Brian Wilson Jones; SFOD Delta Radio repairman

| April 25, 2015

Brian Wilson Jones (1)

Scotty sends us his work on Brian Wilson Jones who uses half-truths to tell the story of his military career in order to hoodwink folks out of their money. He claims that he was a sergeant major, which is true, and he claims that he was in SFOD Delta, which is true as well. But he was a radio repairman for Delta.

Brian Wilson Jones DD214

Brian Wilson Jones 2-1

Brian Wilson Jones FOIA

Brian Wilson jones FOIA2

He tells the story that he was one of the raiders on Carcel Modelo before Operation Just Cause to rescue Kurt Muse. If that’s true, I wonder why a hostage rescue team would need a radio repairman on a mission like that;


He also claims that he was one of the Delta operators on the Mogadishu rescue of surrounded Rangers during Operation Gothic Serpent as well as one of the folks who tracked down Pablo Escobar, the drug kingpin;


Although he did serve with 2/75th Ranger Battalion, again it was as a radio repairman;



There’s much more on this guy – Scotty sent me 50 .jpgs, but you get the idea. All of this is for his business where he teaches people how to be Delta Operators, even though he has never been one. He claims medals that aren’t in his file, wounds that aren’t supported by the award of any Purple Hearts, and, of course, PTSD which justifies his service dog business.

Jones has a record that anyone could be proud of, so why he decided to run off the rails with wild stories is anyone’s guess.

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  1. USMCE8Ret says:

    Is it me, or is it because the weather is getting nicer that they’re coming out in droves?

  2. sj says:

    Seems like Signal is taking over being a sniper here lately.

    That’s a record that anyone could be proud of. Why do this?

    • Hack Stone says:

      You have to watch out for those radio repairmen. I have it on good authority that they are a shifty bunch of lowlifes.

      • SFC D says:

        Damn right we are!

      • Blaster says:

        Not all of’em. Like everything else the turds get the spot light.

        With that said, there are a lot of Signal Soldiers that do tend to get in trouble because after they get set up, there is nothing to do until they pack up. Bordom causes stupidity to take over.

        • Hack Stone says:

          SNCO Academy

          SSgt Grunt: Before I met you, I thought all 2800s were assholes.

          SSgt Hack Stone: No, you were right. Every 2800 is an asshole, to include me.

          • @ HACK STONE, Et Alii:

            What is a “2800”?

            I never heard that term during my entire time in the Signal Corps, nor did I ever hear it mentioned when I was at III Corps NCO Academy.

            Was that before my time?

            Maybe the Army used it after I got out, for a LOT of things have changed since then.

            My MOS was 31L20, Field Radio Relay and Carrier Equipment Repair.

            I also completed training as an MOS 95B20, Military Police, and as an MOS 11D20, Armored Reconnaissance (Cavalry Scout).

            • Hack Stone says:

              2800 is (was?) the occupational field for electronic maintenance in the Marine Corps. MOS’s include Ground Radio Repairman (2841), Ground Radio Technician (2861), Teletype Repairman (2818). The 2500 field is the operator side of communications, such as Field Radio Operator (2531), or what we affectionately call Radio Breakers.

              • @ HACK STONE:


                Now, I know why I couldn’t understand the lingo.

                Just before the Marine recruiters told me I wouldn’t be accepted, they’d already informed me that, based on my test scores, I was going into Marine Aviation.

                Boy, was I disappointed not to be able to do that!

                • Hack Stone says:

                  I guess we did the same type of work, just in different uniforms. In the Marine Corps, all of the 2800 occupational MOS would go through a 13 week Basic Electronics Course, then, depending on the specific MOS, they would go off to radio repair, telephone/switchboard repair, test equipment calibration and crypto repair, among others. A majority of these classes would be in 29 Palms, but some of the courses are at other bases. Calibration went to an Air Force Base, crypto would go to Ft. Gordon. It has been some time since I have had first hand knowledge, so some of the above may no longer be accurate.

          • TankBoy says:


            Could have told you this long before you were a SSgt.

            This is another example of the worst of the posers. The piece of shit with the knowledge to lie effectively, that should also have the understanding of what a scumbag thing it is to do. A Sergeant Major. I would love to see him dragged over a couple hundred yards of rough concrete by the face, after a good ass beating by real Delta Operators.

      • B Woodman says:

        Damned straight, skippy!
        “You can talk about us, but you can’t talk without us!”

        Retired 31E, Field Radio Repair

        • SFC D says:

          Retired 26Q/31Q/31M/31R/31W/25W. 6 MOS’s thanks to redesignation.
          “Do it till your gigahertz!”

          • HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

            I’m not sure if you need to see a doc or a electrician for a diagnosis of “gigahertz”? 🙂

            • Hondo says:

              A diagnosis of “gigahertz” is an electrical problem.

              The physical ailment is when yer “kilo hertz”. (smile)

  3. Skippy says:

    This is a case of why, WHY !!!!! You served with honor, at the same time these types of cases make me a little nervous. I wish there was a was we could police our own, without going public. I saw this last night. I was having issues reading it, but seeing it here he was counseled about it and it looks like he did it again so the pices have landed were they may.. !!!!!!!!

  4. Sapper3307 says:

    We have a 2015 contender.

  5. streetsweeper says:

    Think I’m going nuts this weekend. Must be. Holy jumping geezus, a Sergeants Major? Whadda dumb fuck! Guess having commo isn’t nearly as important as being low drag/high speed?

  6. HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

    Jones is an attention whore… and has an outstanding warrant (look over at Scotty’s link). Also allegations of being fired from one of his positions while in the military…

    Sounds like a real WEEEEENER!

  7. Just an old Dog says:

    I can’t get why guys who had their shit wired and have so many decorations and qualifications feel they need to throw in extra bullshit.
    By the way I think the Navy FOIA is someone else with the same name. That one got out as an E-1 probably a major fuck up. He also would has 2 NDSM on his Army awards ( Vietnam era and DS)

  8. Poetrooper says:

    Are Poe’s old eyes failing him or is there no CIB in that DD 214? And wouldn’t an actual combat operator have the CIB?

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      Hell yeah he would. A Retired SGM and he pulls all that crap, I honestly think that his Stolen Valor is just the tip of his iceberg!

      • Claymore says:

        And to put 21 years of service on the line, to start telling lie after lie, then put up 3.7 million bucks for that prison.. He’s cool..

        Me thinks he should be in that prison for Stolen Valor.. … ..Clay

  9. Jabatam says:

    This motherfucker! I saw an article last year about this guy and his service dog and called bullshit then on a friend’s Facebook page. Somehow it got back to his wife and she started stalking me and sending me a fuck ton of hate mail (Facebook messages). Ha! Fuck this fucker and his hag!

  10. Holden Magroin says:

    I’ll be the one to ask: what if he took the “long walk” as a radio repair guy and passed?

    Wouldn’t his MOS remain the same unless he went to another MOS producing school?


    • Holden Magroin says:

      I’ve read on the internet about guys that were 63Bs (or other clear support MOS) passed selection, did their time in whatever unit, never changed their MOS, and then when they were asked to or decided to go back to the Big Army, they went back as a senior NCO in the Motor Pool.

  11. Holden Magroin says:

    That said, the only thing that strike mes as strange is that he would have “Delta Force” in the official unit name in his 2-1.

    Dunno, never been there, never done that. I only know what I’ve read on the internet.

    My point is that it might be worth confirming with some real Delta guys before hanging this guy out to dry. Most support guys wouldnt make such clear “over the line” false claims that he has if they weren’t true.

    just sayin’


    • Holden Magroin says:

      Ok, I read on another website that this clown says that he was only in a support role for his claimed operations. He’s lied. Burn him down.

  12. Jabatam says:

    I just found the messages from his wife saying she’d send “Seals, d boys, rangers and SF guys” after me for my comments calling him on his bullshit 2 years ago. Anyone want screencaps?

    • RM3(SS) says:

      Why do all these guys say shit like that? Reminds me of a cheap Kung Fu movie where they call their loyal minions to do battle like brainless robots. I’d like to ask a real deal SF guy what he would do if a friend/team mate told him “there’s guys on the internet talking shit about me, would you go all trail assassin on them for me?” I have a feeling they would never “cometh” as to that.

    • nbcguy54ACTUAL says:

      This guy has to have his wife take up for him?
      Mrs NBC is a badass, but at least she lets me handle my own business.

    • Bobo says:

      Can you imagine that conversation? Jones’ wife calls some hot shot Delta operator and asks if he can “go deal with some guy who’s making fun of Brian on the internet.” I’d guess that the operator would say something along the lines of “why can’t Brian take care of this guy on his own” then hang up.

  13. Green Thumb says:

    Congressional Hearing on MR and Homosexuals = Meatgazer.

  14. SFC Holland says:

    I know of exactly one commo badass in real life. He was at Ranger School with me for awhile then went to Rrgt. He had a tab, mff, pathfinder, scuba badge, master blaster wings, and air assault. The dude was a beast. He’d never pull shit like this, but he sure as hell could.

  15. jonp says:

    “Jones has a record that anyone could be proud of, so why he decided to run off the rails with wild stories is anyone’s guess.”


  16. jonp says:

    Free Fall, Jumpmaster, Ranger…it’s never enough although that stuff alone should have been.

    I saw that he was at HHC 35th Sig but could not make out the dates. Can anyone else? I’m curious as I was at 50th Sig BN (ABN) 35th BDE in the 80’s.

  17. Big Steve says:

    Damn, I would LOVE to have had this guy’s achievements and assignments. What a tremendous background for a combat support guy to have.
    What a crying shame he (apparently) has exaggerated his position with Delta, and ops participated in. Cuz otherwise, he was an impressive mofo.

  18. 91A10 says:

    All that paper has my head spinning.
    The only education on his Form-20 us BCT and AIT. Where is his assignment to Benning for the Parachutist and Jump Master badges?

    • Martinjmpr says:

      If he was sent TDY by his unit there would be no PCS. Not everybody does airborne right after basic. When I went in 91 I was assigned to 3/1 SFG at Lewis and they sent me TDY. AFAIK my 2-1 shows no assignment to Benning for BAC because I was assigned to Spt Co, 3/1 SFG at the time.

      As for JM school I doubt he did it at Benning. There is a JM school run by the XVIII corps at Bragg (where he was stationed for quite a while) and in addition, USASOC units are authorized to run their own JM schools.

      My JM course wasn’t even done in the US, and it gives the location of the school as “Manyame Airbase, Republic of Zimbabwe.” I was in 3/3 SFG at the time and we deployed to Zimbabwe and ran 3 cycles of a JM course. All officers and NCOs in the battalion went through it, by the Bn CDRs orders.

      • 91A10 says:

        Odd .. I was TDY to Jump School on my way to SFTG from Ft Sam and it showed up just fine on my Form-20 as “Student”.

        • Hondo says:

          If you were PCSing from Fort Sam to Bragg and went to jump school in conjunction with that PCS move, you went to jump school “TDY en route”. Schools attended in that manner often if not generally show up on an individual’s DA 20/2-1/ERB/ORB. They do so because attending the school results in assignment to a new unit, albeit temporarily, while that individual is attending the school. The DA 20/ERB/ORB change is necessary to document the change in duty assignment.

          What Martinjmpr was talking about is someone who is sent “TDY and return” to attend training. That happens when an individual (a) is assigned to a unit/slot requiring special training, (b) doesn’t have the requisite training, (c) is sent by their unit/command to the school in TDY status, and (d) then returns to their original unit for duty. Schools attended that way often don’t result in an entry in one’s records showing the assignment, because the individual didn’t change units. They merely went to a school TDY while technically remaining in the same unit and duty assignment.

  19. Martinjmpr says:

    Looks like he retired just as the GWOT was warming up and probably feels bad that he missed it so he comes up with a lot of BS stories to fill that hole.

    Of course with all his experience and training, you have to wonder why he chose to retire just as the war was kicking off. I guess I would have expected a real hard charger to say “I’ve been training 20 years for war, not going to get out now that a real one has started.”

  20. Martinjmpr says:

    Oh, I also like his “official bio” where he claims to have served in “Dessert Storm” and also in “Columbia.”

    If it was me I don’t think I’d brag about going to an all-you-can-eat ice cream shop and visiting central Missouri. 😉

    • I used to joke about the drug cartels in Columbia, South Carolina, until somebody pointed out that I was spelling “Colombia” incorrectly.

    • Big Steve says:

      If he made such mistakes in his official bio, that is an appalling lack of attention to detail. Brian… you should be better than this. Now get down and beat your face until I get tired.

  21. Brian says:

    Brian Wilson is far from being a POG, he has a very impressive record!

    • OWB says:

      Too bad “he” besmirched it by lying about what appears to be an honorable military career. Maybe you can explain why “he” would do such a dishonorable thing?

      • Brian says:

        I doubt anyone could officially “call him out” — after all Rangers are considered Special Operations. He could probably kick your ass… Go after someone that is truly a POS, like David Canterbury.

        • Green Thumb says:

          Weak man, weak.

        • OWB says:

          Could “call him out?” Well, that train already left the station.

          Could kick my ass? Yeah, well, it would be entertaining to watch that attempt. But, a threat of that sort is pretty stupid. Come ahead on, big boy. I was only USAF, never did anything heroic, yet somehow don’t feel any need to lie or embellish my record. My honor is doing just fine claiming only those few things I did actually do.

          • JohnE says:

            Is that you Brian Wilson Jones? If it is, tell the peanut gallery…why do you feel the need to exaggerate your record in such a manner? There is nothing in you 214 to be ashamed of…yet you see the need to blow it up into something its not. Why?

            • Brian says:

              Sorry, it’s classified.

              • Marine_7002 says:

                Brian (if this really is Brian):

                If you’re referring to your DD-214 – BULLSHIT. You know it and we know it.

                Hondo did an excellent writeup on FOIAs for military records. Try reading it, dipshit. I’ll make it easy for you, it’s at Here’s an extract from Part 6:

                “7. However, if a guy/gal says that NPRC can’t find them because their personnel records or decorations are “classified”, that’s pure bovine excrement. Operations may be classified, but personnel records are not.

                Virtually the only classified items found in military personnel records are an occasional classified evaluation – and classified items are very rare. (Evals also aren’t something you can get information about with a FOIA request.) Everything else in an OMPF is virtually always unclassified; a placeholder is there in the individual’s records when a classified item that normally should be there is stored elsewhere. And the placeholder indicates what that item is – e.g., a statement to the effect that the individual has a classified eval.

                Decorations aren’t classified. The justification and/or circumstances surrounding an award might be, but the fact of the decoration itself isn’t. Ditto for the orders announcing it and the citation. Those are all unclassified.”

        • HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

          Watch out TAH regulars… “Brian” has played He can kick your ass” card…

    • Bobo says:

      He served in units that I would have given my left testicle to serve in as a cook.

      Unfortunately, he decided to take advantage of people’s naivety to blur the line between support guy and operator. He might not be a pogue in the sense that he can hang with the Delta guys on the PT field, but he sure looks to be an asshat pretending to be something that he isn’t.

    • Hondo says:

      True – and irrelevant.

      The man’s actual military record is indeed impressive. Unfortunately, his exaggerations and misrepresentations about his record are just as impressive. And the latter don’t impress favorably.

    • CLAW131 says:

      Yep, Brian Wilson did have some impressive records.

      I always did like Little Deuce Coupe and 409.

      • GDContractor says:

        And his brother Dennis…. loved him in Two Lane Blacktop.

      • nbcguy54ACTUAL says:

        Reckon that makes this Brian Wilson a “Bitch Boy”. Seeing his wife has to defend him and all.
        Just sayin…

    • SFC D says:

      Had. Had an impressive record. Don’t you know that 1 “aw shit” erases all the “attaboys”? This is Brian Wilson’s “aw shit”.

      Here ended the lesson

  22. rb325th says:

    I would have given my left nut to have been a “support guy” even in that Unit. I never was, so I would not presume to claim such…
    I do wonder how those who were Operators will deal with him. I am sure they got word on his embellishments already. I’ll let them deal with him as they see fit.
    Would enjoy being a fly on that wall though.

  23. Jonn Lilyea says:

    I don’t know if Bobo mentioned it above, but he had a credible email exchange with Mr. Muse in which Mr. Muse says that Mr. Jones took no part in his rescue from Carcel Modelo and that no one who did take part in Mr. Muse’ rescue knows Mr. Jones.

  24. Newtothis says:

    Maybe I’m not getting the full story, but he was in Delta…what’s to say he was deployed with them in a more combat orientated role?

    I’m a commo by trade and I was stuck with the infantry doing everything that they did. Makes me wonder why they would send him to all those schools if they had no intention on having him use them.

    That and have any of you heard of JCU?

    • I’m a civi journalist. I’ve talked with Brian at length. He never said any of the “embellishments” claimed here. Always deferential to the teams in those conversations. Pretty much reflecting the MOS the FOIA docs show to the letter. I observed that he was also helping today’s young vets in need without any recognition. That inspired me to also volunteer my time. Then he started a biz to employ vets. Get wounded warriors and vets some support. He doesn’t teach with any claims of being an “operator”, he hires those “operators” and experts who need a job using their skills to teach. He always spoke of SFOF-D proudly and as signal with command element – I think C Squad. Nothing else ever. He rarely speaks to anyone about any of this. He told me he would never speak of it again. I was lucky for him to even mention any of it. So anything written is from someone else or Bull@#. IMHO.

      • TheTruthShallSetUFree says:

        Dude, if you’re a journalist as you say, then you should be able to take a look at all the information objectively. Your bias is showing. Click on the link and actually read it. The evidence is not entirely things that journalists wrote, a lot of the claims, like the rescue of Kurt Muse, being shot twice in Somalia, etc, were claims made on their own websites or FB pages (which have now
        been scrubbed or deleted). Does that sound like the actions of someone telling the complete truth to you?

      • Green Thumb says:

        This turd is a bullshit artist that embellished his carreer.

        Once again it appears that non-Veterans no more about the military than Veterans.