Michael Yohe; Delta phony

| January 23, 2015

Michel Yohe

Scotty sends us this dude, Michale Yohe, who was busted by our buddy, Doug Sterner, a few years back, but he won’t stay busted. You guys who have been busted and send me those tear – jerker emails about how your family is starving because I won’t take down the post about you can blame guys like Yohe here.

Anyway, he claims that he was a member of Delta Force;

Michael Yohe Delta certificate

Which is amazing because he spent two months in the Army which means that he didn’t even finish basic training.

Michael Yohe FOIA

I guess he thinks more about his weeks of service than he should. This picture is blurry, but you get the idea;


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  1. FasterThanFastjack says:

    Beat him. Beat him. Beat him like he stole every single medal from the PX. Break everything on him, and then break it again. This is too much flagrant stupid for how little coffee I have, and too offensive for being at work where I can’t get drunk to forget seeing this sack of shit sandwich.

  2. ChipNASA says:

    That certificate looks vaguely familiar….


    • Big Steve says:

      Crap. I figured there was a place like this somewhere on the internet.
      They are aiding and abetting the phonies. I am sure only a small % of their customers are real vets whose certficates have been lost or damaged, and they just want a replacement.
      But I’m guessing most of their business come from hosers.

    • JBS says:

      I’m not Delta (I didn’t think anyone was…wink) but do they actually serve the POTUS?

      • That Guy says:

        I mean, technically EVERY military branch serves the POTUS….
        But I’ve never heard solid evidence that Delta Force serves the president, specifically, to any greater extent than anyone else in the Special Forces community. I’ve seen it ALLEGED quite a few times, but never proven in any way.
        If you look at the wikipedia page for Delta Force, it claims that they’re a branch of the Army. Word has it they’re stationed at Fort Bragg, a decidedly ARMY base.
        Then there’s this:
        The recruitment notices in Fort Bragg’s newspaper, Paraglide, refer to Delta Force by name, and label it “…the U.S. Army’s special operations unit organized for the conduct of missions requiring rapid response with surgical application of a wide variety of unique special operations skills…’

        So, really, who fuckin knows? I’ve met one guy who I believe to have been authentic Delta, and he certainly didn’t talk about it, and I never asked. Larry Vickers was Delta, but I don’t think he’s ever talked about the setup of it…

        • OWB says:

          According to the TV series “The Unit” at least some of them did. Or somebody did. And it has to be true or it wouldn’t be on TV, right?

          (Is /sarc really necessary?)

        • MustangCryppie says:

          I worked for BG Eldon Bargewell quite a few years back. He wouldn’t know me if he tripped over me, but he was a hell of a guy. Really good people, but I always got the feeling that you never really could be his friend unless you were SF.

          I’m pretty sure he was one of the original Delta Force.

      • XBradTC says:

        When the Delta recruiting team would come around annually, they were very clear that SFOD-D was under JSOC, which took its orders from SecDef, via the NCA. Basically, JSOC was its own Combatant Commander, much like CentCom or PACOM.

    • gitarcarver says:

      Someone else reported on this site a few weeks ago bought certificates from the same site.

      I wondered at the time and still wonder if the guy running the site knows how he is enabling people to break the law.

      I also wonder if he has some culpability legally. For example, if I forge driver’s licenses for teens or fake Social Security id’s to enable people to break the law, I am guilty of a crime of forgery, but also an accessory to the crime the person commits.

      In this case, that crime would be the crime of Stolen Valor. If you print up a certificate saying a person has won an award or has served and that person uses that certificate to further an illegal enterprise, you should be held accountable.

      It is real simple – the printer should ask for proof the certificate is going to someone who deserves it and not some poser.

      • ChipNASA says:

        The guys that owns this site and others was already charged and went to prison for selling these certificaes yet they’re STILL on the Internet.



        Robert E. Neener FUCK HIM.

        • Sparks says:

          I Googled Bob Neener Military Certificates and it still goes to this site:


          The Delta and some others are not found when I clicked on them, though they are still listed on the site. However to my disappointment, the Silver Star, Purple Heart, DSC and the other Crosses and all lesser awards and decorations are still available for sale. Most all highly customizable and less than $30. Dick Heads!

          • Jonn Lilyea says:

            I’ve always said that I’d invest good cash money in the first place to start selling 4th awards of the CIB – there’s no such thing, but that won’t stop the phonies from buying them up by the gross. We wrote about Neener back in May, 2013.

            • Sparks says:

              Hey Jonn, if you can come up with a 5th award CIB, I’ll be all over it. I bet I could get $500 clams or more for it on Ebay! The posers would be outbidding each other to get their nasty little POS hands on it. 😀

              • USMCE8Ret says:

                These fake certificate sites. In the world I live in, such documents should glow in the dark with letters that read “THIS DOCUMENT IS AS FAKE AS THE PERSON WHO ORDERED IT”.

                Only if such a concept could work in daylight.

          • Green Thumb says:

            Maybe they can customize a dildo for Phildo with about 12 or 13 silver oak leaf clusters.

            • 3E9 says:

              A dildo for Phildo? Sounds like a Bravo or Lifetime movie.

              • Tom Huxton says:

                A reference, I believe to Phil Coleman of American War liebrary infamy. Trolls newsgroups with thousands of net names, and hundreds of web pages selling almost anything that can be found free elsewhere.

      • JBS says:

        One word…discalimer.

        Gag certificates, things like that.

        “Not to be used as proof of…whatever”.

        Like non-federal/state issued ID cards, from websites and such. “To be used for ID purposes only but not to be used as official ID.”

      • Pinto Nag says:

        You raise an interesting question. I thought that to get a legitimate replacement of a military award, ribbon, etc., you had to through military channels? Is there any civilian route for legitimate replacements?

        • Sparks says:

          Pinto Nag…In my understanding no. To get replacements for genuine military decorations, awards and certifications one has to go through the DoD and fill out a form to have replacements issued.

    • Marissa Pena-Wilson says:

      Yep. I found copies of these when I took his truck and all of his crap to sell and get some of my money back..He did a pretty good job though with the photoshop..When I took it all to the FBI the agent took out his own certificates to compare and they were darn good.. One of his other victims paid for this tattoo..He still shows it off..https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10205280232913007&l=d891293cdc

      • Big Steve says:

        Damn. I can’t imagine too many fakers get a phony 1st Cav tattoo. They usually aim higher… Ranger, SF, SEAL, etc.
        Nothing wrong with the 1st Cav. Just not quite as “sexy” as the others.

    • Yef says:

      Awesome. Thanks for the link. I can get my fake warrior certificate now.

  3. John "Faker 6" Giduck says:

    You fellows need to show more love to those of us like Michael Yohe that couldn’t finish US Army Basic Training but went on to become real fake American heroes in Delta Force and Spetsnaz.


    You never know when they may go on to write a book about being at Beslan and weren’t there at all.


    John “Faker 6” Giduck

    • Cheese Eater McBlobfish says:

      You spent more time in Basic Combat Training than I did waiting to get into Basic Combat Training. In fact, I have a total of 20 days of waiting before I got picked up by a super secret government agency that hired me to fly C130s.

      I have a lot of respect for you guys and the hard work you put into your careers, which were more arduous than my military career.

      Dennis (Denny) Howard Chevalier

  4. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    Hat on backwards? Check.
    Wrap-around glasses? Check.
    Tee shirt? Check.
    Three-day beard? Check.

    It all checks out. He’s legit.

    • ChipNASA says:

      OK….he was in for 64 days…..

      Let’s start the…. “I spent more than 64 days in the military….

      Taking dumps
      Doing a mobility bag drag
      Doing FOD walks.
      At the clinic trying to get my medical requirements/physical completed and/or shots done
      Standing in some line
      At the Base Theater for some Wing/Commander’s Call.
      Waiting for the loadmaster/aircrew.
      Getting drunk
      Standing in formation
      Doing the MCI courses
      Splainin sumtin to some Lieutenant
      Making Coffee for a mobility exercise.
      Just sitting on my ass after we cleared the warehouse and the supervisor wouldn’t cut us loose.
      Playing spades
      Picking up trash
      Breaking down cargo pallets, spreading the cargo all over the warehouse, just to build them back up.
      Untangling cartons of old shitty cargo nets, Inspecting them and then handing said wet/dirty/rusty nets up.
      Just moving shit around because some Officer/NCO said so.
      Sweeping the warehouse.
      Skating. (WITH a clipboard mind you) 😀

      • Stacy0311 says:

        I’ve got skid marks in my skivvies with more time in than this doucehnozzle…

      • nbcguy54 says:

        In the gas chamber.

      • Mustang1LT says:

        More time in the front leaning rest….
        More time doing laundry…..

      • Sparks says:

        I always loved, “Policing the area for cigarette butts, etc.” and “Floor buffing”. Man did I put my share of time into stripped, mopped, waxed and buffed to a see yourself shine on the floors AND policed till nothing was left but grass, dirt and painted rock areas.

        • streetsweeper says:

          We must of had the same 1st Sergeant and platoon leader, lol.

        • JBS says:

          Waiting on the boarder to go into LA, at Camp Shelby, MS right after hurricane Katrina, when the CSM there had us police up PINE CONES!! Holy Gawd, there were 1.2 gazillion.

        • CWORet says:

          Police call? Sure. Field day? No prob. Never understood why we had to paint the g’damn rocks. Them poor rocks never did anything to me…

      • Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

        Waiting for beers at the Ft Drum NCO club….waiting for chow, waiting for…it seems there was a lot of standing and waiting or sitting and waiting…along with a lot of walking.

        I guess I didn’t realize that not all infantry is mobile….

      • E-6 type, 1 ea says:

        I’ve spent more than 64 days:

        on QRF.
        waiting on QRF.
        outside the wire.
        inside the wire.
        in a tank.
        in a hum-vee.
        in an MRAP.

      • 3E9 says:

        Obviously you were Aerial Port

      • Mayhem says:

        Jerkin off ina PortaJohn

        • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

          Spanking my monkey in the shower whenever I was inside the wire awaiting orders for our next mission.

      • James says:

        I was in Germany in the mid 70s, it was about 0130 hrs. They had me make coffee for officers during a CPX. I put a bottle of X112 (diet, speed) in the coffee pot. The enlisted knew better than to drink from the officers pot so no problem. The Dias officers couldn’t sleep a wink when we had our only 3hr stand down for rest. It made for a very long and tiring 48hr drill. I was never asked again to fix the officers coffee.

  5. Mustang1LT says:

    Someone just made a comment on the Aguilar thread about not having enough palms or enough faces…..yeah, I feel you.

  6. Big Steve says:

    WTF is that one pic? Him wearing a class A uniform, unbuttoned, over a button down civilian shirt, in the kitchen? Yeah, that’s your average Delta operator.
    Wonder where he got the phony certificate? Actually, don’t tell me. Other phonies lurking here will see it and order their own.

    And please tell me that isn’t a wedding ring on his left finger. Please tell me he doesn’t have some poor girl thinking her hubby was steely-eyed killer DELTA operator.

    • Green Thumb says:


      This dude needs a permanent nap.

    • Barb Silvestro says:

      Yes, not only is he a fake vet…he’s a con man. He’s conned at least 3 ex fiances and then he met my daughter. YES he conned our whole family and we paid for the wedding we”re out thousands of dollars on this creep when we found out who he was and we reported him to these sites! Now she’s filing for anulment and we’re working with the PD to try to get him arrested for fraud. we found out 3 months after the wedding and we’ve been notifying every Stolen Valor site we can find. Yes, my poor daughter – and granddaughter were duped by this pathological liar and sociopath. He has to be stopped.

    • thebesig says:

      Originally posted by Barb Silvestro:

      He has defrauded and stolen from at least 3 women from Oregon and Arizona we know of and my daughter is in the process of getting an annulment after he conned our entire family with his lies. He is a pathological liar, a sociopath and he preys on women with his ‘war stories’ and then takes them (and their families) for everything he can get. He needs to be stopped. See my avatar? That’s me and my husband at the wedding we recently paid for – HIS wedding to our daughter. We were completely duped by this con man. He’s smooth. He needs to be stopped.

      Barb, did Michael wear what looked like a combat badge or a Purple Heart on his uniform? Based on your comments, this might be something that the federal district attorney might also be interested in:

      (b) Fraudulent Representations About Receipt of Military Decorations or Medals.– Whoever, with intent to obtain money, property, or other tangible benefit, fraudulently holds oneself out to be a recipient of a decoration or medal described in subsection (c)(2) or (d) shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than one year, or both.


      • Marissa Pena-Wilson says:

        His fake medals and uniform are still with the FBI. They decided not to prosecute…I turned him in years ago…

        • Green Thumb says:

          FBI = Federal Bureau of Indifference.

        • Hondo says:

          Ms. Pena-Wilson: on behalf of honorable vets everywhere: many thanks.

          • barb says:

            Marissa is the person who told us who he is and I am incredibly grateful!
            I emailed the DOD army division today and several other places. No one beat him because if my husband had started he’d not have stopped. And then he’s be in jail. Our family is still reeling but going to the police to file charges and and paperwork for annulment. We really want him arrested and charged

  7. Big Steve says:

    I am very sorry about what happened to you and your family, Barb.
    Quite a few people look at this site, and he’ll get his.
    Guys like him deserve a “tragic” fate. It’s called karma. If you haven’t heard the expression yet, Michael here is a prime example what we real vets call an “oxygen thief.”

    • Barb says:

      Annulment papers have been filed. Now we have to serve him. We have to decide if we’re going to try to serve him ourselves, not sure if he’ll ‘man up’ and actually meet one of us and sign that he’s received the paperwork in front of a notary, or if we should just have a process server go out and serve him. Either way, I believe he’ll probably refuse to sign, so a process server will be the way to go. And he’ll probably no show court so we’ll get the annulment by default. Hopeful the judge will see all the fraud and lies and get us back some of what he owes in back rent, bills he said he’d pay and didn’t, what we’ve spent on court fees, the storage unit rent we’ll probably have to pay to get Chelseys stuff out, the wedding gift money he stole etc – and garnish his wages.
      I know he’s not a ‘trauma nurse’ as he said he was, but a medical assistant still makes money, so he can pay back. Lies lies lies.
      Anyway, there is a little update. Going to speak to the local PD tomorrow as today was a busy day at the courthouse and this afternoon we have parent/teacher conferences for her daughter and my son lol.
      Still going through some ‘we should have’s and ‘i wish we had’s, and alot of anger here. He hasn’t even picked up his clothing and belongings from out front of our house – obviously he either is living with another woman or his mama bought him new clothing.
      Just a little update – he is just out there, lying to other people thinking he’s just going to get away with all of this.

      • Green Thumb says:

        You guys stay on this shitbag.

        You ought to just burn his stuff.

        But if it any condolence, this is the type of maggot that usually winds up in a ditch on the side of the road, if you know what I mean.

        Good luck.

  8. Combat Historian says:

    This poser douche is a lying, conning, scamming, phony, frauding sack of shit, and unfortunately there’s a bazillion of them out there on the net and out on the streets ready to defraud and destroy any woman naive enough to be taken in by these charlatans. You ladies reading this, please be extra-careful out there !

    Barb, I’m very sorry this happened to you and your family…

  9. Jordan Rott says:

    Two months in basic and they sent a black helicopter to get him and then declassified it from there. He was such a great shot that one of the “Privates” in his platoon must’ve noticed. Little did he know, that private was none other than John Giduck. He immediately recruited him based on his excellent shooting skills. Once on the bird, he was introduced to one of the most decorated soldiers that Delta has ever seen, Nick Androski. When the bird landed, they were greeted by their CSM at the time John Collier, who handed them the mission of the most utmost importance, meet up with Anthony Otchy and stop the towers from falling. Unfortunately, their pilot CPT William Roe was nowhere to be found because he was in Washington being awarded the DFC. This didn’t stop the team, however, and over 5000 missions later (combined total as a team) General Charles Baxter gave Michael Yohe his Delta Certificate. This certificate is only given to the most pristine and skilled Delta Operators in America. A true story of the most patriotic soldiers to ever walk the face of the earth. I only hope, maybe one day, I can accomplish as much as these brave men.

    • Mustang1LT says:

      Now THAT’S a STORY!!!!

    • Green Thumb says:

      And when he got out, he went to work for All-Points Logistics.

    • Jordan Rott says:

      Of course he did Green Thumb, they didn’t even ask for his resume. All that they asked of him was that he make a copy of the Original Delta Certificate and Fax them a copy, he had a interview the next day.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Ha! My Space Shuttle Doorgunner graduation certificate is REAL. It has my squadron patch on it.

      This gag-me-with-a-spoon cat doot has nothing on me!! Nothing!!

    • Big Steve says:

      Damn good overview of some of the more absurd posers featured on this site!

  10. streetsweeper says:

    And there I was, sitting my Army issued supa dupa, high speed rated floor buffer smoking one when the LT walks in. LT strolled right up to me thrusting me this here letter that said I’m now a certified, pedrigreed floor buffer operator and going out on a sekrit screwerel mission. HQ was nevah the same after.

  11. Beretverde says:

    For every molester of the truth that has been outed…there are probably tens of thousands making similar claims. Not to the same extent, but still false claims.

    “Hardly worth going to war no more.”

  12. Andy Kravetz says:

    Not a veteran here. Question though. I thought Delta was a super secret type of a thing. Why would they have graduation style certificates that people ostensibly put in their living rooms? I thought such information was usually held close to the vest. I know the records aren’t classified but I thought they were kinda kept quiet.

    If this is listed above and I am missed it, sorry. Call it old age.

    Andy Kravetz, reporter
    Peoria (Ill. ) Journal Star

    • 3E9 says:

      I’ve never seen one. But then again I was just a standard soldier/airman.

    • Joe Williams says:

      Andy, just send $ 29.95 and your return address and any name you choose to use and you may be a Delta force operative too. PS the other than your own name is your code name for any who ask. wink wink Joe

    • Big Steve says:

      No one here will be able to answer that question. It is conceivable, as soldiers, that they do have some form of awards or certificates, but they would NEVER hang ’em in their living rooms. Probably even after retirement. These guys are a different breed.. more secretive and less identifiable than any of our special operators.
      I’ve heard things when at Ft Bragg, but wouldn’t repeat ’em even if I could be sure they were true.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      It’s simple than that, Andy. He watched ‘Force 10 from Navarone’ and ‘Delta Force’ (with that karate guy) and decided that’s what he wanted to be, so he IS one.

      I think it’s called ‘lack of self-esteem’, or some such thing.

    • uh1av8r says:

      knew one at Bragg and the only thing he had was a deer head on his wall. nothing on his truck, and never spoke about work. I also never asked. I’m sure his wife never asked either.

  13. Yef says:

    By some of the things I have read here, I have the nagging suspicion some fakes are posting here among the real vets.