Jesse MacBeth; phony resurrected

| May 26, 2015


Sometimes the best phonies are the old phonies. Jesse MacBeth is the easiest phony to re-bust, you know since he was the first and most famous phony soldier of the war against terror. Michelle Malkin says that he has reinvented himself.

You may remember that initially, he claimed back in 2003-2006 that he had been a Ranger, served years in Iraq and that he’d been forced to commit atrocities at the behest of his commanders. He was sponsored in his phony endeavors by the Iraq Veterans Against the War which had been recently established. The stank-ass hippies over there completely endorsed him and vouched for his story. Here’s the DD214 that he used to establish his creds;


Of course, we’ve seen more realistic fakes since then, but this was in the early days. Here’s his actual DD214;

mcbeth real dd214

Yeah, he had 43 days in service. In 2007, he tried to use the fake DD214 to get VA benefits and he was busted and sentenced to 6 months in the hoosegow. When he got out, for some reason he tried contacting me and we wrote a series of posts about him and his relationship with IVAW, but I could never get the name of who helped him forge the DD214. Oh, well, they’re all criminals.

Now he’s mounted the Stolen Valor phony pony again. He’s still trying to pass off the photo at the top of this post as a true and accurate portrayal of his service. He’s going by the name of Jeshiem Al-Amin these days and he thinks that by crossing out the name tags no one will recognize him.

Jesse MacBeth Screen shot

He’s drawing on his weeks of military service to give career advice, too;

Jesse macBeth screen shot 1

The story that he told me about his brief service is that his drill sergeants and his fellow trainees were “out to get” him because he is a Muslim. I don’t believe that for a second. If there is one place that is colorblind, it’s the US military. But, anyway, that’s his story.

His phony stories began in Arizona with the Eastern Arizona Courier in November 2003. It worked so well for him, I guess he tried to go nationwide. But, they always get caught. He’s been arrested for credit card fraud and domestic abuse as well as the conviction for the attempt to defraud the VA.

So, now, he wants to build a Muslim community in Georgia and he has a GoFundMe account for that purpose. Given his history as a liar and a thief (albeit an unsuccessful, incompetent thief) I wouldn’t trust him with a nickel. I am disappointed, though, that he didn’t float this balloon by us before he launched this latest endeavor.

Thanks to everyone who sent us the link to Michelle Malkin.

UPDATE: Finally, a legal threat from Jesse.

Jesse threat

Here’s some more from his Facebook page;

Macbeth Arlington

Macbeth Hussein bin Laden

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  1. Big Steve says:

    I think this 125 pound cream puff painted those eyebrows on with a 1″ wide brush.

  2. Reb says:

    Up above

  3. gitarcarver says:

    Has anyone thought about contacting GoFudMe and giving them the history of this guy, the fact that he is still using his fake military service to gain something and the fact that there might be a warrant out for his arrest?

    It would be nice to see them pull the plug on his fund raising / scamming efforts.

    • C2show says:

      I would think in this crowd, someone had to already. I would hope so, because that money is not going to any land. Only people that seem to trust him are some other muslims. I dont think dude has any friends in the US.

  4. Just an Old Dog says:

    Apparently he is waiting for a windfall from a settlement from a car accident as well.
    He sounds like a “prison muslim”. You know, one of those who learns a few phrases and customs, then spends the rest of the time learning racist drivel.
    He doesnt realize that 90% of mid east muslims would cut his nuts and head off.

    • HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

      Wonder if he knows that Ramadan is coming up (June 17th)… and if he’ll be following the ways of the faith during the 28 days that follow?


  5. 19D2OR4 - Smitty says:

    Name tags on the wrong sides, beret formed to the wrong side. Incorrect flash on the beret and sleeves rolled the Marine way on an Army uniform…..

    Hes legit people. /sarc

  6. nbcguy54ACTUAL says:

    If Kijath Toney had a son…

  7. Nicki says:

    I kept posting his phony asshole photo on his “author” FB page with the name fully visible, and he finally blocked me after claiming racism or some shit! LMAO

    What a fucking tool!

  8. Old 1SG, US Army (Retired) says:

    What a dirtbag… he probably went AWOL at Benning during 11B OSUT… and of course we always refer to Infantrymen as “11 Bravo” on official documents.

    What’s really crappy is the DD-214 clerk disgraced all the real soldiers by typing in the comment section that the “Soldier not available for signature.”

    I’m sure that’s “standard” language, but this is a perfect opportunity for some Speedy Four to take some E4 mafia initiative and slip in “individual” or “cock roach.”

  9. Jordan Rott says:

    That salute is just…. spot on