James M. Gattoni; another Beirut phony

| May 12, 2015

James Gattoni

The team at Military Phonies send us their extensive work on this James Gattoni fellow. Mr Gattoni tells folks, anyone who will listen that he was on the ground at Beirut after the bombing attack there on October 23, 1983 and he treated some of the casualties. He also participated in Operation Urgent Fury in Grenada on October 25th, 1983.

James Gattoni claims

Beirut - was there


From the folks at Military Phonies;

This is where Gattoni’s story doesn’t add up. The USS Guam (LPH-9) participated in the U.S.-lead invasion of Grenada (Operation Urgent Fury) on 25 Oct 1983. If he was on the USS Guam, Gattoni could not have been in Beirut on 23 Oct 1983 as he claimed on his Twitter account provided above (i.e. below the TIME magazine cover stating “I was there.”). Giving him the benefit of the doubt, Gattoni could have been making a general statement that he was in Beirut but for those not familiar with events it appears he claims that he was there at the time of the bombing. As a Twitter post that stands on its own, it makes this claim even more suggestive.

In addition, the USS Guam (LPH-9) did travel on to Beirut, Lebanon but did not arrive until Thursday 17 Nov 1983. Although one could argue there is a highly remote possibility that HN (Hospitalman, E-3) Gattoni’s presence was so badly needed that he flew in ahead of the 22nd MAU, Gattoni himself indicates that he arrived as part of the 22nd MAU. The point is that it’s difficult to believe Gattoni was there during the bombing on 23 Oct 1983.

As far as the claim that he rendered aid to “two injured 8 dead”, the only incident that Gattoni could be referring to in regard to eight KIAs and two WIAs would have been the battle at Checkpoint 76 (CP76) involving a squad of Marines.

The problem with Gattoni’s claim of being present at CP76 to render aid is that this battle occurred on Sunday 04 Dec 1983. This was over two weeks vs. “two days after we deployed into Beirut” since the USS Guam landed in Beirut, Lebanon on 17 Nov 1983. To attribute this to a nuance of language one can say New Year’s is “days away” which is technically true if you mean 213 days away. However, most would say “weeks” or “months”.

What’s sad is that Mr. Gattoni has twenty years of honorable service in the navy. He even worked at Camp David – a testimony to his professionalism and competence;





But, for some reason, despite his superior service, he decided that he needed to pump up his record with a couple of awards of the Combat Action Ribbon that he didn’t earn. He was a Fleet Marine Corpsman, he spent nearly seven years floating around, but he decided that he needed some combat experience despite all of his accomplishments.

The folks at Military Phonies gets way down in the weeds in regards to the intricacies of Mr. Gattoni’s service, so you Navy folks will want to read all of that, but I don’t want to hijack their good work.

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  1. Kinda old ET1 says:

    Since I actually do have a CAR earned onboard USS Horne CG-30 during DS.
    I bet that makes Gattoni’s asshole itch.

  2. Jarhead says:

    Hopefully we have heard the last of Phony Gattoni. Nothing special about getting the last word in (and he may not be done yet); but what have we learned? First of all there are some extremely intelligent folks posting on this site that have an enormous amount of reasoning and logic. Any sensible poser would have realized how he finally embarrassed himself beyond redemption. Second, the ability to research and find absolute facts to justify an educated opinion is overwhelming on this site. Third, piss off any current or former member of ANY branch of service on this site, and expect a band of brothers to consume you piece by piece. Finally, let a fool continue and he will eventually destroy himself. Post your Jim Nabors look-alike picture out in the Google clouds, along with your phone number…there you go for self humiliation. Suddenly your phone number becomes the butt of every jokester in the world.
    I must add the following: had to laugh at one post suggesting this fool was going to try a can of whoop ass on an “elderly” guy. When you get my age with the experiences most of us have shared in our military past, suddenly you realize 70 is not that old. Age is merely a matter of ATTITUDE. Sure, I can’t do what I once could, but along the years one learns how to QUICKLY diffuse and handle a situation. Bottom line is this: I feel proud to be accepted on such a web site by so many who have given so much. Now where the hell is that nurse with my bed pan? These Depends needed changing three hours ago!

  3. james gattoni says:

    well well well. 5082925594. My phone still hasn’t rang tough guys. It’s been many hours. I available to U ladies Just like the PVA no show warrior. UR not a marine id u worked at FSSG. You call me names, threaten me, I’m ur huckleberry lets dance.

  4. james gattoni says:

    oh jarhead. send ur son I don’t care. Come one come all. Jarhead ur a internet troll pussy.

  5. james gattoni says:

    there must be one man among u all? U also need to do research about my MMA hobby and SCAR
    s training I’m not in shape so who knows? 5082925594 Come on fella’s you all appear to be key board warriors. Come on be a man lets get it on you pussies.

    • Green Thumb says:

      SCAR = Sympathy, Credit, Attention and Recognition.

      All of which you appear to either not have earned over the course of your miserable life.

      Be careful of what you ask for, shit for brains, you might just get it.

    • sj says:

      Is there anyone impressed with his dick waving (assuming it’s big enough to wave)? He needs to get a hobby.

      • Hondo says:

        sj: not really.

        But I did note that Gattoni managed to get out of the Navy on 31 Dec 2002.

        When I believe both Army and USMC forces were engaged in combat in Afghanistan.

        And less than 80 days before Operation Iraqi Freedom began.

        I wonder if a “little bird” at Camp David tipped him off about the latter looking fairly certain – and told him he’d probably be going. Or maybe he just took a good look at what was going down in Afghanistan starting in Dec 2001: actual, no sh!t ground combat. I also wonder if that might have hastened his decision to retire.

        As I recall, many people were under something called “STOP-LOSS” in late 2002 – and were being held in uniform beyond their normal ETS/EAS.

        I guess that’s understandable, though. At that point, Gattoni had never been in combat – not in nearly 20 years. Why take that risk when he was eligible for retirement? So what if his skills as a Corpsman might be in high demand in 80 days or so?

  6. james gattoni says:

    oh some retard said he got a CAR on a surface ship. sad to inform u there hasn’t bee a naval surface battle in 70 years check him out

  7. james gattoni says:

    I’m not opposed to beating up a women which now is what this place is full of. 5082925592

    • Dave Hardin says:

      “I am sorry the person you are tying to reach does not have a voice mailbox set up yet”.

      You got my number Doc, you want to talk call me back.

    • Dave Hardin says:

      I don’t hide from anyone for any reason Doc. Feel free to call anytime.

    • nbcguy54ACTUAL says:

      Takes a real man to threaten or hit a woman.

      Probably a childhood issue from getting beat up by girls in school.

    • 2/17 Air Cav says:

      “I’m not opposed to beating up a women…” I guess not. What happened to that reported assault on your mother, the one where she alleged you threw a knife at her? This was a separate incident (one was 2009, the other 2013, I think) from your beating her cat to death.

  8. Daisy Cutter says:


    Hey “Blood & Guts”, you live with your mom, right?

    Does it get uncomfortable to look at that photo of Miss Daisy hanging over the fireplace?

  9. Jude Acate says:

    The “PVA warrior” that you speak of and also challenged to a fist fight lost his uncle, Sgt Tim Giblin USMC in the bombing.

    I read your rant on Twitter. You claimed to take care of his uncle, then you call him a pussy and challenge him to a fist fight.



  10. Jude Acate says:

    Hondo brings up a great point. Since Gattoni spent 20 years in and the prospect of war was right around the corner, he must have been faced with finally going into the breach.

    Maybe this is what it is all about? Gattoni got out when he could have dipped his stinger in the honey.

    No one could fault Gattoni for getting out if his time was up, but maybe he’s found it all hard to live with because deep down inside he felt he should have stayed in?

    Nursing school turned out to be a disaster. Maybe he took it out on the goose and Miss Daisy? Now, he’s directed his anger inward, turned to the bottle and the witch’s brew; then became creative about his military history.

    Now when he is faced with the truth, he lashes out at anybody and everybody. He’s most angry with himself.

    Forgive yourself, James.

    Also, stop being a repressed homosexual and come out of the closet. Embrace your gayness. Your father would be proud of you. I’m sure this has something to do with the anger you feel. Even if you were able to whoop somebody’s ass it will never make you straight.

    Don’t go to prison and have it forced upon you. Bubba will tell you there’s not gonna be no tender foreplay.

    • Green Thumb says:

      It would appear that “Queen” James here needs a visit from “His Gayness, The Gayness” Jay Kerwin.

      I am sure Gay Jay here could provide the pathway and therapy that “Queen” James of the fake phone numbers here so desperately needs and requires.

      • GDContractor says:

        I heard Joe Teti looked at Gattoni and said, “Now that’s a tall drink of water!”

        • Jude Acate says:

          Q: What did Gattoni’s mom say to him when she picked him up from the jail the next day?

          A: You know, Jimmy, you were awfully hard on the pussy last night.

        • Hondo says:

          I’m thinkin’ it’s more likely that Teti took one look at Gattoni and said, “You look dehydrated. Let me get you a drink.”

    • CLAW131 says:

      Bubba’s foreplay consists of: “Bite the pillow cause I’m going in dry!!”

      But I’m sure the cat killer has heard that before.

  11. Jarhead says:

    How ’bout a reworked Ritchie Valens song:

    I gotta gal named Bone Me Gattoni
    Claims she’s a dude, but I think she’s phony

    Ought to feel her c___k with her blue jeans on
    She’s not too smart , really kind of a moron

    Well I love her, she loves to get down on her knees
    Lookin’ for a kitty’s neck she hopes she can squeeze
    Oh how happy she can be
    Runnin’ over a goose in the middle of da street

    Well I told her mama
    And I told her poppa, too
    Just exactly what she’s bound to do

    Run her mouth through the end of June
    And dance with Bubba to a Liberace tune

    She’s the only Little Richard lover
    Who goes to work under the cover

    Silly little girl callin’ people names
    Too stupid to avoid the Big Boy games

  12. thebesig says:

    James M. Gattoni, throughout all of your rants, you’ve yet to prove your embellishments “true,” or these stolen valor websites “wrong” about you. Also, where is the proof that’s being asked of you here?

    • thebesig says:

      James Gattoni: Shame on all of you.

      The only person here to should be ashamed is you. You ride the coattails of fallen warriors. You could care less who they are. You mentioned them for self-serving purposes. Then you jump onto sites and describe, in detail, how people’s loved ones died.

      You’re the one that needs to feel shame.

      James Gattoni: I notice none of you internet tough guys post your real names.

      Considering that there are lawsuit happy people, like Daniel Alan Bernath, not a CPO but claims to be one, who would like to put our names on a lawsuit, could you blame us?

      People like you are the other reason to why we don’t put our names out. You sound like a thug. You act like a thug. Just look at how you treated your mom, her cat, and the goose that you ran over.

      You are a control freak. You have anger and stress management problems. You are psychologically unstable. When people like you demand names, it’s to break laws.

      James Gattoni: I think they’re called trolls.

      I guarantee you that if we were to take a vote on this message board, on who the trolls are, you’ll get a lot of votes.

      You do nothing to prove that you have any combat action ribbon. You do nothing to counter statements made about your service here. You do nothing to defend your claims. Instead, you come here acting like a bully and a thug. You’re the one that’s acting like a troll.

      James Gattoni: I challenge any of you outraged trolls to meet me.

      Be careful with what you wish for. What will you do when you see someone from here? I’ll tell you what, it will be what you claim we’d do. You’re on here bragging about beating people up. In reality, you’d probably run.

      James Gattoni: A troll on twitter invited me to fight at the PVA but he never showed. Go figure.

      Maybe because you gave him the wrong information? Maybe because he lives in another part of the country, and has more important commitments to make than to do to you what you what your dad should’ve done to you?

      James Gattoni: You all are tough till you have to back your words with action.

      There’s an excellent chance that if you were to come face-to-face with somebody from here, or elsewhere, responding to your challenge, your sense of toughness would escape you.

      You’re the real Internet tough guy.

      The only thing you’re doing here is projecting your own traits onto us.

      James Gattoni: I challenge any of you to a face to face discussion. Is there a man among you?

      So that you could act like a child and talk over us? You don’t like arguing on the Internet, don’t you? Based on the attitude that you are demonstrating here, you come across as somebody that would try to talk over the debate opponent.

      On the Internet, you do not have the convenience. You have no choice but to see what the other person says. You can’t handle that, can’t you? So far, I’ve yet to see you defend your position. All you’ve done was make threats, be a bully, and act as if might made right.

      James Gattoni: Really. Come on tough guy name a place to meet.

      He already gave you a place to meet, he left his address up. That’s why he’s saying that he’s “here.” He’s telling you where he lives, because he knows that you’re a coward and won’t do what you say you’ll do.

      You are like the others who threaten him and others here, but who do not act upon the threat.

      James Gattoni: You are all faggoty cowards that would either never show or kiss my ass.

      You do realize that you are the very things that you are describing of us here? Take a look at all the words that you use here, and you’ll get a good idea of who you are. We are not the cowards. You are. We are not the fags, you are.

      Nobody here wants to kiss your butt. However, everybody here wants to laugh at you.

      James Gattoni: One of U tough guys challenge me to fight with his friends but he never showed up.

      That’s because something more important came up. Also, you have to figure in the possibility that these guys live far away. Or, they thought of the possibilities of what would happen if they taught you a lesson.

      At any rate, if someone were to fight you, there would only be two hits. Them hitting you, and you hitting the ground.

    • thebesig says:

      James Gattoni: That goes for all of U internet tough guys.

      The only Internet tough guy that I see here is you. People are still waiting for you to provide evidence of your combat action ribbons.

      James Gattoni: oh that’s IDC/FMF/DV doing the real operation work

      I have a hell of a lot more respect for a Sailor that did not get any of that, who served honorably, but doesn’t think that he’s Mr. tough guy, then I do for you.

      Most people here would respected you for what you accomplished during your career, but you had to take a dump on all of that. If you’re going to act like a child, like an insecure child, and pull tantrums on us, don’t expect us to be impressed with your qualifications.

      James Gattoni: Oh my. I thought I was dealing with Marines here. Real Marines, 03’s. My only experience with Marines is with O3’s. If your not an O3 ur not a real Marine. Either UR a O3 or UR a WM. My NEC was 8494 and 8404. I now realize I’m dealing with FSSG pogs.

      James, you’re not a Marine. You can’t sit there and tell people that if they weren’t a specific type of Marine, that they don’t count. Bottom line, you’re not a Marine. You’re not one in any way, shape, or form.

      It doesn’t matter how many field exercises you’ve been on with the Marines. That does not make you a Marine. You were a Sailor. You’re the very “pogue” that you accuse everybody else here of being.

      And get this, you’re not an infantryman. You don’t have a leg to stand on calling other people pogues.

      James Gattoni: the difference between a FSSG pog and an O3 is an O3 will protect his doc, not abuse him. So all U sally non O3’s talk to a combat O3 about how to treat a doc.

      Respect is a two-way street. If you come on here acting like a child, and saying things that trolls normally would say, don’t complain when you get your butt handed to you. That’s what’s happening here.

      You’ve done nothing on this webpage to garner respect. You’ve done nothing that proves to us that you deserve the treatment that you insinuate you should receive.

      You’re full of it if you think that all O3s will protect every doc on a message board where said doc dishonors the very Marines that he insinuates he’s in solidarity with.

      James Gattoni: what’s ur real name.

      Our names here is not important. What is important is whether or not you can prove that you officially received the combat action ribbon. You claimed that you receive them. Yet, you provided no proof.

      Provide proof that you received combat action ribbons. Do that first before you demand names.

      James Gattoni: U feel free to use mine.

      Don’t mind if I do.

      James Gattoni: AND ur not a marine if not O3. U know that.

      Wrong, service members identified as Marines, regardless of their MOS, are Marines. YOU know that. You’re not a Marine. YOU know that.

      James Gattoni: Were U a FSSG water purification lady, I now most FSSG is WM’s.

      Doesn’t matter whether he was, or wasn’t one. I have far more respect for a water dog, who is professional, then what I would have for you. Remember, you’re a Sailor, not a Marine. Never was. You can’t sit there and argue us if you were a Marine.

      James Gattoni: Were U scared to pick up a rifle and go on patrol?

      A lot of us did in fact go on combat patrols in Iraq and/or Afghanistan. In fact, the person that you asked that question to combat deployed to Iraq. You? You still have to prove that you received 2 CARs.

      James Gattoni: of course miss wm

      Says the Navy guy that’s not a Marine.

      James Gattoni: I would never talk shit if I was a sally WM.

      All you’ve done on this site is talk shit. Also, you don’t have a leg to stand on telling people that they’re women Marines when you appear to have served your time in the Navy.

      James Gattoni: I guess I am.

      Phil Monkress is phony SEAL. So this is the closest you’ve came to saying something that was “true.” He was telling you that you were full of poo, and you agreed.

      James Gattoni: while putting a finger in a gunshot chest wound keeping the lung inflated while using my other had to pull out sealing bandage.

      What really happened is that you read/heard that account somewhere, memorized it, then hijacked it as if it was your own experience.

    • thebesig says:

      James Gattoni: I guess saving that mans life was fabricated also.

      People here don’t doubt that a life was saved. They don’t believe that it was you that did it.

      James Gattoni: oh well

      Yeah, nobody believes you.

      James Gattoni: No sir, are we friends? Do we know each other?

      Scotty challenged you to show proof of your receiving 2 Combat Action Ribbons. You said nothing about those CARs in your response. Very telling.

      James Gattoni: Dave u approached me like a Trojan horse. I embraced u as a friend only to be betrayed.

      No, you didn’t see him as a friend. You saw him as a sympathetic ear. You didn’t see the fact that he was trying to help you out. When he heard what he had to hear from you, and saw what you’ll continue to do, he jumped in and told you to get some help.

      James Gattoni: Really. I’m now disgusted. a thank you was all that was needed I have question if the marines I took care of follow this site?

      Had you simply ran on your record, on what you actually accomplished, and not any of your embellishments, you would have received a thank you.

      However, you embellished and lied about your service. You took an honorable service and took a dump all over it. On top of that, you attack the people that called you out on it. Instead of being apologetic, like you should be, you continued to fight.

      In addition to that, you demonstrated cruelty to a goose, cat, and to your mother’s belongings. What you did ended up meaning nothing compared to those acts.

      Heck, you continue to refuse to provide evidence of your CARs. No, you’re not going to get a thank you. You’ve proven to us that you do not rate them. You apparently are not happy with your service. Why should we be?

      I guarantee you that if any Marines, that you served with, are reading this, they would be embarrassed by your actions here. If you were an azzhole back when they knew you, they probably will be saying, “Yup, that’s James.”

      James Gattoni: trolls all of U, dispicable

      Says the guy that’s actually living up to the definition of a troll.

      James Gattoni: One of U guys need to step up. I’m ur huckleberry. Lets dance.

      You’re the one that needs to step up with getting help with their drinking problems, your anger management problems, your control issues, you love self-esteem issues, and other issues. Be careful what you wish for, you’re bound to get the rude awakening via a butt whipping.

      James Gattoni: well well well.

      James, I highly recommend reviewing this website to see what happens to embellishers and phonies that try to come here and argue against the facts against the community.

      You don’t have a leg to stand on. The only recourse you have is to apologize to the people that you lied to about your service.

      James Gattoni: 5082925594.

      I’m sorry, but you have this mistaken for a gay hangout.

      James Gattoni: My phone still hasn’t rang tough guys. It’s been many hours.

      Look what we have here, another guy with control issues. You seem to have a trait that unites you to the other phonies and embellishers. Why contact you, when you’re going to yell, scream, and talk over the other person?

      Instead of us calling you, you are more than welcome to come over here in order to get your butt handed to you in argument. How about trying to come to terms with your embellishments and apologize to the people that you deceived? The documents, proving your embellishments wrong, are very clear.

      I prefer to argue with you on this thread instead of calling you up.

      James Gattoni: I available to U ladies

      Yes, you’re available to get your butt handed to you. Like others before you, you make yourself available to get pulverized in an argument.

      Look at the documentations they have on you. Review those documentations. Your only recourse is to apologize to the people that you lied to, and to the people that you deceived.

      Understand that you do not dictate what happens here.

      James Gattoni: Just like the PVA no show warrior.

      The only no-show that I see in this equation is you being a no-show at the locations and events you bragged about being at. Wait, I’ll take that back. Your brain is the other no-show.

    • thebesig says:

      James Gattoni: UR not a marine id u worked at FSSG.

      Jonn never claimed that he was a Marine. If you’re talking about Scotty, sorry, some insecure person with anger, control, self-esteem, and other issues just like what you have, also proved that he used to be a Marine.

      Your record shows that you were in the Navy. You don’t have a leg to stand on telling someone whether they were in the Marines are not.

      James Gattoni: You call me names,

      Says the guy that identifies those that post on this blog, frequented by war veterans, as “keyboard warriors.” Yeah, I’ll call you a name. You’re an Internet tough guy. I guarantee you that if you were face-to-face with anyone of us, not through phone, but face-to-face, you would not be as belligerent as you are right now.

      It’s easy for you to be tough and threatening on the computer, isn’t it Internet tough guy?

      James Gattoni: threaten me,

      The only thread that I see here is what I see with regards to your phony/embellished persona. These websites, that expose stolen valor, threatened your persona.

      That’s why you are here, right? You want us to be quiet about your lies so you could continue to fool people around you.

      The threat, that you see, is the end of your ability to do that. I’m sorry, we are not going to go away.

      James Gattoni: I’m ur huckleberry lets dance.

      No, you’re our Internet punching bag. Let the virtual hammering continue.

      James Gattoni: ur a pussy, faux marine. lets dance.

      Says the phony war veteran to someone that did not even claim that he was a Marine.

      James Gattoni: clearly ur a pussy, I’d be embarresed beating u down. I want to meet a man not one of U fagala’s.

      Again, you’re all brave talk while sitting at your computer, without the protection of your home, knowing full well that the people you are addressing live in other parts of the US. Again, I highly doubt to come up to one of us, face-to-face, and throw your Internet tough guy language at us.

      We already established that you want to meet a man for a fling, that’s why you left the phone number up there.

      The only embarrassment I would see is what would come from you as you wake up to reality. That is, in the hands of your getting your butt kicked by somebody that posts here regularly.

      James Gattoni: oh jarhead.

      You see, this is an example of what we talk about when we identify you as a valor thief. You love to identify with the Marines that deployed and sacrificed in Grenada and Lebanon. Yet, when you get your butt handed to you, you’re quick to insult somebody that you think is a Marine.

      Regardless, that kind language, as used by you here, disgraces the very Marines that you purport to be in solidarity with.

      All the statements that you make, and claim, with regards to sacrifices made by fallen warriors, are self-serving to you. You don’t care about those warriors. You care about yourself. You give a lot of yourself away by what you say here and elsewhere.

      James Gattoni: send ur son I don’t care.

      Be careful what you wish for. Someone’s son could very well have just came back from a combat deployment. Said person could very well have been an exercise monster in addition to going through the physical rigors of a combat deployment.

      He’ll probably feel embarrassed when he beats the crap out of you with your own fists.

      James Gattoni: Come one come all.

      That’s what you say to all your gay “johns”, right? Realistically, if you saw all of us going to you, you’d probably call the cops for protection. You would prove to us that you are nothing but an Internet tough guy. A troll.

      James Gattoni: Jarhead ur a internet troll pussy.

      You tend to project your own traits onto all of us. Take a look at your commentary on this thread. In fact, take a look at the commentary you make throughout the Internet when people challenge you with the facts.

      That, Mr. Internet tough guy, is you projecting your image onto us.

      You need a lot of help. You need to get help with your anger and control issues.

    • thebesig says:

      James Gattoni: there must be one man among u all?

      There are a lot of men here. Unfortunately, you’re not one of them. You sound like a girly boy.

      James Gattoni: U also need to do research about my MMA hobby

      If your MMA hobby is anything like your claims about what you accomplished in Beirut, then we have nothing to worry about. You lied. You also embellished everything else in your life. You’re probably making this up to.

      Every single person that I knew, who had martial arts background, never bragged about said martial arts background. In fact, they were among the most laid-back people that I’ve ever known.

      They were nothing like you. The only hobby that I see you as having is rather masochistic. You take sadistic pleasure in getting destroyed in debate on the Internet.

      James Gattoni: and SCAR s training

      The only “scars training” that I see you getting is the one where you get scarred in a butt whopping… that you receive.

      James Gattoni: I’m not in shape so who knows?

      If your “MMA hobby” was current, you’d be in shape. Since you’ve been out of shape, it appears that if you had the hobby, you not excising it now. Those skills are perishable. So, be careful what you asked for.

      James Gattoni: 5082925594

      Sorry, you have this thread mistaken for the gay “John” message board. You’re not going to get any “Johns” here.

      James Gattoni: Come on fella’s you all appear to be key board warriors. Come on be a man lets get it on you pussies.

      As the saying goes, when you have the facts, pound the facts into the table. When you don’t have the facts, try to baffle the audience with BS. You’re consistently projecting your traits onto us, and challenging us to a fight, amounts to you not having any facts in this argument.

      You have yet come up with facts to counter what has been said about you on this message board, as well as on other stolen valor sites. You offer no real argument, no real proof, that you are who you claim to be with regards to Grenada and Lebanon.

      You sound like a child, frustrated that he’s not getting his way, wrecking destruction on the surrounding environment.

      James Gattoni: oh some retard said he got a CAR on a surface ship. sad to inform u there hasn’t bee a naval surface battle in 70 years check him out

      A whole bunch of ships received the Combat Action Ribbon during the Gulf War. Now you see why you’re seen as a retard around here?

      James Gattoni: I’m not opposed to beating up a women which now is what this place is full of. 5082925592

      James, your mother probably felt the same way. Didn’t she call the cops on you one time? Something about you not waiting for a bird to cross the street? You ran it over instead. Then you killed her cat. She had a reasonable fear of you inflicting harm on her.

      You pick on animals because, well, you know that a real man will beat you up easily.

  13. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Phony-baloney Gattoni, more phony than dirt-cheap macaroni!

  14. Jarhead says:

    Damn, Gattoni, you just don’t know when to give up and face reality. Your exchange with the besig was one of someone trying to reason with you and show you the door out of a mess you dug. ALL YOU HAD TO DO was justify two CAR’s and you’d have made yourself at least appear to own a grain of truth in your questionable stories. Besig just handed your ass to you on a platter and you pounced not knowing it was your opportunity to justify your unreliable statements lacking proof..which is ALL you have been asked. You are pathetic in your continued begging for someone to knock your teeth down your throat. You aren’t even amusing anymore, just another loser pissed at the world. When you go and mention your MMA experience as if you want to warn and hopefully SCARE adversaries, it is taken as a threat. FYI, keep that b. s. running and you will soon learn: Mr. GOTNOPATIENCEWITH YOURBULLSHIT can be irritated before you know. He will not threaten or warn you, just knock your swingin’ dick (assuming you have one) in the dirt…WITHOUT WARNING. You have just about pissed off everyone on this site by tromping the ground brothers who have given it all lay under. REAL MEN don’t act like you, they don’t continue ranting threats, they don’ make themselves look like an ass by killing defenseless animals. They don’t avoid proving what they are asked, even if it merely be for respect. And PLEEZE don’t continue your childish rant about who’s ass you’re going to kick.
    Tell you what: give us your mailing address and I am certain some one will send you something, maybe even pay you a visit. This is your real chance, hero!

  15. Sarge says:

    Damn, Gattoni looks like he’s been licking too many windows

  16. james gattoni says:

    Well well well two days no phone calls. The 03 marines and SEAL’s I know would not hide behind their key boards. The men I know are very aggressive and most can kick my ass. I think UR a bunch of pussies. I mean really, where’s UR warrior etho’s? U ask me to prove things…wtf, are you serious, I shared my experience and I get this. I’ll keep my experience private from now on. Most of don’t even use UR names, never share UR experiences and some how feel I should expose myself again. If any of U ladies had balls they at a minimum use their real names instead of hiding behind UR keyboard. NOT one of U would say these things to my face and that is fact. Go fuck yourselves. UR all a bunch of pencil warriors.

    • Jude Acate says:

      If you are not here to defend your case of Stolen Valor, and refuse to provide proof or even simply telling us in what two conflicts you received the Combat Action Ribbon for each, then…

      why are you here? What do you want from us?

    • GDContractor says:

      If you keep your fake experience private, how are you going to get those “thank-yous” you seem to crave?

      I’ll fight you, but I must warn you, I always carry a backup goose! HONK HONK.

    • Dave Hardin says:

      Oh fuck off Gattoni, I called twice. Here you go dipshit. 812-493-5735. You call anytime. Tell me all about your problems.

    • CLAW131 says:

      Three little words:

      You, your, and you’re.

      See them, learn them, use them.

      Now, GFY cat killer.

    • Green Thumb says:

      This dude is just a chickenshit clown.

    • OAE CPO USN Ret says:

      E-7 Gattoni,

      That will be quite enough. Go read the CPO Creed. You’re not acting according to it. Stop embarrassing yourself.

    • thebesig says:

      James Gattoni: Well well well two days no phone calls.

      Says the guy that did not respond to my reply. One of two things happened. Either you said something in reply to me so hideous that the administrators deleted it… Or, you saw my reply and you ran like a coward.

      You jumped down here and made a completely independent post ranting about nobody calling you. Others here have attempted to call you but with no luck. In fact, you have someone’s phone number that you refuse to call. He left it on this thread.

      Have you called him? If not, you can’t get on anybody’s case for not contacting you back.

      Now, if you completely ignored my reply series, we know who the real coward is. It’s not us. You can’t even address my replies on this thread, what makes you think that you will adequately address someone here who actually shows up to meet you face-to-face?

      James Gattoni: The 03 marines and SEAL’s I know would not hide behind their key boards.

      There are online communities of special operations personnel, current and veteran, where the community members post using anonymous names. In fact, one of the winners of the “biggest phony loser contest” exposed the real name of someone in one of those communities.

      Meaning, your statement is a red herring. As much embellishing and lying that you’ve done, I highly doubt that the Marines that you speak for, and the Navy SEALs that you talk about, are posting under their actual name instead of a computer screen name.

      As long as you’re going to act up, and pull an adult version of the terrible 2 tantrum, you don’t speak for those Marines or SEALS.

      James Gattoni: The men I know are very aggressive and most can kick my ass.

      Your different personalities don’t count as independent people.

      Many of us have interacted with Marines, infantry or otherwise. Many of us have also interacted with the Navy SEALS. The vast majority of the Marines, and Navy SEALS that I have came across were laid back, humble, and did not have your hot headedness or boastfulness.

      James Gattoni: I think UR a bunch of pussies.

      That statement is actually you projecting your own traits onto us. You cannot even address my posts above. Yet, here you are getting on people’s case for not meeting you or even calling you.

      Heck, Dave has left you a phone number to call. Have you called that number? Or, are you afraid to call him up because you know he will tell you something that you don’t want to hear? Are you afraid of him showing you who you really are?

      This is where the real fear lays. The cold hard reality is that we do not fear you. Deep down inside, you’re the one with the fear. You fear your real self. Dave showed you your real self, and you ran like a coward.

      He wasn’t a Trojan horse to you until you forced you to realize who you really are. You didn’t like what you saw. In response, you accused him of “betraying” you.

      Folks here have asked you to provide them with evidence of your CARs. You have yet to deliver.

      If you refuse to come face-to-face with your real self, and to provide certain folks with evidence that they’re asking for, that we all know who the real coward is. It’s not us, it’s you.

      James Gattoni: I mean really, where’s UR warrior etho’s?

      I will always place the mission first.

      I will never accept defeat.

      I will never quit.

      I will never leave a fallen comrade.

      Nowhere in the warrior ethos does it say that we call somebody up when they demand that we call them up. In fact, if you understood what the warrior ethos was, you’d realize that we have applied that here on this thread and in others.

      One of the main missions of this webpage, and others like it, is to expose phonies and embellishers. The folks here are doing that. We’re placing that mission first.

      Our consistently hammering you on this thread, just as we have hammered others like you on other threads, is our not accepting defeat, and our refusal to quit.

      The calls, throughout this thread, for you to present evidence to support your embellishments, or to simply come clean and apologize, is our fulfilling the part about not leaving a fallen comrade.

      You see that in Dave’s offering you an opportunity to come clean. In fact, he tried to help you out, other posters here are trying to help you too. You have anger, control, low self-esteem, and other related issues. On top of that, you have an alcohol problems.

      All these are coming together to overshadow what you have accomplished. This is a big reason to why you are not getting the thanks that you think you should be getting here.

      So yes, we are exercising the warrior ethos with the way we’re handling you and others like you. You, being so consumed with putting yourself on a pedestal, you did not see the true warrior ethos during your service. You don’t see it here.

      Since you have not demonstrated the warrior ethos, you don’t have a leg to stand on asking where ours is.

    • thebesig says:

      James Gattoni: U ask me to prove things…wtf, are you serious, I shared my experience and I get this.

      No, you have shared with us your embellishments and lies. You have been asked to provide evidence of your being awarded the CARs. They are asking you to provide them with the theater you served in where you earned those combat action ribbons.

      You have not shown them, or provided evidence. This is why you are getting repeated requests. Your refusal to respond to our requests with evidence is resulting in you getting the treatment you are getting here.

      James Gattoni: I’ll keep my experience private from now on.

      What you’re actually saying is that you do not have the proof that the others are asking of you here. Since you did not have the proof, simply saying that you will keep your experiences private is an excuse for you to not respond to a question you know you cannot answer without destroying your persona.

      You might as well say, “I will no longer entertain any further questions about my combat action ribbons because I have none, so I simply refuse to participate any further.”

      James Gattoni: Most of don’t even use UR names,

      And what would you do if you had our real names? It’s very common, throughout the Internet, for people to use computer screen names. That’s not an indication of lack of bravery on the part of those who use computer screen names.

      We have a character, who graces us with his ignorance, who loves to put people’s names on a lawsuit. This guy is a phony CPO. Our not using our real names here is something we’re doing out of common sense, not out of fear.

      Your picking a common activity, and twisting it to make it sound like we’re doing it out of “fear” speaks volumes of your control, anger, and other issues.

      James Gattoni: never share UR experiences

      First, there are people here who have shared some of their experiences. You simply ignored those experiences.

      Second, many of us do not want you to have specifics of what it’s like to be on a combat deployment. We don’t need for you to hijack our experiences as if they were yours.

      Third, that’s not what the issue is. The issue is your claims, and the evidence that certain posters are asking for on this thread. You failed to provide said evidence.

      James Gattoni: and some how feel I should expose myself again.

      You’re being asked to provide evidence of your two combat action ribbons. How’s that exposing you? If you’re seeing it as an “exposure”, then you’re really telling us that your claims and embellishments aren’t true.

      In this case, you either have to show official documentation, or you need to come clean and admit you don’t have proof. This is what’s forcing you to think that you’rer required to expose yourself. The truth would expose your phony persona for what it is, phony. That’s what you’re really afraid of.

      The real coward is the one that refuses to accept and be proud of what he actually accomplished… Instead of embellishing what he did.

      James Gattoni: If any of U ladies had balls they at a minimum use their real names instead of hiding behind UR keyboard.

      Until you can stand up and provide the evidence requested from you here, you don’t have a leg to stand on insinuating that certain people are “cowards.” You’ve been repeatedly asked to provide evidence that you actually were awarded two combat action ribbons.

      You could respond to that by providing said documentation, or by admitting that you do not have those combat action ribbons. You’re afraid to respond accordingly, because you’re afraid of the fact that people will see you for what you actually are, and not for what you want them to think you accomplished.

      Again, the real coward here is you. Not us.

      James Gattoni: NOT one of U would say these things to my face and that is fact.

      And what would you do if we were to go to you, face-to-face, and asking for evidence of your combat action ribbons? Would you go off on a verbal rent, saying the exact same things you’re saying here?

      Or, would you try to dodge the question about your combat action ribbons the way a phony/embellisher would?

      James Gattoni: Go fuck yourselves.

      The way you fuck over the very Marines that you claim solidarity with? What you’re really doing is trying to set up stress shields to prevent us from asking you hard questions. These are questions that would force you to generate a response that counters any embellishing claims that you have made.

      We can’t have that now, can’t we? The last thing you want is to have to admit to the world that you do not have those combat action ribbons. It would require you to want to admit to the world that you were lying and/or embellishing your service.

      James Gattoni: UR all a bunch of pencil warriors.

      Says the keyboard warrior Internet tough guy.

  17. nbcguy54ACTUAL says:

    This guy has really gotten rather boring…

  18. Just an Old Dog says:

    Gattoni is like a simple-minded little monkey trapped in a cage constructed of his lies.
    He cant escape so all he can do is screetch, jump around and fling shit.
    Piss off monkey boy.

  19. Bobo says:

    What is interesting is that someone with a service record and assignments like that got stalled at HMC and didn’t make senior or master, then punched out with just over 20. Honestly, I would have expected at least HMCS at retirement. That tells me that, somewhere along the line his name turned to crap in the HM community, and the guys sitting the E-8 board passed on him and told him that it was probably best for him to get out. I’m going to guess that there is a chance that his psychosis began to become an issue and it was far too noticeable for anyone to keep swept under the rug. It’s too bad because it looks like he was a promising sailor at one time, but now he’s tied to mommy for his housing.

    • Hondo says:

      That’s possible, Bobo. But there’s another explanation that works too.

      Sidebar: when I arrived in Iraq, one of the guys who ended up working for me was an E7. I’m pretty sure he was a USAR Tech in civilian life.

      It was the first time he’d ever had to deploy. And this was during a time when Baghdad was fairly “hot”.

      So, for the first time in this guy’s career, things “got real” – as in, real combat. With real risk.

      IMO that “fine individual” was a coward, plain and simple. You could see it in his face anytime we took incoming as well as other times. He wanted no part of being where he was, because his butt was at risk. That was true even though his job required essentially zero need to ever go “outside the wire”.

      IMO the “fine fellow” even went so far as to try and come up with a manufactured “medical reason” for not coming back from R&R. Turned out the condition for which he sought treatment in CONUS while home on R&R could easily have been taken care of where we were, but he didn’t even bother to try to do that before going on R&R. (It didn’t work – he came back to finish his tour – but it did get him some extra time at home before he had to come back.)

      Gattoni strikes me as much the same. He at one time was apparently pretty good at what he did, and was on the “fast track”. But IMO he also wanted no part of anything where he might actually face a nontrivial risk of getting shot at. So he learned how to work “the system” – and people – to get the good, safe assignments. The ones where the chance of actually getting shot at were low to nil.

      That worked . . . until 2001. Then real war showed up just before he got 20 years active. IMO he couldn’t handle the thought that he might actually, you know, have to go to war.

      So I’m guessing he decided then to split at first opportunity. He didn’t give a sh!t about the fact that he and his skills were needed. He didn’t care – all he cared about was the fact that he wanted to avoid risking his butt. So he retired during the middle of a shooting war that was just about to get much hotter.

      Gattoni may well have issues, and they may well have been starting to become problematic late in his career and before Sep 2001. But my impression is the above is a big part of why he punched out when he did.

      Maybe I’m wrong. But I don’t think I am.

      • OIF '06-'07-'08 says:

        This is what confounds me so much Hondo. I would have loved to have deployed as an E-7 with 20+ years of active service. Instead I reuped in the National Guard with an 18 year break knowing damn well I would receive a mob alert with a set of Title X orders, which happen well within a year of Guard service.

        Now how did he make E-7 to begin with is beyond me. Any one with in the US armed services that are in the combat arms that does there damnedest to get out of the hard duty stations should automatically become non-promotable(I know, wishful thinking. How he made 20 years is beyond my comprehension(had to have sucked some serious dick).

    • HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

      He was a Dive Tech IDC – a real small community. Screw the pooch in any small community as a HM and you might as well leave as soon as possible… many are not forgiving when it comes to E-8 or E-9 boards.

  20. Jarhead says:

    It appears to me the end of Gattoni’s blithering is coming to an end. However, we need not be surprised in the future to see where he has been seriously injured by his own doings. Keep on asking for trouble and suddenly it knocks your door down. That bully mentality of always looking for a fight has an end to it, DOA in fact. Money bets one day we will see where he has hurt the cat lover, thanks to a lack of self control. Seriously if any one of us ever harmed any poor animal, would we not be too embarrassed to ever mention it? What kind of a man/boy picks on something so harmless to begin with? He will go elsewhere looking for that fight and one day SCHZAMM!!! here it is. Then of course he will blame it on someone else. This web site will never miss him. Poor schmuck, how many male friends do you suppose he has? What a revolting development.

  21. Dave Hardin says:

    I talked with Gattoni. He called me, I will give him his due credit for making that call. Nobody is saying that he did not serve in the US Navy or that he was not a Corpsman. I think all of us agree he had a career that anyone should be proud of.

    The graphic posts he made on Beirut sites were wrong. He should have never made those posts, he understands that and is sorry for it.

    He is still sticking to his claims about being in Beirut and present during a particularly horrific event, we can not find anything in his records or one single person that can verify that claim. So far, all the evidence we have is to the contrary.

    I have told him to sign a SF180 for his records and I will correct his records if I find things that are in error. He made no agreement to do so, but the offer stands.

    I have no interest in kicking a man when he is down. However, I will not stand by while anyone posts things online that brings injury to the veterans or the families of those that served or were lost in Beirut.

    The fact remains, he did serve in some capacity while operations in Beirut Lebanon were ongoing. There is honor enough in that for anyone.

    CPO Gattoni, you were man enough to pick up the phone and call me, most lack the balls. You were man enough to admit your postings in those groups were wrong in the manner you did it. Again, most do not have the intestinal fortitude to do that.

    Either get me your records so I can correct them and verify your service in Beirut or man up and admit you embellished your service there and move on with life.

    Choose either one of those options and you will find my loyalty to help a brother is limitless. There is no problem in your life bigger than both of us.

    Choose well, Semper Fi.

    • Just an Old Dog says:

      In other words he is still a LSOS.

    • Marine_7002 says:

      Gattoni: you’d be wise to follow Dave’s advice. The first step in getting out of a hole is to QUIT DIGGING.

      Dave: thank you for what you do for your fellow Marines and sailors. Semper Fi.

      • Hondo says:

        I hope Gattoni does what you and Dave suggest, Marine7002. It’s indeed in his best long-term interests.

        I’m not holding my breath, though. But I’ve been wrong before.

        • Green Thumb says:

          You should not have to hold your breath long.

          Gattoni is very similar to a bad fart smell that you encounter at the mall or on an elevator or such.

          You smell it, grimace, move through it and it quickly dissipates. You quickly forget it and move on.

          Also, what I just described above is very similar to his character. Transparent, unpleasant and quickly forgotten.


    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      Hmmm… Back to a PMITA facility and into Bubba & Thor’s harem!

    • Green Thumb says:

      If I remember correctly, this clown offered an apology, of sorts.

      But as we have seen again and again, the felonious runs deep with these losers.

      Another day, same shitbag.

    • Just An Old Dog says:

      This guy needs some help, I hope he finds it.

  22. IDC SARC says:

    Funny..I was with the 22d MAU and on the USS Guam on that deployment…You’d think I would remember this Awesome Scrunt.

    • IDC SARC says:

      I know this is a zombie thread, but also looking at his DD214:

      I’ve never seen “Navy Diver Insignia” in a service record. There’s always a level of qualification with that, i.e. SCUBA, Combatant Diver, 2nd Class, First Class etc.

      As a Deep Sea IDC he should have graduated from 2nd Class Dive School and Medical Deep Sea Diving Technician School, served in the fleet and then gone to IDC school…he doesn’t appear to have the documented training prior to that IDC Qualification.

      also OR Techs don’t have any billets in 2d MARDIV….so if he’s claiming to be a tech on the Surgical Team/Support team where is his HM8483 training?

      I see in his history that he went to FMSS…don’t see any indication he went to any dive school, surface or Dive IDC school
      If he came in at 18 and did 12 years as a Surface IDC he would have been over the age limit to attend diver training in the first place. To attend Surface IDC school you have to have 2 years time in grade as an E-5 Corpsman. That process would put him way over the age limit by the time he had 12 years as a surface IDC.

      All sorts of fail in those FOIA documents.