Fred Meyling; super secret squirrel

| March 13, 2015

Fred Meyling

Our friends at Special Forces Poser Patrol send us their work on this Fred Meyling guy who has some of the most elaborate tales to tell about his decades of service to the country. According to the Nevada Courier-Record he was named the Tahoe-Douglas Elks Lodge Citizen of the Year for his tales of derring-do;

“After entering the Army full time he was convinced to change career course and he joined the Army Special Forces Green Beret unit,” Zogorski said. “One of his first assignments was on the security detail for the American Olympic Team at the 1972 Munich Olympics. This American Security team was not called upon to act by Germany during the Terrorist Massacre that occurred then.”

After college, Meyling served two, four-year tours with the Army and had one deployment in the Vietnam War before he mustered out of the military.


In August 1990, after Iraq invaded Kuwait, Meyling received letters from the U.S. Army requesting that he re-enlist, which he said he ignored.

“Somehow, the Army knew about his newly acquired language skills and his studies of the Islamic religion and the Middle East,” Zogorski said. “Finally, the Army sent a car to pick him up and re-enlisted him on orders directed by none other than General Norman Schwartzkoff. He was the first military officer wheelchair-user to be approved to serve in the armed forces and paved the way for others like him to be able to serve in the armed forces.”

He was assigned to the Joint Special Operations Command, and spent most of his time in Washington D.C. and MacDill Air Force base near Tampa, Fla. He spent an additional 18 years with JSOC. In total, he served 28 years in the military.

He then retired to Gardnerville to be near his three daughters, two that live in Northern California and one in Minden.

Yeah, I know how that goes, George Bush sent a car for me when the War Against Terror began, but I jumped from the car before it could get me to the Pentagon (*cough*bullshit*cough*). Some of us have skills that no one else in the military can be taught, and the Pentagon keeps coming back for us, rather than training new people. You know it happens, it’s in all of the movies.

Well, you know everything in those previous paragraphs is bullshit because he’s posted here. Meyling did 13 months in the Army as a medic. He never went to jump school, he was never in Special Forces, his medical career after he left the service is a sham;

Fred Meyling FOIA

Fred Meyling Assignments

What makes this worse is that Fred, here, is the president of a 501(c)(3) organization called Welcome All Veterans Everywhere and he’s a VA claims specialist helping veterans.

Of course, since the story broke about Meyling being a phony, he’s decided to stick to the lies;

The Record-Courier has been in contact with Meyling, who in an email on Wednesday said that he will bring in documentation verifying his record.

”I have sent for the documents in question and should have them for you, so we can meet and put this to rest,” Meyling said.

On Wednesday evening, The R-C contacted Meyling who declined to comment for this story.

Well, we’ve never seen that before, have we? SFPP also has requested his college creds, and they turned out to be BS, too. He claimed to have a nursing degree at the age of 18, Masters Degrees in biomedical engineering and behavioral psychology, a PhD in behavioral psychology at Cornell University. Yeah, no. But he could be a study in behavioral psychology, though.

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  1. Green Thumb says:

    This turd rivals Phildo.

    • Green Thumb says:

      He also needs a hearty handshake and a warm cup of soup.

      I love the shirt. We were talking yesterday about the “baby in the flag” photo.

      Even though it is a shirt, he is defiling the flag.

      • Pinto Nag says:

        Of course. With this scum it’s like using a flag for a fertilizer sack.

      • ThommyMac says:

        I was floored by the article and even more bewildered at the Facebook link. I told a few whoppers while binge drinking\eating pills way back in me college days. Its seems the cats who didn’t make it long enough to even get a shot at a GCM build an alternate universe fantasy life. After so long they MUST believe it because it is so easily verified these days. Whatever. I was a garden variety infantryman who got out a Jr. NCO with 2nd instance of GCM. If you knew me, THAT was a major, major accomplishment.

        PS I was a little, little kid when everyone went apesh1t over Abbie Hoffman and his flag shirt. The reason doesn’t matter, IMHO flag apparel cheapens the symbol of what is best in our country.

  2. Steadfast&Loyal says:

    So let me get this straight.

    They deployed a tactical team to the local library where they had to dig him out of his bunker of books and papers in order to get him back into the military.

    So before he was recalled they didn’t have any one in the CIA, DIA studying the middle east?


    Good thing he decided to study such a rare topic. He practicaly invented the subject.

  3. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    He’s sporting a fine example of how Old Glory (or its close imitation) should never, ever be worn–replete with his stinking armpits soiling the stripes. And another thing. This guy–Wait! Two black Navigators and a limo just pulled up. I am needed, again. Later.

  4. Instinct says:

    Ran this line through GoogleBullshit “”I have sent for the documents in question and should have them for you, so we can meet and put this to rest,”

    It came back with this: “Since I’ve been caught I need some time to fake up the documents on my home computer.”

  5. sj says:

    Hey! He has a NDSM and they don’t just give those away! I too got called back and saw Storming Norman pin it on him.

    I really did have “hip pocket orders” after I retired that sent me to Ft Benning if ordered. Always thought that if they ever activated old heavy drops like me, we were in deep shit.

    • FasterThanFastjack says:

      I was in the limo with sj, Storming Norman, and Fred Meyling; the limo came under small arms and RPG fire shortly afterwards.

  6. SFC Holland says:

    I am outraged at his violation of the us flag code. He is wearing a shirt with the flag on it. If people can go apeshit over a beautiful picture of a Seaman and his newborn with the flag, then this guy gets the same treatment. (plus he’s a lying poser, but the flag thing is terrible /S/ )

  7. Jordan Rott says:

    “No. Isreal, even though we have our SF team there with our best soldier (Fred Meyling) we will not provide any support against black September. Fred said he won’t do it and I must respect his wishes.”

    -Phone conversation between Nixon and Israel, 1972

  8. David says:

    I guess none of the thousands of raghead linguists who passed through DLI before him were available when needed.

    And yeah, flag+baby=nice, flagshirt+asswipe=douchenozzle

  9. Ex-PH2 says:

    ‘jumped from the car before it could get me to the Pentagon’ – gigglesnort

    Were you wearing a parachute when you jumped, Jonn?

    Could you PLEASE post a spew alert next time?

  10. Martinjmpr says:

    “He was the first military officer wheelchair-user to be approved to serve in the armed forces and paved the way for others like him to be able to serve in the armed forces.””

    What, they didn’t provide him with a fully tracked, armored wheelchair so he could lead the charge across the berm and into Iraq? Slacker.

    • Jordan Rott says:

      You made me picture the most badass Mad Max Thunderdome wheelchair. I wish I had Artistic skills so I could draw it and show it to you.

      • ChipNASA says:

        No need to picture it. It’s REAL. I think that some time in the past there was a suggestion to take up a collection and buy one for Jonn.

        • Hondo says:

          Where do you mount the gun turret for the M2 Browning? (smile)

        • Jordan Rott says:

          That is awesome. We need to start a “tracked Wheelchair” fund for John.

          • Martinjmpr says:

            Naw, he needs one of those powered exoskeletons like Sigourney Weaver had in “Aliens.”

            “Get away from her you BITCH!”

          • SFC Holland says:

            Independence fund, with Bill O’rielly and Gary Sinese donate track chairs similar to these to our OIF/OEF veterans who need them. They are doing great things for vets. Check out their website. I could have applied, but elected for a new recumbent instead as my legs work most days and I plan to use them when I can. I am pretty sure super secret squirrel has a hover chair fully armed and ready at the moment our president calls…

        • Azygos says:

          Thats not a wheelchair that is a tractor. My neighbor owns his own fabrication shop and makes off road wheelchairs that are much smaller and lighter than that thing.

        • SFC Holland says:

          Not internet smart. You’ll have to show me how to post pics and vids so I can give you guys the wheelchair pics from indyfund track chairs.

          • Hondo says:

            You can post links to the pics and videos just by posting them. You will need to include the “http:” part.

            Videos will spawn a player if they’re (1) a YouTube link and (2) it’s the last item in your comment. Don’t know about other services that provide streaming video.

            Pictures generally seem forbidden for direct display, but the links will work.

            One warning: if you post a comment with a bunch of links, it will end up in moderation. That’s an anti-spam artifact. And if any of the links might be considered NSFW, please post a warning.

      • jason nasrallah says:

        good god that thing must cost 100k

  11. thebesig says:

    Originally posted by Jonn Lilyea:

    He claimed to have a nursing degree at the age of 18, Masters Degrees in biomedical engineering and behavioral psychology, a PhD in behavioral psychology at Cornell University. Yeah, no. But he could be a study in behavioral psychology, though.

    Dennis (Denny) Howard Chevalier’s haired counterpart? 🙄

  12. Steadfast&Loyal says:

    Every once in a while a faker just grabs me and I can’t stop reading nor obsessing over thier charade.

    This dude has piqued my OCD.

    What is really bugging me is that people actually believe this crap. The whole hollywood warrior thing. In my circle of non-veteran friends I don’t know any that would believe this. Hell they don’t believe half of my true “no shit there I was” stories.

    There are times that I just shake my head and wonder if the victims of fakers aren’t half to blame.

    Trust is a good thing, but blind trust isn’t good no matter the circumstances. Maybe I’m just jaded.

    • Martinjmpr says:

      “What is really bugging me is that people actually believe this crap. The whole hollywood warrior thing”

      The most unfortunate product of the “Great Divorce” i.e. the fact that the military has become, in essence, a self-perpetuating caste, is that most civilians have no direct (or even secondary, through parents, close friends or siblings) experience with the military. This means that all their military “knowledge” comes from Hollywood and makes it much easier for fakers like this to fool gullible and inexperienced “journalists.”

    • Stacy0311 says:

      My wife says that most of my “no shit there I was stories” actually start out with “One time me and the boys were out drinking…”

      • Mustang1LT says:

        No doubt. Unlike a fairy tale which starts off with “Once upon a time”, my stories usually started out with “I was out drinking one night and then….”

  13. John says:

    Wait! I was supposed to get a car?? The recruiter just shoved us onto Amtrak and bade us be gone! And this dipwad gets a car. Knew I should have learned all those languages in high school.

  14. HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

    This assclown is the real deal special feces trained, anal buttsekks warrior… and he’ll keep rockin’ the lie until he’s 6 feet under

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      Like Don Shipley (SCPO, USN, Ret.) said in a TV interview, “Most of these will take their lies with them all the way to their graves.”. Many a poser and embellisher featured on TAH prove that to be absolutely true!

  15. MustangCryppie says:

    Their first clue should have been the phrase he used to start every tale:

    “True story…NO shit!”

  16. Hondo says:

    His record of assignments isn’t too clear. But it’s clear enough to observe the following.

    1. Most entries on his record of assignments were typed, and the leftmost characters of each typed entry are in rough alignment with the entry above them. In particular, the last two entries are typed and appear to be roughly aligned with each other.
    2. The last entry on that form is for his discharge in Dec 1972.
    3. Typewriters in 1972 used monospaced fonts – e.g., each character was the same width.
    4. The characterization of discharge on the entry showing his discharge is blacked out. (This is routine, as type/characterization of discharge is not FOIA-releasable.)
    5. There does not appear to be enough blacked-out space on the entry showing his discharge to allow the word “Honorable” to be typed in the area that is blacked-out, particularly since the entry for his discharge was more-or-less aligned with the line above it.
    6. There does appear to be space to allow the word “General” to be typed in the blacked-out space, particularly if the leftmost character of that entry was more-or-less aligned with the leftmost character in the line above it.

    Let’s see – discharged from USAREUR in 1972 as a PFC after a bit over 13 mo total service, and the term “Honorable” won’t fit in the space that’s blacked-out on the entry for his discharge. I’m thinking that it wasn’t a normal ETS.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      Especially in the early 70’s when one had to be a heavy-duty dickstepper to get thrown out that soon.

    • echo four kilo says:

      Wow, talk about attention to detail!!! That’s incredible!

      • Hondo says:

        Thanks – but it’s really just looking at what’s there, and then using a bit of experience to connect the dots.

        Plus, it helps to be old enough to have used one of those “human-powered monospaced font text printing machines” (AKA typewriters) fairly extensively when young. (smile)

        • ThommyMac says:

          Sincere humbleness aside (which also speaks volumes), your way of thinking nailed the abstracts and then the connections and then the … that really rocked, Hondo. Even better is that the gov has mass scanned 214s to PDFs That means the clues you found will be available to those who look. The character Sherlock Holmes would often quip to Watson about sharing his way of thinking. Once he explained how, small-minded folks would shrug and say anyone could do that. Have a great weekend.

      • Airdale USN says:

        That’s attention to detail for sure!!!

    • Terese says:

      Nice attention to detail, but if you know what your doing, lining up the edges isn’t too hard (my secondary MOS was 71L).

      I wish the copy was a little clearer, because (unless I need my glasses checked), the line above the blacked out discharge – in the MOS spot, do I read 91B20? Didn’t that used to be a Medical NCO, the’2′ designating he was a SGT? Also, in the 4th space from the top, it says 91C20, which would make him a Practical Nurse (LPN), also an NCO position, but the duty line says AIT Student (??)

      (Vietnam Era MOS designations: )

      The longer I look at this one, the more confused I get.

      • Hondo says:

        Yes, lining up text wasn’t that hard to get fairly close. Getting it pretty much exact in both dimensions was fairly difficult.

        However, I think the Vietnam-era suffixes were a bit different than you list above. The source you cite gives 20 as the suffix for SP4/CPL, and 40 as the suffix for E5/E6/E7. I think that changed to the current 10=E1-E4, 20=E5, etc . . . , sometime after Vietnam.

  17. OWB says:

    Does he at least have a daughter, or two or three?

    Is he really employed at the VA?

    In case anyone was wondering, when so many of us say that we would like to see more veterans hired into the VA system, this is not the type we would wish to see.

    • Big Steve says:

      This is not the type we wish to see anywhere in this country !
      Fred here is an extreme example of a delusional, pathological lying whack-job.

  18. Bobo says:

    Will someone please explain to these reporters that paperwork requested by the offender, sent to the offender from NPRC, and handed to the reporter by the offender are as genuine as a $3 bill?

    The Record-Courier needs to have Meyling sign an SF-180 having a full and un-redacted set of his records sent directly to the reporter. As soon as he balks, the BS flag is thrown.

    • Jim Skiman says:

      Guys, Fred the FRAUD told me in our meeting that he was not employed by the Veterans Administration (i’m surprised they seem to be hiring dolts from the top on down. The editor for the Record Currier Hildabrand is a moron and a lefty. He would swallow anything fred the fraud would tell him!

  19. Old Artillery Sgt says:

    How is he still working for the VA if his resume is fake?? Isn’t that itself fraud?? Make him name some names, he was in Munich 72, how long and where? I was in Germany 13 years. He’s talking about being places, classified or not, he’s talking about them. Name some units, commanders or even buddies. He’s a real low life.

    He claims he’s a RETIRED Army Colonel. Show an ID Card. How about his VA ID Card.

  20. 3E9 says:

    18 years at JSOC? That’s some grand homesteading for an active duty troop. Who the hell would believe the “they sent a car for me” story? What a dipshit.

  21. Old 1SG, US Army (Retired) says:

    This guy is a dirtbag…

    The reporter is a real idiot as well. This dumb ass should have smelled the BS as soon as Fast Freddy opened his mouth!

    Whoever nominated this guy at the Elks Lodge needsto be 86’d from the bar.

    • Hondo says:

      “Fast Freddy” – haven’t heard that expression since a truly excellent assignment I had in the 1980s. Good memories. (smile)

  22. 91A10 says:

    How is it a 91A10 in ’71 – ’72 didn’t catch a tour in ‘nam?

    • Hondo says:

      Actually, that makes sense.

      At the end of 1971, the US was down to 155,800 troops – or somewhat over 1/4 of the US peak strength in Vietnam (nearly 543,500 in spring 1969). The US was also rapidly withdrawing US combat forces at the time; the last combat units were withdrawn in August 1972. By the end of 1972, US forces in the RVN numbered a bit over 24,200. All were support troops and advisers.

      The guy enlisted in early Nov 1971, but didn’t finish AIT until May 1972. Since at that point the US was about to withdraw its last combat units from Vietnam, at that point the Army probably wasn’t sending too many folks of any MOS to Vietnam for duty.

  23. David says:

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA *Breath* HAHAHAHAHA!!! Seriously?! I got to the part where he said he was picked up on orders from Gen. Schwartzkoff, and I had to stop. How do guys like this not know that they’re going to be found out?

  24. clamsgotlegs says:

    The Nonprofit “Welcome All Veterans Everywhere” was registered with the Nevada Secretary of State’s office in Jan 2014. It generally takes over a year to get the IRS 501c3 designation letter from the IRS. A search of the IRS website for this nonprofit yield no results idicating they have not received their designation letter yet.

    If the nonprofit has not received their designation letter to date, any donations made to this nonprofit are not tax deductible at this time.

    • Old Artillery Sgt says:

      Sounds like the IRS or the state of Nevada will be making a lot of money soon..

  25. Carlton G. Long says:

    Since when do officers “enlist” or “re-enlist” ??

    • Green Thumb says:


    • Combat Historian says:

      Easy-Peasy; just choose and check the “commissioned officer” option box on your enlistment contract, and immediately after swearing your oath they will present you with your butter bars, and off you go to OBC !!! ‘Tis that simple !!! ////

  26. OldSarge57 says:

    Found this article who I assume is the same guy:

    Proceeds from the concert, sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Carson Valley, will be used to support service dogs supplied to wounded military service personnel. In this effort, the Kiwanis Club has partnered with the G-3-1 Korea Association, which has been working to supply trained service animals for more than four years. G-3-1 paid for Cyrus to fly to Nevada to reach Meyling.

    Meyling is a veteran of the United States Army, Special Forces, Green Beret, with a total of 28 years of service. Although a paraplegic for more than 30 years, Meyling is extremely active as a fixed wing aircraft pilot working toward his glider endorsement. A strong advocate for veterans, he works both one-on-one and with groups, such as Wheelers for the Wounded. He counsels other wounded or traumatized veterans and helps by fast-tracking the services they need.

    “I have been doing this for many years, in the service and for a dozen years since then. I give them guidance and it also helps to know they are not the only ones going through this,” Meyling said.

    If this is, in fact the case, he has committed some serious fraud.

    • Old 1SG, US Army (Retired) says:

      So now we having him really violating the Stolen Valor Act… get’s a service dog based on his status as a “28 year” veteran.

      Maybe one of our full-time bloggers could work this case… This guy needs to be stopped!

      I plan to email the Record-Courier from home tonight and then track down someone from the Wilcox Range News and the charity providing the dog.

      Here’s the editor’s contact info for the first paper (Record-Courier).

      Kurt Hildebrand
      Editor, Internet Editor
      Phone Number: 782-5121 ext. 21

      • Hondo says:

        Willcox Range News is in Willcox, AZ.

        Their contact info is as follows:

        122 S. Haskell Ave
        Willcox, AZ 85643

        Phone: (520) 384-3571
        Fax: (520) 384-3572


        The organization providing the service dog was Operation Wolfhound. Its contact info is:

        3732 W. Whitewater School Road
        Elfrida, AZ 85610

        You may contact director Robert or Alicia Miller at (520) 642-1628 or by E-mail at

        Both are in rural SE Arizona.

    • Mustang1LT says:

      Great, ANOTHER fucking pilot….Birdbath, Heavy Chevy, now this numbnuts. I wonder if he knows how to read a fuel gauge?

    • Hondo says:

      Yeah, some real problems with that timeline.

      1. Assume he entered the military at age 18.
      2. Add 28 years of service. That yields age 46 on leaving the service.
      3. Paraplegics are virtually always medically discharged or retired (generally the latter, I think, with the possible exception of a NLOD/DOM injury resulting in paralysis). They’re not retained on active duty or in the reserve components for years or decades. Ergo, that means he was discharged or retired shortly after becoming a paraplegic.
      4. The article from Mar 2013 (2 years ago) linked above says he’d been a paraplegic for 30 years. Even assuming a medical board process taking a full year, that adds another 31 years past (presumably) medical retirement.
      5. That in turn would make him a minimum of (46 + 31 ) = 77 years old today, give or take a year.

      I’m thinking the guy in the above picture IS NOT 77 years old. Based on the photo, I’d guess late 40s to mid-60s tops.

      His FOIA reply indicates he entered the military in Nov 1971. That was 43 yrs and change ago. Adding 18 or 19 to that would make him 61 or 62 today – which is consistent with his appearance in the photo.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      I have a problem with the part that says he is ‘working toward his glider endorsement’.

      There is only one way to stop a glider on landing and that is to step on both brake pedals. Depending on the model, it requires some physical strength. If you put more pressure on one brake pedal than on the other, the glider will make a ground level turn.

      I know this, because I ran into corn when I was not firm enough with the brake pedals.

      This applies even if there is only one wheel, because the brake pedals are also linked to the rudder.

      It isn’t a car and there are no power brakes in gliders.

  27. OldSarge57 says:

    Overview of Fred Meyling in Mulberry, FL

    Creative Property Inc. filed as a Domestic Corporation in the State of Nevada on Friday, January 14, 2005. This corporation is no longer active according to documents filed with Nevada Secretary of State and is listed as Permanently Revoked.

    Fred’s past corporate interests include the Director of Creative Property Inc. .

    Functionability, Inc. filed as a Domestic Non Profit Corporation in the State of Florida on Monday, June 10, 2002. This corporation is no longer active according to documents filed with Florida Department of State.

    Fred’s past corporate interests include the Chairman of Functionability, Inc. and the Chairman of Creative Prosperity, Inc. Fred has additional archived roles with three other companies including:
    • Past Chairman of Functionability, Inc.
    • Past Chairman of Creative Prosperity, Inc.
    • Past President of National Spinal Cord Injury Association – Tampa
    • Past Director of Second Chance Training Center, Inc.
    • Past Director of Inspiring, Inc.

    …and the list goes on.

    • Old 1SG, US Army (Retired) says:

      These all sound like phony companies…

      Used to get donations etc…

    • Mustang1LT says:

      Creative Property? In Florida? Perhaps they are a subsidiary of a certain company owned by a Navy Commander. A SEAL and a Green Beret joining forces? Sounds like an unbeatable combination to me!

  28. Combat Historian says:

    …“Somehow, the Army knew about his newly acquired language skills and his studies of the Islamic religion and the Middle East,” Zogorski said. “Finally, the Army sent a car to pick him up and re-enlisted him on orders directed by none other than General Norman Schwartzkoff. He was the first military officer wheelchair-user to be approved to serve in the armed forces and paved the way for others like him to be able to serve in the armed forces.”…

    Dear God, is that how the average civvie and/or journalist thinks the military works ? Does the average citizen thinks the military is run like a combination of the “The Bourne Identity” and “Our Man Flint”? I am literally fucking speechless…

    • David says:

      yes, and yes. Considering the difference in average background and likely political ideology, I would bet cash green money that 90% of journalists probably don’t knowingly hang out with one post-Vietnam vet.

  29. beretverde says:

    This truth molester needs to be sent packing. The Elk’s award needs to be rescinded.

    Another phoney phuck.

  30. CLAW131 says:

    4th General Dispensary was in Darmstadt.

    40 Mark Strausse was the main drag between K-Town and Darmstadt.

    Looks like he completed Project Headstart one day and reported to the Separation Transfer Point at Fort Relaxin Jackson the next day./sarc

    Hmmm, access to the controlled drugs cabinet at the dispensary to trade for a lady of the night’s pleasure? Or just straight black marketeering?

    Or just an all around shitbag from the get-go?

    • CLAW131 says:

      Nope, probably not black marketing. He was discharged as a PFC. He would have really slapped hard for doing that.

      More reading comprehension needed on my behalf.

      • CLAW131 says:

        More typing skills needed also.

        Should have read: He would have really BEEN slapped hard for doing that.

        My bad.

  31. OldSarge57 says:

    My guess is he will use his disability as an excuse and also claim some sort of mental impairment from his “three story” fall in 1982 which paralyzed him. Or maybe it was Guido and the boys wanting their money. Who can believe anything this sad excuse for a human being says. Interesting it’s another scam artist who also builds kit aircraft and has a Florida connection. What the heck is up with that? They all need to take a page from the John Denver School of Aviation. (actually, I liked John, but well, you know the story…)

  32. Old 1SG, US Army (Retired) says:

    1503 Highway 395 N., Suite G
    Gardnerville, NV 89410

    Kurt Hildebrand
    Editor, Internet Editor
    Phone Number: 782-5121 ext. 21

    Pat Bridges
    Phone Number: 775-881-1209

    Here’s what I plan to send to the editor, feel free to use this as a template. Let’s bombard this guy with email:

    Dear Mr. Hildebrand:

    The Record-Courier should be embarrassed for publishing an article without vetting the outrageous claims made by Mr. Meyling and associates. Not only are the claims unbelievable but the timeline for accomplishing them is next to impossible, if not impossible.

    A Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for Mr. Meyling’s military records prove that his claims are false, or at best, grossly exaggerated. In addition to the claims published by your paper, it has been reported by other sources that Mr. Meyling was presented with a service dog based all or in part on his bogus military record.

    Your first published response to Mr. Meyling’s “alleged” false claims “Citizen of the year denies exaggerating military record,” was weak at best. As for Mr. Meyling producing supporting documents – don’t hold your breath. The only documents that he could provide would be those that he “produces” with a computer, white out and a copy machine.

    The evidence is available and clearly refutes Mr. Meyling’s claims. Ignorance of the inner workings of the military is no excuse – it’s up to reporters, editors and publishers to do their due diligence prior to publication.

    It’s time for the Record-Courier to retract its original article with a detailed explanation as to why. You should also publish an apology to your readers, the local community and to everyone who has served in the armed forces, particularly the Special Forces.

    Mr. Hildebrand, it is time for you to set the record straight.


  33. MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

    The last time a car was sent to pick me up for an OP, it was a JeepNee and I was taken to Subic City to get laid!

    That is all!

  34. Azygos says:

    Any chance he is not really a paraplegic?

    • Sparks says:

      Azgos…I say we give him the Walter Sobchak character “Lift and Toss Test” from “The Big Lebowski”

  35. jonp says:

    Man, I so know how he feels. President Reagan somehow heard about my mad parachute skills and sent a humvee, years before it was actually made so it was an advanced prototype, into far northern new england and grabbed me during evening milking to shock train troops for Grenada.

    Sucked but duty calls.

    • Sparks says:

      jonp…I’d have believed you, if you had said Arnold Schwarzenegger was driving.

    • nbcguy54ACTUAL says:

      Yep. Know the feeling. I got recalled to AD so I could fit-test a mask to Saddam’s executioner in case he shit on himself when he was hung. Been looking for a book deal…

  36. Big Steve says:

    Fred, you are one REALLY effed up unit. I will never understand how you have fooled so many people with the most absurd military claims I have ever heard.
    Though I am sorry about your paraplegic condition, I think your life is about to get a little more difficult. And you have no one to thank but yourself, Stolen Valor boy.

  37. Bobo says:

    I went to OCS with a blond haired, blue eyed girl of German descent right after Desert Storm. She also was maried to an Egyptian, had his Arabic last name, and a degree in Arabic studies. Despite all of the indicators, and her being in uniform, the Army never figured out that she was fluent in Arabic because she never told them. Yet, somehow, the same Army finds out third hand that this guy had acquired some mad language skills and the CENTCOM commander himself has him swooped up and brought back into the Army as a paraplegic because of it. Yup, sounds legit to me.

  38. Dave Hardin says:

    Oh come on now, it was common for them to send a car for me. I usually got escorted strait to the Battalion Commander with armed guards and flashy lights and everything. I was gifted in uttering bullshit of all kinds. I usually got a few smirks from the SgtMaj but the CO was rarely amused.

    • Green Thumb says:


      This is the turd you call when you need a secret ride to the grocery store.

      And maybe a tugjob in back.

  39. FatCircles0311 says:

    What was he really doing for those 28 years he spent in the military being the nation’s Jack Bauer?

    I bet it involves truck stops and knee pads.


  40. Kay says:

    I live less than a mile from Fred Meyling and I have met him. I can say that he truly is a paraplegic, but that’s all I can say is real about him. It pisses me off to no end that he is telling lies and getting benefits that he truly doesn’t deserve. I’m a wife of a veteran and I am disgusted at people like him.

  41. Ole Nam Doc says:

    I noticed on the FOIA under Training, they listed his “Medical Corpsman” training. Did the Army use the term Corpsman? I thought only the Navy used that term.

    • CLAW131 says:

      Old Nam Doc – Now that sounds like the moniker that my older brother would have used if he were alive and commenting here. He was an 91B/91C.

      Anyway I’m betting that the NPRC tech that wrote up the FOIA had a Navy background and just naturally associated Aidman with Corpsman and typed it up that way.

      • Airdale USN says:

        Yep, we have Corpsman in the Navy and also serve in Marine units since Marines don’t have medics.

  42. Ex-PH2 says:

    The adventures this guy has had are just aamazing, aren’t they?

    Now if only he could distinguish between fiction and non-fiction, he could probably get a movie deal.

    I was thinking: ‘My Life As A 4-Wheel Snoop’.

  43. Hack Stone says:

    You may have your doubts that his story about being recalled may be far fetched, but it has happened before. In the early 1990s, Middle East terrorists killed the security detail assigned to protect the President’s daughter, and held her hostage in an “old bean factory” on the outskirts of LA. The President himself directed the Commandant Of The Marine Corps to personally call a Medal Of Honor recipient, recalling him to active duty. In fact, they even made a movie about it. It was titled “Terror In Beverly Hills”. The name of that man recalled to active duty? None other than Hack Stone. Now you know the rest of tge friggin’ story.

  44. Andy11M says:

    I always wonder about these guys. You had a failed military career FORTY YEARS ago.Let it go, hell, that was so long ago, nobody would care or need to know. You don’t have to pump it up and keep talking about it. Also, I would love someone in the mental health field to crack this guys head open and peer inside and tell us if he actually believes the BS he’s spinning, or if he knows he’s lying and just doesn’t care. At least he didn’t go full retard/poser and get a SF tattoo.

  45. JohnE says:

    ”I have sent for the documents in question and should have them for you, so we can meet and put this to rest,”

    $20 says they “burned up in the fire”…

    • Robert C. Zornes says:

      Yeah, we’ve all heard that one but that dog doesn’t hunt, given what actually WAS destroyed. And most of it was water damage, not fire.

  46. GDContractor says:

    I don’t think this got posted above. Picture of “Fred Meyling, a Vietnam War Veteran” posted May 1, 2012.

    Here he is getting a free modified jeep, maybe.

    A newspaper article stating that Meyling was paralized by a 3-story fall in 1982. No mention of military status.,1193931

    • Jordan Rott says:

      Man, reading that link of him (possibly) getting those mods for his Jeep made me extremely pissed off. I hope he crashes that thing if it has all that free shit on it.

  47. Robert C. Zornes says:

    He was with Brian Williams when their two fighter jets ran out of fuel trying to chase down the 9/11 hijackers and thus was born the genesis of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

  48. Green Thumb says:


  49. Airdale USN says:

    Wow, reading this makes my day!! I cant believe people fell for this. Let me get a beer and continue on reading the comic books.