James Cooper Thomas; another phony Vietnam veteran/author

| January 14, 2015


Scotty sends another of his projects, James Thomas, who claims that he was an Air Force helicopter pilot in Vietnam with a Distinguished Flying Cross;

James Thomas Bio

Of course, none of that is true. The Air Force says “Who?”

James Thomas FOIA

How bad do your books have to suck if you have to pretend to be a war veteran to sell them?

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  1. GDContractor says:

    I wonder if he really helped negotiate the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty with the former USSR? Chevy would be so jealous.

  2. 3E9 says:

    Why? Why do these idiots claim awards that can easily be checked by anyone on the internet?

  3. Sparks says:

    As soon as I read, “frequent speaker on CNN and MSNBC”, that countersunk the shit head nail in my plank regarding him. Those ass holes NEVER vet a speaker or source. Regarding his DFC and courageous yet non existent Vietnam flying career, you would think an attorney who hangs himself out to sell books and offer overpriced “how to courses” at local banquet rooms near you, you be more cautious.

    But hey, I just made myself laugh to tears. I realize I just said “you’d think an attorney”…BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

  4. Green Thumb says:

    A lot of poser authors popping up on the radar lately.

    “Ranger” Burrell better up his game.

  5. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    Dude must have been an honor grad for the “Bernathian School of Legal Ethics”

    Another lawyer lying about his supposed “service”…

  6. Combat Historian says:

    This douche was enjoying the girls and pot at UCLA on a draft deferment while real Jolly Green pilots were getting shot at and hit in North Vietnam; fuck him…

  7. Ex-PH2 says:

    How dreadful do you have to be to lie in order to sell books?

    Ask bernutsky – he’s a lawer. He should know just exactly how awful you have to be to sell anything.

    Another asshole in a long and undistinguished line of assholes.

    • David says:

      as you, an author, know, it’s how you tell the story, not how accurate you are. Otherwise Lee Child and the whole Jack Reacher series would have died at the first pages.

      If you gotta lie about yourself to make your stuff sound more believable, you probably have worse problems than whether you lied. More likely, to quote: “Mister, you need to find another line of work – this one sure don’t fit your pistol.”

  8. Common Sense says:

    You guys correct me if I’m wrong, but the Air Force doesn’t really do helicopters much, mostly for PJs today and I don’t think at all back during the Vietnam War, it was all Army medivacs.

    My uncle was a helicopter pilot, a scout, during that war, posthumously receiving the MOH for actions in Cambodia. I met a number of his fellow soldiers and have read a bunch on it and have never come across an Air Force unit flying helicopters there.

    • Combat Historian says:

      USAF did indeed fly rescue helicopters during Vietnam War, flying CH-3 Jolly Green Giants and CH-53 Super Jolly Green Giants helos to rescue downed aircrews in North and South Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. USAF rescue choppers were based in South Vietnam and Thailand, and it was in Indochina that the USAF PJ’s got their real baptism of fire.

      As for this douche Thomas, he just a lying POS…

    • 3E9 says:

      I know at least one AF helicopter pilot, Lt. James Fleming, received the MOH in Vietnam. The AF still uses helicopters, but the only ones I have v=ever seen are used by AFSOC.

      • AverageNCO says:

        Actually AFSOC has no more traditional rotary-wing assets. I think the 20th SOS was the last AFSOC unit to make the switch from the Pave-Low to the CV-22 Osprey. The 1st Heli Squadron out of Andrews still flies VIP’s around the beltway in UH-1 Hueys.

      • PaveHawk Pilot says:

        The USAF flies the HH-60G Pave Hawk for CSAR these days. Callsigns Jolly and Pedro, maybe you’ve heard of them, we’ve been in Afghanistan since 2001 and Iraq from 2003 till we pulled out)? Not in AFSOC anymore, but in Air Combat Command (left AFSOC in 2006). Go find episodes of “Inside Combat Rescue” on NatGeo/youtube/wherever to see us in action on CASEVAC missions.

        The poster above already corrected the OP on the actions of USAF CSAR crews in Vietnam. If you want more information, recommend you go check out the Jolly Green Association.

  9. Dennis - not chevy says:

    In Viet Nam the USAF PJ’s flew in HH-3’s & HH or MH-53’s.

  10. Fsckity-Fsck says:

    He’s got that “during the day, I store sex toys in the ‘on’ position in my ass” look about him

  11. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    There was a James Thomas who was in the USAF and was in Vietnam. He was a PJ on U.S. Air Force helicopter HH-53C tail number 68-10366 when it took fire and crashed in Nov 1971. He reportedly survived the crash and made it into the jungle. His body was never recovered. His name is on The Wall at Panel 02W Line 072.

  12. Bobo says:

    A DC lawyer who likes to be a CNN pundit and makes a boat load of money based on his war claims. This could get very interesting very quickly.

  13. Rub says:

    The Air Force flew HH-43, HH-3 and HH-53s for rescue in Vietnam. Also flew hueys in some limited special ops roles. Combat Rescue in the USAF currently fly HH-60s, as well as HC-130J for fixed wing missions. For some great history on AF Rescue you can check out the jollygreen.org web site

  14. Big Steve says:

    James, I hope word of your fakery is spread far and wide, and you sell about 3 of your effing books.
    If there were a medal for really dumb military posing, you would be very deserving candidate.

  15. Kristoffer says:

    “Mr. Thomas’ book, Negotiate to Win, is a HarperCollins international bestseller. First published in late 2005, it was a Pulitzer Prize candidate in 2006”
    Pulitzer 2006 list of finalists says who? http://www.pulitzer.org/finalists/2006
    HarperCollins says what? http://www.harpercollins.com/9780060781064/negotiate-to-win