Lt. Col. Gerald H. Green III; question answered

| October 30, 2014

Lt. Col. Gerald H. Green III

The other day we talked a bit about Lt. Col. Gerald H. Green III who was the commander of the Warrior Training Center at Fort Benning, GA briefly until some of his awards came into question. Well, Chip sends us a link to the Army Times which confirms our suspicions;

A lieutenant colonel relieved of his post as head of the Warrior Training Center at Fort Benning, Georgia, was not authorized to wear the Ranger and Sapper tabs displayed on his uniform, a base spokesman said Thursday.

Lt. Col. Gerald H. Green III, a member of the National Guard in active service with the WTC, was removed from command Oct. 9 and is under investigation, the base said in an Oct. 24 news release.


Attempts to contact Green were unsuccessful. He is still at Benning “performing administrative duties” unrelated to his WTC post, Jones said Thursday.

I looked for the news release, but I guess that they haven’t posted it online yet. But, there you go.

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  1. ChipNASA says:

    I wondered who this guy reminded me of…..and then it hit me…..
    (albeit somewhat thinner..)


    Gabriel Iglesias

  2. Green Thumb says:

    I bet this shitbag spends a lot of time in a men’s room stall.

    Man, oh, man, the shame. Especially at 11B land.


    They ought to assign him as a liaison to the shit-truck detail so he could coordinate range shit removal.

    A task for suitable to his qualifications and moral character.

    • 19D1OR4 - Smitty says:

      WTC is on Harmony Church at Benning. Thats Armor land, not 11B land.

      • SSGB4 says:

        Ay PVT,Camp Rogers and Sniper School are on Harmony Church. Take a knee, and drink water.
        They also do the Ranger Assessment at the Warrior Training Center. You think if you were a poser you would stay as far away as possible from vetted RI’s. This turd was asking for it, good on the WTC for busting this guy out.

      • SFC11B says:

        Harmony Church has become Armor Land but long before that it was Ranger and Sniper proving grounds. Also RIP now RASP and SUTs (Ranger Regiment) train in Harmony Church since way back in the early days. In other words, this land used to be the Ranger Department’s playground and backyard.

        Now that the Armor Showed up is kind of in line with back when the Black Beret was given to all soldiers and the Ranger Regiment was given the Tan Beret.

        What else will they take away from the Rangers? That’s subject for a different column and time.

  3. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Wearing an unearned Ranger tab on Ft. Benning, BRILLIANT!!

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. He and his stunt WON’T be forgotten anytime soon!

  4. Luddite4Change says:

    This is going to be painful when the investigators back track to the point he started wearing the awards for official photo purposes. He’ll be lucky if he is permitted to retire as a cadet.

    • 10thMountainMan says:

      This is a complete non issue. He’ll just retire as an O5. He’ll get one bad OER that neither he nor his superiors care about.

      • Green Thumb says:

        And that is a problem.

        • Luddite4change says:

          I would argue that any rank he served in where he is found to be wearing the awards was not “satisfactory service” for retired rank purposes.

        • 10thMountainMan says:

          Oh I totally agree that he should be hammered. As a field grade officer, and commander at that, he should feel the ultimate punitive heat. But I really am certain that nothing neg

          • 10thMountainMan says:

            *Negative will impact colonel fluffy.

          • rgr1480 says:

            I recommend a truncated Division Formation with Army Band.

            The command is assembled on the parade field.

            Adjutant commands “Sound The Rogue’s March!”

            While The Rogue’s March is played, LTC Gerald H. Green III posts front and center to the Commander of Troops.

            After the march is played, the drummers continue to beat throughout the ceremony.

            Adjutand reads the orders, then the Commander of Troops PUBLICLY strips LTC Gerald H. Green III of all unearned badges.

            Commander of Troops directs,

            Troop Commanders order, “About ……FACE!”

            After the entire command has turned their back on LTC Gerald H. Green III, he is then escorted by two Military Police privates and marched to Division HQ to serve his retirement assignment as the Division Commander’s “Special Projects Officer.”

            Commander of Troops directs, “PASS IN REVIEW.” Whereupon the honest and loyal soldiers march off the field.

            • MFD047 says:

              I agree, but would also add…While in front of formation he should be reduced to the rank in which his record was accurate; then punitively reduced one additional rank, forfeit 6 months pay and allowances, and sentenced to a minimum of 6 months in prison.

              • JD46Z says:

                They did that old Stoney Crump along with a 6 month prison stint. If it was good enough for him than it should be good enough for this fellow

  5. RangerX says:

    “While Green is not authorized to wear the Ranger or Sapper tabs, Donahoe said, “right now, we’re trying to determine what he is authorized to wear.””

    Best case for him – civilian clothes. The right thing – prison garb.

  6. 3E9 says:

    Really? Fake shit on your uniform at Fort Benning?


  7. AdamsSamoa says:

    Almost as stupid as wearing it at HRC…. but it happens.

  8. Sapper3307 says:

    Smack on the PP or good lawyer an EO complaint some PTS and he will be good to go for his O6.

  9. Bobo says:

    From the inside of the Army National Guard Title 10 program looking out, here’s a best guess of what will happen to LTC Green based on recent similar events – he’ll take the OER hit and GOMAR from the MCoE then be transferred back to ARNG HQ, probably to the G5 or J5 given that he’s a SAMS grad and told to lay low for a year while things cool down. In a few years the current regeim will be gone and he’ll start moving on up again. If promotions to O6 heat up again, before he goes to a DA promotion board, he might have a chance to pin on COL before he gets looked at by DA. If he isn’t promoted before he goes to a DA board, I can’t see DA selecting him given his bad paper. That will end his promotability in the ARNG legally. Either way, worse case, he gets 20+ years on active duty and retires as an O5.

    I’d hate to say that I’m wrong, but I’ve seen this play out in the ARNG just that way too many times. Green’s biggest problem in all of this is that he got caught outside the preview of the ARNG leadership and embarrassed them in public. For that he’s going to have to pay some extra pennance.

    BTW, it sounds as if he came to the MO ARNG from active duty as a CPT wearing the Ranger tab, so he has been living the lie for quite a while.

    • AW1Ed says:

      Thanks, Bobo! Here I thought the Navy had acronym soup hard wired. After all, I was once an instructor at FASOTRAGRULANT Det JAX.

      • James in Gulf Breeze says:

        Fleet Aviation Specialized Operational Training Group Atlantic???? Thanks to google I know what that stands for… Holy Cow!!!

    • Green Thumb says:

      A whole different set of rules.

    • Luddite4change says:

      If he’s title 10 won’t he have to be DA boarded for O6?

      I’m highly interested in how far back this goes. As the official photo has been digital for quite some time, it should be easy to determine.

      There also would a a record in SIDPERS/eMilpo that ID’s when it was added to his records.

      • Bobo says:

        No, he can get a unit vacancy promotion to O6 if there is a slot available and he comes out on the ARNG T-10 OML for promotion. The board typically only looks at the last 5 OERs to determine charicter of service. We’ve had a few who got below COM OERs and sat at the bottom of the OML until the bad OER became OER #6, then they miraculasly jumped to the top of the OML. Similar things have happened with T-10 folks with court martial convictions. The ARNG doesn’t to periodic review boards, so you are good until you see your first REFRAD board at 18 YFS, which guarantees you a 20 year retirement, or you hit MRD.

        • Green Thumb says:

          This dude would be run the fuck out of an Infantry Battalion or Brigade. Even a Division. Double quick time. Hell, quadruple quick time, if such a thing.

          He should be cleaning toilets. A fucking poser on AD.

          Wow. Just fucking wow. The more I think about this clown, the angrier I get.

          • Bobo says:

            The real pisser is that the ARNG T-10 program is IDing LTCs at the 18 year mark who will be pushed out when they hit 20 AFS. One of the determining factors is if the soldier has had a rating period as a battalion commander or a branch/division chief in his last 5 OERs. The battalion commanders are boarded, but the branch chief positions are handed out by the O6 division chiefs based on some very arbitrary criteria, one of which seems to be uniform bling. Because of the fake stuff on his uniform, he was handed two branch chief positions and the battalion command at Benning while a lot of LTCs are now packing their bags after REFRAD boards because they didn’t get a branch chief opportunity.

        • Luddite4change says:

          Can his state s#}% can him?

          • Hondo says:

            Luddite4change: from what I’ve seen, if he’s well-connected and has a powerful patron in the MO ARNG – don’t hold your breath. For that reason, I’m hoping Benning retains UCMJ authority and sends this guy to a GCM.

            Sadly, I’m not exactly holding my breath about seeing that happen at all. And after what we’ve seen with others (like Johnson the Bigamist), I’m also not confident a GCM would do the right thing and dismiss the tool.

            (For the record, a commissioned officer cannot be reduced by a court-martial; they’re either retained in grade or dismissed, which is the equivalent of a DD. The UCMJ allows no middle ground – don’t ask me why.

            However, determination of retired grade is an administrative decision, not a legal one. A conviction by GCM for a pattern of misconduct in wearing unauthorized decorations and badges extending back many years could possibly cost him seriously if/when he’s allowed to retire.)

            • Bobo says:

              He is an engineer from MO. The chief, NGB is an engineer from MO. His former boss at NGB was an O6 engineer from MO. I’m sure that you can do the math on that one. The state could recall him from T-10, but it would have to be through TAG, MO, and why would he. Right now the MCoE and NGB have the sticky booger, and every TAG has enough policial savy to not get into a fight what can only serve to embarrass him and that he has no direct interest in.

              Benning has UCMJ authority on him (his orders transfered him from HQ, ARNG to the MCoE). The easy money at ARNG is that he will get a GOMAR with a below COM OER and come back to HQ NGB until he retires. Like I said, that is the trend. There are O5s and O6s on the ARNG staff who have GCM convictoins, DUIs, and have been caught falsifing medical records. Some are still moving up, some are stalled at thier current rank, but all will retire at at least thier current pay grade with 20 or more.

              • Bobo says:

                Please excuse the typos. I didn’t paste the right version in. My typing gets progressively better throughout the day.

              • Hondo says:

                Bobo: that’s precisely why I hope the MCoE hammers the tool. The OER he gets for this stunt should be a relief-for-cause OER (misconduct qualifies as cause). And I’m also hoping they send him to a GCM (no option to resign or Art 15), and that the GCM observes a longstanding pattern of multiple offenses here and dismisses the guy (see the comment from “Not In The MO NG” below).

                Both of the latter are probably too much to hope for. But one can still hope.

                Harsh? Maybe. But damn – he deserves it, if no other reason than for being stupid as hell.

                • Bobo says:

                  Guess where this guy is now after his relieft for cause OER (hint, he’s still in a uniform and will retire with 20+ years):

                  • Hondo says:

                    Not directly comparable, Bobo. I don’t think there was any evidence of criminal wrongdoing on Miley’s part – and if I recall correctly, Bn Commanders typically take command with at least 15 YoS, and often 16 or 17. If they’re in command a while, absent legal troubles it’s close to a lock they’ll make 18 YoS (and thus sanctuary) after getting RFC. Gotta use them somewhere between 18 and 20 YoS.

                    Green’s case almost certainly involves provable legal misconduct – falsification of official statements (I’ll virtually guarantee you he knowingly signed at least one, and probably several, false ORBs along the way) and wearing unauthorized decorations. Whole different situation – and one that could lead to him sitting before a GCM.

                    A GCM would have the power to ensure he never retired, regardless of his current YOS or top cover. Frankly, I kind of hope it does – if for no other reason as to serve as an example of what happens to arrogant fools.

                    • Bobo says:

                      While the two aren’t legally comparable, there is a president that a simple relief for cause OER will not trigger any other administrative action by NGB. Neither will a conviction by a GCM. Like I said, there is a senior field grade officer walking the halls at ARNG HQ in a position that should require a TS clearance who has a GCM conviction and who has been given positions of greater authority and responsibility after his conviction.

                      The ORBs in the Title 10 world are nothing like the ones for the AC. The T-10 officers used to work off of 2-1 files, so every time you submitted a packet for a board, you literally submitted a hard copy packet signed of by your first O6 in your CoC. In 2008, the human resources group for the T-10 officers developed an “ORB” to limit the work of building paper packets. When I did mine, it was simply a matter of entering awards, assignments, and schools on your own, with the admin clerks assuming that everything was right. Not once was I asked to provide documentation. Getting something added is and was just as easy. Just send the certificate or orders to the iPERMS clerk, have it scanned in, and tell the person with ORB write privileges to put it in the ORB.

                      The other oddity in the T-10 world is the separation between time in service and active federal service. When I first heard about this at the water cooler, I looked up what I could find about his record. From what I can remember piecing together, he did 6 years on active duty and left as a CPT, then transitioned to the ARNG as a traditional guardsman. He came into the T-10 program about 6 years ago, so that gives him about 12 or 13 years of AFS. As long as he can hit 20 years AFS before he hits his MRD, he’s good for a retirement, provided that he isn’t tossed by a GCM. So, in this case, and again provided he is retained beyond the MCoE’s actions, he’ll be hanging in the program for 5 years until he hits a REFRAD board, the first board that he’ll see with removal authority. Even if he’s dinged at that one, he’s in until 20 AFS for his retirement. Given, this is all based on current policy, which might change, but there aren’t any indications that it will.

                      Honestly, I’m hoping for the same outcome as you. We don’t need this guy blocking the pipeline and keeping good MAJs from getting promoted to LTC, but, looking behind the curtain right now, I’m not optimistic.

                    • Hondo says:

                      Agreed, Bobo.

                      I’m well aware of the YoS/AFS difference – I retired from the USAR (I’m grey area now). And the Title 10 process for boards/ORBs sounds a whole lot like what the USAR was doing for selected assignments (TPU unit vacancies and other competitive boards) 10-15 yrs ago. But there, you did have to certify the info you provided as correct – which may be what bites this guy dead in the azz bigtime.

                      However, if the guy is a favorite of the Chief NGB, he may well ride it out for a while – perhaps long enough for retirement. And since MRD for LTC is 28 yrs commissioned service, he might well make 20 yrs AFS before hitting MRD if he doesn’t get a GCM and dismissal. 12 yrs AFS + 6 inactive =18 YoS; 28-18 = 10. He’d only need 8 more yrs AFS to retire under active-duty rules.

                      Lets’ hope the MCoE does the right thing here and GCMs the fellow. Otherwise, we may just have to hope that the publicity of his sh!tbaggery leaves him so radioactive that the Chief NGB kicks him to the curb and manages to find a way to deny him continued AFS.

              • T10 AGR says:

                Now you got me wondering who they may be. I am T10 AGR as well and have been in out of the building for a few years now. There are some suspect characters and I have seen many a Major make 05 after 7-9 years as a Major. Not sure how you hold on that long but witnessed one last year. I have also seen some 05’s become Division Chief’s even while flagged for pt and Weight (Specifically in AHS) making me wonder why HCM and G1 Boards don’t throw a flag on the field (ok maybe field grade LOL) and stop them. But then again, the slating process is supposed to be autonomous by using yoru top 5 in HRMS, but the G-Staff assign people to positions and throw that whoel system out the window.

    • Stacy0311 says:

      why you gotta bag on the J5? We’re not that screwed up….

    • Continue the Fight says:

      Bobo you have it about right though the title 10 aspect of this might be the game changer for our little munchkin. Served with him when he had just pinned Major and he was very very proud of his Ranger and Sapper tabs then as he would remind you of them by rubbing on them during the course of conversation.

  10. Guard Bum says:

    From the article it kind of sounded like there may be other things he is wearing he doesn’t rate.

    When I took over as 1SG of a Guard HHC I had a MSG that was wearing an airborne and special forces tab along with jump wings and when I dug into it it turns out he was a complete fraud. He had been in Viet Nam as an RTO but had completely unremarkable service and when he joined the guard several years later he just doctored up his DD-214 (very obviously) and no one questioned him.

    What happened to him? I made him take them off of course and wrote him up and he then made SGM the next annual board despite a blistering NCOER. The scary thing was he had previously conducted several SPIES trainings where he was running the show and he had zero qualifications or experience beyond what he read in an FM.

    This kind of thing is often beyond stealing valor and enters into the realm of jeopardizing lives; especially when a douche nozzle like this is in charge of warrior training. Bust him back to CPT and discharge him without his retirement…period.

  11. Not In The MO NG says:

    CAB, ARCOM with V, and Air Assault badge all bogus too.

    • Hondo says:

      Damn, this is getting “better and better” all the time. Maybe Benning will end up doing the right thing here.

    • Bobo says:

      That I hadn’t heard yet. Not surprised, though. The CAB and AA would be easy to get past an admin clerk because they are so common. The ARCOM w/V, not so much.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      A bogus ARCOM with a “V”? I had a friend when I was AD that legitimately earned his in Desert Storm. I hope they FRY HIS ASS and make an example out of him, it’s bad enough when Enlisted and NCO’s pull that crap, but a Field Grade Officer? Aaaaaww SHIT!!!

  12. Beretverde says:

    “The higher you go…the higher the standards.”

    Looks like that principle has been shit-canned in today’s Army.

  13. RangerX says:

    On second thought – send him to Ranger School. Make sure the RIs are aware of his “indiscretion”.

    Don’t let him out until he passes.

    • Hondo says:

      Nah, release him after 3 or 4 recycles – after he’s been there long enough to get an AER. And make sure he gets an adverse, “failed course” AER from the school. That will put at least two “zinger” evals in his file – which should ensure he never sniffs O6 if he doesn’t get pitched with a dismissal by a GCM.

  14. Jonn Lilyea says:

    The word on the street is that they were all ready to give him a General Officer Letter of Reprimand, but then questions came up about his CAB and a few other things he’s wearing, so it might be court martial time for Private Citizen Jerry Green.

  15. T10 AGR says:

    You have piqued my interest. As a T10 AGR dude (or in this case can I be a Ranger or Sapper?) I wonder who roams the halls of AHS you may be mentioning. I have seen many questionable actions come out of the G-Staff and HCM which made me and a few others scratch our head. Like how a 05 flagged for APFT and Weight became a division Chief in the vault.

  16. SIMRanger says:

    If its confirmed that the CAB was not earned, he is definitely in violation of the 2013 Stolen Valor Act, and would have a lot more to worry about than just a BCM OER. I haven’t seen the ARCOM/V mentioned, but it is considered a valor award

    • Hondo says:

      Yes, SIMRanger – the ARCOM w/V is indeed awarded for valor in combat. And I’m thinking it would be damned hard to qualify for a valor award w/o also qualifying for a CIB, CMB, or CAB for the same incident.

  17. Silly Sapper says:

    His picture makes me laugh. He’s got that “I just took a crap on the carpet” look.

  18. mark allen says:

    sure, why not wear a ranger tab at the very place where the ranger training brigade, headquarters, ranger school and records are kept. No one will question that since he was a LT Col. People should have learned by now. everybody is under the microscope of being verified. if you were a cook. 92G. you better damn well be able to prove it. if you said you bought some items from the PX. I better see a receipt. I bet no one questioned it until some people ( real ranger qualified personnel )in general conversation asked him about his ranger training or class date. once it started. that’s it. Basically he probably sounded like didn’t know what he was talking about.. that’s all it takes. with the stolen valor so much these days, a person need to be able to talk the talk and have walked the walk.

    • SFC11B says:

      Mark, that’s exactly how it went down actually. Couldn’t get out the room fast enough when they joked about looking at his PEERS scores in the green card system. This prompted an INSTANTANEOUS check. The rest is history.

      • mark allen says:

        that’s a shame. to bad he didn’t know they keep every graduate on file at the ranger tac and USAIS school…Um Mrs Pike was the chief records clerk, if I remember correctly. plus there are class photos. and every graduate is listed per class date. usually enlisted does this stuff or a civilian that never served. but if a person is a officer then 99 percent of the time they know better. now the question is, did he where this stuff when he was a captain and major. plus the airborne school also there at benning right across form post headquarters. what’s terrible is he was already a LTC and probably gave out some field grade ART 15’s. I would be pissed he gave me an art 15 knowing he fell under the faker stolen valor crew. I had a BC that never earn anything but airborne wings and he was a 5 jump chump. but he did get kicked out for falsying his APFT. he would never do PT. and the BAT CSM went to Brigade on him and had him investigated. but he was the same POS that would deny soldier’s reenlistment.

        • SF18A says:

          He didn’t wear them as CPT when he was my OBC instructor. I think he only had airborne. He was in pre-ranger with me for about 15 minutes until he fell out of the first run and didn’t come back.

          • Continue the Fight says:

            He wore them as Major as far back as 2008 during pre-MOB training for Kosovo (KFOR10). Glad you guys caught him as he was a huge pain in the ass and would rub his Ranger tab or Major rank to emphasize points.

            • mark allen says:

              people should by know by now with the don Shipley fake seal website and websites like this nobody is believable any more. every time I turn around they are busting some one new. we got fake sergeant majors, seals, SF, ranger and combat veterans. but what’s even worse is when they bust some like an officer who should know better. usually the only active duty that does this is a SSG and below even they busted a CSM a few years ago for faking his records. it’s amazing it’s like if you had 10 people in a row in uniform. maybe 5 are legit. 3 never served and the other 2. are wearing unauthorized awards. now you do the math with over 500,000 soldiers 300,000 sailors 250,000 air force , 125,000 marines and coast guard and reserves and national guard. that’s a lot of people. but what gives it away is the stupid civilian fakers who just buy random crap and put it on any way it they can with facial hair or unfitted uniform or overweight. and do not even know how to explain what they bought. but with the active duty or guard or reserve guys. if your at benning or have been to benning you have a ranger tab. then you know about victory pond. because in rap week ( old school ) rasp week.. new every knows about the malvesti and victory pond, ranger stakes, CWST and running around that circle with rifles, or the 12 miler from rogers to darby. camp darby is where ranger training begins, camp rogers is just the weed out phase. When you get back to victory pond it’s because family and friends have gathered and you are graduating weeks later smaller and hungry with a small cloth called a ranger tab. and every body knows you graduate. same with any school in the army

  19. Silly Sapper says:

    “Man, it’s all fucking pagan idolatry. Look around you!”

  20. Green Thumb says:

    So what ever happened to this shitbag?

    • pJarhead says:

      Global still shows him at Benning, but since it is up to update the GAL, who knows? I’m wondering if he gave the State a doctored 214 when he came in from the AC – THAT should be a criminal rather than admistrative violation. Hopefully he is still being detained at Benning for a more in-depth investigation. As mentioned in many other SV articles, the phony awards are usually the tip of a pretty nasty ice-berg.

      • Bobo says:

        That is what is being told on the ARNG side. It also makes sense. Who in the state HQ is going to double check a bunch of 1059s handed to them by a captain coming off of AD when it’s not unheard of for the stuff to have been awarded when on AD? What would be interesting would be to crack his iPERMS account and see what supporting documentation is in there.

    • AZtoVA says:

      Looks like he dodged a courts martial and the Big Chicken Dinner. Maybe he’s wandering the post policing up cigarette butts behind the REAL rangers?