Paul Joseph Connolly; that phony SEAL

| October 1, 2014

Paul Connolly phony SEAL

Back in July, we wrote about Paul Joseph Connolly, who claimed to be a Navy SEAL when he was tossed from a restaurant with his service dog. Chief Shipley told us he wasn’t a SEAL, which is pretty obvious in his picture, and Hondo did a FOIA on his ample posterior, because he made other claims about his service that didn’t sound right. He said he was an undercover NCIS informer – but that’s not consistent with his records. Our Navy guys say he might have worked on nuclear weapons, but that doesn’t make him a SEAL, FFS.

Paul Joseph Connolly FOIA

Paul Joseph Connolly Assignments

He served aboard the USS PROTEUS, a submarine tender stationed at Guam as a Gunners Mate Missile, so his nuclear weapons story might be the only true thing he told the reporter. Wiki says this about Connolly’s time aboard the PROTEUS;

In 1980, Proteus was home-ported at Apra Harbor, Guam, where her missile silos had been deactivated and the missiles removed and converted to tender submarines.

Again, he flushed his honorable service down the drain with his fantastical stories.

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  1. NHSparky says:

    I did my first Westpac in 1988-89, and was station on her for a few months before she decommissioned in 1992. All the missile stuff was long gone way before that.

    And he’s a GMT (Tech) but even then, the tender never did anything except store, receive, and issue weapons, according to some of the old school tender weapons folks. They never did maintenance on them. Ever.

    Yeah, no idea why this clown played this bullshit. Zero.

    • ArmyATC says:

      It’s the tiny penis syndrome. He’s trying to make up for the fact that he’s done nothing meaningful with his life, outside a short stint with the Navy.

  2. Ban Dernath, Commander, Galactic Infantry (Hon) says:

    Does he need an attorney by any chance?

    • Cheese Eater McBlobfish says:

      I could fly you to him, and both of you to the courthouse area, in my C130. Seven pounds block of cheese for both of you. Bring that faker 6 guy, we could make this a cheesy party.

      Dennis “the Blobfish” Chevalier

  3. Green Thumb says:

    I feel bad for the dog.

    I bet he got tossed from the restaurant for stinking up the place with his bullshit.

    • CWORet says:

      They smelled all that shit and blamed the dog.

      Poor pooch. Look at his eyes. “What lottery in hell did I fucking win?”

  4. Nigel Brooks says:

    With all due respect he certainly might have been an informant for NCIS (or NIS at the time). But generally speaking folks who were used by agencies such as NIS in drug cases did so because they were working something off.

    • ChipNASA says:

      To quote you Nigel…

      “With all due respect he certainly…… doesn’t look like anyone that has ever worked *ANYTHING* off.

    • MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

      Ah … this guy has lied about being a SEAL, he has made it sound like he was a nuckleear rocket scientist and he has probably lied about his involvement with NCIS … because it was NIS back then.

      He had a most unnotable career at best and I am neither impressed or amused with his level of shitchtz baggery!

      I give him not one … not two … but FIVE GFY’s for his behavior!

    • Marine_7002 says:

      Now that’s a first. I can see the name of the TV series now…”NCIS, SEAL TEAM 6!”

  5. Craig M. says:

    Are you sure he said Navy Seal and not Navy Sea Lion?

  6. W2 says:

    He’s totally legit. You can tell by the USN GP medium tent he’s wearing. Just because you ate a seal when you were in the navy doesn’t make you a SEAL there squiddly diddly. Change my rate to Gunner’s Mate, doo da doo da.

  7. boatsaillor says:

    Just a quick note, his rate did some work on the warheads installed on the missiles that the submarines had onboard prior to the ships’ deployment to help make them go “BOOM” should they need to. He also could have been a rat for NIS at the time, Guam being a thriving delivery point for sailors muling crap back to Pearl or the States.

    • NHSparky says:

      Um, yeah, no. Maybe he narced out guys on the tender or Navsta, but boat guys are fairly intolerant of that shit, or at least were when I was in.

  8. Big Steve says:

    Connolly, you knob. You are the antithesis of a SEAL.
    But I like the pic of you and your girlfriend here.