Carl “Dick” Pace, phony Green Beret

| April 29, 2015

Carl Pace (1)

Scotty sends us this guy Carl “Dick” Pace who claims to be a “green beret” the same way that Flemron Dickey claimed it. he claims that he was assigned to the 8th Special Forces group in Panama and that he was a trail assassin;

Carl Pace claims

Carl Pace claims1

Close, but no cigar, Carl. He was actually an MP 1st Lieutenant who was part of the security detachment at Fort Gulick in the Panama Canal Zone for a year after a few months at the Defense Language Institute studying Spanish.

Carl Pace FOIA

Carl Pace Assignments

The only specialized training he had was as a parachutist.

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  1. Hondo says:

    Yeah, nothing screams “high speed/low drag” like being discharged as an O2 with over 9 years of service. That’s especially true during a time when I’m pretty sure USAR promotions below O6 were based on the criteria of “fully qualified” – which essentially meant “no serious derog and completed the required PME”.

    • Skippy says:

      Hondo. He was and may still be a Lost Lieutenant all 9 years that is. 🙂 And its obvious he is still lost if he is throwing this story around

  2. ChipNASA says:

    So, basically, I was assigned to a group that supported Special Forces so I’m a Green Beret.

    Got it.

    So I was at Andrews and supported and saw GHW Bush, Clinton, GW Bush and the first Ladies SO that makes me Presidential Staff.

    I have worked at NASA and met and directly support Astronauts and Shuttle Launches and the instruments and tools they use on-orbit so that makes me an Astronaut and Shuttle Crew

    Got it.


  3. ChipNASA says:

    So, with that line of thinking, I can conclude that:

    His name is “Dick”…

    He’s acting like a Dick…

    Therefore, he is a Dick.

    /If he weighs the same as a duck… he’s made of wood! BURN HIM.

  4. SGT Ted says:

    I guarded the SF Comm site in Panama in 1993. Does that mean I’m tabbed out?

    • Twist says:

      I was attached to SF for four months in Iraq. I guess they just forgot to issue me my long tab.

      • Combat Historian says:

        I completely reorganized and updated the Special Forces archives and manuscript library at JFKSWC school house in 1998-99; I guess they forgot to present me my Crossed Arrows afterwards…

        • JohnE says:

          I went to a class on Ft Bragg…taught by retired SF types AND I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express during this class…so I am entitled to many tabs.

          Not to mention I played hockey with a bunch of SF guys…so I pretty much invented the whole SF thing.

          • Yef says:

            I saw a picture of an SF guy. I KNOW I can do what he does, so I’m gonna start wearing the tab.

            Also, I’m good at video games. What I did last weekend playing Half Life 2 was MoH caliber, so I will start wearing that too.

            And I have a flight simulator that quilifffy me as a F-22 pilot….Just saying.

  5. Combat Historian says:

    I’m surprised he didn’t claim he was part of the advisory team that helped the Bolivian Rangers hunt down Che Guevara…

    • Dick DiMeo says:

      Dick Pace wasnt , several of our friends were, including CPT Leroy Mitchell. Team Commander.

  6. Hondo says:

    Looking at his record of assignments, I notice one as an “Aide” – that lasted less than 8 months.

    Assignments as a GO’s Aide are highly coveted and career-enhancing for junior officers. You don’t see too many people leaving them after less than a year to work as an Admin Officer in the same command, then leave the command entirely less than 2 months later.

    Unless, of course, the individual Fornicates Fido during the assignment. Then they get moved PDQ.

  7. sj says:

    Well, he does say he was “with” the SF. Technically, he’s right but no doubt he hopes you think he was one.

    I was “with” a SEAL team down at the boat launch facility here last week readying for a night training op. Well, THEY were readying. I sat on my fat ass in the POV and watched for a few.

  8. Steadfast&Loyal says:

    I married a green beret’s daughter.

    That shit’s inherited right?

    Like family and shit.

  9. GDContractor says:

    That Captain Bisset on the top of the first attachment is presumably the real deal. I wonder if he knows he shared the podium with an embellisher? Also, at the top of that attachment, in the title block, it refers to Mr. Pace as a US Ranger.

    Here’s another instance of his SF claims: “A Bucknell University graduate, Pace served in the Army as a first Lieutenant in the 8th Special Forces Group located in Panama. He coached baseball, hockey and lacrosse in town for years and watched his sons Rich and Greg play hockey and lacrosse at GHS.”

  10. MGySgtRet. says:

    I did three deployments with SEAL’s on our ship. Guess what…..

    • HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

      I worked with a SEAL for two years at a training command… guess that makes me a SEAL by proxy.

      • Skippy says:

        I may have one better. We had our ass handed to Us at NTC by SEALS With chain saws… During a rotation… That would make me a seal right ????

        • SFC D says:

          I regularly ate with SEALS at Chinhae Naval Base in 1989. And I eat at the Trident Grill occasionally. Sooo….

          • Skippy says:

            SFC D. My Better Half Just reminded me we where in Coronado back in September or around there, and we saw people training on the beach. So I would think that means I’ve done seal training Right ????? 🙂

            • SFC D says:

              Oh yeah. You da man!

              • Skippy says:

                SFC D. Well since you eat with them. my guess is that should make you a Supper Seal !!!!!! It seems legit… Just saying 🙂 🙂

                So Damn you out Seal Me. 🙂

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      SEAL by proxy? Okay, I petted a seal at the aquarium a couple of years ago and fed him some fish. That makes me a SEAL handler, right?

    • Oldav8or says:

      I FED the SEALs (actually California sea lions) down at Pierpoint Landing growing up in Long Beach CA! Does that qualify me as a SEAL Trainer? LMAO!

  11. 3E9 says:

    I hate these guys who were MP’s and then start bullshitting everyone. DIPSHIT

  12. 19D2OR4 - Smitty says:

    I did joint raids with an ODA in ’08. My platoon held the outer cordon for a SAS TF Knight raid in early ’09. In’10-’11 we pulled QRF and taxi missions for a SEAL Team, got trained by SWCC and RIVRON how to properly embark and disembark their river boats without getting drowned or shot and we picked up the pieces of a failed QUDS attack on our COB in Basrah.

    So does that make me a SFSASEALSWCCRONQUD?

  13. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Getting out as an O2 says dickstepper, PERIOD, especially in the 70’s.
    You can’t spell WIMP without MP! Enjoy your newfound internet fame, DICKhead!

  14. Silentium Est Aureum says:

    Did he catch “teh diabeetus” during Desert Storm too?

  15. beretverde says:

    Another “Qualification by association.” He could have easily put in for SF…they sure as hell were hiring back then…hell they still are!
    Screw Dick.

  16. Ex-PH2 says:

    Trail assassin? No! Absolutely not! The only known trail assassin inhabits the streets of Ft. Myers, FL. He can be found sleeping on the sidewalk in a purple clown suit, and will claim he does skydiving, although we have no proof.

    There can be only one!!!!

    • sj says:

      I thought that the TrAiL AsSaSsIn was enroute to W.VA to inflict mayhem on the TAH Command Group. Of course, he has been on the trail for a year+.

    • Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

      Trail Mix Assassin is more likely I believe.

      • Thunderstixx says:

        I was at Huckleberry Creek Mountain Training camp in 1976-77 and made the best Gorp in the whole place.
        So that makes me the Gorp Trailer Trasher Assassin Assistant.
        He’s just a Dickweed.

  17. Climb to Glory says:

    This guy is Paul Rieckhoff in 20 years. Turd.

  18. Green Thumb says:

    And John Melia could not call him out.

    What does that tell you.


  19. Poetrooper says:

    I actually was attached TDY to a Special Forces team at An Khe in Vietnam for a brief period back in 1966 to field test an ambush detection device called the People Sniffer:

    So where’s my tab?

    BTW, anybody but me think this dick looks like another real dick, Dick Morris, the political hack?

  20. sj says:

    Re Morris: Yep! I thought that is who it was when I saw the picture.

  21. Martinjmpr says:

    Wow, how bad of an officer do you have to be to not make 0-3 in 9 years during the height of the Vietnam War? I was just a kid then but wasn’t that back when they were taking any warm body with a few college credits and jamming them through OCS?

    That would be like an enlisted guy serving 9 years and never making it to PFC!

  22. rb325th says:

    This one time, at band camp… Oh wrong place.

  23. David says:

    not to defend this clown, but it says he was on active duty barely 2 years, and after school was only on active duty 15 months before separating to the Reserves in 1968? I was never Reserves but others here have commented that Reserve promotions are on a space available basis, and at that point in time the Reserves and National Guard were stuffed full of not-quite-draft-evaders. Not sure the Lost Lt. sobriquet is as justified as all that. Am I reading that right?

    The rest of his bullshit, however, deserves all the flak he can draw.

    • Hondo says:

      That was before my time, but as I understand it – no. I’ll preface what follows by saying that this relates to the 1980s and later, and may have been different in late-1960s/early-mid 1970s when this tool served.

      While enlisted personnel in the USAR can be “blocked” by lack of vacancies, officer personnel (at least by the 1980s) were considered by central selection boards for O3 and above. An individual was considered 2x; like in the active component, 2x nonselects were limited in how long they could serve. In particular, 2x nonselects for O3 and O4 could not serve long enough to qualify for USAR retirement unless they also qualified to revert to enlisted status due to service in an enlisted grade prior to being commissioned. (Non-selects for O5 were allowed to serve until they achieved 20 years of total service – which might or might not yield a retirement, depending on whether all years were “good” years.)

      Officers in the USAR could turn down a promotion to continue to serve in their unit. However, that counted as a nonselection. Most “found a new home” to avoid having to do that. And the personnel rules at the time allowed slotting “2 up or 1 down” – e.g., an officer could serve in a slot that was up to 2 grades above or 1 grade below his/her actual grade. (The latter was frowned upon, but sometimes happened.)

      Again: that’s what I remember to have been in effect in the 1980s; it might have been different when this guy served. But I think the rules then were quite similar if not identical.

      • David says:

        Could be that those were indeed the rules then… I do know the units were notoriously difficult to get INTO (remember the fracas over Bush 43 having been ‘jumped the line’?) but don’t know the details of promotion – thanks for the clarification.

  24. Virtual Insanity says:

    While on active duty I took my lab mix into the orderly room a few times after hours.

    Therefore, she is a military working dog.

  25. Airdale USN says:

    Now get this one, we had a Division Officer that was a SEAL, remember I’m a Airdale!!! You don’t see that much!!!

  26. MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

    CAPT Bisset is a good man, I have known him for years!

    I attended his retirement.

    He has nothing to do with this POS!

    • GDContractor says:

      When I first saw his name on that attachment, I googled up his bio. I figured that he was probably acquainted with the MCPO NYC USN Ret.

  27. Dick DiMeo says:

    I received the ridiculous claims being made about you and my first thoughts are ;what is the ulterior motive behind the effort and absurdity of trying to harm your good name and your honorable service to this country,both while on active duty and as a civilian

    In order to lay a foundation for this document, I want to present some of my credentials to support your position and to discredit the position of Mr. Anderson.They are intermingled throughout this response.

    You are personally known to me, both as a friend and as a fellow officer, assigned to the 8th SF Group, Canal Zone. You and I served together for 16 months in the 550th MP Det.( not battalion ) a unit that was an integral part of the 8th Group’s mission, in Latin America.

    During those 16 months that we served together, we made approximately 22 airborne assaults, mostly at night, water jumps and high altitude jumps at Rio Hato, DZ.

    We additionally, were assigned to Mobile Training Teams ( MTTs) to teach indigenous military units, various military subjects, to better prepare them for counter-insurgency efforts.These teams were sent to various South American, Central American and Caribbean entities. I personally know that Dick Pace served on MTTs to Colombia and Puerto Rico.

    Both Dick and I were students of the SF Officers Correspondance course, in order to be 3 qualified.We were both involved in the annual 8th group FTX that was the culmination of getting ‘3’ qualified.

    I was awarded my 3 prefix by LTC ‘Red’ Deputy Cdr, 8th Group, and of WWII fame , serving with the first Special Forces command; the combined American/ Canadian Special Services unit who fought at ‘D’ Day on the cliffs above the beaches.

    I subsequently was assigned as the 8th Special Forces Liaison Officer to USARSO,at Ft Amador.

    After serving in Vietnam with the 4th Infantry Division, as a Infantry Company Commander. I was assigned state side.

    Fast forward; I attended the Foreign Area Officer Course, at the JFK Special Warfare School and then was assigned to the Special Forces School as OIC of the Operations and Development curriculum of the Special Forces Officer Course. The school is the qualifing school for Special Forces Officers.

    Enough about me– I researched the definition of ‘warrior’ it is; experienced soldier., and synonyms are soldier and serviceman. Dick Pace fits all these definitions.

    His fulfillment of his responsibilities and actions while assigned to the 8th Special Forces Group, certainly classify him as a warrior,by definition, in my eyes. If I had the authority to award him a prefix 3. I would.That would end all of the semantical bullcrap.

    I applaud Dick for all he has done for the veterans and their families and shame on anyone who wants to disparage his accomplishments. those negative efforts would better serve to concentrate on positives His integrity, honesty and leadership has never been questioned by anyone that knows him!

    Dick, can cover my flank any time, because i know he won’t back down. However i’m to freaking old for war games.

    Attachments area

    Preview attachment 10410595_10203730325716906_618961014610701198_n.jpg

    The claims on this blog are twisted to favor a negative position by the author. I served with Dick Pace in Panama with the 8th Special Forces.The 550th MP Det. was part of the 8th Group and supported the mission of the Special forces in Latin America. By the way our headgear were Green Berets, some with Flash qualified and some without. So technically everyone serving with the 8th, regardless of branch was a ‘ Green Beret’. Minimally for that tour. There is a misconstuing of Dick Paces service. He was 2 years active duty and 7 years inactive/active reserves. Ergo thje rank issues. He served his country with, pride, honorably and performed all duties, par excellence.What the service files don’t reflect are his outstanding accomplishments as a member of several Mobile Training Teams, from the 8th Group, in Latin America.It seems easy to attack Dick Pace’s, character, his service both as an officer and as a civilian. How many of you know the facts of his service? None of you, I served with Dick Pace and know him well. All of this and your comments are dead ass wrong. Get it right or stay out of it. How many of you are aware of the millions of dollars Dick Pace has helped raise to benefit veterans and their families.This character assasination blog has ulterior motives dating back to Dick Pace’s college days. When a person tells partial truths slanted by semantics, reasonable persons have to question the intent. Does the writer want to take Dick Pace off of the board that serves veterans???? The writer would be better served utilizing his enrgies for good not nefarious causes. I hope all the asses that made disparaging comments in this blog, re-think their bias and superfluous comments. If everyone who commented did as much for veterans and their survivors, you might be worthy of an opinion otherwise; radio silence is in effect!

    • GDContractor says:

      Sir. The only undocumented “claims” I see are those being made by you. It seems to me that your friend has been using partial truths and semantics to his advantage for quite a while. Why?

      • JohnE says:

        Regarding the LTC who allegedly awarded of your 3 prefix…

        The 1st Special Service was nowhere the Normandy beachheads. They were in Italy (Moving into Rome on 4 June ’44) and then on 14 August 1944, they landed on Port Cros and Îles d’Hyères as part of Operation Dragoon, the invasion of southern France…you may want to fact check the rest of your diatribe also…

  28. cappy says:

    I served in I-Core for 10 months as a Marine platoon commander- jungle mostly Con Tien some time. Marine Corps was my future; I was regular. Got run over by NVA along the trace, lost a leg, they retired me. Yah, I was pissed off 22 year old.
    Enou gh about me. I’ve known Dick Pace for more years than most of you have lived. I never thought that he was special forces. In fact, he boasted that his only combat experience involved cordoning off a whorehouse in Central America.
    Could the Children of the Fallen Patriots been clearer with Dick’s bio; Yah I’ll give you that. I worked for Aon. On occasion they would suggest I could “spin gold out of straw”. They may have slightly overstated my abilities. But here’s the real deal. Dick’s done yeomen’s work over many years to raise money for these kids who benefit from the work done by the Children of the Fallen Patriots. I’ve attended several of these fundraisers and listening to the kids recalling the memories their dead moms and dads is heartrending. The money raised by this organization has gone a long way to moderate their pain.
    This 22 year old pissed off Marine with one leg is now 71 and a good deal less pissed off. Look at the good that’s being done. Let’s all back off and relax a bit.

  29. bub morgan says:

    So, how does this blog work – someone gives you a tip about another saying that he is a phony and you are shown a couple of flyers put out to promote an event or organization, then pull some basic military records and then proceed to trash an individual without any further investigation?

    Are you positive Dick Pace wrote those bios that refer he’s a Green Beret, or Ranger? Did anyone consider that someone else may have added that info without a full understanding of his service?  I’m sure he didn’t write the announcement for his community service award!  Has the info been corrected on the CFP flyer, and when?

    I have known Dick Pace for nearly 50 years now, from college days and our military days, and continue to be a close friend.  I served in the US Navy, including a year in combat in VN as an officer-in-charge of a PCF (Swiftboat).  Now, looking back at my DD214, I notice that no where on it does it mention what I actually did on any of my tours. It had my dates, orders to report to various duty stations, and it listed several of the schools I attended – Crypto, mine warfare. But no mention of being Operations Officer on Ocean Minesweeper. Nor, did it indicate anything about my service in VN except that I was assigned to Coastal Squadron One. Well, that could have been doing anything.

    Although my medals awarded were listed, there was no mention of OINC of a Swiftboat, no mention of dozens of ambushes, boat damages and near sinkings, most of my crew wounded in various actions, etc.

    So, how the hell does anyone know what Dick Pace did in Panama by reading the documents that you posted save that he was attached to a green beret unit.

    Also, I don’t know how the Army worked back then, but in the Navy, O-1 to O-2 in 2+ years, O-2 to O-3 in 3 1/2+ years was pretty much automatic.. After that, if you were still on active duty, you had to earn future promotions. I don’t think being a General’s aide in the reserves would move anyone up the rank, and anyway I think Dick was in the inactive or standby reserves most of the years following active duty discharge.

    Dick’s military service was well known to me and in all the time that I have known him never once did he lead me to believe that he was a “Green Beret” or Ranger, or anything else other than what he actually did in the Army for his 2 years of active duty in Panama and Language School.  

    He told, and I only knew that he was attached as an MP to a SF group. Does that mean that he can say he’s a Green Beret?  NO, and he never did! Never did I see him portray himself as a Green Beret – no words, no uniforms, no medals, no nothing!  

    The Dick Pace we know is a true patriot with a huge sense of humor who has not only served honorably on active duty, but continued his service to others through many years of working with youth in sports & community organizations.  He has helped countless young persons figure out college applications, find jobs, raised money for Bucknell over the years, and for the past 5 years became heavily involved in raising major funds to benefit fallen military families.

    All of us who have served in the military, and especially in combat, are disgusted when faced with someone pretending to be what he is not, but before you disparage the reputation of a person, be sure you have all of the facts – not just some disgruntled soul’s tip, or a few words on a flyer, put there by whom?  This man, as a person and a vet does not deserve the irreversible smear that your site has placed on him, nor the downright disgusting comments by other vets on this site who have no idea of the person.

    Talk to the people who know and served with him and then take this down!

  30. Green Thumb says:

    There seem to be a bunch of dude’s coming out of the woodwork to defend Dick Phace.

    And if you look at the poser supporters above, even there comments and experiences with Dick Phace seem to be at odds.

    Also, poser supporters, mistakes happen. No issue there. But when the “victim” is not proactive and does not try to correct them, there is as problem.

  31. Bart Frame says:

    I have known Dick Pace since 1962. He is a good friend and was an usher in my wedding. I would trust him in any circumstance. His long list of lifetime achievements speaks to the kind of man he has always been, and continues to be. In all those years, I have never heard him claim to have been a “trained assassin Green Beret “, a Ranger, in combat or anything other than what he actually is – a really good man. As for me, I spent 4 years in the USAF from 1966 to 1970. Due to the vagaries of the military, I never saw combat and, in fact, was never posted overseas. But, I think, that does not diminish the fact that I willingly gave 4 years of my life to serve my country. I am proud of that and every bit as patriotic and pro-military as the next man. I know nothing of how the Army works and I don’t know all the Army acronyms. But I do know this: Dick Pace served valiantly and courageously in sometimes life endangering situations. He was a LT in the 8th Special Forces Group and was a MP MOS. The facts are (read his Army roommates account) that he was integrated into all SF activities including numerous assault jumps, overseas and local Panama training missions, weapons training, etc. Face it, the Army didn’t send him to jump school and 6 months of language training to have him give out traffic tickets. .Whatever colored hat he wore means nothing to me. Was he a warrior and a hero? I think so. Before attacking this man, you should have least interviewed people who served with him and who have known him for 50 years as well as double checking the facts about who listed him as a Green Beret or Ranger. It was not him and the organizations are sending notes to verify this fact!!!
    It is easy to criticize a man when you don’t have the full and correct facts. You should recognize and appreciate Dick for the service he gave to his country and for his many good works for veterans and their families in several organizations, since then. It is too bad that all of this was started by a person who has had a grudge with Dick for years. I just hope that there can be some kind of reconciliation and put an end to this damning website.

  32. JT says:

    I am a veteran and am familiar with the situation, and to my knowledge, Dick did not have anything to do with the production of the flyer for the event with the RMA. Dick has always been forthright with me regarding his military background.
    I have known Dick since 2010 and know that he only has respect for all vets and active duty personal. I have been to the Children of Fallen Patriots Charity Dinner and applaud the work that he has done to provide scholarships for children who have lost a parent in the line of duty.
    As the proud owner of a Yarbourough Knife, I can say my valor wasn’t stolen.

  33. Eden says:

    My goodness! Does this guy get the award for “Most Sock-Puppets”? Or at least “Most Verbose Sock-Puppets”?

    • Green Thumb says:


      And they have such “civilized, mainstream society names.”

      I am surprise Anita Johnson has not come forward.

      What a clown.

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        If TAH had an award for “Best Bullshit Sockpuppets”, I’m sure Dick Phace would take it hands down!