William Roy; phony Vietnam veteran

| March 11, 2015

William Roy (1)a

Scotty sends us his work on this William Roy fellow who claims that he was a Vietnam War veteran. That he earned a Navy Cross, Silver Star, Bronze Star, five Purple Hearts during his three tours there.

William Roy (4)

Well, not according to the NPRC;

William Roy FOIA

William Roy Assignments 1

William Roy Assignments

But, he does have the National Defense Service Medal – they didn’t just hand those out, ya know. Those hours of pulling fire guard really paid off for him.

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  1. Scotty says:

    His idiot supporters have dug deep and found the old ArchSlayer Blogspot. So that is the defense they are running with now.
    I tried all afternoon to fix stupid. But there is just no cure.

  2. Old Artillery Sgt says:

    Check out his Facebook page, He posted this page and thinks that it’s OK to lie about military service cause he can kick our ass. Guess that’s what they teach in his school.

    Nothing about TRUTH, HONOR and RESPECT. Just if you say bad things, I just kick your ass.

    AND they are standing beside him.. Nevermind his lies. He’s a good instructor..A lying one, but a good one..

  3. Kevin Scott says:

    This turd still floating ? I thought we flushed him a while back

  4. Just an Old Dog says:

    The turd has popped up again on Scotty’s blog and posted this gem:

    After numerous calls to the gentleman ,John whatever his last name is who posted this on his blog,he after telling me on various conversations he would check into the wrong doing of me being accused of this .
    After telling me twice that he would call me after speaking to the gentleman who without me knowing posted and said what was perceived that I said,would call me,never has.
    I don’t like being accused by third parties I don’t hear from this person by Thursday,a.m. both my attorneys Gerald f. NEAL and Travis Barric both my attorneys here in las vegas,at proceeding with court action against the gentleman.
    Here,allow me to give you the number to to call to speak to my attorney so if there are questions you my have after Thursday they want you to call.For any legal details or the number to your attorney to concact mine on this matter.also Google legal is after reading this ridiculous and global post is now also opened a legal action,no.au779-5764249-815.they too want my attorneys to breef them so they too can stop this bullying and manufacturing facts against others.702-892-3500 or 702-380-2234or the office of Dr.,Ret.brigadier gen.,and congressman Joe check who after speaking with me at length has already opened investigations into this deformation of character possibilities.
    On Sept .2nd,2:30pm we meet on this matter at the congressman’s office in lad Vegas.let me give you his number so you don’t think I’m blowing smoke up your as like the man who posted this without looking into the facts of the matter,not relieving I Said nothing to anyone.a third party used my likeness and assumed I said these things.please cal,John.
    Here is General,and congressman Jack’s phone number feel free to call him and hear his thoughts on this matter.he is personally requiring my attorneys to file criminal charges to stop this global action with this man and his unsubstanciated accusations after knowing the truth and facts.202_225-3225.


    william roy , 08/11/2015 at 14:18

    • HMCS (FMF) ret. says:

      Billy ButtBoi is taking a page from the SV playbook known as “The Bernathian Gambit”… it’s just a matter of time before he becomes a fully vetted and inseminated member of the Dutch Rudder Gang.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      I don’t think he’s even as smart or literate as the rest of The Dutch Rudder Gang!

    • OWB says:

      So, is he inviting everyone who reads that to call his attorney and discuss something with them? Would those be hours billable to him?

      And don’t you just know that a member of Congress is sitting by the phone in anticipation of hearing from all of us as well?

      Then again, maybe that’s not what he really meant in spite of it being pretty clear that he wants us to let all those folks know just how ignorant he is. Naw, not even on my list of things to do today, this week, month, year or even decade. Call me in 10 years or so. Maybe I can generate some interest by then.

  5. Eden says:

    Now he’s claiming he never said he was a Vietnam War veteran or that he earned a Navy Cross, Silver Star, Bronze Star, and five Purple Hearts. And he says he’s lawering up. Interesting that he STILL claims a “viet nam brother”: