Melvin Earle Gaudette; parading peacock

| May 29, 2015

Melvin Gaudette1

The fellow in the picture above is a former Fall River City, Massachusetts councilman by the name of Melvin Earle Gaudette. Some of his constituents got curious about his preponderance of military awards and sent the picture to Mary. According to one person who confronted him about the medals;

I asked him about his medals, and he said that “as you get older, they give you medals for having other medals…” I didn’t even know what to say to that one!

Well, according to his records, he has five service medals, none for merit, which is quite a bit fewer than what he’s wearing in the picture above.

Melvin Gaudette FOIA

Melvin Gaudette Assignments

According to our curious constituent of Mr. Gaudette, he marches in numerous veteran and patriotic parades in and around Fall River City in his little clown suit, like a peacock for hire.

The picture is not good enough quality to be able to tell what medals he’s wearing, but just the math is enough to count him out.

Melvin Earle Gaudette

ADDED: someone just sent us another more clear photo of Melvin’s phony finery;

Melvin Earle Gaudette 2

Melvin Earle Gaudette 2a

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  1. Twist says:

    I’d bet dollars to dog nuts that there is a trident in there somewhere.

    • Twist says:

      Stupid phone. I meant donuts.

      • MustangCryppie says:

        Sometimes a “mistake” brings its own special reward. This is one of them. Dog nuts it is!

        • Weekend Warror in Texas says:

          Dog’s Bollocks is good, bollocks is not good.

        • John "Faker 6" Giduck says:

          Are dog nuts anything like donuts? If they are, I like when my lips are glazed after finishing eating them.


          John “Faker 6” Giduck

          • Terrorologist says:

            If you would like oh great one, I will hunt down dogs to get those glazed nuts for you if you should wish that to be.

            Your ever so obedient & unworthy servant,


            And remember you hater’s of all things Giduck… “People who live in glass houses should bite the hand that feeds them.”

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        ‘Dog nuts’ is fine. It is so fine, I am stealing it, with your permission, of course.

        • Terrorologist says:

          Because I am a terrorologist, I will steal this and give you NO credit, because that’s what terrorologist do.

          Neener, neener, neener!

          And as always “The squeaky wheel gets, tough get going.”

      • blackflag79 says:

        I think this is one of those rare times when autocorrect actually worked brilliantly.

      • Pinto Nag says:

        Twist, don’t ever get rid of your auto correct. It’s gonna make you famous! 😀

      • jedipsycho (Certified Space Shuttle Door Gunner) says:

        Best autocorrect I’ve seen all month!

    • ejazzyjeff says:

      Actually the dog nuts got a good laugh out of me. I got to remember that!

      • David says:

        isn’t that how dough-nut should be pronounced? D like in dog, ou as in cough, g as in get, and the haitch is just silent, right?

    • Twist says:

      I’m still trying to figure out why my phone changed it to “dog nuts”. Denali, my lab, is looking at me like “so that’s where they went”.

      • Twist says:

        On a side note, my wife got mad at me. After we got our dog fixed I commented about how it looked like an empty Crown Royal bag and I wanted to put coins in it. Somehow I sometimes forget that she is not an Infantryman and does not share all of my senses of humor.

  2. Nicki says:

    What in fug’s hell?

  3. B Woodman says:

    Looks like he fell through the Army-Navy surplus store window, and walked away with what stuck to him.

  4. B Woodman says:

    He looks like a too close cousin of Hizzor the exMayor Michael Bloomin’Idiot. That’s what happens when your family tree looks looks like a straight stick. Or even worse, a wreath.

  5. MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

    He needs a keel hauling under BB USS Massachuettes right there in Fall River.

    That will teach him.

  6. MustangCryppie says:

    Liberty cuffs! A squid’s cracker jacks are not complete without liberty cuffs!

    • AW1 Tim says:

      I know, right?

      My old crackerjacks have them, some lovely red w/gold embellishment dragons. Had them done by a Filipino woman up here who ran a sewing business just off base.

      My dad had them on his during WWII, done by a Chinese lady in San Fran before he shipped out to the Pacific.

      The other neat trick he showed me, that I had done as well, was to have a pair of black zippers sewn into the side seams of your bells. That way, you could leave them buttoned up, with some nice, well-done lacing in the back, and use the zippers (hidden in the seams) to tighten them up and take them on and off with. Neat ideas those old sailors had!

      • MustangCryppie says:

        I heard about guys who had zippers put in around the front flap so they didn’t have to “go through 13 states” to take a piss!

    • ChipNASA says:

      True story (no shit).
      Being as I was in the Air Force in the 1980s, we didn’t have the same kind of thing, but, as was popular in Asia were the jackets with the various dragons and tabs and whatnot sewn on them.
      I had this big puffy, electric blue, white fur hood, velour winter jacket with dragons down each sleeve and then OKINAWA JAPAN and some kind of Asian design on the back.
      Not unlike this (

      I came back to the States and it hung in the closet for a long time. My step brother was a Capital Hill cop for a few years and he asked if he could take it downtown to the “Streets”.
      He came back one day laughing his ass off and said “Damn boy, even the “Big Pimps” down in D.C. thought this was tacky and over the top. They wouldn’t touch it. ”

      LMFAO. Hand to God. 😀 😀

      • MustangCryppie says:

        LMAO! Ha! Oh, yeah, those jackets were BIG in Japan back in the 80s. All the zoomies wore them.

  7. Carlton G. Long says:

    Another one with a perfectly honorable service record that can’t be content with his actual achievements.

  8. Joe Williams says:

    Hey Navy guys and gals what is he wearing and/or claiming in that rack?I always was ribbons left and metals right, am I wrong? Joe

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      It was whatever was purtiest on the rack at the surplus store, Joe.

    • Bobo says:

      In the picture of him with the sport coat, it looks like a POW medal on his left, top row, his extreme right.

      • Bobo says:

        Here’s what I can make out, from L to R top to bottom:
        POW Medal, Navy GCM, China Service
        Occupation Service, NDSM, Korean Service, ?
        UN Medal for Korea, ?, ?, ?

  9. nbcguy54ACTUAL says:

    I bet he’s wearing a bunch of those “commemorative” medals from Medals of America. They offer big, shiny medals for just being in the service, weapons qual, Cold War, being an NCO, taking a dump, and a host of other everyday reasons so you can be proud of your service.

    Of course none of them are authorized for wear on a uniform…

    • 68W58 says:

      He probably is wearing several commemorative medals, but there is at least one real medal that he is entitled to wear that is not listed in his FOIA-the Korean War Service Medal issued by the ROK. It wasn’t authorized for U.S. forces until years after he left the service, so it’s no surprise that it’s not in his FOIA, but he could legitimately wear it.

  10. GM2 (SW) says:

    I have 6 ribbons/medals and I’m perfectly content with that. Why wouldn’t someone else be?

  11. CLAW131 says:

    Not defending this old fart, but he still looks to be in pretty good shape 62 years after taking off the uniform.

    As far as the medals they all look to be round in shape, so I’m sure he’s thrown in a few Capn Crunch box top or high school band solo competition medals for good measure.

    But he was only three months shy of getting a Navy GCM for his hitch and didn’t receive one. C’mon Big Navy. Couldn’t you throw him a little love? His hitch did cover almost all of the Korea timeframe.

    • Pineywoods NCO says:

      Good thing he’s still in shape…will allow him a head start before we take him down.

      Stupid old turd.

  12. Silentium Est Aureum says:

    Massholes gonna masshole.

  13. Peter the Bubblehead says:

    I visit Battleship Cove in Fall River a few times a year (volunteering aboard USS Lionfish). I’ll keep an eye out for this clown, and if I can snap a better pic of his chest candy. Something tells me, though, that he probably avoids going anywhere near Battleship Cove because real Vets that know decorations visit and work there every day.

    • Pinto Nag says:

      Not to mention the fact that being throw off the deck of a ship into the water doesn’t fit in with his plans. /sarc

  14. Ex-PH2 says:

    It’s difficult to tell from that photo, but it looks as though he’s wearing a crow (the eagle) with a Seaman Recruit stripe (E-1), which means he either got busted for something we don’t know about or never made it out of SR status.

    I’m only guessing about that, but if you can’t make it past SR, what went wrong?

    • AW2 to CPT says:

      It looks like he has the rating symbol under the crow, but no chevron. According to the DD – 214, he was a third class radarman. Definitely something ain’t right.

  15. Former 11B says:

    Why can’t these clowns ever satisfy themselves with one or two medals they don’t rate. What is this fascination with looking like a Third World dictator.

    Shit, I thought Audie Murphy’s uniform looked a tad bit over the top, (at least he actually rated all that metal) bit most of these phonies make his stuff look positively spartan.

    • HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

      Another assclown trying to look like a generalissimo of a third world dictatorship.

  16. nbcguy54ACTUAL says:

    Gaudy Gaudette.

    There. Now he has a cool nickname to go with his outfit.

  17. Green Thumb says:

    I bet he is walking to Merritt Island, FL to join up with the false Commander Phil Monkress and his felonious staff at All-Points Logistics.

    Every journey begins with the first step.


  18. Guard Bum says:

    The douche is wearing and Eagle, Globe and Anchor as well…that alone deserves a take down.

  19. Flagwaver says:

    He’s wearing the EGA after only serving in the Navy? Also, he has what looks like the GWOT expeditionary medal, but he’s ancient.

    I mean, he was a radarman, for crying out loud. He never saw the light of day while in a warzone, and none of those ships came under attack in any way to get him to earn him anything than what he got.

  20. Andy11M says:

    somehow as he marches down that street in that blinged out get up, I imagine the marching band behind him playing this

  21. JarHead Pat says:

    See, this is why we can’t have nice things, well at least he is not rocking the trident, the EGA is a nice touch.

  22. Yankee Texan says:

    I’m pretty sure I see a National Douchebag Medal w/ multiple oak leaf clusters in there somewhere.

  23. Herbert J Messkit says:

    I read the stolen valor posts but rarely comment but by god I think they’re getting worse and more bold.

    • Skippy says:

      That is a understatement. LMAO ! ! Since I started posting on here
      I went from we need to police our own to, after a few run ins with these turds to smoke them cookem and if need be burn them at the stake.

  24. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Another snotnosed moldy roach turd of a turbocharged douchebag, I wonder if he’ll apply for membership in The Dutch Rudder gang? The only thing he’s missing is a bogus claim of CPO rank, honorary or otherwise!


    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      P.S. It looks to me like he’s prancing at the front of a gay pride parade. Hey Melvin Earle Gaudette:

  25. Hack Stone says:

    Mailbox door; yes or no? Enquiring minds want to know.

  26. Green Thumb says:

    By looking at that parade picture at the top and the “dainty step” this maggot is in, I would assume that he thinks he has his own theme music.