Jarrett Otto Gimbl; phony wounded Marine

| September 10, 2014

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Scottie sends us his work on Jarrett Otto Gimbl who claims that he was injured in an IED blast that took out his chompers. It looks like he was injured, but probably by a blanket party rather than a blast. Here he is on Fox News;

He claims that he had difficulty adjusting to civilian life from his combat tours of Iraq and Afghanistan


But his DD214 says that he never left the United States – his only award after a year and 3 months of service was a National Defense Service Medals. But, hey, they don’t just hand those out, do they?

Jarret Gimbl

So, yeah, he’s a service-connected disabled veteran, but this looks like an ass whooping;

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ADDED: The most confusing telephone conversation I’ve ever had;

I’m still not sure what he said. But he told me to “hold on” and then hung up after I told him that I was recording the conversation. Do all of you people in the north start talking in the middle of the conversation you’re having in your head?

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  1. gungy says:

    It could be that the Marine the dog was intended for decided to end his life, per the Gunny Service Dog FB page. Tragic if true. What happens to the $1190 raised. Anyone care to take a guess?

  2. Debra says:

    People who say they know him don’t. I’ve met him and this guy has lost his mind he also claims to be a DEA agent now. I’m sorry but he really needs to get help! There’s people out there who really need the help and he’s just benefitting off the government sitting on his ass and cashing checks. If he really does have the paperwork stating he was wounded in the military then prove it. He says he posted it and they deleted it but I highly doubt someone would do that and if they did then make your own page defending yourself! I’m tired of fake people making themselves out to be Heroes when they’re not! There are real heroes out there that deserve the support of this country not fake ass people who have nothing better to do with there time than to come up with elaborate lies. I hope he gets in trouble and justice is served for this phony!

    • gungy says:

      Wow, Debra that’s wild. Not long ago there was a scam


      Is it illegal for a person to pose as a DEA agent? Or is that wrapped into the whole First Amendment deal?

      • Debra says:

        So you’re sitting here saying you never said you were a DEA agent? Because if that’s the case then you’re a pathological liar. Who does that!? What do you do sit at home and say hmm what do I feel like pretending to be today?! How about tomorrow you’re a fire fighter or even better a surgeon!

        • gungy says:


          Keep your eyes on this weasel. He’s been known to disconnect from anyone who disputes anything he claims. Not sure how you found him, but he is involved in several online service animal communities, which appears to be his support base. I can see how they may come to support his cause, but the real issue is the man behind the cause. You had firsthand experience that he is fabricating aspects of his life, likely trying to distance himself from his short and horribly dishonorable conclusion to his career (for those of us who have served honorably). You’d be doing those who support similar causes, and those who support legitimate veterans who need service animals (not just emotional support dogs…that’s pretty much any pet) by informing people of your experience and encouraging them to do their own research on this man.

          The sole saving grace he can claim is that whatever “honorable” discharge came as he was still in the entry pipeline as a Marine. Delayed entry counts toward cumulative service time but not time in actual service. Take that into account and you have a Marine separated in the entry pipeline for an apparent drug offense. According to his DD214, the discharge took place from the “schoolhouse”, which is another way of saying where a Marine or anybody goes to learn the job they signed up for or was selected for them under open contract enlistment.

          I think John Lilyea made it pretty clear that no one is disputing his VA connection, though you’d figure the VA would have to pay pretty tight attention because of the circumstances. The real issue is the media claims about foreign war service. He doesn’t dispute them at all. That bring him attention to himself, if for his cause.

          The “honorable” thing for him to do is say, “OK, I became a Marine and I f’d up, but doing this dog awareness thing is part of me making things right for veterans who actually served where I didn’t, which will bring things full circle for myself.” I mean, playing DEA agent, surgeon, firefighter, recon guy, etc goes so far until he runs into people who really did those jobs. If he comes correct, people might consider that an honorable thing to do. The only thing folks would have concern for next is whether or not their hard-earned money is going toward the cause he’s pushing now. Lies about being somebody he’s not??? Makes you wonder if the money being raised is paying the rent…

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      Yes, he can get arrested for impersonating a DEA Agent, but it usually takes something more than just running around telling a few people that. He’s a Conman, and if he keeps pulling stunts like he has in the past, it will only be a matter of time until he gets something worse than a bat to the head or a lengthy prison romance being Bubba or Thor’s prison wife!

  3. Green Thumb says:

    Whoever prepared this turd for that photo op above needs to come back and “work” with him some more.

    What a shitbag. This dude is up there.

    • rb325th says:

      See his comments in the Facebook section? Truth isn’t libel asshole. Got a bunch of straphangers suckered in…

  4. Who? says:

    Jarret is now in coral springs florida using this same scam.
    Over the past couple weeks i cannot count the number of times ive personally heard him claim he was a combat wounded veteran,all the while using his “service dog” to attract attention from people who genuinely want to help vets.
    And to top it off hes a lil prick.

  5. gungy says:

    Whoops, outed yet again, own words…


    IMO: Daddy needs to pay some rent. Keep those donations flowing in, sheeple! Donate to “Sadie” the dog…http://www.gofundme.com/e7xsqo

    • Just an Old Dog says:

      Oh, no! SNAP!!!
      Looks like he tried to play the game with the lady reporter who knew better, and she broke the bat off in his ass!!!

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      “*POW!* Right in the kisser!” as Jackie Gleason’s character Ralph Kramden would have said it on “The Honeymooners”.

      I hope it left a mark!!

  6. ArmyATC says:

    I complained to the GoFundMe admin that Gimbl is a liar and fraud. I would suggest others do it also. There’s alink on the page to report it.


  7. Jess says:

    This picture is actually from when he broke up with his gf Kelly YEARS ago. She got a new bf and he wouldn’t leave her alone. I wish I still had the Facebook message he sent it to me on. This is horrible and I am disgusted to even say I know this loser!

  8. gungy says:

    Did you notice the heavily redacted DD214(by way of photoshop) was removed? It was a gigantic gray blob, excepts for the bottom right corner where it shows “honorable”. The only thing is: that’s not being questioned. His ethics, for sure there’s skepticism about him being honorable. This issue is the rest of the DD214 will prove whether or not he deployed and was wounded in combat. Of course, those of us who had a DD214 could pick up how sparse the award section was, because he didn’t fully block that out in the mess of a DD214 he posted just days ago.

    Since you’re reading this blog and trying your hardest to make your documents match your fantasy, Jarrett, read this: you blew it with that last DD214 you posted. You know, the one that just has your NDSM listed in the award section. You pretty much outed yourself to any veteran with a DD214.

    Here Jarrett: get some tips for this guy. He goes a few counties over where nobody knows him for freebies. It’s your life!

  9. Just an Old Dog says:

    This cocksucker…
    He is still up to his bullshit,, there were two go fund me pages for the same dog… When the heat turned up he said that the dog is going to be picked up Friday.
    The service member who is supposed to be getting the dog is Karl Moore from Maine. He has a lot of the same vaughe disabiity claims as Giblet-balls. Moore seems to be claiming combat service with 1/2, as he likes their page.
    He is either a dupe or a fraud himself. Being as him and giblet-balls are buddies I’m leaning towards fraud.
    Other shit he is pulling on his facebook, begging for money to fly from Florida Back north,,,, think smeone threw in a dead granny for good measure.
    Also the twatwaffle said that us exposing him drove him to seek treatment at the VA.
    He posted some half covered up treatment and release papers, The part that was visible showed they gave him antibiotics and motrin,,,,
    He probably went there whining about the 8 teeth that the VA actually covers ( oh thats right, the cunt has another page where he is whining that he dont get full dental coverage, only the 8 teeth that some dude cracked),
    By the way if the piece of shit was on Appellate leave he ha to have gotten a Bad Conduct Discharge, as that is grated for OTHs.

    • Lilaussie says:

      Karl Moore is actually a really good friend of mine who was betrayed and defrauded by this low life… Luckily he now has his service dog Sadie who he is training and paying for out of his own pocket. He has never claimed to have been wounded in combat only to be wearing the invisible scars from such. Feel free to pull his service history records because it’s all there. This asshole continues to scam on stolen valour and it makes me sick when my friends name gets dragged through the mud!

      • Just an Old Dog says:

        Just saw this now, There were two gofundme sites set up for Sadie, one by Gimbl. To hear he took the money and ran is no surprise.
        Best wishes to Karl.

  10. gungy says:

    And here we go again…


    You see the dog Zorro is Gimbl’s second dog.

    The owner of the GoFundMe page posted in defense of Gimbl the shit-head (read above in the FB comments to this article…you will see Tammy Berg; she has taken out a gofundme page on Gimbl’s behalf).

    Now Gimbl’s a Corporal. The charade doesn’t end.

    BZ to Scottie for calling his ass out yet again.

    • nbcguy54 says:

      Left them a little dog turd on his gofundme site. Shouldn’t that be gofukme?

      • nbcguy54 says:

        They removed my post and said this dog is for a female Marine.

        • MSgt Jonathan Braca says:


          I posted to the GoFundMe site after follwing up on this page. I provided guidance on having the retired Marine contact the Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Regiment Call Center. She’s retired so we need to ensure she has proper support given her circumstances. Hopefully my message won’t be removed…I think I provided some valuable info in there. A little long, but hey, I don’t mind throwing my hat in and typing my brains out so long as the word gets to her.

          Semper Fi,

          MSgt Jonathan Braca
          Wounded Warrior Regiment
          Headquarters Marine Corps
          Etiam in Pugna'”Still in the Fight”

        • Scotty says:

          That GoFundme account that Tammy Berg started is legit. i’m in contact with her now. She is actually from the same neck of the wood that I’m from . And where Jonn lives now.
          Her intentions are great. She is just being led by an idiot. She is an admin on that page too. I told her that we would work to find her a legit service dog agency to work with besides Gimbi’s BS.
          So if anyone knows of any, Please post here or contact me directly.

  11. Pat man says:

    Jarrett Gimbl is now living in west palm beach Florida continuing his lies

  12. Pat Man says:

    Please check out the Facebook account he has in his dogs name to get attention and sympathy Gunny-Service Dog he is living in wpb fl but he may be headed to the florida west coast this guy will stop at nothing

  13. gungy says:

    This fuck was mentioned in another MARSOC poser thread. His talk with John is hilarious. I wonder if he ever got his “letter” from the Marines.

    “Dear Mr Gimbl: you unq’ed as a Marine but thanks for trying. Please stop shopping the online exchange for rank you didn’t attain, coyote-colored gear or Marine Corps-themed t-shirts. Finally, we will let you know if we change the regulations for the Purple Heart to reflect injury from being jumped outside a burger joint. It may take a while, so do carry on.”, Love, Gen Mattis

  14. gungy says:

    Well, looks like this turd is on the hunt for more attention again. This time he is denying he spoke to press.



    Don’t mess with coke, folks!

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      SCREW him, keep puking, Gimbl!!

      • gungy says:

        Concussive syndrome onset as a result of consuming too much alcohol on a Sat. night.

        Of course if he got punched in the head he maaaaay qualify for a Purple Heart now….

        GFT Gimbl you sad excuse.

      • Marine_7002 says:

        Uhhhhhh, that doesn’t look like puke to me.

        He must have been “duty rack”.

        Yer ears sore, Gimbl?

  15. Jarhead says:

    Take a close look at his picture in the hospital. Don’t tell me this was not post operational pix following plastic surgery to make him look like Janice Dickerson with those big poochy lips. Must have had work done on eyes (one at a time)to make him appear to be oriental. Will know for certain if the next reality show is titled “The Wun Hung Low Show”; How To Be A Poser and Look Like A Hoser.

    • nbcguy54ACTUAL says:

      Maybe the Oregon NAACP will hire him…

    • Green Thumb says:

      As long as he can still take it in the ass, Phildo will bring him on board as a “Personal Assistant”.

    • gungy says:

      He “declined to comment” about how he got injured. Who knows maybe someone tipped over a port-a-shitter when he was in Iraq or Afghanistan. Imagine being flown home for that. It’s no wonder he made everything up so far.

      • Just an Old Dog says:

        Please don’t even hint he deployed. He never left CONUS.. He never finished MOS School. He finished Boot and MCT, then popped on a piss test when he reported to Ft Sill for MOS (0811) school.
        He was given the boot and got his faced reearranged while on appealate leave.
        He gets VA care for the teeth he got busted in.
        The cock sucker has ben tryting to con people into petitioning the VA for him to get full medical, dental and a pension.
        He trolls service dog organizations and rips them off. A few months back he ran a go-fund me to get a service dog for a former Marine named Karl Moore.
        Word is that Moore never saw a cent of the money fuck stain raised.
        He also just recently got a woman pregnant. I feel sorry for the chiold.

  16. C2Show says:

    He is on a whole other level. Some new 5th Dimension of retard type of level now. He is saying that the DD214 he gave Scotty and others isn’t true.

    Judging from that facebook page, he is amped it up a notch and people are falling for it. Looks like TAH might need to do another piece on this scrub.

    • Just an Old Dog says:

      This Cockroach has been trying to play the system for a while. Go fund Me accounts, hitting up people for airfare.. Service Dog Pages.. Getting petetions to get him VAS bennies.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      If he’s still up to his con games, it might be time for that. He needs all the internet fame he can be given until people yell “HEY, BULLSHIT!!” anyplace he tries his scams! I wonder if he’s past the “Prospect” stage in joining The Dutch Rudder Gang?

      • C2Show says:

        Like old dog says, he is still at it. He has a facebook page up about service dog. He has that picture of him drooling cum out of his mouth claiming its PTSD and trauma. People are falling for it. The page is open to posting so he must either delete peoples post who don’t believe him or what.

        He has amped up his stupidity to a new level. He responded to that article written about his phoniness. Claiming scotty is a liar and TAH doesnt know the whole story.

        Right now he is feeding off those people who believe his BS story.

  17. gungy says:

    Here we go…yet another reference to “service connected injuries” yet nothing about “combat service lies” told to at least 3 reporters and countless others who come forward and sincerely ask the kid on his page. Inquiries quickly deleterd.


  18. gungy says:

    And he outs himself yet again…on his VA findings, combat code 1 means disability NOT incurred in combat. As he said, the VA don’t lie…like he does.

  19. gungy says:

    Amidst allllll this guy’s shit…he had the balls to misrepresent for a job. Probably not the first time.


    Wonder if his bosses know.

    • GDContractor says:

      This tells me that Vet Cor Services doesn’t even use Google to research the background of their employees.

      • Jarhead says:

        GDC…..night shift at it again. Thanks to you and Gungy this clown will find time tomorrow to be just another search for Future Former Heroes Who Have Been Outed In Every Way Possible. Look on the VetCor web site and find out all their affiliations. One of which is the State of Florida Veteran’s Affairs Office…or what ever State Agency it is called that deals with Veteran-Owned operations. Don’t mean to cause any genuine veterans any harm, but if you don’t vet an employee you feature on your web site, SURE, you are going to hear about it! Get rid of the POSER and we’ll all be happy keeping an eye out for him down the road. More than likely we won’t have to wait long for more of his scams being exposed again. Phone call to the business tomorrow after speaking with the folks at the Fla Vet office. Looking at the credentials of the owners, it looks like they were just conned with a fake D D 214. They don’t look like the type that will even remotely attempt to justify their Poser Boy, referred to on the web site as a Water Restoration Technician. Does that mean his bullshit stories brings tears to gullible folks’ eyes? Tomorrow morning is his first water enema, courtesy of TAH. I’m also going to leave my name and phone number with them in hopes of him returning a call to me. Sick bastard is in for a well-planned surprise if he calls. Difficulty getting to sleep at night like this creates some really devious thoughts to discuss with a POSER. Yes, I’ll record and share it if he calls.

        • GDContractor says:

          You might offer to fax him a copy of his discharge information (above). Apparently his lawyers and HQ USMC can’t provide him that information in a timely fashion, per his Facebook post.

          • gungy says:

            I can’t imagine why this turd keeps making false claims as if no one will call him out.

            I thought I saw Scottie put his legit DD214 out there…discharge code and all. Gimbl thumped his keyboard pretty hard on that Coral Springs Talk website detracting his claims of being in combat, but again, where’d the VetCor people get that he was in the ‘stan? Gimbl logic: oooh they read it online someplace. It’s all a conspiracy!!!

  20. gungy says:

    Welp, looks as if Vet Cor Services is on his ass for an inquiry.


    Pity party from noobs once again. Perhaps he should quit lying. Where would these folks get this trash, if it didn’t come from his own mouth?



  21. Just An Old Dog says:

    Our News source in the area Found out Gimbl is tied in with a Veteran Owned Business, lying about being a Sgt in Afghanistan.


  22. Jarhead says:

    Just finished a brief conversation with Paul Huszor, CEO/Pres. of VetCor…..the place where phony Jarret Gimbl works and has his picture proudly shown on the company web site as a Water Restoration Specialist. Huszor has seen the story on TAH, as well as read the news report out of Tampa. His direct quote to me was, “At this point it is up to him (Gimbl) to provide me with a DD 214.” I did point out that one was available on line, and that the idiot Gimbl had already photo shopped one earlier. He does know the difference between a real DD 214 and a fake he claims. He did not want to continue the conversation any further, but I saw no reason to think he was not concerned. Just for the record, I gave him my name and phone number if he needed to contact me again; but I also asked him to give it to Gimbl in case he wanted to contact me. That would be sweet, with a recorder on this end. Thanks for all the help in locating this phony POS and especially his place of employment. S/F

    • Hondo says:

      Careful, Jarhead. I’d be very careful here.

      Unlike Federal law (where only the consent of one party is required), Florida law apparently requires the consent of all parties in order to legally record phone calls.


      • Jarhead says:

        Hondo, Thanks VERY much for reminding me what I should have known prior to now. In our state only one of the two parties is required to know a recorder is being used during a conversation. Duh, guess which one that’s going to be? I’m making a copy of your list from the link to watch myself in the future. That really could have been a bad trip had he called and I recorded it.
        This evening I checked and realized others had also called VetCor to check on our friend. Good news to see the POSER’S picture absent from their employee gallery.
        J. Dog made an excellent point about trusting employees in a customer’s home. That in itself should scare any employer.
        Tomorrow morning I will call the company again and thank them as well as let them know what the shit bag said about the company.
        Seeing all the others on this post that take an interest in exposing POSERS tells me this is one big class group. Well done, on to the next. S/F

    • Green Thumb says:

      Mike Newswold, at Titan Electric Service SE (the employer of Jerry Vroombout) says the same thing.

      In essence, he is supporting his business partner/employee w/ respect to his BS claims.

      I guess money is more important than integrity.

      A very true “Phil Monkress-ism” indeed.

    • gungy says:

      Yeah Gimbl’s DD214 went out there on the Coral Springs Talk site. Black and white. Guess if Gimbl needs his DD214, all he (or VetCor) needs to do is grab it off there.

      Of course if Gimbl is into falsifying docs, then VetCor can do their own FOIA and find the fake SGT ‘stan vet turned waterboy is a pathetic joke. Then he can answer for peddling false docs to land a job.

    • Just An Old Dog says:

      I sent an E-Mail to the Company as well.
      Mr Huszor is a retired Lt Col. I’m hoping he will take Gimbl to task for his bullshit.
      I have no idea what type of worker Gimbl is.. but I would guess he isn’t exactly a stellar performer.
      Having worked in a service industry where I was regulary trusted to be in people’s homes I can say that reputation means a lot.
      If someone has Gimbl come to their home and something ends up missing, they are going to wonder how such an obvious shit stain got hired.
      Also word is that he did get a General Discharge Under Honorable Conditions.
      Sometimes you just have to flush and hope the stain goes away.
      Gimbl has removed the facebook comment about work asking for his DD214. Im hoping he didnt weasel out of it.
      It would be interesting for him to try to make a forgery of his DD214 and take it in and Mr Huszor having a copy of his real one beside it.

  23. gungy says:

    Turd-l was saying something about a golden DD215 where all was forgiven on Coral Springs Talk, too. Yeah, like the Marines absolved his drug conviction, promoted him to SGT and sent him to Afghanistan to save the world. I’m guessing the Marines lost that DD215 too.
    Secrit squirl strikes again?
    Is Turd-l the Manchurian Candidate?
    Perhaps it was all a wet dream?
    Stay tuned for the next episode of Turd-l Man!

    • GDContractor says:

      Everything was on track until he played baseball in the White Castle parking lot. That’s a tough league.

      • gungy says:

        Didn’t he ride on the white horse before he took a knee at White Castle? Part of his whole court marshal thing.

  24. Just An Old Dog says:

    Jarret Gimbl’s info is no longer on the site, he is no longer employed there. Good on Alcor for taking out he trash.

  25. Fire4effect says:

    Jarret is no longer employed by Alcor. I spoke with him at length today via facebook messenger.
    He says the company was taking advantage of vets, told them to get on medicaid for health care and go on food stamps.
    He also said he gave all his paperwork to them when he was hired and Paul Huszor is the one who wrote the Bio saying he was a Marine Sgt who served 5 years and was deployed to Afghanistan.
    I also found out that he recieved only a Summary Court Martial (Art 112A Cocaine) 29 Jan 2008 , and it indeed was overturned by the Mar Det Commander, Colonel Scott T Campbell.
    This is totally concievable since Summary Court Martials are in essence “Super NJPs”.
    His original sentence was reduction from PFC to Pvt, 30 days retriction and an $893.00 fine for one month. There was no discharge as part of the sentencing.
    Since he was discharged in Nov of 2008, as a Private there must has been some other things going on that resulted in an admin board and a general under honorable discharge.
    Im pretty sure that the SCM being overturned happened pretty quickly after the Court, and had no bearing on the Discharge hearing.
    He still denies having anything to do with the written articles in the papers about him being a combat wounded Vet.

    • gungy says:

      Fucks like Gimbl don’t rate a job they rate a rubber room and britches to match. Maybe VetCor’s next hire should be a 75B to proofread DD214’s.

      So Gimblogic is that the CEO wrote a bio without consulting Gimbl, then conspired to fire Gimbl with online falsehoods.

      Or it could be that Gimbl sold the same line he’s told since God knows when and got fish-hooked.

      Which one sounds more plausible?

      I’ll tell you what though Vet-friendly employers in FL need to put out an ABP on this ass.

    • Green Thumb says:

      General Discharge = Shitbag.

  26. Paul Huszar says:

    Fellow veterans, thank you for bringing this to my attention. First and foremost I take full responsibility for the situation with VetCor. Jarret Gimbl is no longer an employee of our company. I was introduced to him by one of our former employees, who was also one of my Soldiers in the Battalion I commanded in Iraq in 09-10. He did not know Jarret, just met him in Tampa and learned he was a vet looking for a job so referred him to me. I have a standing offer to help any veteran (with an honorable discharge) either find a position with VetCor or help them find another position in the community. I met with Jarret, gave him some resume advice, and discussed his career goals. Initially, he was not interested in a position with VetCor but a few weeks later asked for an opportunity with our company. So I referred him to our Tampa Region Project Manager, a retired Army SFC, as he has hire and fire authority for his team. He assumed that I had vetted him, since I previously met with him, but it was a miscommunication between us. Initially, I just tried to help Jarret as a young veteran in need of help, and took him at his word, as I generally do with any veteran. For the record, we normally request DD214s upon employment. I assumed we had his DD214 in our hiring packet. While I was posting his photo on our website, I personally asked Jarret, who happened to be close by, to remind me of his service record. He again stated he was a SGT, with six years on active duty, and had deployed to Afghanistan. Once his background was brought to my attention, we immediately requested his DD214, which he could not provide. Then he produced one that appeared to be falsified so we terminated his employment. We’ve also experienced some related challenges just since being made aware of these past challenges. Also for the record, we are a small business that hires predominantly veterans so do not provide healthcare coverage at this time as it is unaffordable. We absolutely encourage, and assist our teammates, in getting VA health care to ensure they are properly taken care of through that system. Most of our management team are retired officers and senior NCOs so we have experience with VA disability and health care. Huge lesson learned on our part to be more vigilant in our processes. Please trust that this was an error for which I take full responsibility, and mainly due to my trust in veterans in general, and desire to try to help them.

    • gungy says:

      Mr. Huszar I hate you ran into a guy like Gimbl. Just be careful because he doesn’t try to file anything against your company for the nature of his termination. If you belong to a group of companies that hire vets, it might be a good idea to let them know about this weasel.

    • HMCS (FMF) ret. says:

      Sir… It’s a shame that you had to deal with someone of Gimbl’s character – it sounds like your company is doing some terrific work in helping vets. Unfortunately, there are people like Gimbl out there that cannot be honest about themselves and are willing to take advantage of people and organizations that are trying to do good.

      Good luck to you and your organization!

  27. gungy says:

    Oh, and does he get much sympathy from all the lemmings…did he just say he deployed??


  28. Jarhead says:

    Mr. Huszar…another pat on the back from a satisfied veteran. Mistakes happen, we all have made them. At least you took the honorable route and gave Gimbl an opportunity to verify his bogus claims. Just consider him another turn flushed down the drain of the world’s toilet. Better yet, consider him a brown trout from a septic tank you once cleaned. S/F