Geoff Millard; the latest IVAW phony soldier (Updated)

| December 14, 2008

The anti-war movement loves the Iraq Veterans Against the War. In an interview, Head Hag of Code Pink bragged that IVAW gives the anti-war movement credibility;

“The vet groups are our street cred,” a California-based anti-war activist tells me at the group’s barbecue. Medea Benjamin, co-founder of feminist anti-war group Code Pink, says the veterans’ group appeals to the American glorification of the military, even within the anti-war movement. “People who have been part of a war that I consider immoral and illegal still have more legitimacy than people who were against the war from the very beginning and refused to fight in it,” she explains, sitting in the vets’ living room while her college-age cohorts chat with the veterans and eat hamburgers and sausages. “They command more of a sense of authority and more of a sense of understanding of what’s actually happening on the ground.”

Let’s take a look at the credibility that Medea values so much, shall we?

The president of the Washington, DC Chapter, Geoff Millard, for example, is a real gadfly on the Washington, DC Leftist scene. I saw him going into the William Ayers book signing last month. Here’s a picture of him sitting behind then-candidate Barack Obama at a speech leading up to the election in Pennsylvania;

This is his profile on the IVAW website;

In his profile, Millard brags “Along with a peace delegation Geoff became the first Iraq war veteran to meet with members of the Iraqi parliament about their 26-point peace plan. Also Geoff has traveled Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Iran meeting with Iraqi refugees at every chance.

But he’s being modest. He’s also addressed the Socialist World Forum in Venezuela and fawned over such luminaries as Hugo Chavez and Cindy Sheehan. Here’s a picture of him marching with Medea Benjamin and Cindy Sheehan a few years back exercising his “street cred” for the anti-war movement;

My buddy/alter ego Robin at Chickenhawk Express did some extensive research on Millard a few years back when he first started making the IVAW scene while he was AWOL. Robin includes his history as a malingerer complaining constantly about his bouts of pain from a old wrestling injury  – he claimed an Iraqi doctor said he should go back to the States, but Army doctors disagreed.

After he finished his tour of Iraq and the Army wouldn’t give him a medical discharge, he became a conscientious objector and went AWOL for nine months. Familiar story, isn’t it? It’s always some sort malfeasance on the part of IVAW members that preceeded their “conscientious objectors” or “resisters” status.

Notice, like most of the other folks in IVAW, he lists himself as a Sergeant. In addition, he claims he served in Germany, Qatar, Kuwait and Iraq. It sounds more like a flight path than a career path.

I got a hold of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) on Geoffrey a few weeks back and it was a little light on information;

It said that he is a specialist and not a sergeant as he claimed, and his awards were only two medals and ribbon – quite a bit different than what he sports in public;

That’s a lot more than what’s in records, no? Need a closer look?

That’s three awards of the Meritorious Service Medal (MSM) on top – but none of them are in the FOIA.

Well, see, I’m a fair guy, so I decided before I posted anything, I wanted to give Geoffrey a chance to respond – actually, TSO and Uncle Jimbo advised me to proceed cautiously.

Thanks to some prodding from  Army Sergeant, I’m sure, he responded the same day, and sent me one of his three DD214s – of course, he sent the best one of the three, the one that says he earned all of those medals and that he’s a sergeant. The only thing I’ve altered is his Social Security Number, his mother’s name and address and his home address;

Now that would seem to settle it, right? Well, not quite. I sent the DD214 to my new friends at POW Net and, eagle eyes that they are, they noticed right off that even though he has awards for foreign service in block 13, there’s no foreign service time in block 12f.

The folks at POW NET sent the FOIA request back through St Louis with the DD214 Millard sent me.

Guess what? The Army sent the same FOIA information back even though they had his DD214. His form 2-1 doesn’t mention any service in Iraq.

The folks at POW NET are forwarding the FOIA and the DD214 Millard sent me to the FBI for further investigation.

1stCAVRVN11B emailed this picture of Millard wearing a CIB, which also isn’t in the DD214 or the FOIA report;

He explained in his email to me;

[The DD214] will not show a CIB that is a longer story of my being pined [sic] in Iraq but not having it on paper back home because of Army FUBAR.  I was unsure about wearing it and I admit I did once but never felt comfortable with it on.

Well, the real reason he should have felt uncomfortable about wearing a CIB is because he never earned one no matter who “pinned” him – it wasn’t an Army FUBAR. To earn a CIB, a soldier has to be a qualified infantryman in the 11 or 18 series MOS and be serving in an infantry unit lower than brigade level. Millard was a 12B combat engineer not an 11 or 18 series, and he worked for a general – there are no generals below brigade level. I told him all of that in an email, but he didn’t see fit to respond.

Millard wants the honors accorded an infantryman who served in combat without having to put up with the shit of actually being an infantryman. Stolen valor.

So let’s recap the “street cred” of the anti-war movement; Millard claims to be a sergeant, the Army says he’s a specialist. He claims to have a chest full of medals, the Army says he has two and a ribbon. Millard claims to have been awarded the Combat Infantry Badge, even though he was never a combat infantryman and the Army disagrees with him. Millard claims to have served on the Mexican border, Germany, Qatar, Kuwait and in Iraq and the Army has no record of him ever leaving New York State except for basic training and advanced individual training.

Oh, and the FBI will be investigating him for falsifying his military records.

At least he’s got experience doing a perp walk – he may need that skill.

Now, I’ll admit that I have a hard-on for Millard since he tried to intimidate TSO and me at Winter Soldier by asking us for our blog URLs so they could monitor what we were writing about them from the inside. I’m pretty sure he didn’t ask any of the friendlier bloggers for that same consideration.

Later, he threatened to throw TSO, Rurik and me out of Winter Soldier because TSO talked to a Washington Post reporter. Oh, and he made one of his minions remove me from the Congressional hearing room for Winter Soldier after I filmed him playing general’s aide before the hearings checking mikes and shuffling paper.

So this post is my pay back – and that’s why it’s languished for three weeks in my draft folder waiting to get the facts just right. It’s been rewritten countless times and a number of people have contributed to it and they’re all credited.

I’ve got several other records requests being processed, so you may see a spate of “phony soldier” posts in the next few months. Ya’all phony soldiers had better adjust your narratives.

UPDATED: For all of you sharpshooters, someone sent me a clearer picture of his medals;

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  1. MSGRetired says:

    Just for those watching, he posted up above from his facebook account so John Ishmael Holmes is the name listed. A search of AKO shows only 2 SFC Holmes and both are retired. If you are Active Duty or in the Reserves or Guard you are required to have an AKO account and you are required to be able to access it. Seeing an SFC say I’m not with that unit anymore in regards to an AKO account is crazy as that account always follows you where ever you go. My guess is SFC Holmes isnt even in the Military !!!

  2. Jonn Lilyea says:

    I’ve met John Holmes and he is in the military – he is THE Power Point Ranger of cartoon fame.

  3. Skysoldier says:

    “Fame” is putting it lightly.

  4. Tiffany says:

    Millard was there when John holmes killed a man in afghanistan while they were in Kuwait. it was the longest shot evah!!!!!

    Millard was also bed partners with ISHY HOLMES and hediddonate… heisacombatveteranyouknow?

    Millard was not there when ISHY got punked out when a MAJ popped a 9mm in his face…

    I want to start a fund to help ishy poo doo doo face feed his children because no white babies will be hungry and have flies on their face…. and also to help him pay for internet because its dangerous for him to be hanging out at Dunkin Donuts parking lots stealing Wifi….

  5. Tiffany says:

    he is in AKO under John Francis Holmes….. he is also an artist.. a cartoonist… an author… a energy drink mogul… heisiacombatveteranyouknow?

  6. Green Thumb says:


    Get em MSG!

  7. MSGRetired says:

    WTF I am the Bigger man and will apologize I went by his Facebook Name and totally missed it. You are Correct, and I am a dumbass for missing it. I apologize, but you have to consider I was half cocked when he gave that stupid response about not being in that unit anymore. I bow to the Legendary Power Point Ranger Cartoonist !

  8. Tiffany says:

    YEs is unfortunatly in the Army.. but he should be in Jail….

    read more here…. heisacombatveteranyouknow

  9. Green Thumb says:

    Claiming three MSMs? Kinda like claiming three AAMs or three GCMs. Weak.


  10. PPTRANGER says:

    Master Sergeant, I thought you were checking my unit against me being in the 42nd ID, which I am not anymore. Apology accepted.

  11. Tiffany says:

    john holmes loves the cock

  12. Ex-PH2 says:

    Well, this guy is defnitely another dickless wonder in a sea of wickless dunderheads.

    How about: Not So Scarin’ Erin (notsoscarin erin) or (to echo Green Thumb, whose expressiveness is unparallelled) Millard da Turdbird?
    That would come out as Geoffy Millard da Turdbird.

    I was right: chunkybutt or bubblebutt, and for pete’s sake, he’s wearing pedal pusher pants and flipflops in that one photo with the po-po. What is he? A girl? And those aren’t his medals, they’re false medals.

    Why’s he getting a revival after all this time?

  13. Green Thumb says:

    Who knows?

    But the one constant remains the same.

    IVAW = Losers.

  14. Green Thumb says:

    Also, on a side note:

    This maggot has been quoted in an International Relations textbook on Iraq as a source.

    No shit.

    I contacted the author of the chapter and pointed it out. I have yet to hear back from her.

    I will give her another week and then I will post the information.

    He is classified as an “expert and reliable” source.

  15. ArmyATC says:

    You should see this assclowns LinkedIn profile. “A combat-disabled queer veteran with measurable success on veteran and homeless issues, a dynamic organizer, educator and advocate.” He also claims to have been, “Deployed to Iraq (OIF3) from 2004 to 2005…” That was OIF II, asshat. His profile is enough to make you puke. Anyone with the leas experience with the military can see the bullshit spread on the site.

    • Green Thumb says:

      Wow. Just fucking wow.

      And he served as “Buck SGT” in a position that normally an 0-3 or O-4 does.


      • Green Thumb says:

        He is not listed on Swords to Ploughshares website, either.

        I will give them a buzz and check this out.

    • Bobo says:

      Funny, I can’t see his linked in stuff unless I upgrade my sccount. Maybe he’s changed the access since yesterday.

  16. Toasty Coastie says:

    Oh my stars..what a delusional pile of horseshit *smh*