Joseph Patrick Joyce, phony SEAL

| October 25, 2014

Joseph Patrick Joyce

Scotty sends us his work on Joseph Patrick Joyce who has been spreading the lies that he is a retired Navy SEAL around his hometown for several years;

Joseph Patrick Joyce SEAL

The Navy says that he attended training but never completed BUD/S, so I guess he means that he retired from the SEALs when he rang the bell.

Joseph Patrick Joyce FOIA

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  1. AW1 Tim says:

    Ya know, I’m starting to think that maybe we ought to start a special feature called “Seal of The Day!”, or “STD” for short.

    What with all these posers out there, it shouldn’t be too difficult to catch enough STD’s 🙂

    In fact, I’m guessing that we could catch more STD’s than a meth house…….

  2. RangerX says:

    Those are some big balls he has….in the picture.

  3. Scotty says:

    He is in the wrong neighborhood to be caught stealing valor. Especially this time of the year. Mary should send him a personal invite to the Gala, Just to bust his lying ass.

  4. NHSparky says:

    In the age of the Internet and Senior Chief Shipley, why on God’s green earth would anyone think they would be able to get away with crap like this?

  5. NOPEFUL says:

    Someone help me get out of this timeshare I own at this phony’s resort. I thought he was a real Navy Seal.

  6. Slowbt says:

    This Stormy Point timeshare owner is hopping mad to read this. He emphasized this to the point that my suspicions were aroused. I checked on casenet Missouri to find that he is involved in a paternity suit by one of his employees half his age. Case number 10AF-CC00798 JOSEPH PATRICK JOYCE V JENNIFER BRILLHART. Be a man and fess up when you spill your seed.

    • ralphngk says:

      Summerwind Resort and Stormy Point owner with a paternity suit??!! In other words, he is just like a migrane…. he comes and goes (away never to be seen again)

  7. Pat Joyce says:

    This was posted by my crazy ex, who has two charges of adult abuse and stalking here in Missouri. Not related to me but since she falsely accused me of domestic violence. Now dismissed. I never said I was a navy seal I was in BUDS class 72. I left that place on crutches. I liked the Navy and was a 4.0 sailor. I extended for 2nd class dive school. I got hit in the face during vert-rep I thought no big deal, bad black eye. Later it hemorraged and I lost it. That’s it. Never have missrepped my service. I was born at North Island Naval Air bas and raised in the Navy. I never gave those quotes, they were posted with out my authority, by a now fired employee who quoted me to the press on numerous occasions on various subjects without my permission. She worked in my ex department. The reason that this was done in 2010 is becase that when she attacked me. Please take down the picture of dancing with the stars as that is a childrens charity. Hate on me not the kids

    • Enigma4you says:

      Mr. Joyce,

      A single incident would be understandable. I have seen claims by you that you were a retired Navy Seal that go back several years.

      I highly doubt that all of those instances were your secretary. I believe that you had knowledge of the claim and did your best to propagate it

    • HS Junior says:

      Congratulations, Mr. Joyce. I do believe you’ve managed to hit literally every single stock bullshit excuse used by phonies on this site in one sitting.

      Here’s a cookie.

    • ArmyATC says:

      Wow! Joyce looks like he set the record for the most people thrown under a bus in a single comment. Joyce, you are either a liar or the most hated man in your area.

    • Green Thumb says:


    • rotundo says:

      So you left on crutches because you got hit in the face. wait you lost an eye. Please clarify.

    • enzo says:

      Once I fired my secretary for giving me herpes. Horrible person.

  8. gatorfan says:

    I visit the summerwinds website since 2011 every time I need to call your timeshare for one grievance or another. Its says on the very front page that you are a Navy Seal. You mean you didn’t know it was there?? Did you contact the local news to submit a correction when they reported that you were a seal? So you want the dancing seal picture of you in disco garb taken down for the children’s sakes? so you care so much about children? Why a paternity suit against you?

  9. Josh Neally says:

    I am Mr. Joyce’s son, he raised me like his own son since I was 4 (I am now 35), and even though him and my mother are no longer married, he has always continued to be a father to me and grandpa to my children. Of course, you do not know that when you point to his paternity suit (regarding his two youngest children), thinking because of that title, he denied paternity and is less of a man because of it. You know nothing of that case, nor of all the good he has done for people. Not that it needs to be said, but he never denied paternity, that is just a title and it was a dispute about other private family matters, all of which were resolved amicably. He has been a very active and supportive father to his kids. I am writing this because I care about him and think even if nobody listens that it needs it be said.
    No need to point to your stock responses to the stock answers about family members defending the subject I have read them and you seem to point to those as a fallacy (kind of like the reductio ad Hitlerum) that the first person to mention these arguments loses. Its a nice game to play. Unfortunately, the things you post online as you rightfully mention stay forever and as you sit at your desk behind your throne of righteous indignation meting out your judgments on someone’s life based on a few documents; you seem to fail to consider that your “punishment” called for does not always meet the crime you find. Mr. Joyce, as any person, has erred in many ways. You condemn him as a person for one thing. Then you continue to hit him for things of which you know nothing. You accuse him as a bad person for one thing to defend your fallen teammates but fail to care that he has worked to provide jobs for 500 families in and around the Branson area. You fail to consider how much he donates to various charities, you fail to consider that he did serve in the Navy and was injured, he has lived his entire adult life (other than a very short time prior)with only one eye. I assure you it is not the easiest thing to do, there are worse though and he knows that. He has helped many veterans financially and with friendship.
    Again, you decide to cast judgment on a man without even asking what his life is. I cannot say he has never said the words he was a Navy Seal. I am not around him all the time, I do know on occasions when I was a kid and proud of him as I was, I said he was a seal, in front of him and he corrected me and said no, he had gone to BUDS but was not a seal. Frankly, he was every bit as tough of a person mentally and physically to have graduated, of that I am sure. He got injured however, it happens to all of us at some point.
    To all those people who are confused as to his knowledge of the articles and website, yes I believe he didn’t know it was there. I worked for the company for 6 years before I opened my firm and I think it very likely he did not, or if he saw it in some cases, a PR piece is not something you really can print a retraction. He is the president of a large company which has many complex moving pieces, he did not read every article or any of them. Again, you make judgment when you don’t know or you don’t understand. There are so many worse issues than this. It is not like Mr. Joyce, wrote a book about his being a Navy Seal. Nobody spent thousands of dollars all because they were told he was a Navy Seal. That would be ridiculous to do that when it is unrelated. He is not going around the country getting speaking engagements because of his being a Navy Seal.
    I doubt that my writing will sway anyone and I am sure many will either not believe what I write or continue to cast aspersions for the original fault without regard. The internet is full of trolls and people who fail to consider the effect of what they say online. But, I support him and be damned anyone who judges him badly because of this.

    • Green Thumb says:

      Get lost, clown.

    • Atkron says:

      Seal is a marine mammal….SEAL is a badass called upon to do dangerous things in dangerous situations, in dangerous places.

    • Branson citizen says:

      To Mr Josh Neally, why are you trying to “sway” judgement.

      Facts are facts!

      Mr. Joyce has paraded all over the net & in the Branson community about him being a seal.

      There’s too many witness’s on the web, those bought into by time share, and lake patrons that have heard Mr. Joyce’s tyrants about being a seal.

      Have you Josh partied on the lake with your dad while he boasted about being a seal???

      • Green Thumb says:

        Josh is obviously delusional.

        But then again, maybe his place in local society is based upon his dad’s bullshit claims.

        • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

          I worked in Branson, MO during summers when I was a college meathead. Despite the size it is now, it’s still a small community among the headline Entertainment establishments, and an outing like this can really hurt someone around there, let’s not forget they it’s also a very pro-Veteran locale, thus he really shit on himself with his games.

    • Branson citizen says:

      I bet if family business hurts, there goes your inheritance.

    • Anonymously Transparent says:

      I am withdrawing my reporting of this comment. This was a clerical error.

      My apologies and thank you kindly.

      If there is any way that you or your supervisor could make an exception by removing this entire thread of undeserved and misinformed judgement, I know that you know it will bless you and yours with the same grace you give today.

      Thank you for every bit of your time and efforts.

      Elisha Conner

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        LOL, YGBSM! You just resurrected a dormant thread, ENJOY THE POWER OF THE GOOGLE!

        • Green Thumb says:

          This shitbag does appear to have his supporters.

          Clown Central.

          • aka Caitlyn says:

            Elisha Conner also participated in this Dancing with the Stars event with the Navy Seal but he won the shiny balls.

  10. 26point2 says:

    Hilarious! Love that comment about “Comes & goes”. Reminds me of the joke:
    Panda visits whorehouse and has lots of fun. When he is done he starts to leave. Hooker says hey you have not paid me. Panda leaves anyway. Hooker gives chase but gives up as she is not dressed. She is mad and confused. She googles up panda and it comes back with “Panda – A furry mammal that eats bushes and leaves”

  11. gobsmacked says:

    How come you are at E-3 after 5 years of service?

  12. polyglot says:

    Only a Pusillanimous poltroon of a man would make phony claims.

  13. Atkron says:

    Why in the fuck is a ‘Diver’ involved in Vertrep for anyways?

    Our Unreps and Vertreps were always conducted by the BM’s, Ordies, Supply Pukes, and ABH’s.

    Something smells in Denmark…

    My guess is his Love Sock had a hole in it and he shot his eye out.

  14. croat says:

    I was just searching for a image of a seal balancing a ball and I came to this. How disgusting!

  15. justin_C says:

    Gay prostitute runs into a client he has seen in a while. “Where have you been? How come you are not coming to me anymore?”, he asked. “er… I don’t know.. “I am bored of the same thing over and over. Blowjob, anal sex, blowjob, anal sex. I am looking for something different if you know what I mean.” The prostitute removes his glasses and removes what turns out to be a fake eye. “Here, fuck this”. The guy said “Wow…. now thats different”. When he was done he said “Now that’s the best I’ve ever had. I am going to have to come back for more.” The prostitute says “Oh great! I will keep an eye out for you”

  16. peternatural says:

    We always had hypocorisms for each other. Usually some animal like bear, hawk, wolf. I’d imagine someone would like to go by “seal”….. since they are so cute. Some seals are cuter, especially the Naive Succubus Seal and the related Naive Incubus Seal. Those are the cute white pups they bludgeon every summer. So its plausible someone would like to known as a Naive Seal. However, naive people would not know how to pronounce naive and comes off sounding like “Navy”. He is not claiming to be a “Navy Seal”; only a “Naive Seal”.

  17. Arkansara says:

    I don’t think this is the owner of Stormy Point Village in Branson Missouri.

    • Branson citizen says:

      Yes. He is. Owner of Summerwinds resorts of Stormy point Village.

      Not to be confused with Festiva Resorts.

  18. Stormy Point says:

    Stormy point is a resort in Branson. But where is summerwinds? Stormy point does not have a website but summerwinds does. Pat joyce’s name is not on the site anymore.

  19. Conradbh says:

    Pat Joyce is the owner of Stormy point village, branson’s nantucket and summerwinds. Wealthy fellow.

    • Branson Person says:

      Mr. Joyce does not own Nantucket. That is a person named Kevin. They are competitors. Actually I heard the Guy Kevin Kanasal is a real piece of work too. He ripped off Pat Joyce’s Resort and tried to go off the theme of Stormy Point.

      • LardNelson says:

        Stormy Point owner is Pat Joyce. Kevin is his Business partner. Stormy point is not in Branson though.