Mike Thayer; Phony Ranger

| October 15, 2014

Mike Thayer

Someone sent us their work on this Mike Thayer dude. Mike sells aviation fuel in Chino, California. His business is called Flying Tigers Aviation. According to witness statements that I have on file, Mike drums up business for his operation by wandering around the hangars and airport wearing a cap with a Ranger Tab on it and telling of his time with the 2d Battalion of the 75th Rangers, his combat exploits in Somalia and Panama and other tales of derring-do. He tells folks that he’s HALO qualified and some folks get to hear that he’s also Special Forces. He didn’t need to go through jump school because he went to HALO first. Makes complete sense to me.

Well, he’s right, he didn’t have to go through jump school;

Mike Thayer FOIA

Nope, no military service, but apparently he’s using his phony stories to make money. Of course, the person who sent this to me says that he’s reported Mikey to the local police who took a report, but warned him that nothing could/would be done about it. So he came to us.

I do know someone who could use the fueling services and wouldn’t mind using a provider who tells tall tales.

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  1. RangerX says:

    Maybe he got all that training as a civilian to prepare him for “over 20 years in the entertainment industry as a producer, actor and stuntman working with Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios, 20th Century Fox, and talent such as Dustin Hoffman, Russell Crowe, and Andy Garcia.”


    • Louis says:

      The dude wrote his own bio, try and verify any of that crap. I’m still looking, nothing yet

      • Andy Andy says:

        There is nothing to verify, it is all a bold lie. Yes, there is a Michael R. Thayer who is on IMDB with all those accomplishments. But it is another man. Not this guy. Actually, the true actor / producer / stuntman, etc. should probably be told what is happening with HIS resume and identity. Easy to verify.

      • miss WOODS says:

        I remember visiting his FAMILY home in BP,meeting his awesome family,and at that time 89 he was into racecars.,was neato..He is the real deal in all he says..great personality,well rounded,zero temper,very trained in martial arts,and very smart..and a wonderful person!

        • Andy says:

          His family home is in La Palma, not Buena Park. He is a user of women and the most narcissistic poser on the planet. Sort of funny… ALL of these people are wrong, but you’re right. Why would all of these folks attack an innocent man? Did he play the guitar for you? Oh, if you only truly knew.

    • Robert says:

      Funny thing is he says he helped Disney do a lot of work. I know SEVERAL people that work at Disneyland and Disney studios… They have never heard of him… Not only that but it takes an EXTENSIVE background check in order for a person to work there. They wouldn’t put up with this BS.

      • miss WOODS says:

        He owned an amazing store in what was the PAN PACIFIC HOTEL ,that became DISNEYLAND HOTEL..He is 100% telling you the truth..HE is the real deal. He is the popular class clown type,and IS NOT a liar.

    • miss WOODS says:

      I met mike in 1989,and yes,all is factual and true..i will not reveal what he did,as that is TOP SECRET. Enjoy him,and know your in gr8 hands,for anything.

      • Andy says:

        Here’s the thing… If it truly WAS/IS Top Secret, why would you know? He couldn’t / wouldn’t tell you. If folks wish to believe, nothing that anybody else says will matter. But think for a moment: ALL of these people, different times, different circumstances are ALL making things up? ALL from different backgrounds, different times of knowing this guy? It’s all just a conspiracy? Wish I had your contact information. After we chatted, well, your point of view could be changed.

  2. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Here’s another POSer who ought to be forced to attend the next Ranger Rendezvous on Ft. Benning wearing his Ranger-tabbed hat while he’s left alone among real Rangers sans any outside witnesses, cameras, or recorders!!

  3. ByrdMan says:

    I haven’t found anything online where this guy is claiming ranger stuff. Mostly he talks about his Hollywood background.

    Are there pics of him wearing stuff or is this just hearsay?

    • Jonn Lilyea says:

      Like I said, I have statements from five different people who attest to his behavior. I couldn’t find any of his claims either on line, but that doesn’t mean the claims don’t exist.

      • Andy Andy says:


        Would love to have a nice chat with you. It’s rather funny; the actual career he had, and screwed up, you never hear a single word about it.

  4. James in Gulf Breeze says:

    Hmmm… maybe Bernath’s problem was that he used this poser to get fuel from but only pretended to give him fuel??

  5. Green Thumb says:

    Just another turd.

  6. Andy11M says:

    somebody needs to die in a freak gasoline fight accident*.

    *Zoolander reference.

  7. That Guy says:

    Asked a bunch of pilots. No one ever heard of this company. Sounds like the guy is just full of shit, not just a peddler of fish tales as many a pilot is.

  8. Louis says:

    I have met Michael Thayer, on more than one occasion he has told me that he was an army ranger that was halo qualified. He likes to tell people so they tell other people that way he’s not the one who said it. He’s a fucking turd who has no pride no integrity and he’s a fucking con man just my opinion.

    • Andy Andy says:

      This company is legit. He’s not. There IS another ‘Michael Thayer’ who IS an actor, Producer, Stuntman, etc. But NOT the same person. Look up the name / photos on IMDB: different person. He was also a real cop in Orange County and got in trouble, departed under less than honorable circumstances 1983/4 time frame. Big talker, easily believable… I wonder if those currently associated with him truly KNOW the unvarnished truth.

  9. Mike Mike says:

    There was a Michael Thayer that used to troll USMA grads by claiming to be of relation to Sylvanus Thayer. He used to push some bullshite about collecting old uniforms so he could hand them off to new grads. If it is the same guy he is the ultimate fraud – stay far far away.

  10. Mark Lauer says:

    Multiple witness statements are strong evidence.

    Video of this douche nozzle making his claims would be even stronger.

  11. Steve says:

    Man….this PISSES me off.

    “…the local police took a report, but warned him that nothing could/would be done about it.”

    What in fuck’s name is THAT about?! Here in Australia, it is an offence against the Defence Act to misrepresent yourself as a returned service person! It is also an offence to misuse service decorations.

    Granted, Police are usually reluctant to pursue it to the fullest extent as they (understandably) have bigger fish to fry, but at least the society’s values regarding POSEURS are codified in law.

  12. chockblock says:

    Checked out his webzone. In the “about us” section, Mikey’s picture is missing. Just a “coming soon” placeholder.

    The site is long on 40’s nostalgia and short on what they actually *do*. Sure they list Jet A and Avgas prices in US dollars.

    But I suspect that they fleece pilots. An aviation company without planes headed up by a “ranger” who’s never served a day in uniform….

    Yeah, I’d trust a $500K aircraft to these clowns.

  13. Erick D says:

    On the Aircraft owners and pilots Association (AOPA)there is a story about this man claiming to have been Brandon Lee and Farah Fossett’s karate instructor. Kind of convenient I guess being the fact that both of these people are dead and they can’t verify this. Sorry to say I believed this man to be an army ranger as well. He told me he was and I take any ranger for his word. I don’t think he understands what sacrifices you have to make to do a job like that how dare he steal these men’s integrity and honor.

    • 19Delta says:

      Somehow I find it hard to believe Brandon Lee was hurting for competent highly qualified instructors in martial arts.

      • Andy11M says:

        indeed, from wiki “The bulk of Lee’s martial arts instruction came from his father’s top students, and best friends Dan Inosanto and Richard Bustillo.[2]”

      • Andy Andy says:

        Read that article very carefully. Obviously the author took him at face value and did not, in any way, do any due diligence on truthful assertions. The author of the article is the latest victim in a long line.

    • miss WOODS says:

      yes,that is very true.

      • Andy Andy says:

        Miss WOODS, he is a professional liar. Ask him about his prior law enforcement experience. Ask him why he isn’t a cop anymore. Ask him about his Army experience. Oh, right, never happened. He has RUINED at least one woman’s life. I just hope all the women involved in his business, and, the men, truly understand what they have standing in front of them. Mixing truth and accuracy while living and portraying himself as a Veteran fails to make him a ‘good guy’. Wise up.

  14. Iraqvet says:

    Still today he is making claims of being a Ranger. He has a phony VA ID card that he has tried to pass on a few people. Mike Thayer was never a ranger nor in the military. Sad sack of shit.

    • Andy says:

      Has he fooled everyone in Chino? What about the staff at the company? Do they know he’s a bold face liar? On everything he’s written? Hollywood? Producer? Stuntman? Seriously? I’ll bet the REAL Michael Thayer in IMDB would love to confront this poser.

      • miss WOODS says:

        if its the mike thayer up there in the pic…that man is 100% GOOD GUY ..

        • Jonn Lilyea says:

          He may be a good guy, but he lied to you.

        • Marine_7002 says:

          Another “zombie” thread resurrected.

          Miss Woods, you need to wake up, have some coffee, and read the letter posted at the top of this blog page.

          Then tell us what makes this asshole Thayer such a “100% GOOD GUY” when he’s lying through his teeth about serving in the military.

          C’mon, we’re waiting.

  15. Jarhead says:

    Anyone who has some clown named Ladydickpussy vouch for him surely HAS to be real. The same character rep once told me about Santa as well as the Tooth Fairy. They gotta be real. Just this past Christmas I placed a tooth under my pillow and found a lump of coal there the next morning; in addition to an inflatable party doll with big ol’ titties.

  16. Green Thumb says:

    Just another ball-working dude.