Anthony Kolat; phony Beirut Marine

| April 23, 2015

Anthony Kolat

Scotty sends us his work on this Anthony Kolat fellow who claims that he was in Beirut when Hezbollah bombed the barracks there on October 23, 1983 and that he earned a Purple Heart there.

Anthony Kolat (1)

Anthony Kolat (5)

Kolat, who was a combat engineer with the 1st Battalion, 8th Marines, 24th Marine Amphibious Unit, recalled being on a bulldozer and hearing sirens shortly after seeing and hearing the explosion. A Condition Red, the highest-alert level, was issued, and “all hell broke loose,” he said.

“It was chaos. We couldn’t leave our bulldozers until we had the all-clear four hours later,” added Kolat, who arrived in Beirut in late September 1983 as part of a peacekeeping mission.

Kolat shared many recollections Wednesday at the Eat ’n’ Park Diner, South Avenue, Boardman. He also brought a Good Conduct certificate he was awarded, several photographs taken in Beirut after the bombing and various military artifacts that survived a fire at his residence shortly after he left the Marines in 1988.


Kolat said he received a Purple Heart for trying to find as many people as possible after the blast and ensuring no one was left behind.

Nevertheless, Kolat continued, he was doing a job and doesn’t consider himself a hero. The true heroes are those who made the ultimate sacrifice serving their country — including the 44 passengers and crew of United Flight 93 who fought four hijackers Sept. 11, 2001, before crashing near Shanksville, Pa.

For a while after the attack on the barracks, Kolat said, he was able to deal with the memories. About seven years later, however, the past suddenly hit him, causing sleep problems, among other things, he said.

Kolat, a 1978 North High School graduate, said he copes with the memories of that day through his faith as well as being a member of New Life Church in Poland.

Don’t worry, Mister Kolat, I don’t consider you a hero – especially since the Purple Heart isn’t awarded for meritorious service. But, hey, you’ve got that religion thing to hide behind. According to his records, Mister Kolat had left the active service a year and two months before the Marine Barracks were bombed in Beirut;

Anthony Kolat FOIA

Anthony Kolat Assignments

Well, at least he didn’t invade Grenada after that. But, who knows, there’s still time to add another chapter.

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  1. radar says:

    Meritorious Purple Heart? The fuck? Doesn’t ANYONE do the slightest bit of fact checking before publishing such ridiculous bullshit???

    • Eric says:

      They’re too busy putting in false claims to the VA for PTS.

      Then after they submit the claim, they have service dogs to get falsely, interviews to conduct about their fantasy land stories, and other free shit to steal from organizations trying to help real veterans.

      That’s quite the schedule to keep, no time for research…

      • Flagwaver says:

        Meanwhile, actual veterans with real problems have to jump through every hoop in the VA because they don’t have grandiose stories of taking out an entire regiment of enemies while hip-firing a mini-gun and carrying three hostages over their shoulder.

      • Skippy says:

        Eric. LMAO !!!! Right on the money. And you would think some of these Shit Birds. Watch TV and see that their brethren are getting Busted left and right.. BUT Noooo they think NOT ME. well welcome to being famous TURDS !!!!!!!
        Bwhhahahahahahahahahahaha !!!!!!!! 🙂

    • Animal says:

      Maybe he’s one of the three to receive the original Purple Heart during the Revolutionary War. That would be taking stolen valor to a whole new level.

      Then again maybe he looked on the back of one somebody was awarded and went from there.

    • Yef says:

      Have you seen the comments at Guardian of Valor? A bunch of fakers are asking how to “update” their DD 214 with combat stuff.

  2. Dave Hardin says:

    Oh how I have a special love for the dickweeds. I was talking last night to another Beirut Vet. We talked about how hard our deployments there were on our families. My daughter was born in April of 83. Left a wife and newborn home. I didn’t realize until years later how hard that was for them.

    She was afraid to turn the TV on, when the phone rang she was afraid to answer it. I wonder if anyone who loved him could possibly imagine what it is like to have two officers pull into the drive way and knock on the door while he was deployed.

    Mine does. Fuck this guy.

    • Dave Hardin says:

      On a side note: If you ever go to an Eat n Park get the Grilled Hot Sticky, its like nasty sex on a plate.

      • Animal says:

        I’ve never heard of an Eat n Park before today, but now it’s on the bucket list. I’d be there everyday for breakfast and the Hot Sticky is dangerous looking.

  3. Combat Historian says:

    Hey Tony, time to whip out the “Poser’s Handbook” and claim that you were on some type of secret squirrel reserve TAD orders that top-secretly brought you to Beirut to provide covert engineering support to the CIA or Team America World Police or something, because those records shows you weren’t exactly in Beirut in October 1983…

    • Animal says:

      Just make sure you don’t have any tattoo’s. I think it got established yesterday that Marines with tattoos are a risk to national security.

  4. Steadfast&Loyal says:

    The worst part is that he WAS a Marine.

    you’d think he would know a thing or two…but Jonn’s right.

    These guys are pussies. They aren’t really giving it all to fake things any more.

    • radar says:

      They’re always the worst. Nothing like taking a perfectly honorable service record and wiping your ass with it because you want everyone to think you’re special.

      • TankBoy says:

        Well said. The worst valor thieves to me have always been the ones who have served, but decide to embellish a bit. These are the ones who should have an understanding of the shit they are doing, booted it anyway. And, as you said, they thereby take a crap on their own honorable service. Personally, instead of jail or a fine, I would like to see them horsewhipped in a public square. Some real old fashioned pain.

  5. 3E9 says:

    Damn, no effort at all. A meritorious Purple Heart! Go away DIPSHIT; quickly.

    • Cheese Eater McBlobfish says:

      I received the yellow stomach medal for injuries I sustained while eating a hamburger right after gastric surgery.

      Dennis (Denny) Howard Chevalier

  6. HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

    Kolat the fat fucking liar must be anal buttsekks warrior buddies with another “vet” of Beruit – Bill “buttfuck” Blake (aka Zippy the Pinhead).

    Kolat shit all over his honorable service as a Marine and those that died in Beruit…

    • Green Thumb says:

      Bill Blake sucks ass as he avoids calls seeking clarification of his claims.

      He just makes threats.

      Bill Blake is about as rough and tough as a roll of Charmin.

      • HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

        Bill and Tony are two-hole, taint tickling anal buttsekks warriors. Part of that top sekrit platoon call the Rump Riders…

        Meritorious Purple Heart, my ass…

      • 1371 Actual says:

        That fat fuck still around running his pickle buffer?
        I’d’ve thought he’d slithered away by now.
        What a dumbass….

  7. Green Thumb says:

    The toilet at TAH must be backed up as these turds are flowing over today.

    • Skippy says:

      They must have fumigated the place, the rochas are crawling all over the place. LMAO !!!!!!!!

  8. CMM451 says:

    What is this journalist doing at a small time OH paper? Clearly he should be working big time stories for ROlling Stone

  9. Sparks says:

    Rounding out a perfectly good tour as a Warehouse Clerk (3051) 😀 blown to hell in no time at all. Not to say there’s anything wrong with being a Warehouse Clerk. I mean my God man, somebody has to keep the toilet paper going out the door. There’s asses, big and small, all over post in desperate need of ass wipe and ass gaskets ( for the faint of heart).

    • 3/17 Air Cav says:

      Sparks………your just partial to supply guys, because you could get all the Ham and MFers you could carry! Smile

  10. Skippy says:

    Well we have another fine example of a attention whore !!!!!!!! Thanks to shit birds like this, my brothers and sisters that need help at the VA can’t get it, watch what you wish for you mite get it. And believe me it sucks

  11. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    A Meritorious Purple Heart? I don’t get it, he really did serve in the USMC, but he decided to flush his name and reputation straight down the shitpipe right after he wiped his ass with it!

    • Dave Hardin says:

      A Meritorious Purple Heart is awarded to someone who should have had his ass shot. He might qualify.

  12. MGySgtRet. says:

    I would LOVE to sit down with this fuckstain and let him explain why he flushed a perfectly honorable service record down the shitter for these obvious lies.

    And maybe he could also explain why he enjoys pissing on the graves of better men than him who actually bled and died over there.

    I just cannot for the life of me fathom what possesses former service members to shit all over themselves like this.

    • TankBoy says:

      They do it for money, the opposite sex, or attention. None worth the cost of their integrity or service. like I said above. Horsewhipping.

  13. OldManchu says:

    This shit is going to drive me f*&#ing crazy one day.

    • Skippy says:

      OldManchu.. LMAO !!!! Hang in there and try laughing. It dose seem like these Clowns and attention whores, are all over but I think people are just Fedup and are reporting it now, these turds cost all of us. One way or another wether it’s giving vets a bad name or stealing resources ment for Vet and thier family’s

  14. Smaj says:

    What a useless lump of shit. My apologies to lumps of shit everywhere.

  15. Patrick408 says:

    I guess he figured he was a Marine and therefor nobody would fact check, especially holding up that photo.
    Shame….Shame….Anthony, you should know better you freaking tool!

  16. Daisy Cutter says:

    Q: Did you order the “Condition Red”?
    A: I did the job I…
    A: *You’re Goddamn right I did!*

    OK then, ’cause nobody knows where that came from.

    • MGySgtRet. says:

      I remember going into Condition One in Beirut. It was our highest state of alert. That happened whenever we took fire, whenever the New Jersey fired or when taking fire was imminent. We didn’t do Condition Red. Cause that is gay.

    • Dave Hardin says:

      Condition Red is when you wear the wrong skivvies on a force march.

      Code Red is a period of motivational instruction conducted by your peers.

      I generally just got the shit kicked out of me.

  17. Airdale USN says:

    Wow!! I guess he thought he wasn’t going to get caught!! Bottom feeder!!!

    • Skippy says:

      Or Attention Whore, I hope he has not filed some sort of BS Claim with the VA. Saying this happened or claiming !!!!!!!

  18. Just an Old Dog says:

    Beruit posers just piss me off to no end. I was in 2nd Mar Div when guys deployed over there. If it wasnt for my Battalion Being the test bed for the new M-198 Howitzers my Battery would have deployed when BLT 2/6 went out. From Summer 82 to Spring of 84 5 MAUs went there, about 9,000 Marines total, probably less since 1/8 deployed twice and some guys cross-decked.

    • Dave Hardin says:

      Yep, the number is actually much lower. There are many ‘retreads’ that were deployed twice. G 3/10 for example was there in the beginning in 82 and there at the last in 84. About half of that unit were retreads. So the numbers are actually much smaller than most think.

      • Just an Old Dog says:

        yep, David, kind of what I was saying when I mentioned 2/8 going twice and folks cross-decking.
        More correct to say there were 9,000 BILLETS for Marines deploying during that time, 1800 every pump. Some were filled by the same Marines.

        • Dave Hardin says:

          The thing any poser needs to know is we all know each other. If we don’t know someone that was there we know someone who does.

          It is virtually impossible to fake being a Beirut veteran if you are confronted by an actual one.

          Semper Fi brother.

  19. Big Steve says:

    At least it was good of him to say that he doesn’t consider himself a hero (for sitting on a bulldozer for 4 hours during and after the bombing).
    What a tool.

  20. D says: This is a Beirut and Navy SEAL poser who was on the old POW Network page. As Jonn always says, stolen valor is merely a symptom…well, the guy was convicted of sexual assault in Minot, ND, last December.

  21. OWB says:

    These guys who claim being in Beirut honk me off a few clicks more than the usual poser, too. Really stupid to make such a claim. Seriously dishonorable for someone who actually was a Marine to claim it.

    Is this the sort of behavior that earns a former Marine the title ex-Marine? (Seems to me that it is, but I defer to actual Marines and former Marines to call it.)

    • Nelson says:

      As a former active duty Marine , Combat Engineer,and Beirut Vet -I’ll answer your question.
      To loosely paraphrase another line from A Few Good Men…..

  22. Taurus USMC0302 says:

    Sorry if this is off topic but I need feedback.
    I attended a multi-church Easter service where a man gave his testimony about being saved from a life as a bum and alcoholic, etc. My BS meter lit up when he blamed his life on being a (drum roll…) a Viet Nam vet who saw all this murdering and raping.
    I spoke with him afterwards. His story: served in USAF in RVN in 1971-72. Was a “Combat MP”, saved recon teams and pulled base security. His MOS was 8115. I asked him to elaborate on the murderin’ and rapin’ but he was still too emotional to talk about it. When I said I never saw murdering and raping as a Marine he turned and walked away.
    I suspect I will see him tomorrow at another church function and if he is what I think he is I plan to nail his ass to the church door. (Lord forgive me). Could this guy be legit? I find almost nothing about Air Force ground combat operations in RVN in those years or any years.

    • 3E9 says:

      The only time I have heard the term “Combat MP” was for certain USA, USAR, and ARNG MP units whose primary duty was not in garrison nor EPW. The AF had Air Police and Security Police, never heard of them have MP’s. I could be wrong as I wasn’t around for Vietnam being only 7 years old in 75.

    • 3/17 Air Cav says:

      Taurus………the guy is full of shit! IF, he was really there in 71-72 he and I were there at the same time. Raping and murdering? Not so, didn’t happen. As for the combat MP story? More bullshit. Going out and saving Recon teams? Even more bullshit.

      If the guy was there, and that’s a big if, he most likely was at places like DaNang, Bien Hoa, Camron Bay, or Saigon. Not bad places to be if your serving in a combat zone.

    • HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

      Dude has to be the real deal… probably was based out of Poon Tang, loved to go to the Ichiban Massage Parlor for a massage “with sensation”, and sucked down some of that cream of Sum Yung Guy soup?

      Bust the twatwaffle…