Brent Henry scams Wags For Warriors

| April 7, 2015

Brent Henry

Mary sends us a link to WTKR NEWSCHANNEL 3 which tells the story of Brent Henry who scammed Wags For Warriors, a charity that gets service dogs for veterans, out of some cash;

[Brent Henry] told us the same story about a helicopter crash and his struggles with PTSD.

But part of what he was saying didn’t add up so NEWSCHANNEL 3 investigated his military background.

Records from the United States Marine Corps show he did serve from 1994 until 2000 — but also show a bad conduct discharge. That came from a special court martial in 1998. He was accused of unauthorized absence and was demoted to private.

Records also show Henry was not serving in 2009 which is the year he claims to have been in a helicopter crash resulting in his PTSD.


[Henry] said, “What resources am I taking? I’m trying to raise awareness for guys with PTSD like myself.”

Henry also told stories about his deployments to Afghanistan. As a result he was given hundreds of dollars of clothes and hundreds of dollars for an event honoring the dishonorable fellow. Police have charged him with fraud. After he bonded out, police were called to his apartment when he threatened to harm himself. Now he faces additional charges for “reckless handling of a firearm”.

Don Shipley has had run ins with frauds who conned Wags For Warriors in the past – let’s travel through time back to 2012;

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  1. Thunderstixx says:

    Yep, Stolen Valor is a victimless crime…

  2. Open Channel D says:

    It’s all an honest mistake. He thought it was “Wigs for Warriors”.

    • ChipNASA says:

      I have glasses on and THAT’S how I read it the first time.

      /let’s give this “hero” a 7 lb block of cheese.

    • SidneyBroadshead says:

      Maybe he thought it was WAGs (“Wives and Girlfriends”) for Warriors. (“WAG” is British slang for the MILFs and hotties that are attached to sports stars). If so. he must have been pissed when he just got a dog out of it.

  3. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Waitaminnit – Police were called to his apartment after he bonded out of jail? Sounds like he’s trying to set himself up for an insanity defense. After all, he IS a proven conman!

    • Pinto Nag says:

      Just one entry in the playbook. When the possibility exists of legal action/court/jail, either complain of chest pain or threaten to hurt yourself. You go to the hospital, and only once you’re stabilized, will the law come after you. It buys you time, and just might keep you out of the klink. It can also get you into the system for help, goods, and services.

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        Just what I was thinking, once a conman, always a conman. He obviously thinks he’s milked the Vets’ charities for what he could get, I think he’s now doing the groundwork to milk as many Mental Health outfits as he can. Maybe he’ll be screaming “PTSD” from some bullshit source real soon, maybe from Bubba & Thor while he was in lockup!

  4. Skippy says:

    Well I can’t say wat I would like to say because I’d have to hit the RED BUTTON.
    So once again I see fellow wounded and injured vets getting F-‘D by a POS…
    And they say stolen valor.. Is no BIG Deal Amazing…..

  5. Green Thumb says:


  6. Andy11M says:

    A special Court Martial for UA? WTF? So I guess he did 2 years in lockup because the CM was in 98 and discharge was in 2000? Back in the mid and late 90s in the Army we had guys go AWOL for months and when they came back they choked down a Field Grade Art 15 did their 45/45 and their collar fluttered in the breeze. Some of them got kicked, some got retained. There must have been more to it than just UA.

    • Guard Bum says:

      I suspect his UA may have been due to being in a civilian jail bacause I agree with you, thats an abnormal sentence for a UA.

  7. Semper Idem says:

    This is the worst sort of stolen valor. Wags for Warriors is not Wags for Posers, thank you very much.

    Also, am I the only one who initially thought that the word ‘wags’ referred to wiseguys? ;o)

  8. B Woodman says:

    It’s good to see that some “news” media are out there doing the job and actually INVESTIGATING, instead of just swallowing hook, line, and sinker.

  9. Airdale USN says:

    Channel # is always on top of the game!! That guy is a true bottom feeder!!

  10. OWB says:

    Not that it excuses bad behavior on the part of posers, but doesn’t a charitable group have some responsibility to vet individuals before giving them anything?

    • Green Thumb says:

      They should but often do not. When they get duped, they assume the posture of “well, they are sick and need help”. A very convenient way out.

  11. dnice says:

    Do the better known charities (ie Wounded Warriors) already provide service dogs? Does anyone have a legit list?

  12. nbcguy54ACTUAL says:

    I reckon I’m doing it all wrong. I was in a helicopter crash at Ft Carson in 1988 but have yet to “catch” PTSD or have charities throwing money at me.

    I’m still not too comfy on roller coasters though. Does that count?

  13. bman says:

    after some correspondence I donated to Paws for Purple Hearts out of Colorado Springs. It is hard to know where to send money because so many of these organizations that seem legit spend most of the contributions on their administrative staffs.

  14. Combat Historian says:

    This idiot tried to rip off a charity in a big military town, where lots of mil folks know lots of other mil folks, and where the local TV news reporters may actually know something about how the military works and what passes the smell test…this shitbrain obviously didn’t…

    • How does an organization blindly hand over 4, 000??? Poor management.
      Bring Wags Home! Follow us on Facebook so that you can all see the truth about Adam Mayo and Wags for Warriors of Virginia! Just look up Bring Wags Home!

  15. Brent may have lied about his discharge date, however…We are in the middle of suing Adam Mayo of Wags for Warriors of VA.
    There is no way any organization GIVES blindly 4k to someone with OUT receipts, bills etc. And at best for the organization to get the bills and call the payments in themselves! Due to our Civil Suit, WFWOV tax exempt status has been reported to the IRS and is being investigated(hmmm?!) For that I will say maybe Brent is not the bad guy you all were led to believe he is/was…

  16. Wags For Warriors Of Virginia needs to return my stolen dog Liberty Wags and stop pretending they are some kind of victim.

  17. shera says:

    This is a PM between myself and Mr. Mayo regarding Liberty Wags.
    Take a minute to read this PM, it is very informative.
    ***Note*** It was Mr. Henry’s dog that was left for 3 days once and 4 days another time.
    His dog is like a prescription…..Why would a vet leave his dog behind when he can take the dog where ever he goes???
    I believe Mr. Henry was a conveinent scape goat when non -profit funds couldn’t be accounted for.
    I don’t and many others don’t trust Mr. Mayo as far as we could throw him.
    The following is the PM message between Mr. Mayo (Motley Mutts) and myself. There is no defamation or slander, these are his words.
    Shera Gi-Gi Madison
    Why are you keeping Wags from Julio? Your character is being called into question. You don’t give someone something they need and then out of spite take it away. That is just wrong. I just want you to know that I am about to post about you and your unethical business practices on over 40 fb sites. I am not in your area but I groomed dogs for over 7 years and know others in the industry. Is this really worth it? If you feel that there is something I need to know to validate what you have done….. by all means I am all ears.
    Please return Wags to Julio…………. I will be posting a on line petition in 24 hours and letting thousands of people know about this situation if you choose not to. I also belong to many animal advocacy sites as well. Good news travels fast but bad news travels faster.
    February 16
    Motley Mutts
    2/16, 1:55pm
    Motley Mutts
    Are you aware that he as the only paid employee of Wags for Warriors violated his employment contract? Are you aware that he showed up to train one of the veterans in our program, and was later reported to me that he was drunk? Are you aware that he had a contract with WFWOVA stating upon his dismissal from Wags for Warriors he was to return the dog? He did so within 20 minutes of his dismissal with no argument. Are you aware your message is a threat to another business not Wags for Warriors? Are you aware that he did not do what he said he would do while watching a veterans dog for a weekend? As for my character, Im bringing veterans and dogs together for non profit. I invite you to any of our fundraisers to see the great work we do. Hopefully this validates me and our actions to protect a dog and a veteran in your eyes. BTW Julio is not a veteran.
    Shera Gi-Gi Madison
    2/16, 2:25pm
    Shera Gi-Gi Madison
    I am aware Julio is not a veteran but he has been diagnosed with PTSD and Wags was given to him. Why won’t you return him? I understand if he was a nasty drinker but if he was acting within the guidelines of the program why take it out on Wags and the only family he has known.
    I have met Julio when Hub was donated to the program.
    I want to help resolve the conflict and do what is right for Wags and Julio.
    I have PTSD but I am not a veteran but my rescue dog is my companion and would exacerbate my compounded mental issues if someone came and took him from me.
    Shera Gi-Gi Madison
    2/16, 2:30pm
    Shera Gi-Gi Madison
    I understand that a dog Julio was caring for in the owners absence and the dog had a accident on the floor and it was cleaned up. Did I leave something out because if not that is a ridiculous reason to take a dog that was given to this man for a need. You just don’t play around with people’s emotions like that.
    Motley Mutts
    2/16, 3:16pm
    Motley Mutts
    Does that look like Pee he did not clean up? He was to sleep at the house with the dogs, instead locked them in this room and went home. I guess you didn’t read the whole message for the reason of removal that I sent you nor are you getting the exact truth of what happened. This is my last message I’m sending you. I guess in the future before you threaten people you might want to find out the whole truth. My next message to you will be from my attorney with a copy of the threat you posted against my business that has nothing to do with this issue. Good day!
    Shera Gi-Gi Madison
    2/16, 3:32pm
    Shera Gi-Gi Madison
    Testy are we? Look I haven’t threatened your business and you are affiliated with WFW. Please don’t assume amything. Btw….I am entitled to my opinions and as long as it is the truth there is no harm.
    The notes and minutes of the meeting with WFW was requested by Julio and that needs to be provided to them for disclosure purposes. Why hide the truth from your point if view. You seem to be very mean spirited for someone who helps disabled veterans. A mess can be cleaned up off the floor. I just feel the board members made a very thoughtless decision. I have talked to Julio and Yvette and they have a very similar story to yours so I believe them. I believe that Wags should be returned to them. This situation is already circulating on fb and with the same story…..others feel you are on some kind of power trip. Try to rise above and do what you know is right. God bless and good day to you as well.
    February 16
    Shera Gi-Gi Madison
    2/16, 8:13pm
    Shera Gi-Gi Madison
    Are you trying renig on returning Wags? Look, Julio is not your minion and Yvette is working on meeting your demands to resolve things. Just know this that site being gone is not going to remove my post on other sites that carries a lot more impact and I REFUSE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES TO REMOVE MY POSTS UNTIL WAGS HAS BEEN RETURNED TO JULIO. I was happy to hear that wags was going to be returned this afternoon all to hear there is more drama. This is not HELPING anyone.

    • shera says:

      Just to correct the above statement, it was not Brent’s dog that was left for days. As if it matters, it was a man named Eric and his dog named Adam that was left for days.

  18. shera says:

    I also recieved this PM from Mr. Henry 3/1/2015….
    3/1, 4:06pm
    Brent Henry
    Hi ma’am
    I am a veteran with severe PTSD and have been hospitalized numerous times due to my PTSD. I have been part of WFW since the beginning of December, I have only read a little bit of what has been going on, and I think you should hear the truth about the story behind wags.
    If you are interested in finding out information please feel free to call or email me