North Regional/East Regional Blue Falcon Stolen Valor Tournament

| December 17, 2014

1 Seed v. 9

1) Dennis Chevalier, Seven Wives and Counting, Valor Thief
CLAIM: LTC, US Air Force, Pilot
TRUTH: PFC, Texas State Militia, 20 Glorious Days in Texas National Guard

9) Mark Tiemann
CLAIM: Just look at the picture.
TRUTH: Seven years a Marine, discharged as SGT.

5 Seed v. 4

5) Nikko De’Lozada, 118 lies in 18 minutes, Valor Thief
CLAIM: Again, 118 lies in 18 minutes.
TRUTH: 118 lies in 18 minutes.

4) Otto Gimbl, dude got a busted grill, Embellisher
CLAIM: Combat wounded OIF/OEF Veteran with PTSD
TRUTH: 15 month chump busted when he failed a piss test. Does have a NDSM though.

2 Seed v. 7

2) James Korfhage, Threats Schmets, get in your car already, Embellisher
CLAIM: Army Ranger
TRUTH: 21 Days at basic.

7) Thomas Bolling, Noyes Strikes Again, Valor Thief

11 Seed v. 3

11) Christine Mullen, Faster than a speeding missile, Embellisher
CLAIM: PTSD, found a boot with a foot in it, raped by 6 different commanders.
TRUTH: Yeah, no. Problem sailor, “one night she got into a drunkin stunptor and assulted one of her Staff NCO’s. She then tried to claim that the Senior Staff NCO had raped her. The investigation proved this false.”

3) Amy/Joel Kleyla, Swollen Valor, Embellisher
TRUTH: SEABEE, Twig and berries may have been harvested.

1 Seed v. 16

1) Daniel A. Bernath, Bernasty McDouchenugget, Embellisher

CLAIM: Chief Petty Officer, US Navy (and a ton of other shit)
TRUTH: No, nay, never.

8) Dina Boyer, LGBT Superperson, Embellisher
CLAIM: Navy Cross, Beirut bombing survivor
TRUTH: Sea service ribbon, ENFR (maybe fireperson?)

5 Seed v. 4

5) Flemron Dickey, 3rd Special Food Forces Brigade, Embellisher
CLAIM: “Green Beret”
TRUTH: Food services specialist

4) Jared Stern, Paul Wickre’s Private Investigator, Embellisher
CLAIM: “After serving in the United States Marine Corps and subsequently conducting intelligence operations overseas…”
TRUTH: E1 discharge, Marine 0311.

2 Seed v. 7

2) Reverend Colyer, Reverend Doctor of Occupy, Embellisher
CLAIM: USMC Disabled Veteran with PTSD
TRUTH: OTH from USMC, no combat

7) Leonard Goethals, 40 Years of lying, Embellisher
CLAIM: Vietnam, Cobra pilot – Shot down and captured – POW 3 years – rescued by 2nd Armored or 1st Cav. Plus SF in OEF or something.
TRUTH: 80 Days in the Navy

6 Seed v. 3

6) Sean Yetman, heavy-drop phony Ranger on Black Friday, Unknown
CLAIM: 2/75th Rangers and he has 3 awards of the CIB for two rotations to Iraq and one to Afghanistan.
TRUTH: Unknown.

3) Terrell Anquoe, Hi ah, what the?, Embellisher
CLAIM: Distinguished Flying Cross, Bronze Star and a Purple Heart along with some Desert Storm service medals.
TRUTH: Actual name Paul Dean Fultz, 10 months, E1, Tow Gunner

Go ye now and vote. Results tomorrow morning, with the round of 16 ready to move to 8.

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  1. Hondo says:

    OK, I’m gonna go against the grain here.

    IMO, Bernath was a complete putz – as was Boyer. But Boyer lied about receiving the freaking Navy Cross.

    Bernath IMO is a bigger jackass overall, but in terms of stolen valor – Boyer is worse.

    “That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.” (smile)

    • fsckity-fsck says:

      completely agree.

      Other than that, Heavy Chevy (for the overall win) and the Reverend Colyer (if only for that cum sticking nut sack perch of his and the fact that he threatened both murder and suicide in the same thread when confronted.)

    • MrBill says:

      Good point. Some people command our attention more for simply being horrible human beings than for the stolen valor itself (Bernath, Wickre, Chevy, wHAatShIsNaMe).

      That said, as far as I’m concerned, Noah Gass (not a CPO) for the win!

    • thebesig says:

      Two biggies that get my vote are the degree of stolen valor, and the amount of abuse they perpetrate against the veteran community. With the laughing aside, Daniel Alan Bernath, not an honorary CPO, not a real CPO, not a CPO veteran, harassed people he thought were members of this board, then he initiated a lawsuit that required money to fight.

      Then we have the incident with someone having their weapons confiscated… leaving that veteran temporarily defenseless had one of the other turds acted out on their threats.

      For what he lacked compared to the other guy, he made up for with his arrogant, hot headed war against this community… even going after someone that’s still in high school.

      Common old man, you could’ve given that guy a break so that he could focus on his studies. 🙄

      He’s the perfect candidate to be “the coprolite one. Or the “encoprolited one” as I proposed last year: :mrgreen:

      Heck, the man arrogantly claims that he hasn’t won the horses ass medal.. It’d be awesome to see him win it. That’d really fry him up. :mrgreen:

      If not, oh well, one could dream. :mrgreen: If he doesn’t win, he should be designated as the honorary horse’s ass medal guy. :tristed:

      As for Dennis Howard Chevalier, now known as Denny Chevalier, they guy that’s about to marry his soon to be strike spousal abuse victim number 8, Andra Lorenz, He can’t even claim to be a corporal in the Texas State Guard, as they booted his ass out in a way that’d be hard for him to come back in.

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        That and Daniel A. Bernath still accuses the wrong man of being me. He accuses others of posting his PII while he post his and that of other folks on his webpage of drivel. Daniel A. Bernath richly deserves to win! He used to claim that he intimidated TAH into canceling this year’s SV tourney along with his other crap.

      • C2Show says:

        Jesus Christ, married again? Gotta ban him from marriage.

        • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

          In a perfect world, ‘ol “Blobfish” Chevalier would be marrying a Woman named Tonya Rodham Bobbit this time around!!

          • Seadog says:

            Did you mean Lorena Bobbitt? It’s too late. She’s no longer with us after dying in a car wreck.

            Some dick cut her off…

            • Mustang1LT says:

              No, that is a composite of Tonya Harding, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Lorena Bobbitt. I don’t think I would wish that on anyone! Well……maybe Heavy Chevy.

              • gungy says:

                Tonya Harding and Jarrett Gimbl can share a story.

                Both got hit with blunt objects and cried “why….why…WHY?!?!?!”

                Maybe the stolen dog has an answer….

                • 3/17 Air Cav says:

                  Gungy….actually Tonya was the. Perp. Not the Vic. (Gees I love that cop show talk)

                  Tonya was actually my neighbor for a while. Until she was evicted for not paying her rent.

                  • gungy says:

                    That’s right. Nancy Kerrigan got jumped. With a blunt object. Like Gimbl…screamed “why why WHY!!!!!”.

                    Except Gimbl emerged with a nose full of powdered sugar and delusions of combat heroism. And a DEA agent, Marine Recon, Purple Heart recipient, etc. etc.

                    Only the dog knows the real truth.

            • ThommyMac says:

              Well played, Seadog, well played.

    • Thirteen Bears says:

      Thirteen Bears laugh at He Who Tapes Dogs. Him make self into human fire hydrant or tree stump with him stunts and threaten to sue over him fuckups. Me name him Aw-Phuk-Tup-inhead, me bet him smell like tree that coyotes pee on! Him grow ratty beard, or toadstools growing on him face?

  2. SJ says:

    Damn!!!! So many there that should stand on their own. I blew a gasket when I had to chose between Chevy and Tiemann and was on the floor sucking my thumb as I went down the list (the 2 “women” paired)? Nooooooo. Damn.

    TSO: not ranting at you. There are just so many turds. Thanks for your very hard work.

    • propsguy says:

      I agree, I call shenangins on the seeding 😀
      Putting the two top contenders against each other in the second round .

      This is going to screw my card all up. 😀

      • Hondo says:

        If you’re talking about Tiermann, IMO he shouldn’t be in the field at all. He had his 15 min of shame a couple of years ago (we didn’t know his name then), and made it to the round of 8 as I recall. To my knowledge he hasn’t done a damn thing since the last tourney to warrant inclusion in this year’s group. The only difference I know of is that someone finally identified him.

        It’s TSO’s tourney, so it’s his call as to who’s in or out. But past precedent has been to exclude past entrants w/o new jackassery.

    • Nicki says:

      You and me both! Fatass is just SOOOOOOO fucking ridiculous! But Chevy… damn.

      I had to go with Swollen Valor, because it looks like it ate several SEALs… for lunch.

      This was the hardest one yet for me.

  3. Dave Vert says:

    A bunch of Super Duper Pooper Troopers

  4. NHSparky says:

    Noah Gass FTW!

    Instead of the Horses Ass Medal, maybe we can give him a roll of duct tape and pay for his next CDL physical, since I’m betting he’s driving people around Portland without that endorsement on his license.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      I’ve been saying that for a while, I’m sure a call to the Oregon DOT might arouse some interest if he’s still doing tours! That, and does he have a Business License for that as well?

  5. MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

    I think it is fitting that Bernath was put up against Boyer …

    And I hope my boy Stern goes far but he won’t win because NO ONE KNOWS HIM!

    Finally, Amy/Joel Kleyla makes me sick to my stomach!

  6. ChipNASA says:

    I keep flushing and I keep flushing and I KEEP FLUSHING and they just won’t go down the DRAIN!!!


  7. TankBoy says:

    I agree with some of the comments above. Difficult round! Round Marine, on any given day would be a shoo-in despite obscure claims of mental incompetence. But against a Chevalier, he just doesn’t measure up. Bernath is a shoo-in, just for the awesome entertainment value. Stern, just because he is an associate of Wickre. Two ladies competing was unfair. Normally I’ll go with the shit-bird, but the fat female Navy Seal had me at hello. I went with Sean Yetman instead of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s cousin with the high family cheekbones because I’m hoping for a fat and round Ranger bracket in the later rounds.

  8. MSGRetired says:

    Ah yes Birdbath and Yetman Two of my Favorites !

  9. Ex-PH2 says:

    Round Marine Tiemann, only for sentimental reasons, since he’s gone mental anyway.

    bernitwit against a slug was too easy.

    But Flem against Stern? Why, TSO? Why? Why? Why?

  10. ArmyLady says:

    1 SEED VS 9….Dennis Chevalir

    5 Seed v. 4..Nikko De’Lozada

    2 Seed v. 7 Thomas Bolling

    11 Seed v. 3 Christine Mullen

    1 Seed v. 16 Daniel A. Bernath

    5 Seed v. 4 Jared Stern

    2 Seed v. 7..Reverend Colyer..this guy make my blood boil…hacking my facebook after I stood up and caught him being a faker….

    6 Seed v. 3 Sean Yetman

    All of the are losers for 2014

    • thebesig says:

      You and I voted the same with the exception of one person. :mrgreen: You made good selections. :mrgreen:

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      I disagree on De’Lozada. I think he’s just mentally ill versus Otto Gimbl, who still lives his lies after conning an organization out of a dog that could have been paired up with a truly deserving Wounded Vet! Let’s not forget that his “wound” came from a baseball bat to his head, probably after a drug deal gone sour, and he was thrown out of the USMC after pissing hot before he even graduated from AIT.

  11. NosDef says:

    I have personal heartache with a cook claiming to be a green beret for political gain. Go Flem!

    Man am I glad we changed that rule to only tabbed guys getting berets…

    Also, Go Yetman! One of the highest profile “viral” turds I’ve ever seen

  12. Instinct says:

    I’m hoping Yetman makes it to the fecal four round. He’s a dark horse, but he has potential

  13. Crazy Kelly says:

    Picks are in…. Hope I pull better then 50% this time Lol….

  14. Thunderstixx says:

    This really was a tough one.
    Birdbath & Phlegmoron were my only shoe-ins.
    But the two babes together really had me all twisted up in conniptions !!!

  15. Marine_7002 says:

    I had a hard time deciding between the un-Reverend Colyer and Goethals, but the latter’s nonsensical POW claim tipped the scale in his favor.

    Anyone falsely claiming POW status automatically gets triple bonus points. Fuck him.

  16. JarHead Pat says:

    Is there anyway to vote for Denny the Douche every time? hahahahaha.

  17. Sapper3307 says:

    This is getting harder than woodpecker lips.

  18. Green Thumb says:

    Turd Bolling is a rolling.

    And many of his “employees” are pulling for him.

    • fsckity-fsck says:

      Even PeeWee Herman is pulling for him!

      • Green Thumb says:

        So are the women that he sexually harassed.

        Turd Bolling is a “Turd” of a special category.

        “I can neither confirm nor deny” that I harass and assault women while I continue to deceive and lie!

        The “Turd Bolling Creed”.

  19. Green Thumb says:

    Maybe if Bernath loses, he will attempt to sue Boyer.

  20. Steve says:

    It broke my heart not to vote for AmyJoel. Truly it did.

    That individual put so much effort in and it’s shattering to me to deny AmyJoel the honour of my vote.

    But Christine really shone.

    Fake rape charge. That really sealed the deal.

    Well done. *slow clap*

  21. HS Junior says:

    The tourney this year is merely a formality to crown Daniel A. Bernath the the most snowflake-special asshole TAH has come across this year.

    Cheeseslayer doesn’t stand a chance against that kind of horsepower (or glider power).

    • Mustang1LT says:

      I despise Bernath to my core, especially when I found out that he wrote a letter to Sec Def claiming that I was putting out classified information on this forum. Of course, we all know he was full of shit and that no innocent people were hassled like what happened with A Proud Infidel so I can’t loathe him as much as I do the Cheese – eating Blobfish. See, from a personal perspective, Chevy enrages me to a level that few others ever have. As I stated on a previous thread, I was a Civil Air Patrol cadet, I honorably served in the Indiana Air National Guard and deployed to Iraq, and I am honorably serving as an Officer in the Indiana Army National Guard and just completed a deployment to Afghanistan. Everything he has claimed has managed to impugn an organization that I have served with. This man has shat upon 25 years of my life and I want to see this fucker get the recognition he so truly deserves.

      • HS Junior says:

        I understand why it would be so personal to you, but I know MCPO, E4U, OAE CPO, Boiling Mad CPO, Bubblehead Ray, NHSparky, and basically all navy posters on here have got to feel the same way about Bernath.

        The fact is that as disgusting as I find Chevy, all he really did besides the claims was to run a comment thread up to three thousand comments, create a crappy website no one actually looks at except people here looking to see what his next move against them is going to be, and make some threatening phone calls and emails. All of that is abominable, and he ought to be recognized for his shitbaggery with a place at the table of the fecal four.

        But Bernath—Bernath is a true sociopath. He has literally taken the unprecedented step of not merely threatening, not merely attempting to get a peace order, but actually filing a lawsuit against members of this site. He also took the unprecedented step of uniting huge numbers of posers into one giant and useless force to try to take down the site, systematically emboldening people like Wickre and Wittgenfeld. He’s sent gigabytes of threatening emails and made hours of abusive phone calls. He’s created the nastiest website of any poser I’ve ever seen. His frivolous claims not concerning TAH have cost innocent people hundreds of thousands to defend. His claims against TAH have cost an obscene amount of money to defend against as well. He’s harassed multitudes of people he thinks comment here who had never heard of TAH until he threatened to sue them, including a minor he thinks is me and a Vietnam SEAL war hero he thinks is PI. He’s tried to get people fired and kicked out of clubs.

        Chevy sucks. Goddamn the person who tries to argue otherwise. But in terms of time and money lost and emotional distress? No one, NOBODY can hold a candle to Bernath.

        You’re welcome to disagree, but that’s the way I see it.

  22. jonp says:

    wow is this getting tough. I’m still going with Tiemann. Any Michelin Man rocking a Soup Sandwich worthy rack in Blues topping it off with a Trident and EOD is douche worthy above and beyond the call of duty.

  23. Green Thumb says:

    And what’s up with the lack of Poser Bikers making it through this round?

    Seems like we were riddled with them last go around, minus the “Big Shitbag” Keith Keeton, of course.

    • propsguy says:

      Also, 11 of the 16 in todays round are all NAVY/USMC posers. WHat? No love for the Army anymore. 😀 We’ll have to get Marky Mark to make a movie about the Rangers to get bac into the game. 😉

    • 3/17 Air Cav says:

      Green Thumb…..they have to have the “Turd” moniker! Did you so designate?

  24. SJ says:

    Chevy is trying. Dennis Chevalier aks Denny Chevalier’s Facebook includes him posting stuff for his buds to comment on. Not surprising, but, NO ONE comments. So Chevy’s FB site is mental masturbation.

  25. Bullnuke says:

    This damn website is killin’ me. I’ve done more work on this tournament since I retired from the Navy in ’92 and from the world’s largest chemical company in ’09. A lot of fun, though.

  26. 3/17 Air Cav says:

    It’s Bernath hands down. There is no way I could vote for Amy! Anyone who looks like Bluto with a shave and bleached hair, wearing Popeyes sailor suit is most definitely out of the running!

  27. 3/17 Air Cav says:

    Further……..”I am what I am that’s all that I am I Amy the sailor man/girl/it” hell now I’m confused!

  28. propsguy says:

    Can someone explain the actual seeding mechanichs?

    We have Bernath from Oregon in and Dances with Dolphins De LeZoda from Hawaii the Eastern Conference
    CHeesblob Chevalier and the Round Gunny Tieman from Texas in the North Conference.

    I’m confused…again….( It’s not hard to confuse me, ask my wife.)

    • GDContractor says:

      It all makes perfect sense if up is down, east is west, etc. Don’t put Tiemann on us Texans….he’s Arizona’s special citizen.