Richard T. Newberry; phony SF sergeant in Ohio

| December 6, 2014


Chief Tango sends us a link to the Toledo Blade which reports that this fellow, Richard T. Newberry, has been indicted for pretending to be a special forces sergeant, for some stupid reason during a recent water crisis in Toledo;

The indictment alleges that on Aug. 3, Newberry “falsely stated that he was a Sergeant of the U.S. Army Special Forces engaged in assisting the United States during a national emergency, specifically the Toledo Water Crisis of 2014, and distributed bottles of water and business cards advertising his illegal gunsmith operation as ‘U.S. military trained and certified.’ ”

It also alleges that Newberry, who was convicted in 2011 of possession of child pornography by a military court at Fort Campbell, Ky., failed to register as a sex offender between June 14 and Aug. 28, that he advertised and promoted himself as the owner of a gunsmith operation between Aug. 3 and Aug. 28, and that he possessed four firearms on Aug. 28 despite his felony conviction.

Imagine that – a phony who was doing something else wrong. I guess now he’s going to be the one getting tickled.

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  1. Green Thumb says:


    I like the business card angle, though.

    A potential future employee of All-Points Logistics.

    This turd takes advantage of a crisis to push his claims and make a buck.

    Much like Commander Phil Monkress ripping off FEMA and the American taxpayers in Hurricane Katrina.

  2. nbcguy54 says:

    Pardon the pun:
    Splash. Out.

  3. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Splash out, indeed! I hope he’s already had more than a few “splashes” as the “property” of Bubba & Thor! Possession of Firearms by a Felon as well as failing to register as a kiddie perv, I hope the damn thing gets put away for a long time and he gets “accidentally” left alone among the lifers in whatever prison he/it goes to!!

  4. Ex-PH2 says:

    Nice mug shot. Does that come in wallet-sized?

  5. Dave Hardin says:

    It seems Dick wont be needing to register for a while. I often wonder why the family of these predators don’t keep an eye on them. Here is a helpful link so the rest of us can. Just enter your city and state.

    • AW1Ed says:

      Thanks for the link DH. Seems I have one in the neighborhood. He also has a history of assaults and burglaries- good to know.

  6. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    Funny, isn’t it, how many creeps look like creeps. Unfortunately, peds often were themselves sexually molested as kids. One would think that that should be the primary reason that they wouldn’t molest others, but it doesn’t work that way. Now, I realize that this creep was not convicted of sexual molestation of a kid. He just liked to look at kids in some sort of sick way. I get that. I also get that many whose perversion involves images of kids move on to the unspeakable.

    • Sparks says:

      2/17 Air Cav…You said it brother!

    • Dave Hardin says:

      Food for thought. Someone did take the pictures in the first place. He likes to watch someone else abuse kids. I know your statement ‘He just liked’ was not intended to deliberately minimize his actions.

      Something EX-PH2 posted the other day made me think about what I had posted on that thread. It is all too common when we find out some poser or creeper has moved on to far more destructive activities.

      My experiences and sense of humor tend to make me less than palatable for some folks. When I find my knuckles have been dragging a bit too much, I appreciate being called out on it. Semper Fi.

  7. deloppoled says:

    I hope this creep gets a long prison term because he is dangerous. Not SF dangerous, but dangerous to any child that may unfortunately encounter that sick and twisted man.

  8. AW1Ed says:

    They’ll have to segregate him form the general pop- “Short Eyes” are the bottom feeders of the prison food chain, and don’t generally last long if unprotected.

    Which is fine with me.

  9. Green Thumb says:

    No word on this guy?

    My best guess is that he has already signed some NDA’s for All-Points Logistics down there in Merritt Island, FL of Huntsville (where Commander Phil Monkress seems to be spending most of his time these days).

    They (APL) can definitely use a man of Newberry’s talents.

  10. Big Steve says:

    Wonder what awards he got for participation in “Operation Toledo Water Crisis?” I heard that was a rough one.
    Newberry… your name should be Dingleberry.
    You are an ass weasel of the highest order.