he’s cooling his heels in Volusia County Branch Jail while awaiting his extradition to New York State for more charges. For what, you ask? For burglarizing his grandmother’s home and stealing checks from her.

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  1. Climb to Glory says:

    What a gigantic piece of shit.

  2. Charlie Foxtrot says:

    The truth doesn’t always set one free. In this case, it put an asswipe just where he belongs, I hope Bubba & Thor have a ball with his ass!!

    • Fjardeson says:

      What is it with guys with those horrid scraggly beards? Extra ball stimulation for Bubba, Thor and Jose? (Apology for TMI) 🙂

    • ArmyATC says:

      They’ll definitely be up to their balls in his ass. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving POS.

  3. Hondo says:

    Volusia County? Don’t we “know and love” someone else down that way?

    • Enigma4you says:

      I believe there was the LOnG RaNgE Asshole contest that weekend. IT involves Fakers Thieves and Wanna Be bad lawyers

  4. Mayhem says:

    44 years old and still stealin from Grandma and good natured strangers. I hope this fuckstain contracts EbolaGhonnoHerpeSyphliAids in the NY State Dept of Corrections.

  5. AW1 Tim says:

    And again, we find that the “Stolen Valor’ bit was just the tip of the iceberg, that there’s ALWAYS more crap just bubbling under the surface.

  6. Combat Historian says:

    Rot in jail, fucker, and please enjoy the ass-rape…

  7. Western NYer says:

    The worst part of all of this, it’s not the whole story. This fuck nut has stolen from everyone he’s ever met. The article only touches on a little bit. He’s a career criminal that has never worked to earn anything, he just takes from the kind hearted. This asshole has kids he doesn’t take care of (go figure) and has a line of bullshit that stretches from New York to Florida, I can only hope his asshole stretches just as far in prison. Better yet impersonating a Navy seal, god please put a seal in his cell block please.
    I say prison is to good for him, he wants to tell everyone he’s a solider, then pack his shit and send his ass to the middle east and dump his ass off, good luck fuck face.

  8. Green Thumb says:

    You guys have it all wrong.

    This clown was down in Florida interviewing with Commander Phil Monkress and All-Points Logistics.

    He seems to have the qualifications.

    Sob story, scams, fake SEAL, etc.

    He is probably very competitive in the interviewing process.


    • young red horse says:

      Don’t forget Paul Dean Fultz …. This guy Phil and Paul can form an elite unit have one big powwow .