Gary Etheridge; that photoshopped Marine

| January 21, 2015

Gary Etheridge1

You probably remember this piss-poor photoshop job that Gary Etheridge had posted to Facebook. We discovered that he had snagged Kyle Carpenter’s photo to make himself a hero. You remember Kyle Carpenter, right? The Marine who shielded his fellow Marines from a grenade blast with his own body.

Robbed valor

Well, it turns out that Gary-kins was a Marine, too – for 17 whole months;

Gary Etheridge FOIA

Yep, during those dangerous years of 1976-1977 when we were earning Medals of Honor left and right. And he rocketed up to Private E-1. He was a Mortarman, if that isn’t scary.

It looks like he had a few months as a recruiter before he went to Camp Pendleton and then hit the bricks.

Etheridge Assignments1

Etheridge Assignments2

When people asked him about the picture the last time we wrote about him, he said it was supposed to be a joke. I accepted that at the time, but now that we see Gary was actually a Marine, he should have known better, but obviously he didn’t know better, so screw him. He wanted to be a bigshot, now he’s a bigshot. He can join the stolen valor cabal with his pretend Harvard Law School education.

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  1. Ex-PH2 says:

    Ah! May I say, on behalf of my fellow crew members, thank you very much for the new chewtoy.

    • ChipNASA says:

      BAD EX-PH2. BAD!!! (*bops Ex-PH2 on the nose with a rolled up newspaper*)
      Spit that OUT!!! YUCK. You don’t know where that’s been!! You could get SICK putting that in your mouth. I’d rather you hunt for buried treasure in the cat’s litter box.

  2. Andy11M says:

    A joke? I guess he’s going to point to the shit shoop job he did as proof of that claim.

  3. I wonder what corner of the country this turd lives in. Surely not around any military installations.

    • FasterThanFastjack says:

      If he’s in reachable distance on the East Coast, I’ll throw in an extra couple boot grinds for ya. 😛

  4. 3E9 says:

    Go fuck yourself, a lot. Joke my ass

  5. Combat Historian says:

    A fucking moron who should know better…

  6. Flagwaver says:

    I can’t believe that I’m about to say this, but…

    That photoshop job is worse than a certain not-CPO/not-lawyer we all know and loathe.

  7. OIF '06-'07-'08 says:


  8. Club Manager says:

    Knew it was a phony immediately because there were no road guards or cadence counter.
    What is the physical location of this shit bag? Knowing where they live lets readers generate publicity to local media. While most cannot be shamed, shining the light of day on them in the community can often make their lives more miserable.

  9. Sparks says:

    “I accepted that at the time, but now that we see was actually a Marine, he should have known better, but obviously he didn’t know better, so screw him.”

    Well Jonn, we’re together in the “screw him” part. Even the initial “joke” part though I say is bullshit. If you are going to make a photoshop joke, out your head on Prince Charles or Charles De Gaulle or if it has to an American military hero, then maybe Audie Murphy since his uniform is 60 years out of date and everyone who knows anything knows someone like that is dead. No I believe Etheridge knew exactly what he was doing, who’s photo he was doing it to and what his devious purposes were in doing it. I would bet the mortgage that no one who saw the photo and glad handed him or gave kudos to him heard, “oh, that’s really not me, it was a joke for a ___________ (your reason here). No that is in reality Kyle Carpenter’s heroic public military photo I used.” I say he’s still and always will be a TURD and QUEEF and an out and out LIAR. By the way Gary, a first grade class of special ed kids could have spotted your lousy photoshop efforts. I didn’t even need to zoom in to see all the fuck ups in it! (Apologies to the ladies in the room).

  10. Ex-PH2 says:

    Don’t you think the way he turned the Medal of Honor into a glow-in-the-dark toy says everything about this rat basterd?

    Seriously, etheridge, if you ever show up in my AO, I will point you out to everyone within hearing distance that THE WORLD’S BIGGEST LYING ASSHOLE HAS ARRIVED!!!!

  11. Cacti35 says:

    Gary Etheridge

    July 13, 2013 ·


    I asked a Marine buddy of mine what did he feel when he shot someone, he said, recoil!!

    From his FB page. What a piece of shit.

  12. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Another scrotum-sniffing lying-assed creampuff of a snotweasel that couldn’t cut the mustard when he was in, ENJOY your newfound internet fame Sparkle pony!!!

    “SOME people think they’re a crystal flute full of fine Champagne when they’re really a cheap plastic cup full of warm piss and snot”
    Gary Etheridge is a fine example of that!!

  13. Donny says:

    Couldn’t hack it….lol Yet he’s a hero in his own mind. Only wish I could hear the tales he spins at the bars…lmao