Just a Friendly Note to President Karzai from Col. Nathan Jessup

| November 26, 2008

Matthew Rosenberg writing for the Wall Street Journal reports that the President is apparently not very happy with the United States.

NEW DELHI — Afghan President Hamid Karzai blasted the U.S. and its NATO allies for failing to defeat the Taliban, insisting for the first time that Afghans need a firm deadline to end the war.

Setting such a deadline seems unlikely with President-elect Barack Obama seeking to boost the number of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan. But without one, Mr. Karzai said, his government had no choice but to explore a negotiated settlement with the Taliban.

Dear President Karzai

What is the word I am trying to think of? Oh yeah!

1393, originally an adj. meaning “unfriendly,” from L. ingratus “unpleasant, ungrateful,” from in- “not” + gratus “pleasing, beloved, dear, agreeable” (see grace). The noun meaning “ungrateful person” dates from 1672.

Look Hamid, you ignorant, terror-appeasing, drug-running G-Damn fool; have you considered what would happen if the US and NATO declared victory and left your backwards-assed, 7th century collection of savages that you call a country?

Do you, damn it!?

Let me enlighten you. Your sorry ass would be dead within 17 minutes! I added two minutes so they could set up the video camera and find a cleric to spew some asinine foolishness from the Koran. In any case, you would be dead faster than an old Seinfeld episode. This would be followed by wholesale genocide of the very people that you claim to lead.

Your idiotic pandering to terrorists would only lead your people to the slaughter. As far as your personal imminent beheading, I could not possibly give a shit less but to desecrate the sacrifice of so many of your betters (read that as American soldiers who died to give this particular shithole a shot at freedom) is unforgivable.

While you are globe trotting around in an American supplied jet, groveling before heads of state, kissing their asses and begging for money, it is America’s youth that is fighting and dieing to give your country a chance at freedom.

So rather than spewing your ignorant bullshit, maybe you should just say thank you and then STFU or grab a weapon and actually walk a patrol to help kill those who want nothing more than to kill you and your people.

In either case, you should consider being part of the solution and if you can’t put your country first at least try to avoid the public beheading that the savages would treat your ass to.


Nathan R. Jessup

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  1. I fully agree with Col. Jessup’s reaction to Karzai’s idiotic demands. The Taliban need to be fully taken out, cut off at the “short ones”, not negotiated with! Daily life was horrendous when the Taliban ran the show in Afghanistan and we need to kill the Taliban and snuff out their demonic implementation of Islam.

  2. streetsweeper says:

    HAHA! COB? Send medics I’m laughing my tail off!

  3. UpNorth says:

    As a follow up to Col. Jessup’s missive, Hamid, I see where the macho men of the Taliban who threw acid in the face of schoolgirls and their teacher have been caught. These are the assholes you want to negotiate with? WTF, man up and get a gun, go down and stand by while the teacher, who wants “an eye for an eye” throws acid in those assholes’ faces. Maybe she can get your withered testicles to descend again. She ought to be the president of your rock-strewn little patch of hell, she, at least, knows how to deal with terrorists.

  4. Stacy says:

    Nice, but one criticism: Marine Officers don’t list a branch (ie IN) in their official signatures, that’s an Army thing.
    Sgt 0311
    1LT 19A