Perry Paden; Another phony SEAL

| September 17, 2014

Perry Paden

Scottie sends his latest, this Perry Paden fellow who, of course, claims to be a Navy SEAL. Our buddy, Don Shipley called him yesterday, but when Don told him that he looked a little too old to be in BUD/S class 270 (a few years ago) Perry hung up on him. I don’t blame him – he had a perfectly honorable ten-year career and got out as an E-6 and then he lied;

Perry Paden FOIA

Perry Paden Assignments

Perry Paden Assignments 2

Perry Paden training

You can see at Scotties place his SEAL hat, the SEAL plaque in his office, the SEAL sticker on his car window. I guess buying the bling is easier than actually attending the course.

Perry Paden2

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  1. Green Thumb says:

    Dude sounds a lot like that big fat guy down in Florida that convinced women he was a frogman.

    I do not remember his name, but he had a SEAL shrine on his body, vehicle and his house.

    Anyway, another shitbag come lately.

  2. John "Faker 6" Giduck says:

    My company, Archangel Group, should hire him. He tells good stories and has the potential to look like he ate a bunch of baby seals and a few dozen sprinkled donuts. But that only if he focuses and really works on it.

    Shipley doesn’t go after gritty Anti-SEAL trained individuals like me because there isn’t a database.

    Rock on, Perry Paden. Archangel Group awaits!


    John “Faker 6” Giduck

  3. Beretverde says:

    “Buying bling” is easier than attending the course. It’s also faster and less wear and tear on the body.

  4. Scotty says:

    A Blue Side Corpsman who had a honorable service record. And he flushes it down the drain. This is another SMH case.

  5. NHSparky says:

    Looks like he got hurt and ended up getting out on a medical. Nothing wrong with that, but claiming SEAL to hide the truth?

    Seriously, I wish I knew why these shitbags are wired the way they are. I just can’t fathom how they think they can get away with shit like this in the Internet age.

    • Steadfast&Loyal says:

      I am right there with you.

      I am mostly surprised by people’s decision making process.

      At what point did the concept of pretending to be a SEAL sound like a good idea?

  6. MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

    Hey … You have this guy all wrong.

    He was medically waived for BUD/S 270, because he was a Corpsman, and they needed an ate up old guy in BUD/S who is presumably half or whole retarded to treat clap cases!


  7. Hondo says:

    OK, Navy/USMC guys – need some translation support.

    WTF is a “Gold Wreath Award”?

    • MGySgtRet. says:

      Hondo, I NEVER heard of it. Must be a Navy thing.

    • NHSparky says:

      Recruiting Gold Wreath, typically awarded for making goal three consecutive months. Harder than it sounds.

      While it’s possible he was a “bag toting” recruiter, usually you had to be a senior PO2 before screening. Our HM2 worked at NRD as the District statistician, and was damn good at it.

      Again, took a perfectly good career and just shit it away.

      • Steadfast&Loyal says:

        I was going to say cuz I can’t understand a damn thing written on those forms.

        You navy guys make everything far more difficult then it needs to be 😉

  8. GDContractor says:

    Great. Looks like I’ll have to scratch “take bar tending class from fake ex-SEAL instructor” off my bucket list. I was really looking forward to coconut ops.

  9. Dave Hardin says:

    Everybody knows they don’t put duty with Easter Seals on a DD214. He probably thought BUDS stood for ‘But U Didn’t Serve’ and if Don made a video call first thing in the morning….well you can imagine what that hair looks like then. Enough to scare the shit out of anyone.

  10. Bobo says:

    His time with the Marines was almost like being a SEAL. He got to wear cammo and everything. Cut him some slack.

  11. Cornholio says:

    That pic of him with his mouth open looks like he’s demonstrating how he takes on a big salty cock.

  12. Steadfast&Loyal says:

    I have to say I like his hat.

    He put the trident on there just in case folks missed where he was from.

    I means SEALS are classified after all.

  13. Climb to Glory says:

    I think that it is fitting that his place of separation was San Francisco, California. What a shitbag.

  14. Perry Paden says:

    You are all correct, I made a very bad decision and flushed my service career down the drain. I am very ashamed of my decision and have let down my wife, my friends and my boss. For my actions I will pay the consequences

    • ArmyATC says:

      Actions speak louder than words. Do you still have all that Navy SEAL stuff in you office? Still have that hat and other Navy SEAL bling? Does everyone who believed you were a SEAL been set straight?

  15. Perry Paden says:

    I will try to post this again in that you are all correct in that I made a bad decision and dishonored my Navy career. I have told my wife, my friends and my boss. I will live with the consequences

    • Scotty says:

      It would be nice if you made an official apology on your Blog of Shame.

      I also suggest that you give SCPO Shipley back and apologize to him also.

  16. Sparks says:

    Perry Paden…I do hope you go all the way and do it right. That might include a call to Senior Chief Don Shipley to clear the air.

    As far as phoney SEALs go. Their phoney’s motto is “There’s no “I” in TEAM and…there’s no “U” either!”.

    • Perry Paden says:

      I just left a msg for Senior Chief and talk to his wife. He is at the cabin and will return my call. I am sincerely sorry for my actions

  17. MGySgtRet. says:

    Mr. Paden, you have come on here and confessed to making a serious error in judgment that you are willing to suffer the consequences for. For that you are to be commended if you are sincere.

    My question to you would be, WHY?? You had a perfectly honorable career. You were a Corpsman for Christ’s sake. You already have the undying thanks of all Marines. What in the hell would possess you to throw that all away for honor you did not earn?

    • Sparks says:

      Mr. Paden…I echo MGySgtRet’s comment. I know I was a bit harsh in my statement above. I agree with him that I hope you are sincere. I do not understand either, why you would do this to yourself and your loved ones. But, in the category of, everyone makes some big mistakes in life, this is yours I guess. Not something you can’t overcome with the truth. It WILL set you free if it is sincere. Free from this embellishment and free in your conscience. A clear conscience can’t be bought, only earned.

      • Perry Paden says:

        You are correct it was a big mistake and trust me the hardest thing to do was to own up to this with most of all my best friend (my wife) She will decide whether to post or not. But to all the brave men and women who serve and my step-daughter who is serving as we speak on the Wounded Warrior floor in Bethesda. My gratitude for keeping me safe

  18. An Old Arty Sgt says:

    It’s nice to see Mr Paden on here and to say he made a mistake is an understatement. I’m just wondering how long has he been doing this and would he still be doing it if he wasn’t outed? Did he receive anything for lying?? Did he use his lies for any gains??

    Why he did what he did…I have no idea..but any corpsman will always be welcomed at my table anytime anywhere.

    • Perry Paden says:

      No I was giving a talk and referenced Navy SEALS discipline and team work someone ask me if I was and I made the wrong decision and said yes and have been doing it ever since. This is my responsibility.

  19. Combat Historian says:

    Hey Perry, I’m glad you are apologizing and seeing the errors of your ways; but please don’t apologize with the hope/expectation that Jonn will take down this post, because he won’t…

    • Perry Paden says:

      I would not think of that my actions have consequences. I hope that my actions do not reflect upon my step daughter who is a corpsman.

  20. Tinman says:

    Wait, you CANNOT claim you were a SEAL if you served in any branch of the Military that has some type of Special Operations Branch? I thought that you can wear anything that is sold at the PX/BX. This explains why everyone laughs at my Biker vest when I ride up the the VFW. I gotta go, I have to fix my Facebook profile and remove some pictures that I photoshopped of me with Mr Janos.

  21. Enigma4you says:

    Mr Paden,

    There is this, every time you told the lie you knew it was a lie. It is only when you are caught in the lie that you show remorse.

    You represented yourself as a SEAL. You took their Honor and Valor as your own. In taking others honor you also brought discredit on all veterans you in effect said “It’s not good enough to serve your nation, to be respected you must be one of the elite” I have some news for you, be it cook, corpsman or SEAL each man and woman that serves our nation is on of the elite.

    You say that you are sorry that you have caused harm to your wife and your Daughter. You are the one that made that choice in words and actions. It is up to you to repair that damage. Don’t look to the veteran community for understanding, we dont understand why you would ever lie about your service, dont look to us for guidance, we have not walked in your shoes. We have every right to be critical and Judgmental of your lies and actions.
    You are a thief who has been caught. Nothing more.

    You have no idea of the contempt that I feel towards you. I can promise that I am not alone in that feeling. I wish that there was a court in this land that would press charges.

    You sir are not fit to shine the shoes of the newest recruit at Great Lakes. You hurt the public’s view of MY NAVY

    • MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

      Mr. Paden,

      As stated above and … man up.

      You don’t want to know me or the community I supported for 2/3 of my career.

      That is all.

  22. Jamie Paden says:

    I tried to post once but it did not load so will try again. I am Perry’s wife, and not very proud of what he has done. I can say that he had (and has) a very heavy heart when he sat me down to tell me what he had done. To own the lie that he had told to me. I cannot say why he did it…I know it wasn’t for personal gain, it wasn’t to go around telling everyone. For whatever reason he made a terrible mistake, but I cannot fault him for that because I am not free from mistakes myself. I won’t say I am not hurt because I am, but I did not marry him because of this. I married him because I love him and I took that seriously in better or worse, and this is worse right now. What I can say is that I want you to see the collateral damage of this. I am not too sure that any of you have ever thought of it (not casting stones) as it is not something that most of us think about. I can definitely understand why you would want to expose someone (even my husband), and this is coming from someone that has never been able to listen to the Star Spangled Banner without shedding a tear. I can say that Perry loves his Country dearly. What I can also make you aware of is what else has come from this being posted. I have been receiving messages from people and not all of them are nice. I have had people knocking on my door and I am scared to open it. I am scared to go outside. I have a wonderful daughter who loves her Country and loves her job and what she does, who wants to have a career with the Navy and now I have to live in fear that this will effect her in a negative manner. Because if people are seeking me out then what would stop them from seeking her out too? I do not think you put this up to harm those that are innocently involved, but I thought you should be aware of it. You have no control over people or their actions when they see something like this and not everyone has the best intentions. All actions have consequences. My husbands actions have consequences…those are that I love him but it has damaged a trust that we shared and now he has to work hard to reinstate that trust. He had to come clean to others and has to accept those consequences too. However, the actions of this post also has consequences and those consequences stretch further than my husband; unfortunately that is to myself and I pray that it does not reach my daughter. So as you are exposing others, and I understand why you do it; we should all take pride in what we do. We should want to protect the honor of what we do just as we want to protect our Country. Please though keep in mind the innocent people that are involved as collateral damage because when you make these posts you cannot control the outcome of the actions of others that read it and might act upon it. Sincerely, Jamie

    • ArmyATC says:

      Mrs. Paden, No one condones any nasty messages you may have received. That’s one reason why the admins refuse to post personal information. As for knocks on your door, maybe it’s just a salesman or LDS folks. Do try not to be paranoid. Your daughter’s military career won’t be in jeopardy unless she does something herself. If you truly want to point a finger at someone, turn to Perry. His lies and deception are the cause, not those who tell the truth. Unfortunately, the lies of people like Perry do end up hurting others, especially those closest to them. I’ll bet that your daughter joined the military, at least in part, due to your husbands lies. Now she has to contend with knowing that everything she believed in was untrue.

    • HS Junior says:

      Like I said, what you’re going through is a consequence of your husband’s actions, not TAH’s. Your husband told a very big and offensive lie, and now people are angry. It’s your husband’s fault for lying publicly, not TAH’s for exposing it. I think I can say with a fairly high degree of certainty that there isn’t a person in this comments section who agrees with what the people you’re scared of are doing, but they also aren’t impressed with this attempt to transfer the blame to Jonn.

    • GDContractor says:

      ” I am not too sure that any of you have ever thought of it (not casting stones) as it is not something that most of us think about.”

      Ma’am, respectfully, I think you have to give us credit FOR thinking about it. I think all of us here, whether veteran or not, put a high value on integrity. One of the ways I shield my wife and children from collateral damage is by simply not stealing that which is not mine. Not trying to beat a dead horse, but the party that is guilty of “not thinking about it” is the guy you are married to.

    • MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

      It is the Poser not the wife and or family in most cases.

      Here I believe an apology from the Poser is in order and a warning to anyone who dares to cross that line with wife or child by even a word.

      We are talking about a man’s false claims, not the wife or child.

      Carry on and my regards to the family.

    • Tommy Patriot says:

      Kind of interesting how you are posting about that Rachel Dolezal broad on Facebook and calling her psychotic. I agree, pretending to be someone you are not is absolutely ridiculous. Do you believe Perry is Psychotic? The guy lied about being a seal and as someone else mentioned, lied about WSU as well.

      • Eden says:

        Wait, what? Where did Rachel Dolezal come into this? That story broke, what, a month ago? This thread was pretty much over 7 months before that.

  23. HS Junior says:

    Ma’am, I truthfully am sorry about any trouble that may be directed at your daughter or at you, but I have to respectfully disagree on where blame lies for what you are going through. The blame lies with your husband, not with TAH. I’m glad he’s coming clean, but he lied about something very important in a very public way and pissed off a lot of people because of it. The only thing Jonn has done by posting this is to tell the truth about what your husband did in the Navy and admonish him for stealing the achievements and valor of others in an equally public way. Nowhere in the article or the comments section has anyone advocated punishing his family members.

    If people are doing that, I don’t condone it, and if any of the people who are doing it are reading this, I’d like to ask them to stop. But you can chalk this up to the damage a lie can end up doing, not to the exposure of the lie.

  24. ArmyATC says:

    Mrs. Paden, You couldn’t be more wrong if you tried. We are hurting no one. We are causing harm to no one. We are simply telling the truth about liars, posers, and frauds. If you want to blame the hurt and harm done to innocents on anyone, try pointing the finger at the man who shares your bed. He and he alone is responsible for any hurt that comes from his actions. Your husbands lies (yes, they were lies. We don’t sugar coat the truth here.) will have no effect on your daughters career. Why would they? If we were to follow your logic, then no one could ever tell the truth because someone, somewhere may get hurt. Sorry, life doesn’t work that way. If strangers are knocking on your door or you are getting messages left on your machine, they aren’t coming from here. As you can see, no personal information on Perry was given.

    • Jamie Paden says:

      Army ATC I am not defending what my husband did. I did not state that my information was given out, and I did not see it. However, it has not stopped people from contacting me…me who has a private facebook account and I still am being contacted. It has not stopped people from showing up here at my door. The fact is that there are people in this world that are very good at what they do and can find all sorts of information out that is not necessarily public. Somehow, someway people know my contact information and where I live. That puts me at a great risk and makes me the collateral damage and that give me a very heavy heart because no one likes to live in fear.

      • Green Thumb says:

        I am out on this one.

        Proof that is not a victimless crime is validated.

        Good luck ma’am and I for one will be moving forward.

        Thank you for your time and candid information.

      • HS Junior says:

        Block the Facebook idiots and file a police report on the people coming to your door if they don’t leave or cause trouble.

        • Enigma4you says:

          “I hope you understand that by doing this you are also hurting and potentially putting others (who are innocents involved) in harm. I have had several private messages today on my facebook. I have had strangers at my door knocking now. I have a daughter that is in the military that wants to have a career, loves her country, loves her job and this could potentially hurt her.”

          Mrs. Paden. With all respect for you, your husband caused everything you mentioned. Not us. He is the one that lied. Ask yourself this, would this lie still be going on had he not been caught?

          If he has lied to you and your Daughter in the service, who has with out a doubt bragged about her father, the Fake SEAL what other lies has he told that you have not figured out?

          I have nothing but sympathy for you and your Daughter, for your husband I have nothing but contempt. He is the one that put your family in this position, not us.

      • GDContractor says:

        Maybe your husband can hire a real ex-SEAL to protect you. He said something to the effect of “he owns this”. I can’t get real worked up about you posting here and expecting sympathy (I guess?). Your husband admittedly stole something that was not his…. something that many men paid for in blood. It is not my fault that he did not think it through when he thought he could get something for nothing. I do not condone anyone contacting you or trying to intimidate you, but if it is happening, have your husband deal with it. It is his doing.

      • ArmyATC says:

        Is it possible that you are blowing things out of proportion? I somehow doubt that you haven’t had strangers knock on your door before. Without answering the knock, you have no idea what they wanted. As I posted earlier, it could have simply been a salesman or LDS folks. If you live in fear, it is because of your husbands lies and you paranoia, not because someone may be out to get you or him. I do not remember a single case where a family member was physically harmed by a stranger due to the lies of a liar and poser.

        • MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

          Wait … There have been perjurous claims of absolute proof certified to courts that people who have never been somewhere did in fact do things that never happened … to wit, as to and et al “cause bushes to shook”, “shaken bushes”, “shook bushes” and other forms of bushes to be moved in a manner to suggest …

          So, let’s give a wee bit of room here!

      • NHSparky says:

        I’ll tell you something right now, Mrs. Paden–if anyone here was harassing you at home, on FB, etc., Jonn and the regular posters here would be the first ones to stop that shit most ricky-tick.

        Rest assured, if you find it comes from anyone who posts here, forward the information to Jonn, and I’m sure it will be stopped soonest.

        That being said, your husband served his country honorably for a decade until his service was cut short (I know how to read a service record, being former Navy myself.) He has nothing to be ashamed of for his service. Only when he claimed honors and training he did not earn was the point he brought his lies upon himself, and unfortunately, you as well.

        I will say this for myself–go forth and sin no more, but rest assured, people WILL be watching.

  25. HS Junior says:

    Mr. Paden, if you’re reading this, here’s what I advise you do. Post a public apology on Facebook or on your blog or wherever; someplace where it can be seen by anyone.

    Then, go to your local VFW or AL chapter (NOT to goodwill, milsurp, etc. where somebody else might see it and use it as a prop for valor thievery) and hand over all of your SEAL bling; they’ll verify that you did so.

    It won’t get you off of TAH; nothing can once you’re on it (even if Jonn took you off, all this would still exist on internet archives).

    It won’t be easy, but it will go a long way toward showing the veterans on this blog that you’ve learned your lesson and are not going to sin again.

    My unsolicited, non-veteran advice.

  26. Hondo says:

    Ms. Paden: it’s unfortunate you are getting blowback from your husband’s lies. However, what you are saying above is the equivalent to saying: “Oh officer, don’t give my husband a ticket. He didn’t mean to speed and cause that accident. It’s only property damage. If you give him a ticket, our insurance rates will go up and people will talk!”

    If you don’t see that that line of reasoning is both illogical and morally wrong, no amount of explanation will get the point across. You appear intelligent above; I suspect you know full well your argument is BS.

    And anyway: as they might have said where I grew up: “Lady, ’round here, that dog don’t hunt.”

  27. An Old Arty Sgt says:

    My suggestion.. Post your apologize on Facebook. For all to see. Post pictures of all SEAL stuff taken from your office, stickers off your car and home. Then close your Facebook page. Your wife’s page too.

    Tell the Police of unwanted strangers knocking on your door and block all unknown people from messaging you.

    Making a new Facebook page is a small price to pay for all the lies that were told.

    Just my suggestion.

  28. Patrick408 says:

    We all appreciate his and your daughters service, but he should no better!
    Just Saying….

    Semper Fi!

  29. OIF '06-'07-'08 says:

    Damn, did I miss this one, but he sure as heck came out with a quick apology, wonder if it is because that the truth is now known, his business could very well be affected.

  30. nbcguy54 says:


  31. ArmyATC says:

    Rather than post an apology, he took down his Facebook page.

  32. 11th Cav RVN says:

    @John Giduck, I don’t know which is worse YOU or an ex vet embellishing his service. How much $ has your bullshit earned you. I wonder why you’d hang around a site that’s busted you…..kinda creepy I think.

    • nbcguy54 says:

      Faker 6 is TAH’s resident fake faker and adds a bit of levity ti the site. He also swings a mean e-tool. I don’t believe that he is the real John Giduck (I hope).


  33. The Chief says:

    I think as others see the consequences of your actions (Perry), it serves as a tool to make others think twice about stealing valor. If they are seeing the consequences unfold in this forum and are reading the ripple effects that it caused, I am totally content. I don’t agree with the harassment of Mrs. Paden, but I totally understand it. The lesson learned falls on Perry. I wish the best for Mrs Paden and his daughter who is serving in Bethesda.

  34. CuriousKat says:

    How could he have attended WSU from 1976-1980 if he was in the military from 1976 to 1986. Does he really have a degree from WSU or is that another lie.