Joseph H. White; Delta sniper without a clue

| December 1, 2014

Joseph H. White

So there’s this guy in West Virginia by the name of Joseph H. White who has been parading around social media bragging about his derring-do as a Delta sniper. He came to the attention of our friends at Dysfunctional Vets a few months ago and someone sent us a link and I asked Scotty if he wanted it because, you know, it’s one of Scotty’s homeboys. He replied in the affirmative.

Joey here, just didn’t look right. I’m pretty sure everyone in Delta is airborne qualified but Joe has no wings;

Joe H. White Dysfunctional vets

Your family probably knows whether you went off to the military or not;

Joseph White claims

Even the National Personnel Records Center says “Who?”

Joe H. White FOIA

If the blue shirt and brown tie don’t ring your bells, how about the Sergeant First Class pin-on rank on the lapels of his jacket? And I have no idea what’s going on over there on his right-side pocket. But it looks like the Saudi Arabian Kuwait Liberation Medal is his highest award on the left side there cuz, you know, it’s the coolest looking ribbon with that golden palm tree thingie which probably signifies his fifth longest kill with an Airsoft rifle. Damned Canadians showing off with their longer shot. I hate those guys.

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  1. Steadfast&Loyal says:

    That is way too much stupid for this early in the morning.

    Gawd I want to throat punch someone.

    • Pineywoods NCO says:

      Way too much stupid indeed, but not only this early in the morning but also this early in the month, especially on just one idiot.

      TINOTP (Turd in need of throat punch)

    • Yef says:

      What is that big metal thing on his right side? And I am surprised he didn’t claim the medal of honor and like 4 or 5 purple hearts.

  2. To me, he looks like a legitimate psychiatric case.

    I wonder what else is going on in his personal life in addition to the “Stolen Valor”?

  3. Old Trooper says:

    Jeebus fuck!!! That’s too much retard this early in the week! One look at his uniform is all it takes to know he wasn’t in. Stevie Wonder could put together a better uniform than this asshole! A monkey fucking a footbal would do a better job than Sgt. ShitforBrains here!

    I need an industrial strength tranquilizer today. Or, a bottle of Sailor Jerry.

    • Stacy0311 says:

      You might want to try Kraken or Curzon Black strap rum. Both are an upgrade from Sailor Jerry (Iknow, blasphemy).
      Rum progession-Bacardi>Captain Morgan>Sailor Jerry>Kraken/curzon Black Strap.

  4. Doc Savage says:

    wtf is this abortion??

    The blue shirt and brown tie are a nice touch…is Vera Wang or Ralph Lauren designing the new Army uniforms??

    Did this dyslexic butt nugget fall face first into an awards display at an Army/Navy surplus??

  5. rb325th says:

    I got nothing… him and the Round Ranger Willie should get together though. It looks like they have a lot in common.

  6. Lisa Conkright says:

    Again, I bet it was his wife who took the picture. Why do these women have to be so stupid. We have an asshole around here that I know is lying about his service, he has posted Ranger pictures before, says it’s him, but the pictures were easily found by Google image search. His wife is constantly feeding his flame, bragging about his service and she’s been married to him for 18 years…kinda sad–but it pisses me off that they’re so selfish, they want to stay in their little fantasy and don’t think how they are disrespecting our real service members. Yea, I agree, too much dumb for this early in the day. Plus those stickers on the door…I thought only 5 year old boys and teenage girls did that. What a complete idiot.

  7. Ex-PH2 says:

    Not sure I have enough caffeine to function properly this early, but I’ll have a go at it.

    Tie is crooked, wrong color. Shirt is wrong color. Face looks like he used a mop from that big bucket in the cleaning locker down the passageway.

    Yep, he’s legit and I need more caffeine.

  8. Hondo says:

    Well, it looks like we have another fine example of the human subspecies dumbclucklus maximus . . .

  9. MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:


    Ah …


    Big Dick!

  10. E-6 type, 1 ea says:

    I’m so disappointed! Fury was released a month and a half ago, and STILL no tanker fakes. I thought for sure that’d trigger some! Ohh well, I’ll just keep hoping.

    • Instinct says:

      How do you think I feel? Top Gun was released 20-some years ago and I STILL haven’t seen anyone pretending to be a flight deck troubleshooter.

      Damn disappointing I tell ya.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Geez, guys, there’s no glamour in being an airboss or CAG or part of a tanker crew any more.

      Don’t you know that?

      There’s no rats to hunt that you can account for as ‘kills’, and being in a tank or wearing a flight deck color group shirt is just too anonymous for these dumb dipsticks.

      The only way they could make it work is if they’re the only guy in the flight deck crew, or the only guy in the tank crew, and the rest of the crew are women. And you know that no civilian is going to believe that.

      • jonp says:

        IDK, there was that Airborne Tanker I ran into that heavy dropped onto Saddam’s Palace. Well, they dropped his tank and he HALOed into the turret then opened whoop ass.

    • NHSparky says:

      Think how I feel. Spodofora is the only dipshit ballsy enough to call himself a fake submariner.

      And that lying fucker is STILL in office.

    • Currahee John says:

      Well, “Band of Brothers” was released 13 years ago, and while there are plenty of 101st ABN and possibly even some 506th INF fakes, not a single medic faker yet, even though a whole episode of BoB was centered on Doc Roe.

      At least no medic fakes that I can remember. I caught the PTS from looking many stinky feet and draining innumerable gross blisters, along with watching so many semi-grown men scratching their crotches incessantly, so my memory ain’t what it used to be.

      • nbcguy54 says:

        Haven’t run into any fake NBC NCOs either. Probably because nobody liked us…

        • @ NBC GUY:

          It was those Nielsen ratings that put you so far behind!

          When I was in the Army, it was called, “CBR”, i.e., Chemical, Biological, Radiological.

          • Jon The Mechanic says:

            They have added an “n” to CBR now to make it CBRN John.

            • nbcguy54 says:

              I noticed the extra letter a few years back. Being that I still get to work around NBC/CBR related stuff in my civvie job, I’m still not smart enough to figure out the difference between Nuclear (N) and Radiological (R).
              Must be like Democrats (D) and Republicans (R) – can’t tell them apart most of the time either.

              • Hondo says:

                nbcguy54: pretty sure in the new lexicon the “nuclear” means “flash w/ big bang”, while
                “radiological” stands for “dirty bomb or similar device” (e.g., a device primarily designed to produce radiological contamination when employed). The acronym is also sometimes given as “CBRNe”.

        • 3E9 says:

          I’ve been waiting on one too. 3E9 is the AF version of 54B. Everyone hated to see us show up cause they knew they were going to be in full MOPP shortly after. I did have a boss one time tell me “are you bored? Good you stay bored cause if you get busy everything has gone to shit!”

  11. RazorbackStrong says:

    All the hair on my ass just fireballed! WTH is all that shit on his right side? A black name tag would have been good? Maybe a combat patch since he’s got the 2nd longest confirmed kill? The weak little porn-stache? What’s that round shiny thing by his shoulder? It’s too much…Just too much for a Monday.

  12. JacktheJarhead says:

    His own sister is calling him out. His SISTER!! I think most of our families know if we were in the and you spent 21 years in the Military. Moron.

  13. Instinct says:

    Can we just kill it with fire and be done with it?

  14. Nicki says:

    Holy assweasel, Batman! What in the unholy, burning fuck is that???

  15. 3E9 says:

    DAMN! My head hurts just trying to figure out what all of the shit on his uniform is. I’ll re attack this shitbird later and try. I need coffee.

  16. jedipsycho (Certified Space Shuttle Door Gunner) says:

    Too early in the week/morning for this.

  17. Sparks says:

    I sent him the following Facebook Message…just for Christmas.

    “You, Mr. Joseph “Loser Extraordinaire” White, are a Tool, Turd and a Queef! At what point in your life did you completely lose your sense of shame, self respect, respect for the honorable men you are shitting on and your dignity? You’re a perfectly displayed example of no character of value whatsoever! The family you’ve duped for years, may have mercy on you White but when we here on This Ain’t Hell are done making you the famous phoney you always wanted to be…no one else will have a ounce of sympathy for your sorry, pathetic ass. I only hope your family tunes in to this soon and calls you the lying loser you are. Christmas could be fun for you this year…when no one shows up and your aren’t invited anywhere! I can only hope. I’ve scrubbed better shit out of my skivvies you worthless skid mark!”

  18. Green Thumb says:

    I bet the Steelers are loving this.

    Especially W/ their relationship to Rocky Bleier.

  19. Andy11M says:

    The big badge on his right side above his “unit awards” and regimental crest, is that the same badge the reenlistment NCOs wore? I guess he thought it looked cool.

  20. JBS says:

    Well, in his defense, the Delta guys hardly ever get dressed up in their class A’s, so maybe he forgot what went where. Just in case, I’m calling legit.

    • Andy11M says:

      JBS, waaaaaay back in 2002 when I was stationed at Ft Stewart, there was a mandatory recruitment briefing for Delta. Everyone E5 and above had to attend it. Anyway, the recruiter from Delta told us that when it came time for their DA photo, they simply brought their uniform in to the S1 shop, and one of the clerks had the job of putting the uniform together and making sure it met AR 670-1. So yea…maybe he really has no clue? naw.

  21. Sam Naomi says:

    Only thing I can see is. “THIS GUY IS A PITTSBURG STEELER’s FAN!!!!!, notice the emblem display behind him???? I’ll have to give Terry Bradshaw a buz and have him check this guy out.

    Where the tall corn grows

    • JBS says:

      At first, I thought it was some kind of museum he was standing in. Then I looked again and noticed it was someone’s house/bedroom/memorial. Yikes!!

  22. Geetwillickers says:

    Reading the comments on this pic, it sounds like he was incarcerated in 2013 – but I could be wrong. If I wasn’t at work today, I would exercise my Google-Fu and see if I could find an arrest record…

  23. AW2 to CPT says:


  24. 3E9 says:

    A few of his ribbons look like NG ribbons. Either WV or PA. Not sure if those states would have a record on him or not. I doubt he ever served in any capacity though.

  25. Scotty says:

    Joseph H. White was indicted for third offense driving on a revoked license for driving under the influence. A not guilty plea was entered on his behalf, and his attorney was granted 30 days for discovery.

    White was currently serving the remainder of a sentence, on home confinement, for second offense driving under the influence out of Marion County. This arrest revoked his home confinement.

    White’s current sentence will be completed on October 5. Judge Moats ordered that his bond be continued, but that White be under the supervision of the Marion County Community Corrections Program.

    • Andy11M says:

      perhaps Judge Moats needs to be informed of the defendants shenanigans? At the very least a mental hold and eval is in order.

  26. 3/17 Air Cav says:

    Nice touch on the uniform. Finally, after all these years, I get to see a walking, talking example of Joe Shit The Ragman!

    • Hondo says:

      Please, 3/17 Air Cav – we must be “kinder, gentler” today when referring to that guy.

      We now refer to him as “Joseph Excrement, Collector of Scrap Cloth”. (smile)

      • 3/17 Air Cav says:

        Hondo………kinder, gentler? Does that mean going back to the 70’s with beer in the barracks? Smile.

  27. 19Delta says:

    Don’t see a lot of Delta guys with prison tats on their face.

    • Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

      Not to mention the total lack of sphincter control this fellow exhibits after years of prison wife life.

  28. Green Thumb says:

    This dude takes it in the ass.

    He also has that “I want to babysit your kids” look.


  29. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    DINGLEBERRY, extra-extra-large, smelly,and STUPID, one each!!

  30. Combat Historian says:

    I’m not a big fan of the current ASU; maybe we can get the uniform board to reevaluate and adopt the old Class A greens with new blue shirt and brown tie. We can call the new dress uniform the “whitey”…

  31. Tinman says:

    I apologize for not being able to get a picture, but I ran into a goofball this past weekend wearing ACU’s, black boots, and a USMC cap. I told him was all kinds of wrong, needs to go home, and look in a mirror in shame. The guy was trying to get some kind of discount while shopping just that guy I heard about in Ohio.
    So just for the fun of it, I Google’d “Army Uniform Rules” (because a poser wouldn’t know to use the word Regulation). Not only did AR and DA Pam 670-1 pop out right on top, the second row of images has like eight examples of right looks like.
    Delta Force Sniper: you are a turd.

  32. 3E9 says:

    I almost forgot

  33. Guard Bum says:

    A sad little man with nothing of his own to claim. I do feel sorry for his kid knowing she has a fake and a douche bag for a dad.

  34. Stick Stickly says:

    Just another case of a shitbag making up lies to cover for his criminal, shitbag life. Joseph H. White is a drunk and a scumbag. I feel sorry for his kid as well.

    Nice prison tat, Joe. Now your face is even more fucked up.

  35. Skysoldier says:

    I miss the times when the Phonies would immediately show up in the comments defending themselves and calling us all scammers and bullies. Oh how times have changed.

  36. Hack Stone says:

    I hereby lay claim to the fifth largest MRE turd during Desert Shield. I hear that a Canadian claims the largest MRE turd.

    • Green Thumb says:

      That, my man, is quite the claim.

      I happen to know that there was some “stiff” competition.


      • Hack Stone says:

        The first ten days was nothing but MREs. On the tenth day I asked the 1st Sgt if I could get maternity leave, and that “baby” definately left stretch marks.

    • RazorbackStrong says:

      IDK, Hack? Would’ve taken several days of dehydrated beef patty followed by the bean and wieners not safe for air crews. That’s an honor you can have, my friend.

      • Hack Stone says:

        The MRE’s that we had were probably the second or third generation, they were not the dehydrated ones, and they did not have the wet naps. I do recall getting a beef stew that had what resembled someone’s index finger in it.

        • Green Thumb says:

          That “Three Year Old Tabasco” serves not only as a flavor enhancer, but a disinfectant.

          Much like the known poser, Phil Monkress at All-Points Logistics dropping his “Magic Serum” right in the collective mouths of his studious interns: “The Rent Boys”.

          Flavor enhancer versus disinfectant?

          Your call.

          • propsguy says:

            Anyone who claims the largest shit is a Poser, 😀

            I did not shit once the entire 12 months in Iraq, I pissed out my ass everyday. We called it the Taji CLench

    • EODJay says:

      I had an eight flusher in Kosovo. I wear that fact like a badge.

    • Geetwillickers says:

      While mine cannot compete for wartime credit, I did lay one that we then spotted from about a click away through our binos once we had settled into our LP\OP. The Mojave desert sun had baked it to a nice dark brown that really stood out against the sand.

      This was at NTC, therefore it would not rate any competition with your DS achievement…

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      You guys should be aware that NASA has just announced that human (e.g., MRE and water) waste will be used to fuel further space flights.

      It was on the evening news.

      I would never kid about that.

      This may end the need to burn the latrine contents. Just collect it in barrels and ship it to NASA’s fuel plant in Sheboygan.

      • Waste disposal!

        That’s how it was done in the old Republic of Viet Nam!

        When I first flew into the old Republic (It’s a “STAR WARS” thing! – – – i.e., “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away”) of Viet Nam, as our chartered commercial airliner was preparing to land at Cam Ranh Bay, looking through the window at the scene below us, I saw multiple columns of black smoke rising into the air.

        I was certain that Cam Ranh Bay was under attack and being over run!

        Oh, why hadn’t the Army issued us parachutes and rifles for this flight, for obviously, we were about to be blown out of the sky?

        We were all going to be killed!

        Why couldn’t our own United States Army have given us guys a fighting chance?

        And THAT was my very first impression of the old Republic of Viet Nam on Friday 12 December 1969.

        • BREAKING NEWS ! ! !

          This comment is way, WAY off topic, but since the weekend has passed, I can’t put it in the “WEEKEND OPEN THREAD”, and I don’t know where else to put it.

          Jody is OFFICIALLY dead!

          Remember when we used to sing this, while marching?

          “Ain’t no use in going back.
          Jody’s got your Cadillac.
          Ain’t no use in feeling blue.
          Jody’s got your girlfriend, too!”

          Also, on the Bayonet Course and in our Hand-to-Hand combat training, we’d always yell, “KILL JODY!”

          Does the Army still do that?

          I just wonder if mixing the females in with the males didn’t cause a lot of our marching songs and war cries to be abandoned as “politically incorrect”?

          • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

            Did you use “Soldier, Soldier, don’t feel blue, Jody tagged your Momma too”?

          • Eden says:

            It *might* have cut the sexual innuendo, but still not politically correct. At least in our case. Our tamest one was:

            I wanna be a fighter pilot;
            I wanna fly an F-15.
            I wanna fly with the cockpit open–
            I wanna hear those commies scream!

      • 3E9 says:

        I know that shit burns hot and for a long time. Almost makes me misty eyed remembering the “good ol days” listening to my Walkman while a big barrel of shit burned in the desert.

        • Oh, you’re a young’un!

          We didn’t have Walkman’s in Viet Nam.

          They hadn’t been invented yet.

          No personal computers, cell phones, VCRs, DVDs, CDs, or digital cameras.

          We still ate C Rations, although the Airborne Rangers got LRRP Rations, which were freeze dried meals.

          The acronym, “LRRP”, stands for “Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol”, and those missions were done by Ranger companies assigned one per Division, i.e., in the 101st Airborne, our LRRPs were L Company, 75th Infantry Regiment (Airborne Ranger).

          I was in the 501st Signal Battalion, and the LRRP compound was right next to ours.

          We even made joint patrols outside the perimeter wire, which is how I got my souvenir punji stake from a booby trap.

          • 3E9 says:

            I had a few C rats, but they were never issued to me. My experience with MRE’s was with probably the first or second generation. No heater packs, 12 menu choices, nothing brand name in them. Those things sucked. The coffee was in a little brown packet “Coffee, Instant, Ground”. Tasted like ass but kept you awake.

    • Atkron says:

      While not the result of an MRE; the switch from shipboard meals to ‘regular food’ was always difficult for my digestive track. I was finally able to splash one seven days after my last deployment. I was scared to go at home so I went to the local Kmart.

      I filled the entire bowl almost to the seat.

      After 18 years, I still feel pride, and pangs of guilt for the person that had to clean that mess up.

  37. LostOnThemInterwebs says:

    Well, I can top that, how about if I work in my Delta force JAG who is currently doing a covert mission by doing plane fueling and clerk work in the day and at night do HALO with SEALs to kill high value targets and come back to my town by 5am without waking up the missus story? no? missing someone that hasn’t been impersonated yet? 😛

    What? is totally believable!! O_O

  38. 3/17 Air Cav says:

    If you enlarge the photo of “Joe shit the Ragman. Take a close look at the cuff of his shirt on his left hand. Not only is the shirt blue, it also has stripes!

    • gitarcarver says:

      Yeah, I noticed that too.

      I was concerned with the blue shirt so I took the image and started matching the colors by changing hues, contrasts, etc within the picture. My goal was to match the image of Army Chief of Staff General Peter J. Schoomaker on the Wikipedia page found here:

      (Is that a blue shirt he is wearing as well?)

      Anyway, when you color match the picture in White’s picture to the official portrait of Schoomaker, the colors of the shirt, jacket, etc match fairly well and are with small variations of being identical.

      (It does not account for the brown tie which actually gets more brown as the colors are tuned to match the Schoomaker portrait.)

      I think what may have happened here to some extent is that the flash used in the picture was a very cool white. (As opposed to a warmer white.)

      You can really see what happened when you look at the second picture in the original post and then look at the Steelers’ banner on the right. Notice that it has blue tint to it as well. It shows the power of the flash in changing the hues and “tints” when taking a picture.

      I also looked at the striped cuffs as I had noticed the same thing as well as Air Cav did . When the hues, saturation, etc are all balanced out against the Schoomaker portrait, the stripes disappear and become normal shadows. In addition, I am not sure I have ever seen a dress shirt with cuffs where the stripes run parallel to the length of the arm rather than the stripes wrapping around the wrist. I could be wrong on that as I am not a fashion editor.

      My point is that I don’t think the shirt is any more “wrong” than in the Schoomaker image. That doesn’t excuse the tie as that is as whacked as it gets and no amount of color correction accounts for that.

      And before someone starts to say I am making excuses for this guy, I am not. All I am saying is that the hue of the shirt may not be the indicator that many people think it is.

      The tie, the badges, and the rest of the evidence cannot, in my opinion, be discounted.

      • 3/17 Air Cav says:

        gita………when it comes to photography I don’t know shit. Seems legit to me. All I know is my Kodak Instamatic lasted less than two weeks in Vietnam. Damn thing obviously was not bush proof! (Smile)

        • Gosh, gee whillikers, but I also used a Kodak Instamatic in Viet Nam!

          But, I was on 31L20 stationed on base camps, so my camera lasted for my entire two (02) years in Viet Nam, plus a year in Korea.

          I also used it on R&R to Japan and Australia, and on my special leave to Israel.

          I regret that I never wrote down the names of people I took pictures of, nor did I record any details such as date, location, circumstances, et cetera.

          I never thought I’d forget that stuff!

          In retrospect, I wish I’d invested whatever huge sum was required to purchase the best 35mm camera, with telephoto and wide angle lenses, and a 8mm home movie camera, and small portable tape recorder, that money could buy.

          I also wish I’d kept every Army Signal School manual, and copies of everything and anything, including all uniform items.

          I wish I’d purchased a complete set of uniforms and TA-50, including weapons and protective gear.

          And wouldn’t it be neat to get one of those surplus jeeps?

          I had a company commander at Fort Hood who had a VW Thing painted olive drab.

          Mox nix.

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        Gen. Schoomaker’s shirt is green. The image used by wiki appears to have a blue-green tint to it, but that is simply a uniform regulation green shirt. His tie is black.

        Joe Dingaling here is wearing a blue shirt, with sleeve cuffs that appear to have some white mixed with that blue. It isn’t the flash or the camera, it is the dye color in the shirt and his tie is dark brown, but the flash brightens the fabric enough to show that it is not black.

        I’m sure that Joe Dingaling thought no one would know the difference. My question is this: is he supposed to have those rank pins on the jacket labels as well as the sleeves? He has so much bling pinned on, it’s hard to tell just what he was thinking, and it appears he’s wearing some old surplus store Army jacket, anyway.

        • 3/17 Air Cav says:

          EX……..I have that same jacket in my closet. He’s wearing E-5 Sgt. Stripes on his sleeves. As for those rank pins on his labels, no way. Plus, they appear to be E-7 rank. The guy from start to Finnish is all jacked up. He is, without question, the poster boy for “Joe shit the ragman

        • Ex-PH2 says:

          Well, here’s what I see as the kicker, that most people probably wouldn’t notice.

          That jacket is not tailored to fit him.

          Look at the way the sleeves bunch up and wrinkle at the arm scye, where the shoulder seam attaches the sleeve to the jacket. If it were his jacket, it would fit him without bunching and wrinkling like that.

          Also, the sleeves are just a small amount too long. They almost cover half of his hands. They are supposed to be wrist length, no longer and not down ove your hands.

          The jacket simply doesn’t fit him.

          He either picked up that jacket at a surplus store, or got it some place like e-bay, but it isn’t his.

          • Eden says:

            Good call, Ex-PH2! Now, I wasn’t Army, so I don’t know–what that ribbon over his right pocket with the white and maroon (?) diagonal stripes?

        • gitarcarver says:


          The portrait of Gen. Schoomaker shows how the warmth / coolness of a flash can affect colors.

          As I said, the colors in the phony are off. When the colors are adjusted to match Schoomaker’s portrait, the shirt comes out okay. The tie NEVER gets to black or anything close.

          I am not defending this guy. I really am not. When people start to talk about the colors being wrong and there are indications that the coolness of flash may have contributed to the colors being off, I like to take a look at things like that.

          If you are looking for solid evidence, there is plenty of it within the guy’s other clothing. The shirt’s color is something that I would personally stay away from.

      • The stripes you’re referring on the left fore arm of his jacket are service stripes, each stripe denoting three years of service.

        IF he were wearing the short bar stripes on the right fore arm of his jacket, those are officially called Overseas Stripes, or more popularly, “Hash Marks”, and each one denotes six months in a hostile fire zone.

        Even though they’re called Overseas Stripes, duty in Germany and Korea doesn’t count (or it didn’t when I was there).

  39. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    He looks like the kind of creepazoid that you’d expect to see prowling around pr0n shops and theaters, maybe he’s part of “dildo force”?

  40. C2Show says:

    You know its bad when your sister jumps in and embarrasses you.

    • Green Thumb says:

      I am not taken on the fact this turd is the biggest “Poser” per se, but yet he should be given consideration for one of the biggest losers and just general-all-around-sacks-of-worthless-shit of all time.


  41. Big Steve says:

    SO many things wrong with this uniform. And posing in his den with all his Pittsburgh Steelers crap.

    This “steely-eyed killer” is a total goon of the first order.