Mark Steven Paffrath; CNN’s Navy Cross phony

| February 1, 2015

Mark Paffrath

Chip sent us a link to a CNN article about this Mark Steven Paffrath fellow who was apparently fired for posting pictures of Federal Protective Services vehicles in the hotel where he worked during the Ferguson thing back in November. During the interview with the Navy veteran, the CNN crews shows this photo of Paffrath during his Navy years;

Mark Paffrath CNN

Yeah, that’s a Navy Cross, a Silver Star and a Defense Distinguished Service Medal. Obviously, he thinks more of his time in service than the Navy thinks of his service;

Mark Paffrath FOIA

Mark Paffrath Assignments

Paffrath was discharged after four years of honorable service as an E-3 CSSN, a Seaman, Commissaryman Striker (whatever the hell that is) culinary specialist (a cook). It looks like he had a float in the Persian Gulf in the USS Comstock, but there is no foreign service, so he never got his feet dry in the War Against Terror. He couldn’t be proud of his actual service.

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  1. John "Faker 6" Giduck says:

    Who needs the inconvenience of real service when you can be a real fake American hero like Mark Steven Paffrath and me?


    John “Faker 6” Giduck

  2. AW1Ed says:

    “Culinary Specialist” John. I knew them as Mess Management Specialists. In other words, a cook.

  3. MustangCryppie says:

    Navy lesson of the day (from Wikipedia):

    “Sailors who have gone directly to a base, station, or ship without any specialized training are eligible to select a career field, and through correspondence courses and extensive on-the-job training, may qualify for a rating. This process is called “striking for a rate.” If an enlisted member has qualified for a rate, but has not yet become a petty officer, he is called a designated striker, and is identified by a striker’s badge that displays the sailor’s rating, along with his group rate marks. The serviceperson is addressed by one’s group designation, if known (e.g., Fireman Jones, Constructionman Apprentice Smith); by the generic appellation ‘seaman’; or by one’s striker designation (Boatswain’s Mate Seaman Watson, Culinary Specialist Seaman Recruit Johnson).”

    • Big Steve says:

      Never have understood Navy titles, specialties, etc., like this, and never will.
      But I sure am glad we have a powerful Navy.

      • Hondo says:

        I’m pretty sure they use those encrypted enlisted rate/rank designations just to confuse everyone – including themselves. Using the standard abbreviations (SR, SA, SN, PO3, PO2, PO1, CPO, SCPO, MCPO) would be too easy to interpret. (smile)

        • desert says:

          Not confusing if you served in the Navy! This dirtbag spends 3/4 years in and still a frigging “striker” commissaryman at that? Talk about a porch monkey, a lazy, know nothing, do nothing flake, now he wants everyone to think the cull is some kind of hero….he stinks!!

        • Airdale USN says:

          Yep!! That’s what we do!! :).

      • Eden says:

        So glad I’m not the only one! Geesh!

      • Master Chief John Sparks, USN (Ret.) says:

        They did it like that to confuse Marines.

  4. thebesig says:

    When I was in the Navy, they changed “Mess Management Specialist” to “Culinary Specialist.” That’s what the CS indicates… unless that has since changed.

    Also, his DD 214 shows 3 years of good service (Sept 2006 to September 2009). He still has his Reserve Obligation block filled in, instead of zeroed out, so that’s a good indication that he served honorably.

    Instead of wishing that he got those other awards, he should be kicking himself for not trying to qualify for the Surface Warfare Specialist Badge. this is similar in concept to the Expert Medical Badge and Expert Infantry Badge, but drawn out longer… unless that process had changed.

    But, even without that, he had every reason to be proud of what he accomplished, and of what he did.

    • thebesig says:

      The cook that turned out to be former special forces? ❓ Yup, I saw Under Siege too. :mrgreen:

      This clown is another one that pissed all over his honorable service. 🙄

    • Airdale USN says:

      I think he should have tried make Third Class first, just saying before getting ESWS.

  5. rb325th says:

    So a conspiracy nut who wouldd feel right at home with jimmy Janos, as well as a honor thief… doucherocket.

  6. NHSparky says:

    Nothing wrong with being a cook.

    On the boat, a good one would do wonders for morale. A bad one would kill it.

    But seriously, WTF was he thinking? It’s not as if they’re handing Navy Crosses out like penny candy.

    • AW1 Tim says:

      Absolutely true. NAS Brunswick had a top-flight galley and received a number of awards for it’s food and presentation(s).

      Despite being on a somewhat restricted budget when Carter got elected president, the Master Chief and LT running the facility did some magic work.

      The staff managed to keep a handle on expenses during the year, so that at Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day, they could put out these amazing spreads.

      All the squadrons at Brunswick were spoiled there, so much so that when we went to NAS Bermuda, there were some serious problems because THAT galley was so poorly run. In fact, the locals working there were stealing the place blind, taking hams and chickens and stuff, and serving hot dogs and beans to the sailors. When NCIS got involved, heads rolled and the entire civilian workforce was fired.

      But NAS Brunswick’s Galley was a fine establishment, and always had a lot of folks eating there.

      • Mike Kozlowski says:

        …Remembering the French Revolution at Eskan Village, KSA, when I was there in ’95: The food was so atrocious that some of the French contingent ran the TCNs outta the chow hall and took it over themselves for a few hours. Still the best chow hall food I ever had.


      • MustangCryppie says:

        Yup, some of the best meals I ever had were in a Navy chow hall.

        When I went to Basic Russian class at DLI in Monterey, CA we used to go to the enlisted chow hall at the PG School. Awesome! And the Thanksgiving/Xmas feast? Incredible. Get hungry just thinking about it.

        Shipboard not too bad either. USS America had great food back in 1983 when I was on her in the NAS.

        But, the best place I found to eat in the Navy was a shipboard CPO Mess. They sure lived large, at least the ship I was on.

        • PeteOldABH says:

          Ya Know what Mustang, When I got off the America in ’89 I stayed until after noon chow. Stupid? Naw, I just wanted one last good meal before I was, “ABH3 USN Departing”.

      • Hack Stone says:

        If you happen to be in the DC area and are looking for some good chow at a cheap price, check out the Navy chow hall on Joint Base Annacostia-Bolling. It is right across the street from WHCA and adjacent to Enterprise Hall. I haven’t eaten there in over three years, but back in the day, Wednesday’s were theme lunch days. Pasta station, Mongolian barbecue, and my favorite, Caribean Jerked Chicken. A lot of Boy Scout troops visiting the Capital on a budget would bring their crews in.


        • desert says:

          I spent 4 year in the Navy and I have not one complaint about the chow…it was all good, sea duty even better than shore duty, in port, they would have hamburgers at midnight for people returning from libery..the USS Bon Homme Richard (CVA-31), now razor blades I am sad to say, also USNAS Miramar, VFP-63, excellent food at Miramar too…Miramar is now a Marine Air Station, my boot camp, San Diego is now a shopping mall?? Everywhere I served is now gone!!

  7. JimW says:

    Under Seige, cool movie, I like the girl jumping out of the cake, pretty hot.
    Oh, and this guy is a piss ant, posting pictures of fed vehicles. I think he should be charged with inciting violence in Ferguson. If he has obligation in the reserves yet, send him to one of those sandbox units….they could use a target, I mean cook.

    • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

      Your right about the girl…Erika Eleniak, former Playboy Playmate!

      • David says:

        The funny part is that the beginning when the guy says “you know who’s on board that chopper? Miss July 1987!” Erika Elniak WAS Miss July ’87

  8. Big Steve says:

    Mark looks like precisely the doofus that he apparently is.
    Sometimes you CAN tell a book by its cover.

  9. ArmyATC says:

    Looks like the turd awarded himself the Legion of Merit also.

  10. ARCOM says:

    I get my awards the hard way. I draw unnecessary attention to my every deed. I put in countless hours off duty, looking for any opportunity to highlight myself. I do what is right even if the entire armed forces thinks I am wrong. If I don’t think I will be recognized by my peers, I will seek the attention of higher authorities no matter where they are. This man is a disgrace to those of us that go out of our way to EARN our awards.

  11. 10 percent truth says:

    this dudes name sounds exactly like you would imagine that big-toothed doofus would pronounce it. I mean, I took one look at that photo up top & thought: “it would just be perfect if this overbite goofball’s name was pfeffer or pfeufer of fluffer or something. I was not pfdissappointed!”

  12. Timothy J. McCorkle says:

    I Know of a Former MS3(ss) ( Thats a PO3 Cook who was submarine Qualified Who in Fact DID Go on to be Special forces Qualified… Good Cook too,

  13. Jason says:

    After four years, with time aboard an LSD, he should have been required to earn his Surface Warfare badge.

    And the Mess Specialist rating title was changed to CS only around 2005ish or so. My buddies and I used to joke it didn’t change the food much.

    Our rates and rank aren’t to hard to figure out. But CSSN/E3 after four years? Yeah, in todays Navy that’s a sure sign he was either stuck during a particularly over-full test cycle, or he just didn’t care.

    The type that draws up a fake shadow box? Usually don’t care.

  14. Skippy says:

    Ouch ! ! ! ! Please tell me the idea was CNN and not his… Why crap all over a good service record

  15. Sparks says:

    Heads up. Polite warning to the ladies in the room.

    What a fucking 3 day liberty piece of queer bait! This ass hole liar, sack of shit even has those high speed cocksucker cushioning lips. Plus big buck teeth he could eat an apple through a picket fence with. Nothing says “liberty call” like a dude looking like him. I bet he told all the guys in the cheap bar restrooms, when his mouth wasn’t full anyway, how he had a Navy Cross and a Silver Star. To which the guy he was paying $5 to, to hold still in the doorless stall says, “Yea, well shut up, keep sucking and give me my $5”.

    Ass hole!!! Turd!!! Queef!!! Queer bait!!!!

  16. Ex-PH2 says:

    I thought OJT went out the window with clintoon’s admin and everyone qualified for a school or didn’t get in at all.

  17. Civilwarrior says:

    This guy must be high speed and VERY low drag to have a Navy Cross, Silver Star, DDSM and an LOM after only 3years. I feel like a real loser; after 3 years all I got was a service stripe, and a GCM. I feel like such a loser now.

    • Skippy says:

      He maybe a SF/seal/Ranger/Super Snipper, and God knows what else. He makes my two overseas trips to the sand box, and Goatland look like a yawn… Lol. Bahahahaaa

  18. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    His lower lip is puffed out like he bruised it sucking a concrete dick and his facial expression looks like he’s about to cry for his Mommy to come take him home! Another booger-eating bedwetting toad snot-sucking shit-for-brained snotweasel of a Santorum-stained dingleberry on a rented inbred buck-toothed Swamp Donkey’s ass!!

  19. Killerb says:

    Is this POS related in any way to Arthur “Cookie Monster” South??

  20. dovk0802 says:

    This is a no Shitr: When we invaded Afghanistan the only interpreter we had was a Messman (I think Pakastani and may have not even been a citizen yet) from the ship’s company. The intel, mil & OGA said they couldn’t use him because he didn’t have a clearance. The Col & CG were like; I think he has one now… The kid worked with negotiations with Northern Alliance, interogated detainees, processed captured intel, etc. While I’m sure he didn’t get the Navy Cross, I hope he got something dissproportionately high (I’d have given him a BZ w/o V, of course he may have walked away with a LOA, he may have also been a lousy cook for all I know). So, if you run into a cook with some crazy stories and medal from the USS Peleliu circa winter ’01, he might be legit.

  21. 19D2OR4 - Smitty says:

    Why is it when I look at his picture, all I can see is an old looney tunes cartoon?

  22. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Jeez, that boy looksike he could suck a dick through a privacy fence after chewing a huge oak tree into toothpicks! I wonder if he also blows winos behind bus stops for T-bird money like someone else is rumored to have done while wearing soiled spandex?

  23. TankBoy says:

    No leather vest?

  24. Hondo says:

    Apparently Mick Jagger had an American love-child that joined the Navy. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to have inherited any of Jagger’s intellect or talent.

  25. crewchief guy says:

    look out guys, bernath found the website. expect the IQ of the avg post to drop waaaaaayyyyy down!

  26. AO2(NAC) says:

    Cook. Nothing wrong with that.
    I had plenty of bad chow in the Navsky- the box lunches fed to aircrew types was particularly loathsome

  27. AO2(NAC) says:

    Sorry about the grammar error.
    We loved being on the road (I was a P-3 guy) and enjoying the food at AF bases. They really knew how to take care of the folks.
    Navy chow was not all bad, those troops were very dedicated to feeding us well, and I always admired them for it.

  28. OldSargeUSAR says:

    Isn’t this the way Bernath’s lousy Navy career got started?

    Bedwetting mouth breather…

  29. Eric says:

    Out of the Blue Mark Paffrath writes me. He follows my posts. Ew.
    you are a douchebag never claimed to have recieved the navy cross
    I cited TAH blog
    Cool do what u do never claimed to have it not going to bring me down with false accusations

    so what is that shadowbox with your photo and the Navy cross at top left?
    It’s a picture frame that my grandmother purchased actually a marine frame
    I was fired for posting a picture of a homeland security vehicle which I filed a lawsuit for and proudly served my country stop trying to discredit me
    If you didn’t claim to have the Navy Cross awarded then why is it in your Shadow Box? Why did CNN videorecord it? Why didn’t you tell your grandmother to remove the medal you didn’t earn?
    I’m not discrediting you. I’m reading stories by vetted sources- This Ain’t Hell. CNN. Daily Mail. If you want to clear your name, issue a statement that clears that up. Come clean.
    Too many positive things happening to even care about these false accusations. Have a blessed day. Find me an article where I said I what the navy cross then your argument is valid. It’s not a shadowbox its a picture frame lol wow can’t remove them they’re part of the frame
    Never claimed to have nor do I care about what you think. I have plenty of supporters from vets don’t need or want support from you. My uncle died in Vietnam I would never claim to have a medal I didn’t earn. That’s wrong on so many levels
    More later. This guy.