Bruce N. Thear, phony Marine/Vietnam Vet

| November 14, 2014

Bruce N. Thear

Scotty sends us his work on this Bruce Thear fellow who claims that he was in Vietnam and Force Recon (of course) and that he has a Purple Heart and I see a Combat Action Ribbon, a diving bubble, and jump wings in the picture above.

In this video, he starts to lie again, but then comes clean…while still wearing his vest with the bling.

No, not one day of service and the NPRC concurs;

Bruce N. Thear FOIA

He also admits in the video that his father and his son were both Marines, that he’s proud of the Marines, but not so proud that he feels any shame for impersonating one. He was also involved with the VFW a few years back.

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  1. Thunderstixx says:

    I would just about bet the farm that he was a protestor in anti war protests back in the day…

  2. Mayhem says:

    I have a question for all the Vets out there. When was the last time you wore your Service uniform or utility uniform? I know the last time I did was when I retired 6 years ago. I think the only items I have worn since then are a pair of ACU’s or DCU’s to cut grass or paint or work on my truck. What is it with these old turds that play dress up in full dress uniform and pretend to be something there not? I just don’t get it. Are their lives so fucking pathetic and unfulfilled that they feel the need to tarnish the reputations and accomplishments of those who really did serve and sacrifice? I hope I never meet a military poser face to face, for their sake.

    • cyb says:

      Nah I hope I meet one. I will gladly eat an assault charge to make a posing piece of ate up shit eat their teeth.

    • Enigma4you says:

      The last time I wore a uniform was the day I got out.

      I have worn BDU pants playing paint ball or working on the car.

    • 2/17 Air Cav says:

      “I never served….”

      Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new world’s record. That was 21 seconds into the Q/A. A record that will stand forever in poser disposer history! And we were witness to it. I’m welling up with tears. Damn.

    • 3E9 says:

      Last time I wore mine was my retirement a few months back. Not sure I’ll ever put it back on unless there is some type of special occasion and my son (who is currently in) specifically requested it.

    • Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

      1983, wore my boots for a long time afterwards.

    • NHSparky says:

      Not since the day I went on terminal leave.

    • SFC D says:

      Last wore the uniform at my retirement ceremony. Still wearing the boots to work every, got several pair and they’re already paid for, so why not?

    • KAF says:

      I can’t even fit into mine any more.

    • ArmyATC says:

      This is simply from my observations and conversations with older guys. The honest ones took another road rather than join the military when it was unpopular. Many regret that decision now, but they don’t lie about having served. Then there are the turds like Bruce N. Thear. He is in the group, during that unpopular time for the military, who thought those who served were idiots for doing so. Many of them are among the ones who laughed at and even heckled our troops returning from overseas. Now that it’s popular to serve or have served, they want to be part of it. They want to be one of the cool kids who served, just like they were one of the cool kids who trashed the troops in their youth. Because it’s all about them, their egos, and being part of the “in crowd.” So they lie their asses off, telling the most preposterous tales to make themselves look good. All they do is make themselves look like the foolish asses they truly are.

      • ArmyATC says:

        Oops. But to answer the question. It was probably two years ago, when I was given an award for my service. I actually feel rather embarrassed wearing the uniform now that I no longer serve.

    • ohio says:

      Retired in ’94, kept my BDU’s and took off everything but the name tag. Wear them for hunting.

    • ArmyJarhead says:

      Never have worn the dress uniform since retirement. Old ACU and BDUs for around the house work. Got some deployment and jumpmaster bling on my vest. Still wear my boots though, great piece of gear. I have always thought it was interesting for a shitbag poser to question me. It’s kinda fun when that happens.

    • Combat Historian says:

      As soon as I retired, I shoved all my ACUs, parkas, PT gear, boots, and everything else into duffle bags and took them to my off-site storage bin for storage. I intend to never wear them again. I do enjoy wearing military surplus, but NOT the actual uniforms I had previously worn on duty. I sometimes wear an old WWII M1944 field jacket to work, as well as some European NATO jackets and parks, but NEVER the stuff I actually wore on duty…

    • OWB says:

      As with so may others, the last time I wore my uniform was the last day I was paid to wear it. That was over 10 years ago. It’s about time to go through the parts and pieces to see if any of it could be recycled, or something. There is still a laundry bundle on a shelf from DS/DS/DS and the uniform worn that last duty day is on a hanger in that same closet.

      Well, that sounds kinda weird, but we have a closet dedicated to military gear and a few heavy coats, so it’s easy to just leave all that stuff in there where it always was. That may change in the near future. 😉

    • Sparks says:

      Mayhem…In a word…NEVER!

    • Smirking Wolf says:

      I wore my SDBs to funerals of two WWII uncles and a former comrade’s military funeral. SDBs no longer fit. Did wear top three miniature medals on a dark gray suit to an awards ceremony for high school cadets and midshipmen as requested on the invitation. Other than those the uniform remains folded in a trunk in case the grand-kids have interest in seeing it one day distant.

    • UH1AV8R says:

      One more time for my retirement and then maybe when I go in the ground. But they seem to keep shrinking so I doubt many more times. After almost three years at Walter Reed I’m sure the heroes here some would trade him their medals for a leg or arm.

    • James says:

      The answer is the day I signed out of the military on terminal leave (22 years). I will confess that I did try on my mess blues about 6 years ago. Time has not been good to me. I’d have to slit the back and add about 6 inches of material.

    • Twist says:

      2 JUN 14 at 0930. I didn’t even wait to leave the building I finalized out in to change into civilian clothes.

    • FMR PAO says:

      Last time I wore my uniform was the last day I served, back in 1999. I have had a couple suggest that I wear it at Halloween and my answer is a consistent, ‘No, because it’s not a f***ing costume.’

    • mike says:

      Haven’t worn them since I retired last year. I have a storage box full of bdu dcu acu and ocp that has seen some use in the drama dept. At the high school where I work. They need soldiers to fight the zombie apocalypse which seems to be the popular short film lately.

    • Eden says:

      I’ve worn my dress blues twice since my last duty day. Once for my son’s Army commissioning (I busted my butt for four months to get back into it and surprised him). Another time (shortly thereafter), I served as an escort for a Gold Star family at an area Armed Forces Day banquet where most of the veterans were in uniform. Haven’t worn any of the others, although they still hang in my closet.

  3. TX Gunner says:

    To respond to Mayhem’s statement I agree. I can’t think of any real vets that I know who go walking around in their dress blues or service alphas. I still have my dress blue jacket and I do put it on sometimes just to see if it still fits, but I would never leave the house wearing it. You can assume 99% of the time when you see a middle aged man in a military dress uniform they are full of shit.

  4. nbcguy54 says:

    Now that Thear is what we call a POS.

  5. AW1 Tim says:

    I used to wear my peacoat until my oldest daughter appropriated it. By then it fit her much better than me, anyway. 🙂

    I keep a set of crackerjacks, though I don’t know as if I’ll ever be thin enough again to fit into them. Sigh.

    I have two ballcaps. One is a khaki one that has an embroidered small anchor and the words US Navy Veteran also embroidered on it. I wear that usually when I go out and about.

    I also have a squadron ball cap from my last squadron. It has my aircrew wings, silver 1st class crow, and my 2 2500 hours pins. I wear it on Veterans day & memorial, and a couple of times on the 4th of July in years past. Otherwise it stays on the hook with the rest of the cap collection. 🙂

  6. Curtis says:

    I haven’t worn mine since I got out in ’95, but my church has an Independence Day service each year and some vets wear their uniforms to that. I’ve been thinking I might wear mine there so my kids could see me all decked out, but I keep forgetting to buy the right shoes to go with it. Maybe one day I will.

    • 3E9 says:

      My father in law is a Vietnam vet and the only time he wears his is to the Independence Day service at church. Many moons ago my then new wife got pictures of he and I in our greens (I was an E-2 with one ribbon) before church.

  7. Mayhem says:

    Thanks guys and gals. I was just curious and wanted to say that while I have a couple of ball caps (one with 1st Cav Div patch and one with Combat Medic) and a frikkin Cav Stetson that I only wear on Veterans Day (sometimes) other than breakin out the ACU pants or DCU pants for some manual labor around the house I don’t wear any of it (except for the ballcaps). My Dress uniform is still hangin up in the closet were it has been for the last 6 years. Please don’t think that I am bashing anyone who does wear their Service or utility uniforms daily after retirement or ETS. Its just that for me, after 23 years I think I wore it enough.

  8. Green Thumb says:

    I wonder if this maggot rides with the “Big Turd” Riley Keeton?

  9. Wayne Moore says:

    I kept a set of BDU’s. Haven’t worn them since ETS.

  10. 3/17 Air Cav says:

    It appears the guy is a ex-cop from Pennsylvania. It also appears he had a issue or two while serving as a cop.

    As mentioned above, prob. Felt pretty good back in the day, beating the draft, not going to Vietnam. Now that it’s cool being a Vietnam vet, he wants to get with the in crowd.

    Born in 1954, he certainly was the right age to be drafted.

    Buy a Harley. Get black leather vest. Put lots of bling on it, presto chango, instant Vietnam vet.

    • Oldav8r says:

      Is there an “instant Vet” kit out there? Maybe at the Harley shops?

    • CLAW131 says:

      FWIW,he would never have been actually draft inducted. The lottery drawing for birth year 1954 was conducted on 8 March 1973 for men who would have been called in 1974. However,no new draft orders were issued after 1972. In all of 1973 only 646 men were actually inducted from the 1972 draft orders. Kinda reminds me of the Cruiser’s draft scene from Stripes.

  11. Jack A Wilson says:

    The last day I wore my uniform Sept. 16, 1970 My last day of active duty! Semper Fi

  12. Richard says:

    The last day I wore my uniform:

    I took it off on March 16, 1976 at around noon after I finished out-processing. Haven’t worn it since. I remember having it after ETS but it is gone now and I don’t know what happened to it.

    I have several camouflage uniforms that I wear for hunting or yard work – BDUs, ACUs, and Multicam. In my part of the country ACUs are lousy for hunting but they are pretty tough and have good pockets. When I hunt I put on the blood type patch and I’m considering some of the classic morale patches.

    I appreciated the Army a lot more 15 years after I left. In the mid-1970s wearing a uniform in an airport was an invitation to be spit upon.

    • OC says:

      Richard, I hear ya. I actually did get spit at by a hippie chick. I took mine of in fall of ’72. It’s still hanging in the closet, but it prolly didn’t fit about six months after I took it off.


    • Dennis - not chevy says:

      In 1975 I made the mistake of wearing my Air Force uniform in a civilian airport. I can still remember the look of disgust on a middle-aged woman’s face when I told her I had no idea where the ladies’ room was.

  13. Combat Historian says:

    Bruce Thear, you are a slimy piece of lying scumbag trash. Please go and quietly fuck yourself…

  14. CLAW131 says:

    Last time I wore Class A’s was probably for a Battalion Dining out in the summer of 1987.I don’t remember actually putting them again for like a EOM Pay Day dog & pony show. The last time I wore BDU’s was probably my last day of retirement outprocessing in Oct 1991 prior to signing out on my 75 days of terminal leave. Have a jungle fatigue top and BDU top hanging in the closet that I occasionally wear when doing yard work. The Class A greens went away many moons ago,I think maybe during our move from Colorado to Wyoming in 1997.

  15. OldSargeUSAR says:

    Last time I wore mine was October 1969. What ever items I kept were burned up in a house fire. I’ve always missed my combat boots. Well broken in and comfortable.

  16. 3/17 Air Cav says:

    I wear my Army fatigue jacket some. Still fits. My black Stetson I wear around my property once in a while. As far as my dress uniform, all I have left is the jacket. Hangs in the closet. Everything else is long gone

  17. Mark Lauer says:

    About the only thing I’d be able to wear of my old uniforms would be the covers. My head is still the same size it was, the rest of me ain’t.

  18. T-Money says:

    I wear my flight jackets on occasion.

  19. Just an Old Dog says:

    I feel bad for his son and father.
    ( if he didn’t make that up also).
    Funny thing, on Scotties page some wack job came on running his pie hole about it being “Illegal” to out someone based on a FOIA because of the CYA clause they put in. I guess he overlooked that the POS admitted on video he never served.
    Anyway the more the guy talked the more he started sounding like a cheeseslayer clone.
    I’m looking forward to Scotty gutting the new guy like a fish.

  20. Charlie Foxtrot says:

    I’ve worn my Class A Uniform maybe ten times during my time in service, period. Thanks to posers, I have doubts every time I see someone with “Veteran bling”!

  21. Green Thumb says:

    This maggot bears an uncanny resemblance to Larry Gurgle.

  22. propsguy says:

    I was in from 83-89 the first time. Dress greens , like everything else, were lost in the divorce, :), I went back into the Guard in Nov of 2005 and we got “activated” two months later, got out in 2011 and they never got around to issuing me a new uniform. Still wear the ACU pants around the house, i gave everything else to my buddies 13 yr old kid who does airsoft.

    I did keep all of the weather gear though, a pair of the black “ninjas” long underwear, the black wooly, An DCU Gortex jacket….that stuff comes in handy in New England