Gary Jostandt; needless embellishment

| November 6, 2014


Gary Jostandt served in Vietnam and he was a 91A, a medic and it looks like he worked with air ambulances extracting wounded soldiers from the battle for about 18 months back in 1967-68, and he was discharged as a Specialist Five; an admirable career by any measure;



But, as you can see in the photo, that wasn’t good enough for Gary. He had to add a Silver Star and a couple of Purple Hearts. He had a shirt embroidered with some more stuff that set off bells when he posted it on the internet;

Gary shirt

No one gets a CIB and a CMB in the same 18 month deployment, but Gary didn’t earn either, according to his records.

There’s more of his tall tales at Scotty’s place.

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  1. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    In my book, needless posers are the most infuriating posers of them all. I mean, it’s not as if these guys misspoke, were misquoted, or were victimized by a reporter who took unauthorized liberty and license to improve a story. It takes time and effort to do the dress up. So, in the end, the poser has full ownership of his lies. Congrats.

    • John "Faker 6" Giduck says:

      Whoa there, tiger, with that “needless poser” stuff. You are going to have to slow your roll a bit. It DOES take time to dress up and perfect all of the details of the stories we tell. We can all agree that volunteer work is God’s work. The work we real fake American heroes do is all volunteer so can I ask that you respect that as well.

      Can we use the term, “needfull poser” moving forward so that we don’t offend those that slave away writing bios, taking photos, and perfecting details as VOLUNTEERS in their quest to call attention to themselves?

      I, along others like Gary Jostandt, served our country and now bartenders serve us free beers as a result of our post-service volunteer efforts. Plus, we get to wear cool clothes.


      John “Faker 6” Giduck

  2. 509Trooper says:

    It seems like a few years ago the regs for the CMB were changed to include medics on Medevac helicopters. I don’t remember if that was made retroactive to include Vietnam. Regardless, he didn’t earn the CIB or the other awards and it’s just sad that someone needs to embelish what is already an exemplary record.

  3. OWB says:

    Disgusting. What would otherwise be considered honorable service tarnished by false claims. Makes us wonder just how honorable his actual service was after all.

  4. LIRight says:

    This is a truly sad story.

    As you are all aware, medics, whether on the ground or in the air are among a special breed of soldier. Giving aid on active battlefields was common and without the benefit of a weapon…. for this man to embellish his record needlessly and thus dishonoring himself is really a shame.

    Eighteen months in Viet Nam in 67-68 (during the Tet Offensive) is incredible!!

    I almost feel sorry for him.

  5. Green Thumb says:

    Everyone wants a CIB but no one wants to be Infantry.

  6. ChipNASA says:

    Why do some veterans that served a honorable and somewhat impressive career under obviously difficult circumstances have to LIE?

    Stop being a *dick*

  7. Pinto Nag says:

    I’m going to address this to Gary himself, since I’m sure he’ll get to this thread sooner or later.

    Gary, we all get older, and know what it is to feel left out and left behind by life. You see all the heroes of the new generation of warriors and it seems you feel like you weren’t ever recognized or given enough credit for your service. That’s probably true, since the Vietnam vets weren’t recognized properly until recently. But embellishing your service and STEALING VALOR isn’t the way go go, dude. Don’t drag your perfectly good service through the mud. There’s no reason to do this, and you’re setting yourself up for shame and disgrace. We’ve seen this time and again, and it’s awful. Remember this: the internet is forever. Don’t go there. Just…don’t.

  8. 3E9 says:

    Sad, very sad indeed. An admirable record anyone would and should be proud of.
    I hate to say it but…………dipshit.

  9. Hondo says:

    Nine Air Medals, including 1 for Valor, and was a Medic? Sounds to me like he was assigned to a MEDEVAC air crew.

    Anyone with even 2 working brain cells knows those guys were often in hellish, hair-raising situations and had cojones muy grandes de granito sólido.

    And for him, that wasn’t enough – so he had to p!ss all over heroic and honorable service.

    Geez. That’s . . . sad. Just incredibly f**king sad.

    • LIRight says:

      Hondo – good post and you nailed it.

      Those Medicvac Huey’s used to come in low and slow – unarmed except for the red cross on the bottom and sides.

      I for one didn’t have the balls, nor the smarts to be a medic, which makes this story all the more perplexing.

      Jesus Christ almighty, what was he thinking?

    • 3/17Air Cav says:

      It appears this guy flew dust off missions. You have to have a huge set of balls to fly that mission once, let alone for eighteen months!

      I know this, the other flight crews had a ton of respect for those Medivac crews.

      You would think doing what he did would be enough. But no, he has to embellish and ruin a honorable military career.

      • Hondo says:

        3/17 Air Cav – looking at his record of assignments, above, it looks as if he flew DUSTOFF missions for part of his time in Vietnam – I’d guess “only” the last 9 months.

        The first 6 mo in Vietnam it appears he was assigned to an Evac Hosp as a litter bearer. Next, he was assigned duties as a RTO with an Air Ambulance unit for 3 mo. The last 9 mo in-country he was assigned duties as an Air Ambulance Aidman with the same Air Ambulance unit.

        I simply don’t understand sh!t like this.

        • 3/17 Air Cav says:

          Hondo…….I can’t speak for all embellishers. However, in this guys case. I think he came home from Vietnam. Prob. Did not get the thanks he thought he deserved. Fast forward to what’s gone on with the troops coming home beginning with OIR. Parades, respect ect. I think that’s about the time he decided to play dress up.

          I’m not condoning his embellishing for a second. Personally, not getting a parade or atta boys, never bothered me

  10. rb325th says:

    Incredibly sad that he had to shit all over an absolutely stellar record… I just don’t get it.

  11. Mayhem says:

    I was not aware that there was an established “DMZ” in Vietnam. The only DMZ I ever heard mention of is in the Republic of Korea.

  12. Sparks says:

    I don’t get this guy. I had the highest of respect of ALL medics in every capacity in which they served. Brave men all with balls of steel. Never hesitating to go into harm’s way, unarmed to help anyone.

    Now comes this fellow. I read his “letter” on Scotty’s place. Now his stories of how his Silver Star came about are definitely in more than question. As well as the entire “pouring out of his soul” seeking solace. Obviously now, the events leading to the Silver Star are, in my mind, completely fabricated. While he served honorably in perhaps many harrowing and near death experiences, no one will believe him now. His credibility has been shot to hell.

    By the way, the few Silver Star recipients I knew of were awarded posthumously with one exception. Air Medals, especially with Valor are not to be taken lightly, including his. However I remember them being handed out pretty liberally, especially to those who really didn’t deserve them. One true example I remember. A higher ranking Officer from Battalion, wanted to take a “look-see” Huey ride over a still unsecured LZ, though they had no intention of landing. It was a “look-see” after all. A glorified “ash and trash” mission. As was fairly usual, they took some ground fire, which the gunners returned though not even the bird was hit. A month or more later, this same Officer is sporting his brand new Air Medal. His first coincidentally. I am not bad mouthing those who truly earned the Air Medal at all. Just those who, “looked for one”. I hope you guys here get what I’m saying and I did not offend anyone especially those of you who did earn your Air Medal(s).

    • 3/17 Air Cav says:

      Sparks……I knew two guys that were awarded the Silver Star. One was a door gunner, the other a pilot. Both flew low bird in Loaches. The pilot was KIA. The gunner made it.

      As for war stories, anyone who tells war stories, I’m immediately suspicious of. The only war stories I tell are the funny ones.

  13. hueydoc says:

    actually, altho rare, it is possible to earn both the CIB and the CMB. Medal of Honor recipient Al Rascon earned both. after getting wounded as a medic and earning the CMB, he was sent back to the states and completed the Infantry Officer’s course then sent back to Vietnam as an Infantry officer where he earned his CIB.

  14. Mark Lauer says:

    When you look at this guy’s actual record you see a respectable one.
    Vietnam Service Medal with 4 campaign stars. And the Air Medal with 8 OLCs AND Valor Device. The man flew dustoffs, for crying out loud. That took large balls.
    In my book that doesn’t need a Silver Star, or Purple Heart or anything else to validate the heroism he really displayed in Vietnam. The man is a real hero. Or he WAS a real hero. But he had to bash that with the poser hammer.

  15. Beretverde says:

    A truth molester and thief at the same time. He should have known better, but CHOSE to lie and steal

    Another phoney phuck who’s background is a bit different from the usual-common truth molesters.

  16. 3/17 Air Cav says:

    Just left the dustoff assoc. site, which Gary appears to be a member. Claims to have been shot down along the DMZ. Also claims to have delivered thirteen babies in flight.

    • ChipNASA says:

      How many of our G.I. in Vietnam were pregnant and having babies in combat…..

    • LIRight says:


      I’m beginning to wonder if there isn’t a medical reason for all these stories. This stuff is so outlandish as to defy logic.

      I guess maybe I’m trying to give a (once) honorable Vietnam Vet an out.

      • 3/17 Air Cav says:

        Liright……if you Google Gary jostandt dustoff, there’s a site called leahiah hospital television . On it on about page 26 there’s a article about Gary receiving a Air medal for crossing a rice paddy under fire, carrying a wounded trooper on his back and placing him on the Medivac chopper. It’s the real deal directly from the Army.

        He was a hero once! Now he’s just a embellishing shitbag!

      • OWB says:

        Have often wondered the same, LIRight. Then I remember my Dad as he slipped farther from us into the Hell that is Alzheimer’s. At no time did he conjure up stuff. Yes, there were times when he shared more detail than I’d ever heard about his military career, but the basic story lines were of things I knew to be true. Or I knew he had been to places that he was now talking about.

        The poser personality may just be a form of sociopathic behavior which may not have manifested until later in life for guys like this. I dunno.

  17. CLAW131 says:

    Short analysis of this individual: Used car salesman, 45 years of butt hurt hindsight,a graduate of the Frank Visconi on-line creative writing class, and the transition from rubbing alcohol to Everclear was too easy.

  18. Doc Savage says:

    An admirable record already…..flushed.

    This just makes me ill.

  19. Alemaster says:

    As a Charlie/Mike Model gunship pilot in the gun platoon (callsign “Cobra”, individual callsign “Alemaster”, of the 129th Assault Helicopter Company (AHC, not “Gunship Company” as Jostandt claimed in his “First Mission” article) I had the honor and privilege of escorting and often shooting for a number of 498th Dustoff missions. The 498th and 129th AHC were co-located at Lane AHP in central II Corps which was at least a refuel from the DMZ (not to say the 498th couldn’t be tasked to go there). The pilots, crewchiefs, and medics of the 498th, like other Dustoff units were some of the bravest, most dedicated men ever to serve. It is a crying shame that Jostandt dishonored himself with such embellishments. There was no need. regards, Alemaster

  20. mark allen says:

    actually during that time the CIB rules were different. you had to be in a combat situation to get it so even flight medics involved in direct action were getting awarded the CIB. they changed it later. my grandfather served during the Korean war and got a CIB even tho he was a radio operator because infantry was his primary MOS .anybody in the army was 11B first then had a secondary MOS afterwards. so if a soldier was ingaged in combat they were awarded a CIB only 11 series and 18 series mos’s after Vietnam. even the silver star is possible. and because of his capacity as a helicopter medic in Vietnam during the heart of a lot of fighting. hueys were get shot down left and right in Vietnam. Not saying that he is authorize those awards but I have seen where people have gotten screwed over and not received the awards they deserve. that’s why so many veterans get certain awards years later after they leave the service. he probably deserve those awards but he needs to go thru the proper channels so it can be official. I remember I was in Iraq at checkpoint 00 we got hit by a IED and VBIED but I didn’t got a CAB( Combat action badge for it) and I was assigned to 101st ABN DIV ( air assault) . but I got a CIB from desert storm so it didn’t bother me. but if he is embellishing himself, that’s a shame. because anybody that served in Vietnam deserves my ultimate respect

  21. 3/17 Air Cav says:

    Mark….the Vietnam I knew, to receive a CIB, you had to be a 11 series. No ifs and or buts. I was there a year and never saw or heard of anyone being awarded it outside of a 11 series.

    By the way thanks for your service!

    • mark allen says:

      thank you, plus thank you for serving as well. I retired with 24 years. did not stay 11B my whole career but reclassed a couple of times

  22. 3/17 Air Cav says:

    Mark ……..when I said 11 series, I’m only speaking of enlisted, which is how this embellisher would have to qualify.