Jim Goza; phony secret SEAL on your Facebook

| January 13, 2015

Jim Goza

Scotty sends us his work on this Jim Goza fellow – he’s my favorite kind of SEAL; he’s so secret that he can only tell you about his clandestine operations on Facebook, you know because all of your FB discussions aren’t public or anything;

Jim Goza Secret SEAL shit

Jim Goza more claims

Jim Goza1

Well, of course, the Navy says “Who?”

Jim Goza FOIA

ADDED: So, the guy who pretended to be like us, doesn’t think very much of us, even though he was aping us;

Jim Goza screenshot

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  1. ChipNASA says:

    If you squint, the name on his shirt is Bear Grylls. I bet he’s a piss drinker too.

    • ArmyATC says:

      Take a look at his Facebook page. Make it a quick look because you wouldn’t want to be exposed to too much of this asscracks’ stupidity. He’s quite the racist asshole. A real white supremacist.

  2. Angry8404 says:

    database schmatabase – He carried unusual weapons & gets the instructor shirt sent to him every year –

    • Green Thumb says:


      He has the t-shirt so he is legit in my book.

      • Hack Stone says:

        All it takes is a t-shirt and then you are legitimate? Then I must have been a member of Cheap Trick when I was in High School.

      • SSgt. John Freeman, USMC says:

        Green Thumb – Let me just put it to you plain language and simple.

        YOU ARE A DUMBASS ! If I get a t-shirt made that says President on it then I can take over the White House…or so your logic states.

        I repeat – YOU ARE A DUMBASS !

        • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

          WELL, SHIT!! You mean that I’m really NOT a member of Loverboy, The Doobie Brothers, or Three Dog Night just because I wore one of their tee shirts? DAMN, you hurt my feelings!! You guys, can I hav another group hug??

        • TheCloser says:

          Sarcasm- A cutting, often ironic remark intended to express contempt or ridicule.

    • ArmyATC says:

      He “carried unusual weapons” means that he has two brain cells rubbing together in his skull. That’s dangerous with his special kind of stupid.

      • Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

        If by unusual you mean battery powered and penis shaped than I believe this man….he’s about as fucking unusual as a man can be from what I see.

        • Fsckity-Fsck says:

          I’m not sure that battery powered is required. He’s got that “unusual discharge around the mouth” look to him.

    • Yef says:

      You know, this guy looks like that Marine General in enlisted uniform over at stolen valor.

  3. Dennis - not chevy says:

    The ability to discharge a weapon while driving a John Deere is awesome. Just think of the money saved by detailing security forces to mow the grass and patrol at the same time.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      What’s to say he’s not on patrol using a sooperdooper Top Secret M1369 Miniature Urban Assault/Lawn Maintenance Vehicle? :mrgreen:

  4. 3E9 says:

    Well shit, you guys are on the trail of the wrong man! He gets a shirt every year and he is licensed to carry unusual weapons and be out of uniform! LEGIT I say

  5. Steadfast&Loyal says:

    Wow. Shirts and all.

    So does he think all military type Like This And It Makes It More Official?

  6. Animal says:

    This guy is a froot loop. His FB is still up and is interesting reading.

  7. Pam says:

    Sounds like a case for Senior Chief Shipley. I’d love to hear that conversation!

  8. Climb to Glory says:

    “Carried unusual weapons.” Sounds legit. He so secretive of a SEAL that he carried weapons we’ve never heard of. Maybe he is one of those famed Space Shuttle door gunners.

    • Combat Historian says:

      He served as a Starfleet SEAL on the USS ENTERPRISE under Captain Kirk…

    • GDContractor says:

      I wonder if that license he carried was laminated?

    • Old Trooper says:

      Nope, he’s not. I just checked our database and he was never at our school for Space Shuttle Door Gunner. IOW He’s not high speed enough for SSDG.

    • jedipsycho (Certified Space Shuttle Door Gunner) says:

      I can confirm that he is not and was never a Certified Space Shuttle Door Gunner.

      • propsguy says:

        Look, Old Trooper was our Senior Instructor at Space Shuttle Door Gunner school ( Class 19 1/2) out at Cheyenne Mountain. I’m hear to tell you people that Old Trooper was a stone cold sonovabitch as an instructor. Only 5 of us graduated from a starting class of 168.
        Not only was he a Master Space Shuttle Door Gunner but he had 5 years of offworld ops with the SGC. So if he tells you the Goza the Gozerian is not a SpaceShuttle Door gunner, it’s truth.

        Even though all of our records were sealed after they burned up in the fire of 73….or was the the Goau’ld Invasion?

        • propsguy says:

          was that the Goau’ld Invasion

        • Dr. Strangeglove says:

          Boy that would explain a lot of the wackos featured here.

          Someone left the Stargate open again!!!

          • Jedipsycho (Certified Space Shuttle Door Gunner) says:

            The first rule about the Stargate is, we don’t talk about the Stargate.

            • propsguy says:

              Of course not. It’s super dooper top secret. The ONLY place we can talk about super dooper top secret stuff is on the Internet.

            • Smirking Wolf says:

              Quit talking about the Stargate and the magma gamma guns on the shuttle. It might reveal info on the raid into Arcturus 34 in the Romulan realm XF57 in the Galxay which was far far away. That was almost as secret as Goza’s ops.

            • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

              But we CAN talk about the bars & brothels on Zophor 6, right? I’m Not even wearing my tinfoil hat right now, but what the hell, *PZZZZT!* …

              OOOOH, LOOK! Something shiny!!!

  9. Fjardeson says:

    Douche bag was sure fast to scrub the FB page clean of all but picture, though!

  10. nbcguy54 says:

    Got a bit of an aryan nation attitude about him. Can’t say that I like this guy. Chief Shipley is gonna have fun with him.

  11. GDContractor says:

    I always wondered what would happen if you randomly selected someone and sent them a SEAL UDT t-shirt every year. Now I don’t have to wonder anymore. Would make a good movie. SimonII

  12. Instinct says:

    Uh, yeah, sure. My dad was UDT in Korea and guess what! They don’t send him a freaking shirt each year!

    So if that’s what this jackass going with as his verification he was UDT/SEALS then I suggest that he is full of shit.

  13. A Proud Infidel®™ says:


  14. NHSparky says:

    Nice Mister T starter kit he’s sporting there. What the well dressed disco queens are wearing this year–cammies and Guido chains.

  15. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    He seems to have a keen interest in things that splode He likes splosions.

  16. ABNDVR says:

    Unusual Weapons eh?

    Regarding his supposed time of service that would be one that just works properly…

    Anyway I call legit! On this one.

    He has been there (with his finger on a globe)
    He has done that (in his mind)
    He got the T shirt (obviously)

    • Pineywoods NCO says:

      Probably those unusual weapons include a cheese grater, a brain and a gallon of gas. No wonder Chevy, Frankie and Danny Bernie are all a little dumber than a bag of turds.

  17. C2Show says:

    Busy month and a hectic 2015 for Scotty and stolen valor

  18. ByrdMan says:

    The dude is crazy. He’s got White Aryan Nation type stuff. Claims we were hoodwinked into killing our “white brothers” in WWII.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      Sounds like Bernathian grade stupid/crazy to me!! He seems like the type of character that believes the Moon landings were faked and “Pro-Wrassling” is real!!

    • Mustang1LT says:

      Well, in that case shouldn’t Jonn file this under the “It’s those Joooooos!” category? It’s been a while since an Aryan screed spouting jackass has darkened our virtual door.

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        Daniel A. Bernath is a steady source of that, he still calls me “heeb” and “Jewboy” on other sites.

        • Mustang1LT says:

          True. It’s just that Birdbath is so fucking crazy it becomes difficult to keep up with all of it.

          Oh by the way, Birdbath: That bullshit letter about me you wrote to SecDef continues to have ZERO impact on my career. Just signed my OER today and me Company Commander and Battalion Commander made no mention of my alleged transgressions. Go fuck yourself, Bernath!

          • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

            I just checked my disqus and he’s posted some extra-nutty shit the past few days. Daniel A. Bernath has squirrels in his attic and bats in his belfry!

          • MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

            That letter is in the hands of many 3 letter agencies as evidence!

          • NHSparky says:

            How does that turd still breathe free air?

            Is there any justice in this world?

            And oh yeah–got my annual review last week. Guess who got a raise. And guess who else besides me thinks Bernath is a douchetool in my company.

          • Ex-PH2 says:

            Patience, my peeps.

            Time wounds all heels.

          • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

            Speakin’ of which, I signed my NCOER last week, and it practically glows in the dark!!!

  19. 10 Percent Truth says:

    I. Love. It. When. People. Capitalize. Every. Damn. Word. In. A. Sentence. It. Gives. Me. An. Aneurysm. When. I. Try. To. Read. It. Its. Like. Putting. A Period. After. Every. Word.

    Why do 90% of these POSer goobers have some sort of idiotic spelling speech impediment? its like the golden rule of lying scumbags, they all write like 12-year old girls with “text speak”, or completely illiterate morons.

    But hey, he gets a t-shirt, so good for him…

  20. Thunderstixx says:

    Don’t fuck with this guy, he’ll sic his lawyers on you… Where’s birdbath when you need him ???

  21. Scotty says:


    I greatly appreciate your interest in upholding the honor of the US Navy SEAL Teams, and your search for the TRUTH. My efforts to expose SEAL imposters are performed as a service to the public, and in honor of my fallen SEAL Teammates… men who truly earned the right to the title “US NAVY SEAL” but who are no longer able to stand forward in defense of their honor, their reputations, and their TEAMs.

    If the name you provided is spelled correctly, I do NOT find a listing in the SEAL Database (SEAL Teams, Underwater Demolition Teams and predecessor units from 1943 to the Present Day) for anyone named JAMES/JIM GOZA. I have also examined possible alternate spellings, and names with similar pronunciations without finding any that appear to be applicable.

    Unless he has undertaken the unlikely action of a legal name change (an action for which there would be evidence in the form of court documentation) since his claimed participation in SEAL training, and based upon the information you have provided, I can state conclusively that JAMES/JIM GOZA NEVER COMPLETED SEAL TRAINING, and he is not now, nor was he ever a Navy SEAL or a Navy Underwater Demolition Team member.

    Countless SEAL Imposters show proof of their SEAL claims in the form of SEAL Insignia (Tridents), SEAL Coins, SEAL Award Citations, and SEAL Training Graduation certificates which are unfortunately all available on-line. Numerous others get SEAL Tattoos, Photoshop their faces on SEAL Pictures and alter actual Military Discharge Papers to show SEAL service. Myriads of imposters claim the Navy removed their name from the SEAL Database when they encountered trouble during their service and nothing could be further from the truth.

    Many SEAL imposters when confronted with the information I have provided will resort to claiming that their records are sealed, burned or their SEAL Operations were classified as Secret and that there are no official records of them. Before any classified operations may be undertaken as a SEAL Operator, a man must first successfully complete the Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) Training program and then the follow-on secondary training program. The names of all those who successfully graduate from that training program sequence are compiled in the SEAL database. Later participation in classified operations has “NO IMPACT” on whether or not a person is listed as a graduate of the training program.

    There are records of every man who has qualified for the title of “SEAL”; there have been and will continue to be secret missions, but there are NO secret SEALs.

    When discovering that a person was never a SEAL, many people would like know what that person actually did in the military or did he serve at all. For a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request of that person’s military service you should contact http://www.fakewarriors.org and provide the necessary information. A $20 donation will cover the cost. Please inform Fake Warriors that I have verified the SEAL claim when contacting them.

    Thank you again for your concern in this matter, and for your assistance in upholding the honor of the US Navy SEAL Teams. If I can be of any further assistance to you in this matter, please contact me at your convenience.

    Respectfully, Don Shipley BUD/S 131, SEAL Team ONE, SEAL Team TWO.

    Owner http://www.extremesealexperience.com/

  22. Scotty says:

    FW: Fraudulent Member
    Brad Bailey 11:17 AM Keep this message at the top of your inbox Photos

    FYI-Can you post this for me?

    From: Michael Landree [mailto:]
    Sent: Tuesday, January 13, 2015 10:57 AM
    To: ‘Brad Bailey’
    Subject: RE: Fraudulent Member

    Thank you, Brad. I handed this off to the appropriate “division” commander – not a military organization, but a sub element of our organization based upon the military style organizations from the War Between the States. He will investigate and take appropriate disciplinary action – I think we can both agree that he is not what he represents.

    Thanks again!


    Michael L. Landree

    Executive Director

    Sons of Confederate Veterans

    P.O. Box 59

    Columbia, TN 38402

    (800) 380-1896

  23. Geetwillickers says:

    Lots of folks throwing around the term “racist” this days, until it has little meaning left.

    However, this guy…

    He actually used the word “miscegenation” in a sentence, and meant it! Last time I heard that word was in “O Brother Where Art Thou?”.

    Do these people not realize what caricatures they have become?

  24. Scotty says:

    He is a retired Middle School teacher who was still working part time substituting.
    An e-mail to the Superintendent stopped that little gig for him also. He was quite surprised and very disturbed to see all the white supremacist posts on Bozo’s F/B timeline.

  25. GDContractor says:

    Check out Scotty’s page. Dude dusted off his retired nerves of steel and “demilitarized” an inert claymore!

  26. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    What a steaming turd pile, racist is used quite correctly with this KKK aficionado.

    Thought I had been misdirected to Stormfront for a moment….

    Lying sack of shit who hates his fellow man, who knew?

  27. Ex-PH2 says:

    He got his job description all wrong. There are NO secret SEALs. Senior Chief Shipley has already told all of us that.

    However, there ARE secret squirrels. We know that, too. Some of them are licensed pilots.

  28. CLAW131 says:

    OK, figured out who he reminds me of. Drop the sunglasses and pull the annually issued SEAL T-shirt over his head and you have that well known alter ego who wanders aimlessly reciting “I am the Great Cornholio! I need TP for my bunghole!”

  29. nbcguy54 says:

    Another citizen of the Not So Great Bernathian Nation.

  30. W2 says:

    One word – wing nut.

  31. MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

    You guys are idiots!

    He has done IT all and has an Instuctor tee-shirt to prove it!

    Look it up!


  32. SFC D says:

    I have a t shirt from the Trident Grill, that’s the same as being a SEAL, right?

    • CC Senor says:

      Yeah, but does he have the hat? Evidently you only get one of those and J Francois Kerry still has his.

  33. Dirk Diggler says:

    Here’s the guy’s “Business” Facebook Page.

  34. C2Show says:

    Lets not forget his weird friend Janet Temple who sends him a message saying “These are freightening times in our lives. Next thing you know they are discussing some kind of race war coming.

    This old, senile fuck probably should not be a near a computer. As one poster said, he is using terms like “miscegenation” which has not been seen or used since Marcus Garvey days.

    Put a white hood on this fucker.

  35. rb325th says:

    So, a racist fake SEAL…betting his family tree is a telephone pole as well.

  36. Sarge says:

    Is it me or is the Executive Outcomes corporation I can find was a South African company that was dissolved in 1998?

    Maybe that’s why they hired him…racists are as racists do!

  37. JimW says:

    The Navy has never heard of him. …So he must have been part of that new secret outhouse training team. They hide in the bottom of outhouses and capture loads of unusual weapons. Ya know he has that special look in his eye. Probably got VD or an STD ribbon from doing all that secret training. And you know it’s true because he has the t-shirt as proof.

  38. MSGRetired says:

    2015 is going to be a Bumper Crop Year for these asshats!

    I am a bit disappointed he hasn’t shown up with sock puppets to defend himself, we havent had a good one like that since old Fat Ass Church !

  39. Jonn Lilyea says:

    ADDED: So, the guy who pretended to be like us, doesn’t think very much of us, even though he was aping us;

    Jim Goza screenshot

    • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

      He’d probably shit himself if they dropped his ass in the middle of the ‘stan…

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        He’d probably be in the fetal position sucking his thumb and whimpering before he even got near the plane taking him there!!

    • CLAW131 says:

      Ah, Cornholio Speaks With Tainted Tongue After Drinking Own Piss.

    • 3/17 Air Cav says:

      Hey jim, you dumb ass! What the fuck do you know about combat? Combat face my ass. Just stick to your practice claymore mine, and shooting your M-14 of your lawn tractor!

    • GDContractor says:

      “… disgrace to the Corp., …”

      Alright, which one of you dickweeds filed articles of incorporation you your branch and did you really think you’d get away with it?

      • 3/17 Air Cav says:

        I guess he thinks were all Marines, further, he prob. Says it the way it’s spelled. At least he does not call us cadre, like another super security type we all know. Wonder if this guy has a affinity for cheese?

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      OOOOH! The precious puffy-bellied twinkle-toed cream puff of a Smurf-hugging Care Bear-kissing unicorn-lusting Sparkle Pony is butthurt and telling us we ain’t shit, *AAAAAAWWW*, dat breaks my heart, you guys, can I hav a group hug? /SARC

      I wonder if this fart monkey will “lawer up” with someone we know and laugh at?

    • Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

      Racist cream puff says what?

  40. Marine_7002 says:

    Hey, Goza, do a Google search for your name. You come up on the first page, but way down at #10. C’mon, you gotta step up your Stolen Valor game and get higher on the Google shit list.

    Get with the program, huh? It’s over 11 months til the next Stolen Valor tournament, you want to be a serious contender, or don’t you?

  41. ArmyLady says:

    Asswipe! Best part of him ran down his daddy’s leg!

  42. nbcguy54 says:

    Okay – so he get’s T-shirts. I think we should get some too. Here’s what will be printed on the backs of ours:

    “The remedy for speech that is false is speech that is true.
    This is the ordinary course in a free society.
    The response to the unreasoned is the rational;
    to the uninformed, the enlightened;
    to the straight-out lie, the simple truth.”

    Supreme Court of the United States
    June 28, 2012

  43. Smirking Wolf says:

    Dammit !! Don’t tell me the USN and SEALS have changed cammie colors and patterns again !!! I can’t keep up with the costs of so many changes. Looks like this dude is operating in the deserts of the PRC.

  44. Donald Everson says:

  45. ChipNASA says:

    ** GO TO HIS FB PAGE and SCROLL down to the SEAL TEAM TEE SHIRT…..

    Comments are still open in that post.


  46. The Grim says:

    I posted on this douche fb page. He’s got pictures of himself wearing seal t shirts and thinks he is a secret seal.

  47. Airdale USN says:

    Jim Goza We must bring our Troops Home and put them on the Mexican Border with Orders to Stop all illegal immigrants .

    This dude here have gone crazy on his facebook page!!! The thing about it he thinks he is a Seal and all of his buds on the are falling for it. But if you were in you know active duty cant do that, maybe the national guards.

  48. Green Thumb says:


  49. NomadicBear11 says:

    Wait, you mean the same shirt that sells on Amazon for $10.25? Smh….