Ron Stone; phony Vietnam vet/author

| January 13, 2015

Ron Stone (13)

Our buddy, George Davenport at Special Forces Poser Patrol sends us his work on this Ron Stone fellow. Ron did serve in the Army and National Guard from 1964-1968. He did not, however serve in Vietnam – he was in Okinawa, but not to hear him tell it;

Ron Stone (2)

He claims that he graduated from Special Forces school, he claims that he also graduated from Basic Airborne Course and sniper school. He claims that he was awarded a Distinguished Service Cross, an ARCOM, some Vietnamese stuff, a Combat Infantryman Badge and jump wings. None of that is true;

Ron Stone FOIA

No Vietnam service awards says that he never set foot on the ground there. But not according to him;

Ron Stone (3)

Ron Stone (9)

Ron Stone (15)

And he has a wild imagination, he filled several books with the bullshit clogging his brain;

Ron Stone (5)

There was an intel breach when George started hunting Ron and some over-anxious folks gave him a warning and he tried to pull down all of his bullshit claims, but George was too fast for him. Well, that and Ron had his bullshit bio spread out everywhere across the internet so far and wide, even he couldn’t remember where he’d posted it.

Well, he wanted to be famous, so there it is, Ron, you’re TAH-famous.

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  1. SJ says:

    Just how many sniper schools did the Army and Marine Corps run? Damn.

    • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

      Dude must have dome his via correspondence course (before there was in Internet)…

    • Mark Lauer says:

      Back in 1964 neither branch even HAD a sniper school, because neither branch was fielding snipers. The concept wasn’t popular with the brass at the Pentagon. Snipers up until the 70s were basically soldiers who were picked from an infantry unit because of their exceptional marksmanship. They got a couple of days special training, were handed a deer rifle, and told to kill bad guys. But there were no formal schools of any kind.

      • Mike MacDonald says:

        As I recall, there was a sniper school in-country sponsored by the 1st Inf Div. They came to field looking for volunteers. That was early ’69.

  2. AW1 Tim says:

    Just……. dayum. He looks like he and Bernath are related. Maybe they could form their own business: “Posers R Us”.

    Frikkin’ morons.

  3. nbcguy54 says:

    Possibly a textbook case of violating the Stolen Valor Law. He’s making money selling books behind his claims. Definitely “tangible benefits”.

  4. GDContractor says:

    Very pretty certificates. Visconi is soooo jealous.

    I don’t often order pastry, but when I do, I make sure my pastry chef is wearing a black beret.

  5. Andy11M says:

    What? No claims that he was recalled for the War on Terror? Pfft! Bush league. And judging by that picture on the right in his bullshit shadow box, he’s been rocking this lie before it was cool.

  6. Beretverde says:

    I have a few “buddies” who really were awarded the DSC in Vietnam (as this truth molester claims). One passed away years ago…This more than sickens me. I am pissed off…

  7. AW1 Tim says:

    Ol’ Ron is taking quite a hit in the “reviews” of his books over at

    In one review, a fellow questions Ron’s accounts and Ron makes a reply that he served 24 months at a SF base in Vietnam, etc. The next reviewer calls him out with a link to Ron’s DD-214, etc.

    Ron goes quiet after that, but it’s the same with all his other books. Also, quite a few nice “comments” about Ron being a poser on the Ron Stone author’s page.

    This guy wanted publicity and was rockin’ this lie for so many years and now he’s gonna get a ton of it, though not the type he was looking for, I suspect. 🙂

    BTW, it seems to me that since he claimed these decorations and service which he never earned/did, and then wrote books that made him money, based upon his fake service, awards, etc, doesn’t that open him up to fraud charges?

  8. Airborne says:

    I found another DSC certificate online with the same signature……dated 1918! Oops!

  9. Commissioner Wretched says:

    An ARCOM? Did he get that for trolling the Internet and ratting out soldiers by jumping the chain of command? Since that’s the new standard for an ARCOM and all, I just thought I’d ask.

  10. JD11b says:

    Not saying his claims aren’t BS. But I am curious on his actual career. Discharge at Vint Hill Farms? Which as I recall had a connection with SIGINT and the Army Security Agency. Significant Active duty time while in the Guard? Were there certain intel specialties that required NG to fill them stateide during Vietnam? Or were there certain specialities that required “dual” status for clearance or other legal reasons? Any Vietnam era guys want to field that?

    • GDContractor says:

      More info including his 2-1 here:

      It’s the Special Forces Poser Patrol FB Page

      • JD11b says:

        Can’t open the link. But I am curious on his 2-1 and what his real MOS was.

        • GDContractor says:

          Do you have a facebook account? Try the link that Jonn put in the first paragraph up above.

          Then you have to scroll down the page a few posts to the one about this poser.

        • GDContractor says:

          Looks to me like T/T Intcp. The copy is hard to read though.

          Teletype intercept?

          • jd11b says:

            that would make sense and if there was a linguistic component I can see extended AD for training. But 4 years for training?

            Unfortunately (or fortunately) I do not have a facebook account so I haven’t seen his actual assignments.

            At a writer’s workshop I came across another writer who claims ASA and SF pedigree during Vietnam whose claims I also question. A trend?

            • 3E9 says:

              Looks like he got in the Guard 24 Mar 64 and went AD on 22 Apr 64 when he reported for Basic. Basic and AIT took him to around 13 Jan 65 then he went OCONUS until around 15 Dec 66. Came back CONUS for the remainder of his time. I can’t make out the last line on his assignments. His records show he left AD on 19 Apr 68 and left the Guard 21 Apr 68. Not sure how they did enlistments back then, but I’ve never seen one that looks like that. Curious……….
              But he still has all the makings of a grade A DIPSHIT.

              • JD11b says:

                Yeah a curious career doesn’t make his claims true. I just hadn’t seen a nearly four year overlap of AD and NG time like his 214 before.

                I know in the 80’s the Army reserve, not NG, had a near monopoly on MI and was told that was because of Title 10.

                Just curious if there special status for reserve SIGINT types during Vietnam. AGR maybe? again his career was before my time.

                • Hondo says:

                  Prior to and during Vietnam, the USAR and ARNG force structure more-or-less mirrored that of the Active Army. The move of CS/CSS to the USAR occurred after Vietnam, as a reaction to the “stealth escalation” in Vietnam by the LBJ Admin.

  11. GDContractor says:

    Dude worked for CBS News for 6 years. I wonder if he was vetted by Dan Rather.

    PineyWoodsNCO can I accompany you on a road trip to Dennison?

    • USMCE8Ret says:

      The bottom of his bio suggests he is going to write (or did write) a book called “Hot Air” (which discusses his exploits while with CBS News. Maybe all of his books should have that title.

      Denison isn’t too far from Denton, TX – the home of that clown politician from Florida(what’s his name?) who said he served as a pilot in the Air Force. Too bad two visits couldn’t be paid to the North Texas area.

      • GDContractor says:

        You’re thinking of Steve Cushman. Denton, TX was his ancestral home but he left there and lives in Florida now.

        • USMCE8Ret says:

          Steve Cushman… that’s right. (I forgot he was in FL, but recalled his connection with Denton).

          The offer still stands though.

    • Pineywoods NCO says:

      Let me see about making that trip around March…just started another tough semester on my way to getting my Bachelor’s Degree, which by the way will be worth a lot more than Dennis Chevalier’s Ph.D.

  12. SJ says:

    Is his National Defense Service Medal legit? They don’t just hand those out like candy.

  13. AdamsSamoa says:

    He has the insignia of the 17th Airborne in his shadow box… they inactivated in 1949.

  14. Green Thumb says:

    This maggot looks like he directs gay porn flicks.

    • Sparks says:

      Green Thumb…I’m trying to keep my BP and heart rate level and every one of your posts has me laughing till I’m holding my heart/cough pillow for support. Thanks for the laughs my friend, I need them.

      Oh by the way, he got a “Soldier’s Medal for Valor” Just in case folks didn’t know it was for non-combat valor anyway.

  15. Ex-PH2 says:

    You know, I tell stories, too.

    I have one that starts in Saigon in 1968.


    If he admits to writing fiction, fine, I have no issues with him. Haven’t read his stuff, so I can’t even say whether or not it’s any good.

    But Woodrow Wilson signed off on something for him? So he got into the Wayback Marchine with Mr. Peabody and Sherman and went back to WWI? Wow, he’s a time traveler, too!

    What an asshole. He is such a jerk.

  16. NavyCWORet says:

    So, he went to Ft Devins for basic Morse and Teletype Intercept Operator, then on to Torii Station Okinawa during Vietnam and finally got out at the Army Security Agency location at Vent Hill Farms that closed in 1997. He’s using the 51st USASA SOC “Special Operations Command” to pretend he was Special Forces instead of a standard SIGINT weenie. Although it’s true that some of the members did deploy with SF in country, nothing in his record indicates he was a member of one of those teams. And it would be no different than the Navy’s Tactical Cryptologic Support teams that augment NAVSOC elements in country (i.e. CTR1(EXW) Michael Strange

    • JD11b says:

      That answers a lot. Still curious why his 214 appears to show a long overlap of NG and AD time. I thought if he left the guard for AD there would be a break unless he was mobilized or on AD for training.

      • JD11b says:

        I suppose there could have been some sort of volunteer tour where you didn’t have to be discharged from the NG. I’ve seen a lot of those in the last decade. Just not sure how it worked during this time period.

        Curious given the draft at the time they couldn’t fill the slots with draftees but given the technical nature of the MOS and length of traning, Maybe there were opportunities.

        Unfortunately Herr Stone would not be a reliable source to how this actually worked then.

        • Perry Gaskill says:

          The NG being involved might seem confusing, but makes some sense if you consider that although the ASA had logistical and administrative support from the Army, the actual operational control was under the NSA. Such an arrangement meant that the ASA had the ability to do things differently than might be the case with the Army itself. At some point when Stone was in basic, an ASA guy might have said to him, “M’boy, how would you like to be a super duper secret squirrel?”

          Administratively, there might not have been a need to formally move him out of the Guard.

          One of the least plausible things about Stone’s story is that the teletype intercept MOS he was trained in would have made it unlikely he spent time in Viet Nam given the NVA need for mobility.

          People can rag on intel and the ASA all they want, but the way I looked at it is that sometimes the best way to mess with the enemy doesn’t always involve blowing stuff up. If, for example, you can keep a platoon of grunts from wandering into bad mojo, you can tell yourself you earned your can of Fresca for the day.

          • JD11b says:

            Yeah that seems plausible that he was asked to stay on AD during AIT.

            I know when the NG was getting Shadow UAV units off the ground (pun only slightly intended). Several members went from AIT to deploying units before coming back to M-day status.

            As an aside I do recall some ASA SIGINTer with an SF Team who was KIA early in the Vietnam conflict.

            • JD11b says:

              Found it SP4 James T. Davis, 22DEC1961. But my memory was incorrect he was working as an ARVN advisor not SF.

              Source: “Unlikely Warriors; The Army Security Agency’s Secret War in Vietnam 1961-1973”

  17. Martinjmpr says:

    I think they wrote the Ballad of the ASA about this guy:

    Starts off with a description of the ASA patch (here’s a good link: )

    Black is for the night we fear
    Blue is water we don’t go near
    White is for the flag we fly
    Yellow is the reason why

    Red is for the blood we shed
    And as you see, there is no red
    One hundred men will test today
    But not a one from the ASA

    Fighting Soldiers From the Sky
    Fearless men who jump and die
    Men who mean just what they say?
    Those guys can’t be in the ASA

    There’s more on the interwebs for those who want to look it up. Being intel, I worked with a lot of former ASA guys (ASA was deactivated in the late 70’s and replaced with INSCOM – Intelligence and Security Command.)

    ASA has a pretty proud history, it’s too bad this toolbag had to crap all over his.

    • David says:

      Long live the lightning-fast chicken-f*cker!

      • Martinjmpr says:

        Many MI units feature a patch or crest with a key, a dagger and a lightning bolt.

        This harks back to their unofficial motto: “A Lightning Fast Stab in the back is the Key to success!”

  18. 1W0x1Tom says:

    Dat beret… Not even the Air Force wears them that fucked up…

  19. C. Long says:

    Why\how does he have two rifle qual badges? I thought one overruled the other either way it went.

  20. AverageNCO says:

    Ahhh, the phony citation. Makes me get nostalgic for Jeff “Rock” Harris. I’m actually waiting to hear back from Mary on a FOIA for a guy who used a wall-full of citations to get a few thousand dollars worth of charitable donations from his community. Just a teaser, but if his my guy’s citation is as phony as this guy’s is. It could be a violation of the new Stolen Valor Act.

  21. Ex-PH2 says:

    Here’s a real problem: Ron Stone does not like criticism. He does not include the ‘look inside’ link to his books which are only available on Kindle, but not on the Kindle Lending Library. KLL makes the book itself free for those who pay the Kindle Premium fee, and the author still gets a library fee payment from Kindle. The author not only does not like criticism, he doesn’t want anyone peeking at what he wrote.

    There must be a reason for that: he has a weak ego.

    Apparently from what I read in those comments, he does not know how to tell the story so that it makes sense and rings true, his research is poor if he did any at all, and the details familiar to in-country vets are not there. I can’t tell what his writing style is like, but if someone says the book is badly written, I want to see for myself.

    It’s ridiculous to not allow people to get a sample of what you wrote. It’s called browsing, and also skimming, the book. It’s a simple courtesy to attract readers. People who love stories can get a sense of whether or not they want to take the book home. There are no previews of his stuff available on Goodreads or Booksamillion, either. The books are also non-returnable, which means you can’t get your money back if you don’t like what you bought.

    What this means is that if you don’t want to take the chance that people won’t read your crap, you won’t let them have a peek at it. This is a mistake. It glares of a lack of confidence. It forces people to pay for something and prevents them from returning a product they don’t like because they think it’s poorly done.

    I’d have to this guy is not going to accept any kind of negative response to what he’s done and he will probably threaten lawsuits, make nasty phone calls, write vile things on his glob (does he have a blog?) and will refuse to admit he blows the bag on this.

  22. David says:

    Not to be confused with Robert Stone, the fella who wrote the book they based “Who’ll Stop The Rain?” on, and actual (albeit left)author who died yesterday.

  23. Big Steve says:

    Ron… you total knob. Some people go to rather great extremes to convince the world of their exaggerated military exploits, and you are one of those.
    Come on, man. Did you really think you could spread your BS so far and wide, via books and internet, and not eventually get busted?
    Not too bright, are ‘ya?

    Sucks to be you, dude.

  24. Big Steve says:

    Oh, and Ron… if you’re not gay, you missed a good chance.

  25. MSGRetired says:

    Holy bag of Dicks Will ya look at that Beret !

  26. Green Thumb says:

    Maybe he could get a job working for Commander Phil Monkress writing and editing All-Points Logistics’ daily/update newsletter: “Dildo of the Day”.

    Or monthly: “Maggots this Month”.

    He seems to be, all things considered, a “shoo in” for the job.

  27. thebesig says:

    The guy should’ve put on a leprechaun’s costume and claimed to be a leprechaun. 🙄

  28. Green Thumb says:

    The term “Gay-made Pizza” comes to mind.

  29. Teresa says:

    I feel very sad that the college library I work in owns one of his books.

    • Teresa says:

      Except that I made a mistake. There is a reputable author with a similar name – Ronald H. Stone – and we have one of his books, not the poser’s.