Chad Ward; phony LTC, Ranger

| March 27, 2015

Chad Ward

Scotty sends us his work on this Chad Ward fellow who claims “22 tours” in the Army rising to the lofty rank of Lieutenant Colonel, a Ranger and earning himself a Purple Heart, a Silver Star and a Bronze Star along with Good Conduct Medals. Some how he thinks that will help him in his business setting up entertainment centers.

Chad Ward Claims

Well, as you can guess that’s not exactly true – in fact, it’s not true at all. The National Personnel Records Center says “Who?”

Chad Ward FOIA

Chad Ward (2)

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  1. sj says:

    Boy am I loser. I was an O5 but never got any Good Conduct medals. You would think that there would be a record of him since he as a “BSN” from West Point (not the USMA). Or maybe he got that from a school in a town named West Point?

    • Combat Historian says:

      SJ, since we’re both retired O-5s, may be we can return the favor by setting up a fake compamy and posing as phony home theater set-up specialists…///

      • sj says:

        Well, I was Signal and got my ass chewed more when PA systems didn’t work than I did when commo sucked. Maybe that would be a good line of work.

        • Blaster says:

          Haha. I too am a SIGO, and have been in CUBs where the only interest they had in me was to get the projector working properly for the power point presentation.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      Maybe there’s a small town elsewhere named “West Point” and he either graduated from their high school, got his GED there, or it’s home to some diploma mill! Either way, he’s just another snotsucking candyassed Smurf-humping creampuff of a junk food-guzzling LSoS in my book!

    • Mike W says:

      Isn’t a “BSN” a Nursing degree?

      I don’t know what a BSN in Engineering is. Maybe BullShitting Noodnik?

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        Yep, BSN – Bachelor of Science in Nursing, my youngest Sister has that. In Chad Ward’s case, I’m sure it means “Bumfuck Shitheaded Nincompoop”! If he had a BSN in Nursing he wouldn’t be baving to set up home theaters for a living.

  2. Combat Historian says:

    Jeebus, it’s Friday Phony Fucktard Day…

  3. Club Manager says:

    CW Logic has a Facebook page and lists other ways to share with this worthy person the error of his ways.

    • Ordsoldier says:

      Just sent his CW Logic FB page a link to this. Wonder if he will respond. Cedar Park, Tx is right down the road from me.

  4. JAGC says:

    In news that will surprise nobody, he also boasts having “published” 13 patents. A quick review of a very reliable patent database shows that a Chad Ward is credited over the last 10 years of being part of a team that was granted four patents. There is no need to verify whether it is the same person (and really, he was moonlighting with teams of inventors while on 22 deployments?) because even if this were the same guy, four patents doesn’t magically become 13.

    • sj says:

      BTW: there is no Chad Ward in the USMA list of Grads ( There is a Charles B., Christine, and Conan.

      I am shocked.

      • Hondo says:

        We can be even a bit more definitive than that, sj.

        His “resume” lists his Army service as 1992-2012. That means he would have graduated in 1992.

        The only two individuals with the last name “Ward” to graduate in 1992 were named “James E. Ward” and “Kermit D. Ward”.

        An alternate possibility would be that he graduated in 1996 and received a medical retirement in 2012, and is counting his time at West Point as “Army Service” (it doesn’t if he receives a commission). There were no 1996 West Point graduates with the last name of “Ward”.

        Unless he’s changed his name, this guy is blowing smoke. I’m shocked, shocked too.

  5. Snotcrow says:

    Is it only me that is wildly amused by a retired Army Officer from West Point that has a graduate degree and works as a home theatre installer?

    Not that it can’t be a good job – but one would think that he would be a contractor for the government and make boatloads of money?

  6. Steadfast&Loyal says:

    I have no more fucks to give today.

    I look at this stain on society and wonder….why he wussied out.

    I mean he could have gone much furhter with his lie and frankly he should have. A couple bullet points on a resume is all being a ranger and a light colonel is worth?

    gawd. thanks for trying but damn he’s even a poor phony.

  7. MSGRetired says:

    Hmmm 22 tours, average tour is 12 months so I guess he was there long before the GWOT even started ! My HERO… NOT Fuckin Poser

  8. Brown Neck Gaitor says:

    Of the three magazines he lists as being published in, only 1 is a legit magazine title, Home and Garden out of England. Home Theaters really isn’t their thing.

    I doubt he even plays the guitar.

    And leads to (say it out loud)

  9. john lako says:

    A big surprise that the Texas Board of Professional Engineers has not heard of this clown either.

  10. HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

    A rump-ridin’ ranger that practices the ancient art of buttsekks warfare.

    Fucking loser…

  11. Green Thumb says:

    This dude has that “I want your balls in my face” look.

    • judy says:

      Your all about some balls…..are u gay

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        Nice going in resurrecting a dormant thread you imbecilic moron! Whose little Swamp Donkey queef are you, or are you CHAD WARD (Google hit! :D) posing under the name “judy”?

        Either way, YOU’RE AN IDIOT, and you lose!! :mrgreen:

        • judy says:

          No I’m a real ass woman who stumbled on to this page…and thought these grown ass men are like 6th grade little girls picking on the new kid.Get a life

  12. MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

    Officer + Good Conduct Medals = TOTALLY LEGIT!

    • Brown Neck Gaitor says:

      Well, it is possible if he was a Maverick.

      And had served….

      • Hondo says:

        Possible but unlikely if he’s a USMA grad as claimed, given the timing he also claims.

        He claims to have served 20 years (1992-2012) and left service, presumably via retirement, as a LTC. O5 and above requires 3 years TIG to retire at that grade (can be waived to 2 yrs by the Service Secretary concerned; I think it can be waived to as little as 1 day for a medical retirement). Making LTC and qualifying to retire at that grade is generally doable in 20 years or so commissioned service.

        However: if someone attends one of the service academies and accepts a commission after graduation, the time spent at the service academy does not count as credible military service. (If they don’t accept a commission, it does count – but they then get ordered to active duty for a number of years in an enlisted status to fulfill their service commitment. I believe the general practice is that they enter active duty as an E4.) If he enlisted in 1992, attending USMA and getting a commission would thus make his maximum credible service by 2012 about 16 years – not 20.

        That in turn means he would have (1) served prior to attending USMA; (2) attended USMA, which he can’t count as service time if he accepts a commission, (3) accepted a commission, and (4) then made LTC before leaving service in 2012. Even if he only had a bit over 1 year of enlisted service (say, to attend IET and the USMA Prep School), since he can’t count the 4 yrs at West Point that only leaves him around 15 years commissioned time to go from 2LT to LTC.

        Seeing an officer go from commissioning to LTC in 15 years is not exactly common, and wasn’t in 2012 either – not outright impossible, but VERY uncommon. I’m guessing this guy didn’t. (smile)

  13. Sparks says:

    You know, just when I think I won’t ever again be surprised by the antics of one of these LSoS Posers, I am. This guy brings a new and extra definition to stupidity. I mean, he’s not even trying to be a passable poser. Hey, Chad in the future, which now looks pretty bleak for you, a little research and homework will do you wonders in the fabrication of your lies. But alas, it is too, too late for you now. Thankfully, this site and the internet are…FOREVER! Right now, your name, linked to this page, is on page 2, half way down, of a Google search of you and it is only going to climb to page 1, number 1. So guess what? You wanted to be famous and recognized, well now you will be.

  14. Sparks says:

    Chad Ward Chad Ward Chad Ward Chad Ward Chad Ward Chad Ward Chad Ward Chad Ward Chad Ward Chad Ward Chad Ward Chad Ward Chad Ward Chad Ward Chad Ward Chad Ward Chad Ward Chad Ward Chad Ward Chad Ward Chad Ward Chad Ward Chad Ward Chad Ward Chad Ward

    There you go Chad, 25 more Google hit references to your name. Good luck in making it to Numero Uno!

    • ChipNASA says:

      Chad Ward are you listening Chad Ward? I think that Chad Ward is a big assed sack of shit, right Chad Ward? I mean if I had a dog namaed Chad Ward, I’d shave his ass and make him walk backwards. I know a gang that needs a new member Chad Ward. When you look up Chad Ward on the internet you see a shit pile. I mean your MOM Chad Ward should have swallowed, Chad Ward. When I hear Chad Ward in my head when I read Chad Ward I think that it’s the name of a new STD Chad Ward.
      If Obama had a son with Hitler his name would be Chad Ward. Ebola is afraid that it may catch Chad Ward.

  15. Big Steve says:

    Stupid is as stupid does. This is one of those phonies who doesn’t even do decent homework, and come up with halfway believable military fakery.
    Just absurd claims that even a sensible, non-veteran civilian should have a hard time believing.

    Chad “I’m a maggot and oh crap, I’m busted” Ward.

  16. Sparks says:

    Even Kim Kardashian would know he is a POS, lying phoney.

  17. At his facebook page there is a photo of him in a vehicle with a little boy sitting behind him. In this photo, the iris of his left eye is outside his eyelid. My photoshop skills say he pasted a blue eyed Iris onto his photo.
    I guess that he wanted to be a pretty, blue-eyed LTC with a chest full of GCMs.

  18. FMR PAO says:

    BSN from West Point=Bullshit Nobody from West Point Kansas

  19. firing squad says:

    I know this jerk. He does meth and everything out his mouth is a lie. He hasn’t paid a cent in child support to the mother of his two children ever. It’s been over a year since my friend divorced him. He can’t even see his kids unsupervised. If you see him, show him what real valor looks like close up. Please.

  20. HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

    A real deal, two-hole taint tickler and master of the buttsekks warfare

  21. OWB says:

    Chad? Hey, Chad! We feel all warm and fuzzy that you still care enough to send your very best.

    (Not sure how the rest of you guys are doing out there, but warm and fuzzy big girl panties are just the ticket on this cool morning.)

  22. ChipNASA says:

    Hey Chump Ward,

    You know something? Caitlyn Jenner is more of a MAN than YOU are.
    Pee Wee Herman has more game than YOU do.