Daryld “Gil” Gilbertson; embellishing Sheriff in Oregon

| October 30, 2014

Daryl Lynn Gilbertson

The folks at Guardians of Valor shared with us their paperwork for Daryld “Gil” Gilbertson, the sheriff for Josephine County, Oregon. He is a Navy veteran of the Vietnam War, and according to his records, he spent more than 2 years of his 3 years of service deployed to the Pacific, first on the destroyer USS Rupertus (DD-851) and then on the missile frigate the USS Dale (CG-19) while both ships sailed off the coast of South Vietnam supporting the war efforts of troops on the ground there. Gilbertson was a radioman during his service. But, I guess that wasn’t good enough for the sheriff, because he told an interviewer that he was also a Navy-trained diver and trained in ordnance disposal.

Daryl Lynn Gilbertson Claims

Well, not according to his Navy records;

Daryl Lynn Gilbertson Navy FOIA

Daryl Lynn Gilbertson Training

I had to ask some of our members from the damper service, but they assure me that the training records indicate nothing but training as a radioman. No training as a diver, no ordnance disposal training. Enigma points out that training for radioman is pretty extensive and requires intense background checks as well, so it doesn’t make sense to get that person blown up after spending all that money.

The good sheriff also did a stint at the Air Force National Guard in Iowa as a security policeman, but again, there’s no training beyond being a security policeman in the Air National Guard;

Daryld Lynn Gilbertson Air Force NG FOIA

He left the Air Guard as an E-5 in 1992, but he claims he was a contractor for the State Department and went to Kosovo and that he was a colonel in his campaign literature this year;

Gilbertson voter guide

In his LinkedIn profile he says that he was in Kosovo as a contractor from 1998 – 2004. He may be telling us that his position with the State Department was equivalent to being a Army colonel, but that’s not what he says.

Gilbertson LinkedIn

If that’s not what he’s saying, that’s a pretty slick career path from E-5 to O-6 in six years. He claims service in the Army Reserves, but the National Personnel Records Center couldn’t find those records, only the Navy and Air Force National Guard records. Out of all of that, I think making up stuff about being an ordnance disposal guy without the actual training is most egregious. But, your mileage may vary.


Gil Gilbertson

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  1. Cú Chulainn says:

    From the Josephine County Sheriff’s Office own web site.


    Meet the Sheriff

    Gil Gilbertson has approximately thirty-years of national and international experience as a law enforcement officer, trainer, advisor, and senior administrator, in both military and civilian police units.

    A veteran of Viet Nam, he has served in the U.S. Navy, Air National Guard, Army National Guard, and the Army Reserve.

    From 1975 to 1991 Gil was patrol and traffic officer, member of the special weapons tactical team, bomb squad, field-training officer, recovery diver, dispatcher, and jailer for the Waterloo, Iowa Police Department.

    Between 1975 and 1996, Gil also served as a professional law enforcement instructor and advisor for the Special Tactics Association and the International Law Enforcement Training Group. He was certified as an instructor or expert in 53 areas of law enforcement, including testifying as an expert witness in “Use of Force” litigation. He has trained literally thousands of police personnel in universities, colleges, police academies, and in military units worldwide. He is also the author of several training manuals and the creator of a policing evaluation software program used in the development of police departments.

    Beginning in 1996, Gilbertson served as the senior liaison for the International Police Task Force at Task Force Eagle, the American contingent of troops supporting the peacekeeping mission in Bosnia-Herzegovina. This was a country suffering from anarchy and a bloody civil war. Gilbertson later took charge of an intelligence fusion center sharing information between the International Police Task Force and N.A.T.O.

    In October 1998, Gilbertson was sent to Kosovo under direction of the U.S. Department of State. He assumed the position as Chief of Operations for the United States Kosovo Diplomatic Observer Mission. His responsibility was to monitor police and military activity in accordance with the Dayton Peace Agreement. Recall that Kosovo was also a country in the midst of a violent war of ethnic cleansing.
    Later, Gil took command of one of the four police stations within the capital city of Pristina, a city that exploded from a population of 250,000 to 750,000 within months. Anarchy and crime were the norm, not the exception. Despite this chaos, civil order was largely restored within two years. In this capacity, Gil supervised approximately 350 personnel.
    From 2002 to 2004 Gilbertson took command of Kosovo’s National Highway Patrol as Chief of Traffic supervising 500 officers who patrolled an area three times the size as Josephine County with a population of over two million.

    In 2005, Gil spent a short tour in Iraq advising the local bomb squads, and a national highway patrol. Later Gil joined a tactical team in New Orleans to secure and defend hospitals that had come under sniper attack in the chaos immediately following hurricane Katrina.

    January of 2007, Gil was elected as Sheriff of Josephine County. He was re-elected for a second term in November 2010.

    Now after reading this gem of a bio it begs the question, amongst many others, what is up with his scrambled egg timeline that keeps changing every time it is brought up? Where are these training manuals? An expert or instructor in 53 fields of Law Enforcement, “Expert Witness”, Trainer of Thousands” Training manuals, and after all of this that he brings to the table and after 6.5 yrs as the Sheriff of The Great County of Josephine he publicly states he’s not familiar with Oregon Law after a botched Fatal DUII crash. “A policing evaluation software program used in the development of police departments.” Why was this never implemented in Josephine County since things were in such a state disrepair when his regime came into office? Why….because it is just another lie.

    On another note these training groups he is part of one of them he held the business license for in Waterloo, Iowa http://www.bizapedia.com/ia/SPECIAL-TACTICS-ASSOCIATION-LTD.html The other? Who knows or has ever heard of it as it doesn’t exist anymore or maybe it never did. That is all for now.

    • clamsgotlegs says:

      Sounds like he is a perfect fit for doing business with the twirling shovel man!

      Dang, he’s like all our favorites rolled up into one! Expert Witness, training thousands(?), tactical this an that and the list goes on and on.

      And then there is the special gem: OREGON! ’nuff said.

      • Nathan says:

        The campaign page he claims to have nothing to do with has a plethora of pdfs that are his “endorsements” and certifications,. Most are certificates of training for what we know are just mandatory briefs…but to him a brief on mines means he is now a demolition expert. Mine Awareness brief? cummon….

  2. Green Thumb says:

    I wonder Sheriff Shitbag is going to do next?

    • Mustang1LT says:

      Wait, what? What the hell was I thinking? What site am I on again? Yeah, if this jackwagon had integrity he would have never pulled any of this fakery.
      I’ll take “Double Down On The Lie” for $1000, Thumb!

  3. EODJay says:

    So, in 2005 he spent a very short time in Iraq advising local bomb squads, huh? Anybody wonder why it was just a short time? Maybe because all those contracts instructing Iraqi bomb techs required a diploma from NAVSCOLEOD. Something that ol Gil doesn’t have. Just a guess. Wink.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      That or he suggested that one shake and kick any cardboard box left abandoned by the roadside to see if it’s an IED!

    • D. Oliver says:


      This “sheriff” and all his “expertise” got voted out. Don’t know if TAH had anything to do with it, but we can hope.

      Retired Navy EOD (Class 9B81)

  4. ChipNASA says:

    Wow it’s been days and days and he hasn’t even come back to answer *ONE* question. Even the simple ones.

    /sad sack.

    • 3E9 says:

      I think he’s hoping if he ignores us we’ll go away. Or like Jonn said earlier he didn’t realize who frequents this site. I thought with the upcoming election he would at least have had one of his minions on here trying to defend him.
      Hey Gil,
      Not sure why you’re being so quiet; are you busy finding all of the documents to dispel what we are saying? Or are you busy creating them? I know if I wasn’t lying I would be raising hell and producing shit right and left to prove I wasn’t.

  5. NHSparky says:

    I hear that the good Sheriff was thinking of filing a lawsuit, but the “lawer” he hired forgot to check his gas tank.


  6. Green Thumb says:

    Andy Taylor this turd ain’t.

  7. TankBoy says:

    Wow. Looks like EOD/Diver/Colonel/etc. might be in a little electoral difficulty. Glad to hear. it. I don’t think he’ll resign. He’s already proven he is a lying turd. He’ll roll with it and hope the voters don’t pay attention to his lack of integrity.

    • 3E9 says:

      If they elect him after all of the stuff he won’t answer to in the newspaper then they deserve him. We’ve done our part to bring him out. I’m guessing we’ll hear from him if he loses the election.

    • 3E9 says:

      Hear that Gil? It’s the karma train and it’s pulling up to your station. You should have enough dipshit credits for a first class ticket.

  8. Nathan says:


    The May primary page 5 shows his time is up. It will be interesting to see how this effects the final vote.

  9. citizen says:

    This man is a far right looney tune constitutionalist. He exists in fantasy land, and offers zero real options to work with the budget he has been given by the citizens. He has lied about money to influence elections. He ran that county and that once great sheriff’s office into the ground. He has been caught numerous times in lies, and is under investigation by the OR DOJ. He has fired good employees for trumped up reasons, has been sued several times, and lost (costing the tax payers tens of thousands of dollars), can’t seem to follow the law and in eight years never bothered to learn his job or the law, and has absolutely no idea how to be a cop, which has cost lives. He has had his deputies working bankers hours for over a year, instead of putting them out there when the crime was actually happening (evening/night) to punish the citizens, has turned his back on other cooperating agencies like the OSP, the blm and the forestry, and Grants Pass Police, telling them he is the ‘chief law enforcement officer’ in the county, and seems to think he’s above the state police? Stupidity, arrogance and living in fantasy land. He wastes time going around giving lectures on his bizarre constitutionalist views, in town and in other states, to satisfy his aggrandized self-image, instead of dealing with reality and what really is going on in this county. He got caught lying about what the actual crime statistics are for the county, trying to influence an election, and when cornered on the issue blamed his lie on an employee. He has attacked his employees, investigated them, disciplined them, and fired them over the most trivial of issues to the point that most of them have left. His under sheriff was a lying, hateful man, who spent his time harassing his own employees, making false allegations and creating a atmosphere of fear and intimidation within that agency the likes of which this state has never seen.

    This stolen valor is only icing on the cake…. and a fitting end for this man. If the may election results are any indication the vote will be roughly 15,000 for the other candidate and 10,000 for this sorry example of a sheriff. I well hope that people will wake up and realize this man is as crooked as they come.

    • Nathan says:

      You can bet not one that voted for Ed Vincent will vote for Gil. Its over.

    • Jacobite says:

      I’m thinking it’s probably not accurate to portray him as a true Constitutionalist, and what I’ve read about him doesn’t really support it, regardless of what he calls himself, or others think he is.

      Let’s not be besmirching that hallowed document and those of us who really respect it by associating this jackwagon’s name and platform with it. 🙂

  10. Nathan says:

    Dave R Daniel 15,135 55.82
    Gil Gilbertson 11,869 43.78
    WRITE-IN 108 .40
    Total 27,112
    Over Votes 10
    Under Votes. 1,733

    And feel free to ad your name to this one. https://www.facebook.com/jcsosheriff/posts/743666452337173

    • citizen says:

      Adios you lying sack of crap. I want to remind you that you are leaving in shame… You were a monumental failure of epic proportions. When you let your personal political beliefs interfere with your ability to do your job, act impartially, and serve ALL the people, you have failed as a police officer.

  11. KIAI says:

    And let us not forget the shit storm from this case and the fact that a lunatic named Kal K. Korff badgered this guy for weeks on end about his brothers case:


    • Hack Stone says:

      I started reading the link above (on my phone), and just WTF is this? I bailed out after four or five paragraphs, since I have no idea from what perspective the author is taking. It is just as confusing as any FirsTech press release.

    • Nathan says:

      I couldn’t read it just because of the site design. Hire a programmer and get yourself out of that frames hell already. 😉

  12. Former Deputy says:

    Looks like the good people of Josephine County gave Gilbertson a spanking. How does it feel, Gilbertson? You have ruined the careers of some good people and I am ecstatic that your PERS benefits will not be optimized. I bid Gilbertson and Donald Fascist a fond farewell — I am very fond of this farewell. 🙂

  13. EODJay says:

    You couldn’t wipe the smile off my face with a shitty diaper right now. Good riddance, asshole.

  14. Reaper 22 says:

    Sad, ex-employees of the Sheriff have a pity party here. You were terminated because you were corrupt. You stole evidence, sold drugs and violated our Constitutional Rights all while hiding behind your badge. Gilbertson cleaned out the corruption in the Sheriff office and you are all pissed. Everything he has claimed to be qualified has been vetted and verified. Go to the website, http://sheriffgilbertson.com, and see the .pdf’s yourself. Look at who they are sent from and the title assigned. Sheriff Gilbertson did not give it to himself. The man served honorably in Vietnam, the National Guard and then again in Bosnia & Kosovo, where genocide was taking place. You confuse military with contractors. It is a different world now, contractors working in the war-zones, doing the same job as soldiers.

    The citizens of Josephine County are watching the Sheriff Office. Corruption returning under Daniel and Union influence will be met with RECALL of Daniel. Transparency and accountability will be sought. I don’t see any Stolen Valor here, only disgruntled former employees in a feeding frenzy who were fired due to their own personal conduct.

    At the end of the day, their our public servants and answer to the people.

    • Doc Savage says:

      And the sock puppet cometh….

    • Green Thumb says:

      A well-spoken shitbag.

      But a shitbag none the less you are.

      Get lost, maggot.

    • Nathan says:

      Other than a couple of recomendation letters that don’t meet the sniff test and some training that doesnt even approach a 89D leaving Basic Training your website is bumk. Letting your Jail Commander’s son leave the scene of a fatal DUII and make no mention he was there in the reports, that sounds is corruption to me. Gil lovers are all the same, they do not see what is right in front of them and explained many, many times. Ya got beat, deal with it.

    • OWB says:

      Uhh, what?

      Can’t speak for everyone here, but you can go to the bank that few if any of us regulars were ever employed by this sheriff’s department.

      Us, confuse military service with being a contractor? Yeah, right. If you really are that clueless, then perhaps you should consider writing fiction for a living. Or maybe not, since your ability to comprehend the obvious seemed to be seriously impaired.

      To summarize: the only thing that I personally care about is his false claim of military service he did not have. That is all. But, I admit to some glee over his having lost an election. Seems like a fitting punishment for his Stolen Valor.

      Just so your know, in our collective and considerable experience with valor thieves, false claims of military service/awards is always just the tip of the iceberg. It’s up to you folks who live near this clown to sort out the particulars.

    • 3E9 says:

      I don’t give a flying flipper’s shit who the sheriff of Josephine county is or how corrupt that sheriff’s was, is or may become. I live on the other end of the country and will probably never make it there. What I do care about is people claiming to be something they are not. I have looked at the claims and the supposed records and they make no sense. If you want me to believe the claims you have to do better than what you have so far and you should certainly have better documentation other than the bullshit on the website.
      In other words, either provide some proof or GFY.

    • nbcguy54 says:

      “And at the end of the day, yada, yada, yada …”.
      Sounds like the People spoke.
      A hearty Splash. Out. to the sheriff.

    • Nathan says:

      Hey @Reaper 22, how does it feel to be Gil’s number on fan and he doesn’t even acknowledge you or your website in public? I bet that is frustrating. Its like you built the website just to convince yourself of Gil’s awesomeness.

  15. Green Thumb says:

    I wonder if Gil here, being that he is out of a job/elected position because of his false claims and subsequent voter disgust, has been personally contacted by Commander Phil Monkress and All-Points Logistics about potentially running their security division?

    It would seem like a good fit.

  16. Russ W says:

    Stumbled on this controversy after reading a Facebook post regarding Gilbertson’s departure and a reference to his embellished resume. Although I didn’t know anything about him, I became interested as I quickly learned we shared several concurrent timeframes as claimed in his resume. One of those was Bosnia in 1996-97. I was in Bosnia as a member of the U.S. Army and Task Force Eagle in 1996-97, serving as a Force Protection and Counterintelligence Section Leader, and spending a great deal of time with the International Police Task Force stations as a part of my assigned duties. During my search I found a copy of Melissa McRobbie’s Grants Pass Daily Courier article investigating Gilbertson’s resume. In the copy I saw, she was unable to verify his claimed position as ”…the senior liaison for the International Police Task Force at Task Force Eagle, the American contingent of troops supporting the peacekeeping mission in Bosnia-Herzegovina.” (http://jocosheriff.us/your-sheriffs-office/67-meet-the-sheriff).
    While there may be poor recordkeeping for IPTF positions during Operation Joint Endeavor/Joint Guard (the NATO missions supporting the Dayton Accords as the Implementation Force [IFOR] and Stabilization Force [SFOR], respectively), Mr. Gilbertson’s claim of serving as the senior IPTF liaison to TF Eagle would be very easy to verify, as this would have been regarded within the military or government circles as a prestigious position. TF Eagle was commanded by U.S. Army division commanders (2-star generals) in charge of all peacekeeping operations in the Multi National Division (North) area of operations. The duty title from Gilbertson’s bio would be interpreted by any military, federal government or international official to mean service as the senior IPTF liaison officer to Multinational Forces in northern Bosnia-Herzegovina. Gilbertson has posted a copy of a Letter of Recommendation from Major General Montgomery C. Meigs on his website http://sheriffgilbertson.com/endorsements.php to validate his claims. Based on my service under MG Meigs in the 1st Infantry Division, a number of elements in this letter do not ring true. The letter is not consistent with appropriate formatting, letterhead, stationery or content that would be expected in a general officer letter of recommendation. MG Meigs was probably the most intellectually impressive officer I ever met in my 20 years of service, and that quality is certainly not reflected in that letter. General officer letters of recommendation are not handed out like candy. It would be reviewed by staff well before arriving on the general’s desk for signature. What makes this letter most dubious in my opinion is that it is dated a mere 15 days after MG Meigs took command of TF Eagle on 10 November 1996. The Jušići incident vaguely addressed in the letter, and which I remember very well, occurred in mid-October 1996 while the 1st Armored Division’s MG William J. Nash was still in command of TF Eagle. Oddly, Gilbertson posted a Waterloo Courier article on his website which all but confirms his resume exaggeration as a senior liaison officer, described therein as “a major in charge of 440 officers from throughout the world.” (sic). The article was published after Gilbertson was interviewed while on his mid-tour leave in…November 1996. The duties he describes in the article are those of an “average Joe” American IPTF member – a cop looking for a new adventure or a break from the stateside norm, living in a UN-leased house with a few other guys from around the world (e.g., Ghana, Portugal, Sweden, Jordan), with a radio, no weapons and no authority. There are a few things I can confirm in the article; (1) there were IPTF hostages taken in the key disputed city of Brčko while I was there; (2) Bosnia is beautiful and reminded me of Oregon all the time. I met many IPTF members while I was in Bosnia, and many of them were great guys. I might have even met Gilbertson there – but I sure don’t remember. In the Waterloo Courier article he admits he didn’t know the languages there in the Balkans. Well I do, and he is what the Bosnians would call a lopožar – loosely translated – a bullshit artist.

  17. Green Thumb says:

    I wonder what the old former Sherriff Shitbag here is doing these days?

  18. citizen says:

    A little update. I have sources within the Oregon State Sheriff’s Association. It was brought forward to me that when Gilbertson was voted out of office the OSSA was going to do a photograph and write-up. Gilbertson contacted the OSSA in a panic and requested they NOT use a photograph of him with his EOD pin on. True story from a very reputable source. So the OSSA photochopped a picture of him wearing the pin, so the pin was not displayed. Now if that isn’t the damnedest thing, right there. 🙂