Michael R. Schrenk; phony Marine arrested

| October 17, 2014

Totally legit marine

We couldn’t identify this fellow when we posted his picture a few months back, but he was obviously a phony. But the two Marine recruiters who encountered him at the Erie County Fair in upstate New York on Veterans Appreciation Day had the presence of mind to snap his photo and turned it over to NY Trooper Michael J. Niezgoda, a decorated, wounded Marine veteran of the Iraq War, according to Stars & Stripes;

The investigation also discovered that Schrenk had served in the Armed Forces, though not in the Marines. “Ironically, he served with honor in the United States Navy,” Niezgoda said.

Assisted by West Seneca police in executing the search warrant on Wednesday, state troopers recovered numerous items from Schrenk’s home, bolstering the case that he misrepresented himself, Barnas said.

In addition to the impersonation charges, Schrenk also was charged with unlawfully wearing a military uniform and unlawfully displaying a military rank – both prohibited under New York State Military Law.

According to the article, Schrenk has also posed as a Federal LEO on occasion. He’s scheduled to appear in court this morning to answer to the charges. The goofy-looking shit.

ADDED: A mugshot for posterity;

Michael R. Schrenk

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  1. CLAW131 says:

    Friday’s Chew Toy,Front and Center,Post!!

  2. TacticalTrunkMonkey says:

    WOW! This is a back-alley, crowbar abortion of a uniform! It makes my head hurt just looking at it.

    The recruiters that took the photo would have had their numbers for the next year if they had just kicked the dog sh*t outta him…kids would have been lining up for days on end to join.

    • Sparks says:

      TacticalTrunkMonkey…Personally, I like to keep my poser, general ass hole and “smarter than everyone else engineer’s” calibration and adjustment tool in my trunk. Fits right in where the jack and spare go too.

  3. JBS says:


    I had never heard of “New York State Military Law”. Still not quite sure what it is.

    • MCPO Knows says:

      The State of NY has a very proud and long history in terms of their militias and state forces.

      NY boasts the largest Naval Militia which was the genesis of the US Naval Reserve Force and the NY Guard has had its hand in history as well.

      Both of the units above had their start in around the Revolutionary War.

      Now couple the National Guard and Air National Guard under one command and you have one giant state force.

      The NY State Division of Military Affairs is huge and they have a rule, policy and or law for everything …

      I ought to know!


      • jonp says:

        I had never heard of it either. Thanks for the explanation but how will that hold up to recent court rulings?

  4. FatCircles0311 says:

    lol squids

  5. MGySgtRet. says:

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer pile of crap. What a fucking clown. All he needs is the makeup. Shit stain.

  6. nbcguy54 says:

    Nothing like a good “Splash. Out.” to get a good early start to the weekend.

  7. ByrdMan says:

    Holy Jesus, what is that? WTF IS THAT?!

    I bet he thought he nailed it.

  8. CLAW131 says:

    It’s too bad this is a still picture and not a cell phone video. I think the young man to his right is getting ready to pull that sword out,whack him in the pee-pee,and call him a Dumbass.

  9. Farflung Wanderer says:

    I really hate people like this. I don’t get why they do it, and it’s just so frustrating.

    They served with honor and pride. Why isn’t that enough for them?

  10. RazorbackStrong says:

    This guy didn’t even try. The Michael Jackson sunglasses? Awards all over the place? I bet other posers want to kick his ass.

  11. dnice says:

    Why do they always have to go all out like it? If you’re a fan of the Marines or other branch just where a hat or a tshirt. I guess they’re just all bat sh** crazy especially taking all that time to get a uniform then attempt to make it look real.

  12. LIRight says:

    One word pretty much describes this and the other posers that are exposed: asshole. Pure, simple and to the point…..asshole.

  13. Kevin C says:

    Wow… is that a bazooka Sharpshooter badge next to the rifle and pistol expert badges?

    I always wanted to bazooka qual.


  14. CWO5USMC says:

    Holy bag of donuts Batman!!

  15. 3E9 says:

    “I know who I am. I’m the dude playin’ the dude, disguised as another dude!”

  16. MGySgtRet. says:

    That mug shot is the shit!!!

    He looks like Bubba is directly behind him doing a little anal excavation….

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      AWWWW SHIT, Master Gunny, you beat me to it!! Yeah, he has that “doe-eyed look” in his eyes knowing he’s gonna be the “Property” of Bubba & Thor!

  17. AW1Ed says:

    WTF, his medals have medals??!!

  18. Bernath's Fuel Gauge says:

    That mug shot is priceless. Kinda makes you wonder what the look of a certain NON CPO in the PNW would be any different.

  19. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    I can’t help but laugh when I look at the pic of him in that living abortion of a USMC Uniform, he looks uptight and locked up like he’s in panic with a dozen corncobs up his ass, the man next to him looks like he’s relaxed thinking “YEAH, motherfucker, your ass is MINE!!”.

  20. Dr. Strangeglove says:

    Take this man and all the other similar posers, and let them wear their “uniforms” one last time. Drop them off at noon in the outskirts of Fallujah with plenty of noise and fanfare.

    They can then explain all their various awards and decorations to the local population in great detail. I’m sure they would love the attention.

    If they make it back to a base, they can get one official G.I. Joe secret decoder ring with a “D” device, to proudly wear once they return all their stolen valor.

    If they do it again, repeat the process, but in Islamabad Pakistan.

    The “D” device indicates “With extreme Douchiness.”

  21. idtanker says:

    First timer, so sad to see such shameless POSs

  22. ArmyLady says:

    The guy is a dingleberry!

  23. mark allen. says:

    what a idiot. how com people don’t do some research before they fake some crap. what marine you know has a dress blue uniform set up like that. what’s even worst. don’t fakers realize there are so many veterans that served it’s nearly impossible not to run into one. and a jacked up uniform is the first thing we spot. that’s instilled in us from Basic training and on. if your faking and people start snapping your picture. it’s usually not because we admire your uniform. another sad thing is when a person is parading in dress uniform and its not a formal situation like veterans day or VFW or something, then that’s a red flag. plus we veterans or active duty or reservist don’t like wearing our uniforms. we try to stay in civilians as much as possible. we usually will wear maybe an old unit t-shirt with a hat and maybe a pin or two that’s about it. we usually let our past stories of basic or airborne school or where served or deployed be enough for us, and we only share those stories with other veterans.

  24. dearlord says:

    I think the more medals these folks wear makes them look as stupid as the soviet medal wearers. It’s pathetic. Many of these old military men can’t even remember where they put their keys and you expect them to remember all the crap about their days in the military and how to take care of their uniforms. I was in for 4 years and I am forgetting all those details. Some people embellish and others are just losing their minds. It’s too bad that these folks keep those who only have their pride tied to the military from their wank sessions. Deal with the problem but don’t ruin the world.